i'm in love with this psd btw


“hot like a scorpio” mode is engaged
- (lipstick is ultra matte lip from colourpop in ‘avenue’)


The curtain falls and I’m out of breath
막이 내리고 나는 숨이 차
I get mixed feelings as I breathe out
복잡해진 마음, 숨을 내쉰다


I’ve done it all but you still don’t want to see
         that I remained by your side.

Merry Christmas, Haley and Lizzy! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make one for each of you, but my mind is blank and my ideas are dull. So I went with a song that I truly consider to be a beautiful Christmas song although it’s a) not a Christmas song, and b) more painful than beautiful. Hope you can still enjoy it!<3 Love you both :) Have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas time ♥

teen wolf season 5 → 5x02 “parasomnia

“your best friend is a werewolf. you are dating a werecoyote. i still don’t know what kira is supposed to be. when the flying monkeys come soaring through this station you will have my undivided attention. until then, just go to school.”