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ナルバキスン (look at me gwisun) ☆ d-lite

Was doing the pv but got tired so drew my two LL! fav charas



Coccinelle meets Black Cat.

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*whispers* give me clace!headcanons with kids in our verse :P

did u mean my favorite verse : D 

  • okay basically here are some basics that we already knew but need to be written down
    • the pregnancy wasn’t planned, they had just gotten engaged a few weeks ago and they hadn’t even thought about kids at this point. this was a surprised pregnancy, obviously and it was a sudden responsibility they weren’t really ready for. 
    • however, they also didn’t want to give up this child because they knew what it’s like to grow up without parents and they wanted this kid to be loved. they were scared that they were not ready to be parents but after talking about it, they realized that they can do this like they do everything. together
    • they tell alec first because jace couldn’t keep it from his parabatai, and then they tell isabelle and simon next because she needs to tell her own parabatai. not to mention, isabelle is important to both of them so of course they’re going to tell her
    • then their parents come next. luke and jocelyn are the ones to know first, then they tell maryse next, most afraid of her reaction but they do it because these people are their loved ones and they have to know. 
    • they believe they are just having a son and clary suggests that they should name their kid “stephen” after jace’s birth father so he can feel somewhat connected to his birth family. they both agree that it’s the name for their son. 
    • little do they know that they’re have twins! a boy and a girl
    • however their twins are born in simon’s van because they hadn’t realized it’s time. there’s no time to call for a silent brother so jace is the one to give birth to their kids. this is when they found out that they’re having both a boy and a girl because two babies came out of clary. their son stephen and their daughter aimee
  • now onto headcanons for the kids individually. first stephen
    • he’s a lot like his mother, he’s a painter and inherited her red hair. he has that kind and loving heart that clary has. although physically he looks like his father, besides the fiery red hair that he got from his mother. but he’s not as skilled of a fight as jace. he is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.
    • he’s a star wars nerd though, the fault goes to his uncle simon and even his own mother. i can’t tell you how many star wards merchandise he has 
    • his weapon of choice is bow and arrow, like his uncle alec. 
    • he gets along very well with his sister, but they do have their moments. sometimes he wonders how he’s related to such a sarcastic little shit
  • onto aimee now !
    • she is literally a mini jace
    • she has her mother’s green eyes, but that’s it. she has blonde hair, jace’s attitude, his sense of humor, and is a skilled fighter just like him. she is also a bit of a trouble maker like jace is
    • let’s be real here, she’s a daddy’s girl and would do anything for her father. 
    • her brother is so interested in the mundane life, wants to study why mundanes think the way life is but she doesn’t understand how stephen would ever want to do that ??? she doesn’t really like mundanes but she tries to because her mother use to be one and she has to remember that 
    • her weapon of choice is daggers
    • she spends a lot of time with vampires though
  • okay, let me talk about married!clace with their children 
    • they literally love their life so much and their family, they’ve never been more happier than they are in these moments
    • even though they are busy running an institute, they always have time for their children. they’re one of the most important people in their lives and care so so much about them. nothing could ever compare to their children
    • they didn’t think it was possible but their children brought them even closer and made them a stronger couple 
    • they are SO PROTECTIVE of both of their children, like most parents are.
    • honestly, they try not to show any PDA in front of their children, but sometimes it happens and their twins are always grossed out by it haha 
    • after a few years of their kids being born, clary wants more children because she loves their small family and she wants at least one more. she wants their family to grow. she asks jace if that’s what he wants because if he doesn’t want it, then she won’t force him to have another kid. she just loves him and their family 
    • they do have lazy morning when alec or simon, or anyone, is watching their kids. they just lay in bed, most likely cuddling or morning sex. sometimes they just talk about random stuff or sometimes they just lay there quietly, with their hands intertwined, enjoying each other’s presence. 
    • people think that since they had kids they’re not going to be the romantic couple they were before they had kids, but they are. they go on a lot of romantic dates and do romantic gestures for each other. 
    • aka clace are really in love, even more with their small family. 

I kinda love Dia abit too much after Koi ni Naritai Aquarium (and especially the drama CD and Mattete Ai no Uta)

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OMG,I love your art,but I wish I could ask you a little something ;v; For some time I've been wanting a female version of Felix and well .... I'd love to see it on your dash.If this happens,you will make a person very,VERY,happy :v Sorry,my English terrible,i'm Brazilian ;v; and I think I wrote too :v

I know it super late but…thanks a lot for loving my art  。゜゜(´O`)°゜。thank you! I’m so happy !! 。゜゜(´O`)°゜。


A Beginning

A/N: inspired by the PV (specifically Kanan’s wistful expressions) - I just wanted to portray this not-so-friendly yet also not-so-hostile relationship between the two?? It seems quite different than what I imagined before after all XD I figure I better ramble jot this down before the anime airs (since who knows, by then my ship preference might change though I hope not)

For sure though, some of the background ‘facts’ stated in this bliplet would be disputed once the anime’s out since they’re most my own speculation >w> Characterization is also based on my impression of them so far

A/N2: Italicized words within quotations are spoken in Engrish English.
Words: 1,579
Ship: Kanan x Mari

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Sneak Peak of a Miraculous Ladybug project that I’ve just started.

I’ve been itching to do an English cover of a certain song for years and now I’m going to seize the opportunity along with the chance to show my artwork in action literally.

It won’t be completely animated, but I promise to give lots of love to what will be.

Whoo! This is going to be a BIG one.


1. i think of your blood that flows through vines in a bed of thornlike honesty, and i wish that the truth was yours to keep. i want you with your golden skin to wrap around the bullets inside of me. i want you with your tainted lips to tell me that this broken glass is fallen sugar on a map of stars. i want—

2. (you) and i dance in the dark to songs of the living and lie when we talk to growing old. i kiss the length of your lungs and it seems that every time we breathe in we are made from pale dust and dirt and i am always left crawling at your feet.

3. are we cursed if we speak of magic? the calling of our ancestors seems to run deeper through my bones than yours because i am selfish and i am selfish and i am selfish and i wish i could burn at the campsite of youth, with this firewood i kept from that night at the forest when you told me of love and you lied.

4. the lake rises with every bruise that i count and i can’t help but want to replace your arms with the pull of suffocation because at least sirens speak of killing when all you are is choking and crushing and loving in a foreign language that i will never understand.

5. i dream about the girl i used to love with her fists and her knuckles and her thighs on my palms and every morning is the quiet realization where i find you instead: DIGGING THROUGH MY SKELETON TO LAY YOUR BODY IN ITS COFFIN.
—  we burn ourselves at the stake & scream our names into the night // k.s.l.(davidfihncer)