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Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken


Marcus Auerlius, Medidtations;  Book Six

The pain of labour for hand or foot is not contrary to nature, as long as the foot is doing the work of a foot and the hand the work of a hand. So likewise for a man, qua man, there is nothing contrary to nature in pain, as long as he is doing the work of a man: and if not contrary to nature for him, n o t  a n  e v i l  e i t h e r .

As for pleasure, pirates, catamites, parricides and tyrants have enjoyed it to the full.

look …… i know that connor murphy is a fictional character,, but i just ? miss him /// so much \


Well, it seems I’m emotionally attached to a character that’s dead ;-;

For @smiles4voltron I hope you like it, I messed up a bit here and there (also had a bit too much fun on his hair)

I was crying like 70% of the time I was making this, oh I almost forgot to say the green words are supposed to be the king!

Everything you make is so beautiful I wish I could take it all and put it in a box then somehow attach that box to me XD

I get so excited every time you post something that my friends are starting to think I’m crazy, but I am crazy so it’s ok

Commission Status: Closed!

Hi guys!

Thank you all SO MUCH! @_@ <3  I’m closing commissions a few hours early due to overwhelming response!  I want to be able to maintain a steady and quick schedule for turnaround on all these fantastic characters!

If you’ve sent in an inquiry already, no worries! I’ve got you on the list and am just waiting for those references!

If you missed out? I’ll be opening these again hopefully sooner than later!

sdyoshi123  asked:

For fanservicefriday I would like to see Remi in a beautiful poofy af wedding dress. O///O I just think she's such a wonderful Scrafty. I don't care which pose you choose: sitting down or standing. I loved her winter ball dress. Slim dress was great, but now it's poofy dress time. >:3 I hope this request isn't too late.

(( Ahhh gosh thank you! It always makes me so happy to hear when people enjoy my characters ;w; Here’s the blushing bride! But who’s her soon-to-be spouse?))

do u have a name, or can i call u mine? (´• ω •`) ♡

genre: angst + fluff

characters: taeyong, you

word count: 2,000+ words

author’s note: i just felt some of y’all needed some happiness in your lives! and i also wanted to announce my new love for taeyong so yes. excuse my lousy english and shitty plot, but here’s my first scenario! woohoo! 

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ojoegamer  asked:

How long do you want to keep the comic going? (Hopefully forever)

((not much longer. i just want to do finish up gaster’s character arc (there’s one last ‘event’ with it) and have some cute baby shenanigans and then it’s just the big ol finale that’ll be a comic/animated hybrid))

Since I’m always a sucker for those Summer Vibes™ I’ve been workin on a homestuck au that I’m 200% has been done before but w/e. Summerstuck is just all the kids, trolls and miscellaneous other characters on summer vacation.
Hal works at the county fair and Hates it bc children are terrible.
I might draw up other characters for it too if y'all like it. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

sooooo i hit 500 followers last night !!!!! TYSM I LOVE ALL OF U !!!!! i haven’t rly ever done a gift thingy before so what would u guys like 2 see? i was thinking a base sim dump, putting up the tray files for some characters in my legacy, some sort of collab thingy somehow, or doing a giveaway?? suggestions/opinions?

I love mass effect, and I’m enjoying the amount of bisexual characters in the game but I can’t help but question the reasoning behind it. I don’t think they were created because Bioware was trying to represent actual bisexual characters, I think they’re bisexual because it caters to the straight players. Reyes does not strike me as bisexual, and neither does Vetra. Vetra’s romance is better suited to female Ryder and I think Reyes romance is better suited to Male Ryder. The only reason Bioware didn’t make them gay was because of the heterosexuals ™ playing the game who would of gotten butthurt.

anonymous asked:

OAO I wanna fanart but IDK what to art

I’m honored you want to do fanart, thank you! Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of things to draw once the demo’s out, like cool locations, fun colorful enemies, and of course the characters! I’d love to see what you create, please @  me in any art posts you make! :)

while we’re at it here’s more somewhat unpopular star wars opinions:

•i actually really like jyn’s character
•i don’t think kylo needs to be redeemed, i like him as a villain
•i wouldn’t mind dark!luke
•i don’t think people need to hate on rey to uplift finn and vice versa
•idk if this is unpopular but i’d love a standalone darth vader movie between revenge of the sith and rogue one
•i don’t think people can obsess over vader and everything he does while also slamming kylo for being a bad person. they’re both bad people, and they’re both incredible characters

I just read chapter 127 and I gotta say. I’m. Not okay with this. I’m legit crying rn cuz Agni doesn’t deserve this. Why. Why Agni. He was a good dude. Agni was the best. If it was Bravat that did this to him I’m gonna be so conflicted cuz on one hand I love Bravat for the villain he is and this entire blog is about him, but on the other Agni was such a good sweet character who doesn’t deserve to get hurt