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On this day in music history: May 26, 1973 - “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby” by Barry White hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 2 weeks, also peaking at #3 on the Hot 100 on June 23, 1973. Written and produced by Barry White, it is the first chart topping single for the singer, songwriter and musician known as “The Maestro”. The song is originally written as a demo for another artist, but the reluctant White ends up recording it himself when he finds that no other singer than he is better suited to sing it. Fate also plays a hand in the record being released. Russ Regan, the head of Uni Records (who White knows from having released the first Love Unlimited record on the label) leaves the label for 20th Century Records, taking White with him. In the interim, Regan plays White’s then still unreleased album for Elton John, who loves it so much that he steals a dub copy of the album off of Regan’s desk, taking it back to England with him and playing it for music industry friends. The buzz generated by Elton’s enthusiasm for the record in turn convinces executives at 20th Century to release White’s record (who initially don’t like it) in the US and eventually worldwide. The song is later sampled numerous times over the years including by De La Soul (“De La Orgee”), The Notorious B.I.G. (“One More Chance” (Remix)), Boss (“Deeper”), Daft Punk (“Da Funk”), Nas (“One Mic”) and Rick Ross (“Even Deeper”). I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby" is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

wwow there are artists out there making lengthy zootopia comics that are good to read (well..some?)

and here i am

still burying myself

in dem aus

sightofspira  asked:

I just wanted to let you know that you're still one of my absolutely favourite artists. You get expressions soooooo on point and you just... Draw characters so full of life - as though they could step right out of the page and be sitting and chatting right next to me. I love how much your pieces always tell a /story/, too - even if it's a simple portrait, I always feel like there's far more going on in the background and it's so vivid and alive and /beautiful/. You're awesome <3

It must be my lucky day today, or maybe I am dreaming - but if this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up!

AAAAHHH, it’s you!! Do you now that I STILL am impressed by your writing skills? That little ask made me jump out of my bed and scream. SUCH AMAZING COMPLIMENTS OMG, DO I DESERVE IT?! My face is turning into a tomato.

You’re so cool! I cherish every little words of yours, so that ask is a real honor. Being praised is rare but oh my, now it’s happening, and I’m reading your compliments over and over again and. WHOA. THANK YOU. (///Σ///)

You’re awesome too!!

*is secretly still screaming*

in honour of mermay, (and also highkey inspired by @pussycat-scribblesbeautiful seijou mermaids au) i present koi fish mermaid! hinata


  • hinata sees visiting mermaid prince kageyama and challenges him to a race and loses
  • kagehina mermaid stuff commences
  • everything is right in the world

Chips are life.

[Quick update]

Hey guys! Really sorry for the lack of new comics - I’ve been hella busy lately. My schedule is a bit all over the place right now, but I promise that I’ll do my best to post at least once a week! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


!!!!! I wanted to post these a week ago when I got this pretty baby, but I completely forgot. I can’t wait for it to have the complete “"used”“-look, aaaaahhh!! 🎨👩🏻‍🎨

I was WAY not happy with my last crop top Yuuri. Like, 100% hated it. But last night, at the crack of bed time, I was struck with sudden inspiration to draw a crop top Yuuri that I would love! So here is my finished piece inspired by both @zephyrine-gale for the amazing crop top phenomenon, and @crimson-chains for the AMAZING mafia AU. I present, Crop Top Cop! 

I don’t usually get into AU’s but this one has me around its little finger.