i'm in love with their friendship

when you’re putting together a little platonic playlist for moana + maui and you come across a ridiculous playlist of “songs about friendship” on youtube and decide to look up the words to the first one your eye catches on to see if it would fit just for fun and giggles

and the first line is LITERALLY

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea I’d sail the world to find you

by liking this post you give me free reign to make you starters at any point in time; basically, this is the official seal of our friendship since i love you all. once this is liked i’ll probably come and pester you to plot. i’m really looking to develop some longer, more intense threads, so if anyone else is interested you should definitely give this a like! i have so many ideas constantly but i’m never sure who to do them with. disclaimer: i will hurt you with angst and i will have no regrets.

just a little reminder that the upcoming venus rx can affect more than just romantic relationships. any sort of relationship that you can form (especially if love or a lack of it is involved in some capacity) could easily come under question whether it be a friendship or your relationship with your siblings/family members. Ask yourself just how much that person or connection matters to you and how important it is to hold on to or to let go of. 

I will say I’m a little biased because I think Katie Mcgrath and Melissa Benoist’s onscreen chemistry is amazing,and would love it if the writers of supergirl would take advantage of that and explore that relationship a little more beyond just friendship,but since I feel like they want to keep super girl heterosexual (unfortunately)…why did they phase James out? I felt like they actually spend time building that story arc,and the chemistry was simply better! This mon-el Kara thing seems forced and rushed and has that old fashion ‘relationships must have toxic discourse’ quality that I really hoped today’s storytellers had moved past! Kara and mon-el feels like CW’s desperate attempt to have a straight white couple on their show,because god forbid they defy the status quo! Since the show moved to the CW they’ve really downplayed Kara’s independent spirit and to me that’s the most unfortunate part.

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So if Kara can't be with Lena or James can she at least be with Barry cause they were just so adorable and new them

ehhh i mean barry is better than man hell but i much prefer them to into a character that’s actually nice to kara and not barry bc i love that platonic friendship i think it’s so cute. 

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either way I’m pretty sure we can agree these nerds are adorable



I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.