i'm in love with this song though

 Okay so I’m not sure if anyone is interested in this at all, but there is a Polish song from the 60s that really fits the events of the post Grand Prix Final banquet. (the song also has a Russian version btw)

Allow me to pair the translation with the images from the show.

You- down drink by drink at the buffet 

Your eyes search the room - your heart pounding (do you remember?)

[…] (Do you remember how with me…?)

Your gaze found my eyes

And you stride forward […]

And in just a moment (do you remember how you danced with me…?)

You tiptoe up to me and above us, the music thunders

You pull me into the Grand Valse Brilliante

Do you remember how you danced the Waltz with me?

With […] the legend of those times?

Do you remember how the world began dancing?

The world that you held in your arms?


When you spin through the dancefloor, you pretend to be strong

You flex your meek muscles

You puff up your chest

I shall take this athlete, this warrior as my husband


Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa'i - We Know The Way (From “Moana”)

You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

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Keith's singing along to the radio. "W'ain't ever gettin older."

STOP Keith literally would love ‘closer’ though because like… he never listens to the radio…. he has no idea how often it plays.

“God, not again.” Hunk groans, reaching over to change the station. 

Keith bats his hand away, eyes never leaving the road. “You kidding me? I like this song.”

Time screeches to a halt. Lance sucks in a breath through his teeth. “Keith,” he begs, leaning forward from the backseat. “Keith, no.”


We’ve been typecast // we play losers who keep falling in love with the wrong ones

Always gonna steal your thunder,
Watch me like a dark cloud.
On the move collecting numbers,
Gonna take your girl out.

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: D.Va and Roadhog

[Submission by: @pinkiepiebones ]

I’m slowly starting to find my stride with these, and trying to not spend a billion years on each one. That being said, I really like drawing Roadhog’s outfit, and D.Va is so relevant to my interests that I spent a little longer on this one. I mean, Roadhog with his hair down? Whaaaaaat

65 More Years
Ron Pope
65 More Years

(65 More Years)

Happy Birthday, Makoto!! A sappy song thing for youヾ(´︶`♡)ノ

It’s kinda long, I’m sorry for stretching your dashes, especially if you aren’t into free! or makoharu!! ; v ;


even though homecoming was never a single, a part of me wishes that green day did a music video for that song as well. like the jesus of suburbia music video shows jimmy leaving home in pursuit of a new life and the homecoming one would be like a parallel that shows him returning home after the chaotic events of american idiot

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: D.Va and Mei

[Submission by various anons and @brushwolf625 ]

I love these two in the same picture. I don’t think I’ve seen much art of  them hanging out, and now I realise I want it. D.Va looks good in everything, and Mei is never not adorable - I didn’t like her character much until drawing her, but that’s so often the way it goes. Anyway, they’re cute and I’m glad I got to swap them. 

Thank you for the submission! 

story of another us is so beautiful and heartbreaking. you’re depending on this moment w someone, where you think things will finally be different. but what if things don’t change? what if the thing you’re depending on never happens? even though you know you’re not fit for ‘long term plans’ you still put yourself out there. your love for this person gives you hope that maybe this time, things will be different. and even if you know that time will never come, you still hope it’s a possibility.