i'm in love with this shade of yellow


I love her videos, I love her music, I love her soul, I love her face.

Youtuber appreciation post (1/?): dodie lockscreens
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Mme Bustier's Class as Colours
  • Marinette: yellow - sometimes a soft colour, but gets very bright and fiery when riled up
  • Alya: gold - gorgeous and bright, shines through dark times and loves to help out
  • Adrien: grey - been through trauma, but has recovered enough so that they're not a darker, black shade
  • Nino: green - the colour of forests and the sea, beautiful and natural
  • Nathaniel: baby blue - calm and soft, keeps collected in arguments.
  • Alix: silver - tough, the colour of steel, however still a little vulnerable
  • Kim: neon orange - stands out in a crowd. Like, really stands out. Obnoxiously.
  • Max: rainbow - *cough* gayer than words can describe
  • Rose: pink - the colour of innocence and sweetness, love and hope, beautiful as a flower and pure as a river
  • Juleka: indigo - independent and strong, the colour of greatness, loves and is loved
  • Mylene: creamy white - purity and innocence, like an angel
  • Ivan: turquoise - dark, deep, but beautiful
  • Sabrina: ginger - look me in the eyes and tell this girl isn't a carrot
  • Chloe: crimson - often associated with bad things and anger, but some people forget that this colour is also associated with love and lust.
  • Lila: brown - underrated. has a lot of potential (I still hate her).
  • Mme Bustier: black - looks at her she's got anxiety her entire class has been akumatised

this isn’t an open idea b/c it’s literally one of my ocs, BUT.. a vampire who’s got enough cross jewelry (mostly necklaces) to fill an entire store, always has either one of the 50 necklaces they’re wearing in their mouth or a toothpick they combined w/ another toothpick to look like a cross.. goes outside during the day on a regular basis just to display the various parasols & pairs of sunglasses they own.. is very partial to wearing shades of yellow.. loves mangoes, bananas, figs, peaches.. & is dating a werewolf (who’s a foot shorter than them & owns like 50 cats)

pain is beauty (listen)

shades of cool (lana del rey) girls (the 1975) i know what boys like (the waitresses)  lolita (lana del rey) whatever lola wants (sarah vaughn) national anthem vs bubblegum bitch (lana/marina mashup) candy store (heathers: the musical) bend and snap (leagally blonde: the musical) it’s raining on prom night (grease: the musical) donatella (myrtle snow AHS remix) cherry bomb (kylie minouge) toxic (britney spears) that girl (ts madison) attention whore (melleefresh vs. deadmau5) would you say thank you if i spank you? (the turbomen) gods and mosters (lana del rey) million dollar man (lana del rey) young and beautiful (lana del rey) yayo (lana del rey) 400 lux (lorde) yellow flicker beat (lorde) earned it (the weekend) skinny love (birdy) homewrecker (marina and the diamonds) house of the rising sun (lauren o'connell) shades of cool (lana del rey) big spender (fosse) glory box (portishead) fear and loathing (marina and the diamonds) happy (marina and the diamonds)

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In which Will gives up his life so that Nico can live (Kind of depressing, but what can I say? Apparently I'm in the mood for something angsty...)


Will Solace loved color. Though he could appreciate the aesthetic, he had never really cared for monotone black and white, instead choosing to color his dog purple and his tree blue. He had always loved watching things change color, and color scales had always fascinated him. His favorite was always red. Red was the color of love and hearts. Red meant warmth, safety, and reassurance to little Will.

Will saw the world in shades of every color. He watched life fly by in strokes of yellows and blues and greens. He loved watching he sky explode into reds and oranges and blues at sunset, feeling the colors consume him and leave him with the promise of a brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow that would start with whites and pinks and purples, whispering good mornings.

From the day he was born, Will saw the world thorough bright, colorful blue eyes. When he was young, everything had a rose colored tint to it and Will never even considered the existence of dark colors. He loved the deep hue of navy blue, and he often painted with maroon and forest green. He never considered that colors could be anything more than an expression of love and happiness.

When Will was twelve years old, red became an ugly, ugly color.

Will had always loved using the red crayon. He saved it for last so he could watch the heart come to life under that red crayon, and he treasured it. He never cared for paint, it stuck to everything and stained his hands, and he could never control it. Crayons didn’t make as much mess anyway.

When Will Solace was twelve, his hands were painted with red.

He never thought a human could be so red. He had no idea just how much red a person held inside themselves, even as it slowly drained away and left the person cold and gray.

Will stopped using the red crayon.

It was only the first time Will couldn’t succeed in washing the red away.

When Will was fifteen years old, his eyes weren’t quite so bright, and they weren’t quite so blue, but the brown eyes in front of him made him believe that they were. Will never thought he liked brown, it was the color of dirt, but when Will Solace met Nico di Angelo, he realized that he never truly knew just how beautiful brown was.

The world slowly started to glow again, and Will could appreciate the colors of the sky when those brown eyes were beside him. The rose tint was long gone, but Will started using crayons again.

When Will was eighteen, he saw the sky through red eyes. A small cloud drifted by as the beautiful blue slowly leeched from the sky, leaving behind a monotone gray that Will had never liked. He heard shouting, but he didn’t have the energy to figure out who it was. Brown eyes came into view, and Will hated to see that they were glistening.

“-stupid, stupid, Solace. Why the hell would you step in front of a sword aimed at me?”

As Will Solace closed his eyes, the last thing he saw was brown painted with red.

I missed writing angst

Take Me Back to the Start ~ Olicity Fanmix

Here’s my super long Olicity playlist for season 3, I just had a lot of songs that made me feel things. 

Listen To Here

1.The Scientist ~ Coldplay // 2. What Sarah Said ~ Death Cab For Cutie // 3. You’re The One That I Want ~ Angus and Julia Stone // 4. Hate To See Your Heart Break ~ Paramore // 5. Dead Sea ~ The Lumineers // 6. You Are In Love ~ Taylor Swift // 7. Tenerife Sea ~ Ed Sheeran // 8. Million Dollar Man ~ Lana Del Rey // 9. Bloodstream ~ Stateless // 10.Medicine ~ Daughter // 11. I’m A Mess ~ Ed Sheeran // 12. Shades Of Cool ~ Lana Del Rey // 13. I Have Made Mistakes ~ The Oh’s Hello // 14. Radio ~ He Is We // 15. Look After You ~ The Fray // 16. Wildest Dreams ~ Taylor Swift // 17. The End ~ Kings Of Leons // 18. Last Hope Paramore // 19. Be Still ~ The Fray // 20. Dark Paradise ~ Lana Del Rey // 21. All I Want ~ Kodaline // 22. Haunted ~ Taylor Swift // 23. Wings ~ Birdy // 24. Yellow Lights ~ Of Monsters and Men // 25. Hallelujah ~ Rufus Wainwright // 26. Like You’ll Never See me Again ~ Alicia Keys // 27. Love Remains The same ~ Gavin Rossdale // 28. This Love ~ Taylor swift // 29. Latch ~ Kodaline // 30. King and Lionheart ~ Of Monsters and Men //

Listen To Here

fighting over the local pub

OK so I live in a village in the middle of nowhere so as you can image my internet connection using data is almost non existent.  Every day i liked to sit in my house using the wifi and look up to see what the local pub gym is up to. There’s a dedicated team valor and mystic squad fighting over it every day and it’s become a bit of a sport for me to watch.

well i had this weird feeling earlier to check the pub, and HOLY CRAP, TEAM INSTINCT, MY TEAM, HAS THE PUB!!!!

“Dad is it immature and irresponsible to run down to the pub to fight pokemon in a gym?”
“yes it is”
“I’ll be back in five”

So I’m sprinting down to the pub because MY BROS NEED ME as the valor squad who live IN THE PUB are already hotly fighting them. I arrive and then have to spend ten minutes FIGHTING TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET but when i do….

there’s a bench directly outside the pub and on it is a young lad on his phone. I know what he’s doing. So I go join him. Turns out though he’s Valor, we introduce each other, talk pokemon and BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THE MYSTIC GYM

I saw the gym turn a lovely shade of yellow with my lovely Golbat proud of place alongside fellow team mates, but immediately the pub squad starts fighting it but
we… broke the town internet

nothing would connect. checking the local wifi spots…. all …. down

so um

team instinct, by taking the pub,  broke the local wifi AND brought down the GO servers

I am so sorry

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Do you have any suggestions of some nice drug store pink or light pink lipsticks for light brown/ tan ish yellow undertones ?( sorry , I'm not that great at describing my skin tone type ) any suggestions would help :) ps: I love your blog !! It's so helpful for a non makeup expert such as myself !

Hello :) 

When choosing a pink for a medium to tan skin tone you want to avoid anything too pastel and baby pink because it will look slightly ashy on medium to deep skin. Rosy, mauve shades will be more of a light to medium pink on your skin tone. 

Try some medium to light pink shades like

Loreal Julianne’s Nude (part of the celebrity nude collection)

NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops (nudey pink)

Revlon Pink In The Afternoon (warm medium pink)

Maybelline Color Whisper in Pink Possibilities (sheer medium pink)

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

Clear in dresses is so important, I just love Clear in dresses so!!! much!!! I sob, he’s so happy in his dresses, he loves skirts that flare out when he twirls and he loves the fluffy petticoats and tulle and he adores the ones with patterns of flowers and fish and have shiny buttons, he loves dresses that are bright yellow and every shade of pink and blue, ALL THE PASTELS, he likes dresses with straps, especially if they have lace on them, none of this is even accounting for sexy dresses that show off his legs or his collar and his back, JUST GIVE CLEAR ALL THE DRESSES!!!!!!!!!

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I'm sending you another prompt cause I'm literal trash (and i love you) but can I have Will meeting Hades because Hades just pops in on Nico?

The last thing Will expected to see first thing in the morning was the God of the Underworld, but he saw it-him-anyways. The Fates didnt seem to have any mercy, nor did they seem to care just how utterly and completely embarrassing the whole situation was. The clothes that had been thrown aside last night were still covering the floor of the Hades cabin, the  shades and curtains were still drawn, the only light coming from a bright yellow, sun shaped nightlight in the corner that Will had gotten for Nico when he had found out his boyfriend has a slight fear of the dark ever since the whole almost turning into a ghost thing from so much shadow traveling.

Nico was still in bed, resembling a newly hatched baby crow in its mothers nest as the only part visible of him was his extremely dark, extremely soft black hair that poked out from  underneath the dark gray blankets. Will had woken up with the sun like always even thought he couldn’t see it, kissed Nico’s dark hair and had grabbed a towel before preparing to take a shower. It had all been nice and normal til that point, he used Nico’s shampoo, which smelled like vanilla, and had clambered out of the shower, trying his hair and body, then slung the towel around his waist and walked back out of the bathroom to redress.

Only Hades interrupted him.

The moment Will stepped out a storm of black materialized in the center of the cabin and Hades appeared, Will was standing on the other side of the cabin, dressed in only his towel,
hair still damp, with Nico, naked, sleeping, thoroughly loved, and in bed between them.

Hades’ onyx eyes turned to him, and gave him the once over.

“Who are you?”

Nico’s eyes shot open, quickly awoken by his fathers voice, he tugged the blanket higher up on his body and sat up, sitting up against the headboard. He stared at his father, eyes slightly

“Father,” he squeaked. “What are you doing here?”

Hades was still glaring at Will. “I came to invite you to dinner tonight.”

“Oh.” Nico’s ivory cheeks were now a bright crimson. “Alright, I’ll come to dinner. Can you go now?”

Hades didn’t budge. “Who’s this?”

“I said I’ll be there tonight, father.” Nico said, sounding desperate and embarrassed.

“I heard you.” Hades assured him. “I want to know who this is.”

Nico swallowed audibly. “Cant we do this another time?”

Hades gave Nico a dark look, taking his eyes off of Will for the first time since he had arrived.

Nico held the blankets tighter to him. “He’s my boyfriend. Will Solace.”

“I see.” Hades looked back at Will and considered him. “Bring him to dinner as well.”

“Father-” Nico began.

“Bring him.” Nico stopped talking and frowned. Hades gave Will the once over one more time, and Will had the feeling he was being thoroughly judged. “And make sure he wears cloths this time, I dont need Persephone swooning all over the palace because he has his fathers looks.” With another whirl of black the god of the Underworld disappeared and Wil and Nico were left alone.

“I think it went well.” Will grinned, sitting down on the bed next to his boyfriend.

Nico moaned in disapear and dropped into bed, hiding under his pillow.

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what have been your favourite products for the past couple months? I'm interested in buying some new products

oooo current favorites:

mac pro longwear foundation (japan only has up to shade nc42 and that isn’t the right color for me its too light and yellow, but i use this just on my t zone because it controls oil really well! i like doing this when i go out)

maybelline fit me concealer (im in the shade 25 medium but this concealer is so good its soo lightweight its not FULL coverage but the finish and shade is perfect for the undereye)

makeup forever ultra hd stick foundation #177 (love this so much to contour my face it just makes me look chizzled and bronzed and flawless)

laura mercier matte radiance baked powder in bronze 04 (i love how un-orange this bronzer is and it’s also dark enough to show up on my skin! i use a huge fan brush to apply. i recommend this if you have medium to medium dark skin tone)

mac saddle eyeshadow (i love applying this all over the lid blended to my crease with a mac 217. its the perfect everyday warm brown shade that isnt too light or too dark and has the perfect warmth)

mac boybait cremesheen lipgloss (fave nude lipgloss right now i needed a replacement for my marc jacobs pretty thing lipgloss because i lost it lol and i use this basically everytime im wearing lipgloss)

buxom creamsicle lipgloss (if im not wearing the boybait by MAC im wearing this one. its more peachy corally but it plumps my lips so love i love it. it’s a lighter shade than the hot toddy one i used to use a lot but i lost that one too haha)