i'm in love with this shade of yellow


I love her videos, I love her music, I love her soul, I love her face.

Youtuber appreciation post (1/?): dodie lockscreens
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Clear in dresses is so important, I just love Clear in dresses so!!! much!!! I sob, he’s so happy in his dresses, he loves skirts that flare out when he twirls and he loves the fluffy petticoats and tulle and he adores the ones with patterns of flowers and fish and have shiny buttons, he loves dresses that are bright yellow and every shade of pink and blue, ALL THE PASTELS, he likes dresses with straps, especially if they have lace on them, none of this is even accounting for sexy dresses that show off his legs or his collar and his back, JUST GIVE CLEAR ALL THE DRESSES!!!!!!!!!