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Let’s not forget that Eijun Sawamura

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  • was captain and ace of his middle school team, and is known as a big brother figure among his friends.

  • is an only child. 
  • is pretty much Kuramochi’s gofer and favorite punching bag. 

  • has a pretty hot childhood friend, who secretly has a crush on him. 
  • prefers any kind of food but natto. 

  • loves and enjoys reading Shoujo Manga. 

  • ranks 3rd as the most friendly and most sociable in the Seido Baseball Club Secret Rankings by the managers. (Toujou is first) 

  • greatly values teamwork and camaraderie. 
  • started playing baseball because of Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū series

  • was recruited by Rei Takashima. 

  • chose Seido after his meeting with Miyuki. 

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  • is better than Miyuki in Shogi.

  • is very blunt with Miyuki and usually treats him as someone of his own age. He also has a habit of calling him by his full name. 

  • looks up to Shunpei Sanada as the kind of pitcher he wants to be.

  • read books like the Book of Five Rings, which led him to call his superiors old Japanese military ranks and switching his speech pattern to flowery language from time to time.

  • is fond of giving nicknames to his teammates. (ex. Cheetah-sama, Metabolic-senpai, Beard-senpai, Wolf Brat…LOL XD) 

  • bears a surname that shares the same Kanji character  村 (Mura)  with Okumura Koushuu ( 奥村 光舟) . (Sawamura Eijun>>  沢 栄純)  

  • is based on Eiji Sawamura, a pro baseball player who played for the Yomiuri Giants

  • wears his school uniform neatly and properly. 

  • gets cat-eyed when flustered. 

  • is very emotional and cries easily. 

  • has suffered from YIPS, a career-ending disease, and overcame it. 

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  • is a southpaw pitcher with unique timing. 

  • has a naturally flexible body with supple joints, allowing him to immediately change the pitch’s direction. (Also the reason why Kuramochi likes to practice his wrestling moves on him.) 

  • has pitched for 2 full games.

  • is quite competent with infield defense and pick-offs.

  • specializes in throwing idiosyncratic pitches.   

  • has an arsenal of pitches that includes a 4-Seam Fastball, 2-Seam Fastball, Cutter, Changeup, and Splitter.

  • unknowingly threw a Cutter to strike out Sensen’s Ace, Maki.  Now  the Cutter has become one of the key pitches within his repertoire.
  • learned the Changeup overnight. 

  • managed to piss off Mei Narumiya when he first pitched the Circle Changeup in an official game. 

  • developed the ‘Numbers’ system with Miyuki for his pitching repertoire.

  • used to struggle with control, but he has improved considerably and is able to locate pitches consistently.
  • has an unorthodox pitching form that doesn’t allow the batter to see the release point of the pitch, which consequently messes up the batter’s timing. 

  • is also surprisingly level-headed in critical situations.  He is always able to pull off amazing pitches in a pinch, which never fails to amaze Miyuki.

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  • is the best “bunter” in the series, which earned him the title of “Bunt Master” or “Bunt Meijin”. He is also referred to as the “Kawai of Seidou”. This nickname is a reference to Masahiro Kawai, a former player for the Yomiuri Giants who was known for his defense and bunting skills.

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  • hero-worships and deeply respects Chris.  

  • considers Chris as his valuable mentor and sometimes calls him ‘Master’. 

  • brought back the light into Chris’s eyes and motivated him to play with the team. 

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  • has the funniest and silliest expressions. 

  • is the team’s mood-maker. 

  • is praised by Coach Ugai for his motivational skills. ( “ The spice called motivation gives birth to good synergy. With such a kid on the team, the team is bound to get stronger.”

  • has a PRAISE KINK. 

  • usually offers bunting advice to his teammates. 

  • is very loud and rambunctious (and it’s up to Kuramochi to keep him in line). 

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  • is just one of the cutest ever. 
  • is a total dork. 

  • acts like an adorable dog at times. 

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  • is very beautiful.  (Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too PURE FOR THIS WORLD  (●´艸`)ヾ )

  • has a bright and charming smile that can rival the sun. 

  • has an amazing pair of eyes. 

  • is strong-willed, competitive, outspoken, and courageous

  • is tough on himself and evaluates himself relentlessly. 

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Don’t forget that Eijun is more than just this silly, noisy and obnoxious guy. He is very cute and precious, and a very hard-working person. He has come a long way since he began his high school career in Seido. He’s undeniably one of the key players of the team and has improved tremendously. ヾ(:3ノシヾ)

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This is a PSA brought to you in part by yours truly.
Okay, bye! I’m dead.    _(┐「ε:)_

Feel free to add anything else about our favorite Sunshine Child!!!  

WIP! I missed this guy’s birthday on Halloween so I’m making up for it with an autumny piece. Happy belated 221st, Keats! Gonna have some fun with that hair of yours.

I just finished Book 3…I keep forgetting just how traumatizing it can be…

Is it any wonder Nickelodeon took it off the air? I mean, there are theories and rumours–I know there’s a great chance that it’s because of the sinking ratings, though that isn’t entirely confirmed–but the horrors that take place in Book 3 had to be one of the reasons.

Legend of Korra was promised to be dark and, boy howdy, has it ever been. Murder-suicide at the end of Book 1. Graphically killing Raava by banging her against the rocks in Book 2. Then there’s…then there’s Book 3.

In Book 3 there’s:

  • VERY GRAPHIC asphyxiation
  • Panning out as the villains beat the living shit out of a beloved character and all we can hear are the sounds of his yelps of pain
  • Someone getting their HEAD BLOWN UP
  • Death by electrocution
  • Attempted murder-suicide by lava
  • AND THIS????
  • which brings me to my next point which was basically featuring a very traumatized and devastated Korra being rolled around in a wheelchair, the broken shell of her former self cuz WHOA
  • ugh and i don’t know why it hit me so hard, but the way everyone was clearly pitying her when we all know just how PROUD she is as not only a bender, but as a person. she sees these looks and she must feel SICKENED BY HERSELF UGH SHOOT ME

Book 3 has to be the most horrifying out of all the books. I don’t remember Book 4 being such a horror show.

However, I must commend the LOK writers on this book. It was clearly written with love and care. Zaheer is an awesome villain. Asami finally comes out of her shell and shows us what she can contribute to Team Avatar. Mako is actually loveable in this book! Team Avatar got to travel the world with a clear goal in mind! And of course there’s the final showdown between Zaheer and Korra which is reminiscent of the fight between Ozai and Aang in more ways than one.

Book 3 was dramatic. It pulled no punches and it led a steady course towards the very end. What a step up compared to Book 1. I remember being so thankful that I’d decided to stay with Korra instead of give up on it. Knowing what comes next, that feeling has grown tenfold.

I’m just flailing at how good Book 3 was, even after rewatching it. It never gets old. It never loses its edge. It’s just so GOOD.

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We cordially invite you to the wedding of Victor "Extra" Nikiforov and Yuuri "I lost a bag of nuts and getting engaged is the only way to make up for it" Katsuki

this is canon,,, can u believe how blessed we all are. can u b e l i e v e.

i’m in goddamn tears, my dad just drove down to my college campus to deliver a new computer to replace the one that got stolen

he was just like “come downstairs” and when i was like “???” he just said “insurance covered a new laptop! i’m here”

like holy shit, my dad is the best fucking dad in the world i… am so lucky

Plots of winter anime 2017:

KonoSuba 2:

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Second season of sarcastic human trash-bag getting stuck in RPG-world while baby-sitting narcissistic, exhibitionistic (self-proclaimed?) water-goddess who attracts trouble in all kinds of forms, an eccentric pyromaniac with a one word catch-phrase and a noblewoman turned masochistic crusader.


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4th or possibly 8th season of silverhaired, dead-eyed samurai with sugar addiction who starts an odd-jobs and hires a pair of glasses and a Chinese red-head from outer space…


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Bread-loving and chain-smoking blonde is somehow involved in a political plot while also being stalked by his photographer best friend who loves chocolate and is most probably in love with him.

Dragon Maid:

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Laid back chick makes drunken promise and is visited by magical dragon/cute maid. They become soul-mates and adopt fluffy dragon who’s also an adorable, bug-eating little girl who tried to f*** her classmate once… There’s also this other dragon/demon with heterochromiadic eyes and gag boobs who sexually harasses a 9 year old boy… and another dragon/demon/butler turned otaku who moves in with a human otaku and they live happily ever after. The end.

All out!!!:

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Tiny dude gets roped into playing rugby with a bunch of 35-year old-looking actually 16-18 year olds while befriending a huge, blond meek kid.

Youjo Senki:

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Modern day asshole gets pushed in front of train by dude who hates him, has an argument with a religious entity, and is reborn as a magical girl in not-Europe during not-WW2.

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 2:

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Second season of story stand-up-comedy - while sitting and not always making you laugh!

Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga:

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Not really second season but more of a retelling of the last half of the first season but it’s still 15-year old child of satan trying to kill satan with the help of his megane younger twin brother who’s also his teacher/baby-sitter, their mutual love-interest who’s an air-head and loves flowers, those three guys from Kyoto and fox tamer/tiny eyebrows tsundere-girl.

Interview with Monster Girls:

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Bulky dude who’s apparently a biology teacher conducts interviews with super-natural beings, who exists but are really rare, but still no one seems to give them a second glance.

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

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Historical Japanese figures portrayed as various animals in stories based on most probably not historical facts.

Tales of Zesitira the x 2:

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Second season of visually interesting but otherwise boring anime about dude and his life partner going out to fight the evil of the world which is conveniently manifested in the form of dragons, dementors and bronze-colored smoke. They’re helped by a sassy kid with an umbrella, exposition fire-lady, pacifistic princess in tiny shorts and red head with more personality than everyone combined.

3-gatsu no lion:

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17-year-old professional shogi player and his wacky adventures feat. emotionally supportive infant, shogi-players, the best teacher ever and a mean evil stepsister.

Gundam IBO 2:

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Second season of characters dying and ships sinking.

Little witch academia:

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Trouble-making muggle girl with no chill and a celebrity crush enrolls in school for witches where she befriends a Twilight-fan and mushroom addict.


A Surprise Getaway

‘Well I assume we’re going away for a month with the amount of luggage you’re taking,’ Bernie said with a wry smile, heaving her own backpack over her shoulder. ‘Will you really not give me a clue where we’re going?’

Unloading the last of her bags from the back of the taxi, Serena fixed her with a stern look though her eyes shone with humour.

'It wouldn’t be a very good surprise if I told you, would it?’

Bernie twigged where they were going when they passed through Newcastle station, turning to Serena with an ecstatic grin, one which was matched with just as much exuberance by her partner.

'Edinburgh?’ Bernie exclaimed, reaching out excitedly to twine their fingers together. 'We’re going to Edinburgh?’

'Well you said that you’ve always wanted to go and -’

Unable to contain herself, Bernie leant forwards, kissing Serena softly - hoping that her touch portrayed the overwhelming adoration she felt for this woman, sure that she would explode from the intensity of her emotions.

'I - adore you,’ Bernie murmured softly as she pulled away, stroking her fingers along Serena’s jaw. 'I don’t deserve you’.

'Who does?’ Serena teased, covering Bernie’s hand that cupped her cheek with her own, 'but you come damn close’.

Clasping hold of Serena’s hand, she guided them further up the path, weaving around the bulbous tree roots that erupted through the dirt.

'Are we nearly there yet?’ Serena puffed out, feeling the sweat bead at the back of her neck as they climbed higher.

'I think so - should be just behind these trees and,’ Bernie’s voice petered out, and at the sudden lack of sound, Serena looked up.

'Wow,’ she muttered breathlessly, looking out across the lake that seemed impossibly still, impossibly perfect.

'Indeed,’ Bernie murmured, pulling Serena forward until she was stood in front of her. Wrapping her arms around Serena’s waist, Bernie hooked her chin over Serena’s shoulder and looked out over the picturesque scene.

'Perfect,’ Serena whispered, squeezing Bernie’s hands that were laced over her stomach.

Turning to press a kiss to Serena’s temple, Bernie grinned.

'Yes you are’.

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“How much do you love usuk”

me: well, um, I write fanfictions? They’re terrible though.. I also have a lot of pictures, like about 763 pics.. and a bit over 400 videos.. I’ve also cried over them, and kinda forced my friend into loving them almost as much as me. They make me happy when I’m upset… and the angst scares me, but I read anyway because I love them enough to be in pain because of them… and they’re on my mind 24/7 not kidding. I bought a bag with them on it/// and I cringe every time I see them with someone else because I’ve shipped them for so long that I can’t even imagine these two being apart for even a second… (//∇//)

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I love the D:M universe and all the extras you post! I've been meaning to ask for a while if any of the Miracles ever use their powers for mundane tasks?

“Shin-chan, a little help?”

“Don’t be lazy, Takao.”

“Oh, excuse you,” Takao says indignantly, “Just yesterday you didn’t want to carry your bag so you were floating it above your head the entire time. It freaked the hell out of some First Years, who thought we had ghosts.”

“That was different,” Midorima sniffs. “I had my hands full. I had to carry my lucky item.”

Takao rolls his eyes. It had been an obscenely large raccoon statue, and Midorima had done his best to convince Takao to carry it, but Takao refused. “The point it, you use your powers all the time.”

“I am not going to summon your lunch just because you are too lazy to walk to the kitchen.”

“Shin-chan,” Takao pouts, “Your loving boyfriend carries you around on a rickshaw all the time. The least you could do is bring me the sandwich my mother left for me on the counter. Besides, I’m comfortable where I am. Aren’t you?” He waggles his eyebrows up at his boyfriend, who doesn’t blush exactly, but does look away, faintly embarrassed.

“You two are disgusting,” Ayumi says as she walks into the room. Takao is currently sprawled on the couch, using Midorima’s lap as a pillow.

“Ayumi! Go bring me my sandwich.”

“No! Go get it yourself!”

“Bring me my sandwich and I won’t tell mom what you got on your math test.”

“Guh! You are the worst!” But she storms into the kitchen, so Takao counts this as his win.


“Where did you get that?” Momoi demands.

“Kyoto,” Aomine says, shoving the rest of the burger in his mouth.

“You went to Kyoto without telling me?” she says hotly. “I would have asked you to bring back some Kyo-wagashi.”

“That’s why I didn’t tell you,” Aomine says. “You would have given me a huge shopping list, and I wanted to make this a quick trip.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be using your powers like that anyway,” Momoi says.

“Yeah, OK,” Aomine scoffs. “And how did you make enough money to buy that Coach bag?”

Momoi pretends she didn’t hear the question.


“Kuroko, you jerk, quit using me as a distraction.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, Kagami-kun.”

Kagami snorts, because he has long since come to recognize the difference between when Kuroko’s natural lack of presence and when Kuroko is actually deliberately using his powers to get through a crowd. Both times, Kuroko usually depends on Kagami to draw the attention of others.

“Did you at least bring me back something?”

“What kind of boyfriend do you think I am?” Kuroko asks, dropping the shopping bag with their lunch in it.

Kagami can’t help but think about how Kuroko’s ability would be incredibly useful in LA.

A/N: Thank you so much for the question, friend! I am so glad you enjoy this series! I am sorry for how long it has taken to respond, and also how short this one is. I meant to do everyone, but also wanted to keep this short. (I am trying to write shorter tumblr fic, in hopes that I get to prompts faster from now on). The answer is yes, they all use their powers for mundane tasks, all the time =D Thanks again!!


Stimming video. A while back you said you would be more than happy to share my stim videos on your page :) This one is a short simple favorite stims of the month. I also have more of these as well as one super long video featuring every stim toy I own on my youtube channel.

Ah yes hello, thanks for sharing @wyntreblossom199-autismblog!! I love seeing people’s stim toys; I totally want one of those spinner toys you show here.