i'm in love with their pr team

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I realy love the "I'm not single" comment just thrown in there by Chris! 😆

That interview was ripe with opportunities to directly mention the PA and he did not.  Chris interviews make me decidedly less anxious that Darren interviews, because Chris’ team does not try to repeatedly set him up and it is clear he has full control, even when relaying the PR narrative (and he did last night, he emphasized Peru was his birthday trip).

I love how he tossed that it there.  “No, I am not single.” With no further definition or explanation.

So my only question, did he mean “not single” more in a casual sense as in, I have a boyfriend/partner or in the legal sense and how he would file his taxes, as in I have a husband?  I think we all know what I believe;)

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J2 have rebelled so hard this week and I love it so much. It's been so long since we've seen them out on date nights! ❤️. I'm glad this bearding fiasco is finally over.

Hello, dear anon!

This week has certainly provided me with some lifeforce! I can’t tell you how much I love it when they set their feet down and say they’ve had enough of the bullshit. That’s a headcanon, of course, but doesn’t this seem like them sabotaging their PR teams?

However, I’m not entirely convinced this is the end of their lockdown just yet. They did try to hide their presence at Tuesday’s Kaleo concert - was that to please PR after they had their picture taken at a restaurant a couple of days earlier, or did they themselves want to fly under the radar?

I guess today’s con will be telling. Everyone has been expecting it to be a het parade, but I find that the J’s often surprise us. No doubt there will be a lot of het questions, but will they volunteer a bunch of “wife” stories? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m looking forward to it!

After you sent your ask, there has been yet another date night for our lovely chaps! They’ve attended a Kaleo concert in Seattle on 8th of April, as proven by Jared’s sister Megan and a ton of other sightings. Wouldn’t it be beautiful symmetry if the lockdown started and ended with Kaleo? Let’s see what happens next!

By the way, here’s some juice from last night’s Kaleo concert!


So, uhh, Jared hugs JJ and a bit later Jensen looks like he just wants to leave? Is this classic possessive!Jensen or what? Don’t mind me, just thinking. I hope you have a very lovely day, sweet anon! Thank you for stopping by and throwing me a message.

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Hey Emma, how are you? I just wonder why Louis is using the 1D earplugs still? Not that I'm against it but shoudnt his team get another one like niall did for future performances?

I’m good, thanks! There’s this post (http://lads-laddylads.tumblr.com/post/158869511703/ithazzabelou-i-wonder-when-louis-is-finally) that talks about how Louis is really the only member of One Direction who hasn’t had a proper rebrand for his solo career and I think that ties into whatever issues he’s having that force him to be with his absolutely terrible manager and PR company, so that may be part of why he still has the same in-ears. He does just seem to really love the number 28 though, so it’s possible he wants to keep it on there for that reason.

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You make good points. I get the self preservation of not engaging in the discourse but I love when you post opinions since you are good at looking at things with a cool, appraising eye, if that makes sense, lol. With all artists, but especially Louis there is always about 5000 layers to wade through to even attempt to get to the truth - I'm very curious about how much is planned PR angle and how much is louis' real frustration (because there *has* to be some) at his label and team.

I don’t really think this is planned. It seems like he’s venting and also while on twitter, replying to fans. I don’t think he’s actually on Twitter that much just browsing so ranting leads to fanservice because he’s on the app and looking at his mentions.


CW Head PEDOWITZ interviews potential new PR team applicants….

PEDOWITZ: So thanks for coming in, we are really in need of someone at the moment.

Applicant: no problem. I am really excited about this opportunity, ever since I watched S1 with my daughters, I just love the vibe of the show and how female centric and positive the story lines are.



PEDOWITZ: Okay, thanks for coming in.

Applicant 2: no problem. I understand the show has had a real makeover from last year and you are looking for some positive messaging about it.

PEDOWITZ: uh-hmm. sure….So for starters we’ve broken up every romantic relationship on the show.

App 2: What? Why?!?

PEDOWITZ: I’m not really sure but I’ve been told by someone that healthy and stable is “boring”.  

App 2: That makes no sense.

PEDOWITZ: Yeah, well, the main focus for this year remains on the primary love interest and the return of the male lead which for some reason is upsetting to the majority of critics and fans and some of the cast. On a completely unrelated topic we have brought in new love interests for each of the main leads now that we’ve broken them up.

App 2: Ummmm.. that might be upsetting to your remaining fans and hard to promote as a “positive development”. Usually fans like to see established relationships remain long term, when you break them up generally no one wants to see that…

PEDOWITZ: I know some people who would disagree with you about that.  Anyways, where it gets complicated is that the two leads are together in real life as well.

App 2: Oh, well that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I mean it could be some free publicity and good cross promotion for the …

PEDOWITZ: So you’ll have to squash any pap photos that surface of either one of them “stepping out” with the actors playing their new love interests, especially while they are still shacked up.  God knows we don’t want to go through that whole thing again….

App 2: …..right.…I see.  So what else is in store for this season?

PEDOWITZ: oh we some great things on the horizon, for starters we are bringing in the Legion of Super Heroes.

App 2: oh that seems interesting.

PEDOWITZ: yeah, that’s the good news. The bad news is that we paid so much for the rights to these characters and all the additional costuming etc that there is no money left in the show’s budget for promotion.

App 2: Oh. Well how have you been getting the show noticed by people?

PEDOWITZ: Usually a lot of online hate. Also, can you guess what’s even more exciting than the introduction of the LOSH?

App 2: I’m scared to ask…

PEDOWITZ: There’s going to be Nazis! …wait, where are you going?

App 2: (*door clicks shut)

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i'm waiting for Darren team decision to thwart all this gay porn star kiss it's gonna be fun or we gonna see how desperate they are. for sure lots of miarren pic to show how straight and in love he is

The thing is. These articles. This is PR as well. Make no mistake. This story was published by numerous publications including Playbill and the Huffington Post. Two reputable sources. These were approved by his Team. No question.

Plus there were 2 blinds yesterday. That were overt. No one could argue that either was not about Darren. And Darren himself tweeting about it.

And remember. That segment of Conan. Absolutely planned. That was nearly half the interview. Questions and answers are planned in advance.

So the question is why? Darren is still playing straight. Beard isn’t gone. (And expect the continued push). Even when she is, as I’ve stated, I expect a long process, in phases. For all we know. It could take years. There is a ton at stake. The current situation for both Chris and Darren is a mess and they have tons of fans invested in the PR relationships. And adamant that Chris and Darren aren’t a couple.

But I would guess. This is laying groundwork. And testing the waters. Starting to reverse the conditioning of his fans to expect every article and every interview to emphasize his straightness. Which this one did. But was completely overshadowed by the gay porn star he didn’t recognize (I loved that Out magazine called him out on that-As well as one of the blinds) whose throat he stuck his tongue down. Not once. But twice.

I think moving forward. We may see more of this. It’s going to be interesting to watch.

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I'm truly amazed that you've directed more anger at 1D's PR/Management team over this video than you have towards the white guy throwing out racial slurs. Look at my amazed face -_- I can't believe the white boy you love reading fanfic about gets less abuse for using an n word then his PR team get for responding to it. Look at my disbelieving face -_- I am shocked that you say Dan Wooten is a piece of shit for writing a headline but Louis isn't for using an n word. Look at my shocked face -_-

Oh goody, someone else is here to inform me of what I think and feel about this situation and to try to tell me how to run my blog. How fantastic, I sure didn’t get enough of this the other day, or anything.

You know what’s a very simple emotion to express? One-dimensional anger.

You know what’s not very time consuming to do? Reblog an existing post and add a few sentences worth of tags onto it.

You know what falls into this category? My irritation at Hackford Jones PR, Modest, The Sun and the ridiculous way they are responding (or rather, failing to respond) to the drug video appropriately and instead using divide and concur tactics and false band in-fighting narratives.

You know what’s a much more complicated emotion to express? Disappointment, frustration, confusion and anger, as applied to an individual who is an object of your respect, love and affection.

You know what’s extremely time consuming? Organising all of my thoughts and feelings about a situation into a detailed, brand new post,while simultaneously trying to stay in the loop about new and changing information.

You know what falls into this category? Yep, you guessed it. This incident does. In fact, every fucking thing that’s happened this week falls into that category, because at this point there is no catching up.

So if you’re here all furious because I haven’t made a post where I scream and shout ‘fuck Louis Tomlinson for being a racist fuck’ then you’re going to have to stay furious, friend, because I am never going to do that. It is way, way more complicated than that.

Am I upset with him? Absofreakinglutely. Do I want him to stop saying ‘Westside’, throwing gang signs, using racist slurs in jest and generally acting like he doesn’t remember that as a white boy, he’s not allowed to do any of this? Yes, a thousand times, yes.

You know how parents say “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed”? Yeah, that. I’m disappointed in him because he should know better and because he should do better.

Unless it turns out that there actually was a guy in the car called Nick (and this is mostly wishful thinking) then yes, Louis said something racist and that is resoundingly not okay. No, I don’t think that Louis was being deliberately racist, I think he was saying something he thought was okay, and that’s the problem here. Instead of screaming abuse at him, I want to educate him because that is how you enable change and growth. A calm voice of reason goes a lot further than ‘fuck you you fucking fuck’ and if people would recognise this and try to channel their anger at Louis into a conversation instead of an accusation they would get a lot further.

I can be angry at Louis’ behaviour and still supportive of him as a human being, but more importantly, I can be angry at Louis and angry about other things at the same time. Being frustrated and Louis’ use of an incredibly problematic word does not preclude me from also blogging about other things and you have no right to pass judgement on me on for that.

I don’t know how familiar you are with my blog, but my working hours, time zones and general chatterboxness means that I have a tendency to discuss topics at length over a number of days. Especially given that I had twice specifically outlined that I am in the middle of writing a post about the use of this racist language (x/x), maybe you could cool your jets about telling me how I feel about this until I’ve had a chance to talk about everything in detail?

Since starting this blog, I have learned that I can’t make a short post with a only a fraction of my thoughts on a topic without being criticised for not having explained myself more clearly, or having someone wildly misinterpret my meanings. And now it seems that I can’t take a little bit of time to collect my thoughts before posting without also being criticised. I can’t actually win either way. Yay me.

I’m an incredibly time-poor person, so unless I suddenly find a way to clone myself, or someone starts paying me to run this blog so I don’t have to go to work anymore, you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that sometimes it takes me a little while to get to each and every topic.  And that is no indication of how important the topic is, or how strongly I feel about it.

If you have a problem with that, you have two options; shut up or go away. Your snide comments and bitchy implications are not welcome or necessary.

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There are sooooooo many LGBT allies out there... I wonder how many of them are careful to say they are straight but they are such big supporters... I was reading about Chris Evans the other day... Big LGBT ally.. But I don't remember reading about him saying time and again I'm straight!!! And he's A lister and more hounded by paps (no offense to Darren)

And there again is the flaw in the PR for Darren, The fact that he has his lovely lady of many, many moons tethered to his side at nearly every event he attends should speak to his sexuality. They “live” together after all and he literally is not able to breathe without her by his side.

It should not have to be stated time and time again that he is straight. But his incompetent team feels it is necessary because they are fully aware that rumors are swirling around Darren that he is anything but straight. Further complicating the situation, he is in a relationship with his ex-co-star and CC remains one of the most talked about closeted couples after Larry.  They are petrified of the truth being revealed. And Darren himself constantly rebelling and acting up shines more light onto the truth.

So their reaction is to overdo everything. From the bearding to the straight mentions. And i guess they were annoyed as it has been quiet sometime since Darren himself uttered the words “I am straight” and they have mainly had to rely on print articles. Add to that, we have done him no favors as we have pointed this fact out.  So, their solution is to coerce him with something that made him say it during the most awkward and gut wrenching 1 minute 40 second interview I have ever watched. And then held it over his head and only released it when he rebelled and allowed himself to be seen in a room with Chris.  

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The funniest thing about PR is just how utterly stupid they are! I truly believe they (PR) rely on your blog and a couple of other CC blogs to see our reaction to their childish antics. When all is said and done, I will be one of many (I'm sure), who will make scathing assessments of D's PR team and how they did more damage to themselves and their credibility than they ever did to Darren.

Darren’s team is so incredibly dumb, it is unreal. They had a party in the PR house on Saturday night. Darren worked Friday, I am guessing he is working today. They didn’t need to “prove” they were together in LA yesterday.  And make no mistake, this is as staged as a pap pic.  And honestly, it did no favors to either proving their love (though Darren once again shows how much he loves his phone) and no no favors to market her.

All it did was highlight how important it is to them to show that Darren is not in New York. Which with his work schedule seems near impossible, so it is unnecessary.  PR once gain trying to hard which only highlights the truth.

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I love Darren. I really love him. But I just don't know how much longer I'm gonna be able to put up with this "i'm so str8, so str8 i'm str9 and me and my "girlfriend" are going to dress up as what basically amounts to a pimp and a prostitute for halloween to prove it" bullshit. i want to shake him. i want to tell him that any pr team who thinks dressing up as hugh fucking hefner (never mind the salvadore dali one) is a good idea needs to be fired. i just... i'm reaching the end of my rope.

I didn’t answer this right away because I was trying to figure out what I wanted to say.  So I’m just going to ramble a bit.

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I’m proud too. You’re absolutely right, the keffiyah is not only support for Palestine, but was a fuck you to management who’ve never been comfortable with his race or religion. This is especially important in light of what’s happening to him in the press right now. And all of this supports my headcanon that Zayn didn’t show up for the Today Show in protest and that his management is trashing him publicly in retaliation. But Zayn isn’t backing down. On a day like today, I’m thrilled to see him once again shake off all the haters (while looking swaggy as hell, I might add).  

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fans: so zayn, what inspired these songs— / print!zayn: i'm free i make all my own choices / fans: oh, okay cool so what's intermission: flower about, it's so beatifu— / print!zayn: i sAID I'M FREE AN D MAKE ALL MY OWN CHOICES WHO'S SIMON COWELL / fans: are you oka— / print!zayn: i'm not okay i'm completely unstable also have you met my awesome new team they're tHE BEST EVER and New™ / fans: zay— / print!zayn: LARRY ISN'T REAL NO ONE IS GAY / fans: ... / print!zayn: i love gigi

Print Zayn:

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I have to say the Shadowhunters team (although not always the best at what they do) has had us really busy the last few months taking our mind off the hiatus. Weekly takeovers even after filming ended. Behind the scenes photos. Promos, trailers and teasers. Tweets with Todd (even though he’s a hot mess sometimes). Major event coverage like the Comic Cons. Press interview days like today. The whole poster reveal thing. And of course the cast themselves giving so much of themselves in these takeovers and sharing their personal moments on their own social media accounts, like Harry, Eme, and Kat always on Snapchat and Instagram.

It’s been a pretty great ride and has helped me appreciate the show and cast so much more than I ever knew I could. And now look, we’re weeks away…weeks, not months anymore. I’m proud of us, we made it and they helped. Regardless of fandom drama we’re here together and it’s almost time for our show to return better than ever.

Thanks Shadowhunters. Cast, crew, writers, producers, directors, pr team, hair, wardrobe, make-up, and anyone I may have overlooked, just know we love you.