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Houses as things I overheard while hiking part two
  • Gryffindor: "Yeah I'm going to chug all four servings of this entire energy drink now so that I'll crash later and actually get some sleep."
  • Hufflepuff: "Your aim's a little off- now look at that. You just smushed the ant. Now it can't crawl anymore."
  • Ravenclaw: "I don't feel that sore right now, but ask me again tomorrow morning and I'm sure I'll have a more colorful answer for you."
  • Slytherin: "If I don't have calves of steel or abs of iron by the end of this trip, I'm going to feel so cheated."

Chips are life.

[Quick update]

Hey guys! Really sorry for the lack of new comics - I’ve been hella busy lately. My schedule is a bit all over the place right now, but I promise that I’ll do my best to post at least once a week! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Meanwhile at the bunker...
  • Dean: Hey Sammy. I've got to talk to you about something
  • Sam: Sure Dean
  • Dean: So it's like this alright... You know how I love pie the best?
  • Sam: Yes I know how you love pie the best
  • Dean: Yeah and I always did since I can remember. And if anybody ever even asked me to eat cake-
  • Sam: You'd throw a bitch fit
  • Dean: I'd politely decline. Shut up Sammy I'm talking. Anyway all my life it was pie and not cake.
  • Dean: But imagine that one day this cake came into my life... this really amazing cake. Like it looks like the most delicious thing to sit on a plate - plucked from God's own dessert tray, if you will.
  • Dean: And I'm like "DAMN! I need to eat this cake right now." And it's not like I don't still love pie, right, like pie is still awesome. But this cake looks so good that I might never eat pie again
  • Dean: I can see myself making sweet love to this cake for the rest of my life
  • Sam: Dean what...
  • Sam: What are you even saying?
  • Dean:
  • Dean:
  • Dean: I might be a little gay for Cas
Sometimes you lose people, and there’s just nothing that you can do about it. Sometimes you lose something that you love. Sometimes you’re replaced by someone else and shifted to a not-so-important place in that one confidant’s heart. Sometimes relationships change and you end up feeling a little bit lonely. Sometimes you just aren’t the right fit, you just aren’t the soul that that other person needs.
—  🖤


Thank you so much @iheartkpopstuff for this BEAUTIFUL drawing of Reverse AU!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY’RE PERFECT!!! 💖💖💖

By @iheartkpopstuff

Today was one of the most unexpected and crucial days for John Murphy’s character development in all of The 100

John Murphy- who has been beaten, outcasted and left for dead by his own people, who once only knew how to survive for himself first and foremost, who was once near suicide when he realized he had no one left, who once thought he was worthless and unlovable, who shut out the world that was always cruel to him- just admitted that he loved someone

He just did that

John Murphy has found a reason to live, a purpose to his survival, someone to share life’s pain with and make it all bearable. He found someone that he’s willing to protect at any cost- and when her life is threatened, he’ll make it known

John Murphy is screaming to the world that he’s in love with Emori, and that he’s more proud of her than he ever could be in himself.

From a selfish, murdering psychopath to a selfless man in love.

This moment was so brief and rather pushed aside next to everything else that happened tonight, but this one line was so beyond important that I refuse to let it be lost in translation. I can’t wait for the day they are truly able to say “I love you” face to face. I cannot wait

No more resets… You are my true ending

Mme Bustier's class as Things My Friends and I Have Said
  • Marinette: "I keep messing everything up could I not be like this please?"
  • Alya: "Fuck you, I'd rather be on Tumblr."
  • Adrien: "I am but a smol, and couldn't hurt anything. Unless it's a mosquito, because I hate mosquitoes."
  • Nino: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, music is my way out of life."
  • Nathanael: "I love tomatoes! Don't shit on tomatoes!"
  • Alix: "I will sue this entire school."
  • Kim: "Actually fight me, I dare you.
  • Max: "I'm a nerd, you're a nerd, everyone in this goddamn class is a nerd."
  • Rose: "Aw, I'm pretty. Right?"
  • Juleka: "Um, no, I don't like you. Now could you go away?"
  • Ivan: "I am tall and look tough but I am secretly a comic nerd and will cry if you hate me."
  • Mylene: "I am not short! You're all just tall!"
  • Chloe: "Excuse me, but could you please keep your weird ass expectations like, three hundred feet away from me?"
  • Sabrina: "They think I am a sidekick but I actually do all the work."
  • Mme Bustier: "Please End me."
  • Lila: "Bitch I'm the devil on everyone's shoulder, now shut the fuck up."
Tonight. Right here,right now i just need to hear you say you miss me as much as i miss you. Even if it’s a lie. I just need to hear you say it.
—  L.S.

Update Incoming ⭐ (Also Simblr Selfie Sunday! Yey!)

I want to thank everyone that has taken the time you check up on me over the past few days, your support and encouragement mean the world to me. I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who have shared their own experiences with me, offered kind words of encouragement and even offered advice to help me through this process. I know that my departure was abrupt and it left a few of you confused, I received a lot of asks wondering whether or not I’ll be returning, and I want to reassure those of you who were worried, I definitely am. 

Further Explanation Under The Cut! 

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Here are the lines for a digital painting I’m planning to make of @official-andy-warhol and I’s characters, Doc Mortem (bottom left, Max’s character) and Obscurity(top left, she’s my character). They’re the “protagonists” of a comic we once were going to create called Hell School, where all the “bad”*** afterlives for different religions converges at one point. Here, different types of demons or deceased spirits go and train to ready themselves for what is to come in their respective realms. 

I’ll probably have to postpone this project because my wacom pen needs to be replaced. The nib (and, yes, it’s the actual nib provided by wacom) had pretty much gotten lodged inside of it while I was working on the lines. Fortunately, I was almost done when it decided to do that so I didn’t have much of a problem.


*** When I say “bad” afterlives I mean the ones typically reserved for damned souls. The only exceptions are the Duat (the Egyptian afterlife) and Tartarus (the Greek/Roman afterlife) because those are considered both Heaven and Hell as one. For instance, Obscurity is a demon from the Duat, but in that realm there is not much of a distinction between gods and demons because the gods are also technically demons because they, too, live in the afterlife. The only thing that really tells them apart are their social classes/ranks. 

It honestly feels like just yesterday that I decided to give Inuyasha another shot, which of course, ended up with me becoming emotionally and physically attached to it. I don’t know what I would be doing right now in life if I hadn’t decided to hop back on tumblr after three yrs in order to cope with my Withdrawals. I was also able to rediscover why I loved Vampire Knight so much.

Let me not Ramble On too much (Lord knows I do that as second nature), but this has truly been the best fandom I’ve ever been apart of. You’re all so gifted at one thing, if not another, and are literally angels!!! I can’t express that enough. Just thank you for 1,000 followers and everything you’ve done for me whether you know it or not. 

Here is the first batch of people / blogs – inu related / not – I would follow into the grave:

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I wanted to get high to forget you.

But I’m so f*cked up right now and all I can think about is how it’s still you. It’s always you.

—  Nicole Torres // excerpt
Max Ride characters as Tumblr Memes
  • Max: *flips a tray of brownies* FIGHT ME HELEN
  • Fang: "and now the weather"
  • Iggy: *stares into the camera like im on the office*
  • Nudge: "Did anyone else have the chicken? I thought the chicken was lovely!"
  • Gazzy: rare pepe and feels guy
  • Angel: "Honestly I came out to have a good time and I'm feeling so attacked right now"
  • Maya: The "What did you fucking say to me you fucking piece of shit?" monologue
  • Ari: The entirity of "Surprise motherfucker" and everything that followed.
  • Jeb: Dad jokes.
  • Dylan: "yall need jesus"