i'm in love with the song and video and everything bye

watching this and i want to scream????? 

  • apparently sanha bleaches his hair every three days ??? fantagio this can’t be healthy 
  • bin’s wearing a shirt that has ‘merman’ on it asdfjlKJAHSDLK time to cry
  • bin wanted to be a swordsman but then after that he wanTED TO BE AN ASTRONAUT BECAUSE HE LOVES SPACE I’M YELLING
  • lmao bin saying that he wants to go to space maybe when it’s possible when he’s 70-80 and the mc telling him to earn enough money first lmAOOOO
  • apparently there are three point dances to baby:
    • ‘gentlemen’ actions like spraying perfume (the first part) and cuffing their shirts (the last part)
    • ‘saying hello’ in the slidey chorus part (‘a butterfly,’ rocky says, ‘but also like, don’t come near my face’)
    • the ‘butterfly dance’ because rocky made it (i assume this is in reference to the ‘the floor is lava’ jump)
  • mj describing i’ll be there as a ‘goodnight goodnight’ song and everyone cackling and correcting him & bin: “it’s every minute u bitch” and everyone laughing again becaUSE IT’S DREAM NIGHT SON
  • mj choosing because it’s you as his fave song
  • eunwoo picking i’ll be there and lie 
  • mj interrupting to ask if he could eat the watermelon LOL
  • eunwoo telling him to go ‘goodnight goodnight’ after eating i live for savage eunwoo
  • IM CRYIGN everyone singing i’ll be there acapella 
    • but rocky just snorting to himself instead of singing and jinjin slapping rocky on the neck 
    • mc: ????
    • rocky: ‘everyone’s singing but then i’m hearing jinjin sing and he goT THE MELODY WRONG’
    • jinjin: ‘i’m a rapper!!’ :D
  • now they have games 
  • eunwoo not being able to rip the sticker off the board properly LOL
  • they’re singing baby in different styles 
    • mj about 2 sing baby in the style of troT!!! members complimenting that he’s good at singing trot
    • mj slapping him on the neck sAme
    • mj slAYING HIS TROT
    • jinjin saying it just sounds like a 變熊 version (?? idk what this is)
    • rip vivi 2k17
    • eunwoo doing an idiot version (do u remember donggu from that one astro play where dongmin put on those weird glasses and acted like an idiot)
    • astro dying of laughter 
    • rip astro 2k17
    • jinjin clearing his throat because someone suggested a nursery song style and he’s abouT TO FALSETTO IT 
    • jinjin’s voice cracking i’m cryign
    • he’s not falsettoing it he’s just screaming i’mlauggh i love jinjin
    • saucy wink
    • rocky about 2 drop a saTOORI VERSION I’M !!
  • sanha has to act something out and everyone has to guess
    • sanha flopping around 
      • everyone guessing different types of birds
      • mj: “pufferfish???”
      • sanha: yEs
    • seal sanha + doggo sanha 
    • cat sanha
      • everyone guessing ‘cat’
      • eunwoo: ‘aoa sunbaenims????’ ibtch whAt
    • sanha being a gorilla
      • everyone saying ‘gorilla’
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’
    • sanha being another type of monkey (?)
      • everyone guessing different types of monkeys
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’ 
      • sanha acting out a third different kind of monkey (i think orang utan???)
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!!!!!’ 
      • mc: whY IS EVERYONE ROCKY
      • also mj: ‘SANHA’ asdfasjdf
    • sanha being another bird (?)
    • bunny sanha + lion sanha + koala sanha
    • caption: “go to the zoo, you’ll fit right in” HAHAHHAHAHAHA
  • next game: astro has to pick 2 members and say 5 sentences that will move the viewer’s heart (??? flirting w the camera?)
    • bin volunteering mj
    • mj, reciting the chorus of baby while rubbing his lip
    • astro: ‘stoP RECITING BABY LYICS’
    • mj: godMAMA
      • “you believe in oppa, right?”
      • “you should only look at me”
      • mj stopping becauSE EVERYONE KEEPS LAUGHING AT HIM
      • “sunbae, i love you”
      • “noona, daTE ME PLS”
      • “aunty, you’re really pretty!!”
      • conclusion: i love mj
    • mj volunteerING JINJIN I’M CRYIGN 
    • jinjin taking deep breaths
      • jinjin: ‘darling…’, smirking then bursting out laughing a,dfjhasadh
      • bin: ‘IM GON PUKE’
      • jinjin: ‘let’s go out & get coffee!!’
      • jinjin, grabbing rocky’s neck: “do u want 2 kiss me”
      • everyone begging him to redo it 
      • jinjin: ‘next time i’ll be better to you’
      • everYONE BEGGING HIM TO REDO EVERYTHING & jinjin pretending not to hear
      • jinjin, sending a heart kiss: i love u!! and everyone finally acknowledging it as the first sentence
      • jinjin: what do you meAN I FINISHED ALL 5
    • them volunteering eunwoo instead 
    • ‘manhwa version!!’ and astro singing the shalalala~ backing track
    • eunwoo: ‘actually… i’ve liked you for a long time from afar… date me?’
    • astro clapping in defeat nobody can beat the king of flirting
    • also astro: ‘why am i uncomfortable suddenly’ saMe
  • last one: who’s the best at taking selfies?
    • nearly everyone pointing at sanha 
    • bin pointing at himself then sanha LMAOOOO
    • eunwoo pointing at himself LOL
    • eunwoo changing his vote to rocky
    • sanha getting 4 votes and rocky getting 2 becauSE HE VOTED FOR HIMSELF
    • baby sanha demonstrating his 4 cut fairy i’m so !!!!! my heart is !!!!!! he’s so pure!!!!!!
    • everyone posing for a photo and mj beaming and bin doing the three claw baby bear thing my heart is weeping i love that pose so much
    • eunwoo winking and jinjin being cute!!
  • this is singularly the most ~astro~ video i’ve watched this week i’m crying i love it 

there’ll probably be subs out there somewhere but meanwhile this is what i can do rip i wish i had translating software and time because this is the funniest shit everyone needs to watch it

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Heyyy i was wondering, what's your favourite thing about each member of b.a.p? (Or favourite things since I know you can't just choose one 👀 neither can i so it's fine)

r;igeurfnjarsgj this is so hard but I will try 

Yongguk: I like his big smile, his smile in general really, how incredibly strong he is, how much of a father he is to his boys, how he works hard for BAP and the fans even when he’s not feeling up to being in the public eye or just not feeling it that day, and we can all tell he’s not comfortable or just not into it, but he still has a big smile on his face and still tries his very best to reassure us that he’s actually okay and that he loves us. I like how he writes and composes music, like damn his music is amazing holy shit. I love his cave voice ;; I love his love for Tigger, I love how he has a heart of gold, I love that he comes off as intimidating and mean mugging but is actually such a soft I cannot believe anyone could think he is scary ;;

Himchan: I love that he’s so strong headed, I love that he wont let members talk shit, I love that he’ll tell daehyun to stfu when no one else will, I love when he gets super hyper on vlive and just gets really loud and obnoxious, I love his incredible voice, I love his very soft soul, I love his love for fans, I love his bunny smile, I love his belly laugh, I love his shy smile, I love his love for his boys, I love his respect for Bbang, I love his entire stage presence, I love that he’s actually drop dead gorgeous, I love that he can smile and work hard even through his toughest times. 

Daehyun: I love his pillow lips, I love his inhale laugh, I love his hands, I love his voice, I love that he has to sing everything at any time out loud like super loudly, I love his friendship with Youngjae, I love that he doesn’t give a shit, I love that he’s so passionate for BAP and Babys, I love that he is composing his own songs and performing them live, I love that he spoils us on IG and Twitter, I love that he gives Babys presents just cause, I love his high notes, I love how he moves his body when he sings, I love his big teeth smile, I love his whiskers, I love the patches of bad skin that he’s so insecure about, I love his golden glow, I love his big ears, I love that he’s so fucking loud all the time, I love that he’s actually such a soft sensitive squish. 

Youngjae: I love his pursed lips, I love his small nose, I love his really weird squeak laugh, I love when he gets really excited and starts to yell, I love when he laughs really hard he claps like a seal, I love his sass, I love his apple cheeks, I love his voice when he sings really high notes (I love his singing voice very much tbph) I love that he’s super sensitive but hides it, I love that he gets along wth all the members, I love that he’s mature and professional enough to MC, I love his entire presence on variety shows and interviews, I love his boyfriend vlives, I love all of his selfies, I love how he fluffs up his hair with his pinky, I love that he’s just so casually extra all the time. 

Jongup: I love that he’s super shy, I love that he’s an introvert, I love that he loves anime, I love his laugh, I love when he’s familiar with his surroundings and perks up a bit, I love that he’s actually such a fucking goof ball, I love his really deep throat laugh, I love his freckle on his nose, I love his really sharp eyes, I love his dancing, I love his singing, I love that he’s so reserved for an idol, I love that he allows Daehyun to have his nudes on his phone, I love that he’s soooo respectful and genuinely  loves Himchan, I love that he respects all of his hyungs and Zelo, I love that he’s one of the youngest and still more mature than the middle son line, I love that he works hard on choreographing BAPs dances, I love his weird fucking love for chocolate milk, I love when he’s feeling comfortable in his surroundings and acts like the goofball we all love and cherish so much. I love that the entire fandom collectively knows to protect jongup. 

Zelo: I love his give no fucks attitude, I love that even tho he’s unstoppable, he still respects and listens to his hyungs, I love his blinking habit, I love his singing voice, I love that every verse he ever has he goes hard asf, I love his undying love for his puppers, I love his whole teeth smile, I love his meme flirt face, I love that he is rude and looks and sounds mature one second but reminds us that he is actually in fact a kid the next, I love that he makes videos singing to his doggo, I love that he’s open and honest with his fans on vlive that even Daehyun has to shut him up sometimes, I love that he’s a tall smol, I love his respect for Bbang, I love his love for skateboarding, I love that he also works hard to choreograph BAPs dances, I love that he choreographed Be Happy, I love that he goes out drinking in the states even tho he’s only 20, I love that he acts like this big ole grown ass man. I love him so much… 


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I have watched this taekook being sad theories lately on youtube. Because of the rules taekook is not happy at all. From those songs that jungkook covers and those taehyung's solo. I'm really convinced that they are not happy. It's really pissing me off because i can relate to them. That feeling when you can't be with someone you really like especially with the same gender because everyone is watching. I just want taekook to happy with each other even if it's on and off cam.

!! I have taetifulkookie is like one of my favourite taekook accounts on YouTube.

And ye?? I agree completely that taekook seem really unhappy lately? Tae seems more obvious about it tho like sometimes he seems straight up pissed for no reason (I mean my theory is that he gets yelled at a lot, probz about taekook and how obvious he is about them). idk sometimes I can just feel his moods radiating from the screen and it just feels like he doesn’t want to be there? (DONT ATTACK ME ITS JUST AN OBSERVATION) I doubt Taekook had to “break up” like I don’t think BigHit or the members are cruel enough to let them date and then ask them to break up lmao. There’s that one video (I think) when they finished the Young forever tour where Taekook were really touchy and then they both look at something off camera and immediately split up and Tae walks away, annoyed, while Jungkook just looks away from the camera, looking kinda pissed off?? and I just??? The idea that there’s someone always watching them interact while they’re in videos together, or anywhere really, telling them not to touch or even communicate makes me mad?? (lets not forget cutting out all their interactions from bangtan bombs!!1!!!) This is probably why they have to result to just gazing intensely at each other all the time ಠ_ಠ .I mean wish Korea wasn’t as conservative as they are but what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I get where they’re coming from though, I wouldn’t really want to destroy my groups image just so I can be with the person I love especially after everything the groups gone through. I do think that Taekook are a thing and that they’re keeping it under wraps which is why they’re unhappy and super shady, but I mean it could also be the fact that they’re just not allowed to be with each other (which is just cruel and isn’t something I want to think about :( ) Also Jungkook’s cover of fools @ bye? 1) Its a song about being gay and falling in love with someone you can’t be with (which is why he calls himself a fool) 2) IT WAS POSTED THE DAY BEFORE TAEHYUNG BIRTHDAY???? 3) BigHit probably making Namjoon sing it with him so it wouldn’t be too obvious its about taekook’s relationship??? (theory lmao don’t get shookth). ((also Stigma is like my favourite song on the album along with first love mainly because I can literally feel their emotions through the song and none of the other songs gave me that feeling idk I get chills when I listen to Stigma) I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY ON THIS TOPIC AND THIS WAS KINDA RUSHED WITH POINTS AND STUFF CAUSE IT WAS GETTINF RLLY LONG IM SORRY I WENT ON A TANGENT (also I’m sorry if you’re going through something like this thats honestly really shitty :/) this is a rlly long post I’m sorry I have no punctuation skillz

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I'm just getting into myteen now, what's a good place to start learning about them? Besides this blog lol

Hey! Welcome!! Myteen is a great group!! okay, so this post is gonna be kinda long lol also sorry it took a while. Okay so to start with, they are under Music Works Entertainment (same company that has Minzy, Baek ZYoung and U SungEun) anyways, thanks to @saeoong (tbh my fave minjun stan i cri) here is a post with like every important video link, from their stages to individual fancams and their shows and stuff literally the god post. a very very important post tbh. 

saeoongs post will have these links, but these two are in my opinion the top two need to see videos 

here are all the offical sites and such:

the youtube channel FY!Myteen has subbed i think like the first 7 ep of myteen show but here is the link for that

and then i’ll just give you the basic run down for each member lol

Taebin  © 

  • Full name: Lee Saewoong
  • Position: sub-vocalist
  • January 22nd, 1996
  • Hometown: Busan, South Korea
  • use to live in New Zealand 
  • speaks english
  • Suuuuuper smart 

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  • Full name: kim sangjin 
  • position: lead vocalist, main dancer
  • December 22nd, 1996
  • Hometown: Gwangju, South Korea
  • one of his nicknames is afer a fox
  • the 4d member of the group

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  • full name: Choi Eunsu
  • Position: Leader, rap 
  • February 12th, 1997
  • Hometown: Ansan, South Korea
  • mom of the group
  • also this happened…….

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  • Full name: Kim Gukheon
  • Position: main vocalist 
  • April 15th, 1997
  • Hometown: Bundang, South Korea
  • dad of the group
  • an amazing voice tbh just wow

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  • Full name: Shin Junseob
  • Position: rap, vocal
  • February 4th, 1998
  • Hometown: Gongju, South Korea
  • his nickname is “no jam” which basiclly means no fun but i mean look at that gif he’s fun
  • has been a replacment for some live stages 

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  • full name: song yubin
  • position: main voalist
  • April 28th, 1998
  • Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
  • we know a lot about him lol
  • the first thing everyone said about him was that he looks like Mingyu from Seventeen but plz move on from that lol
  • already has a mv up 
  • has an instagram
  • already has some ost
  • pretty much the most popular cause he’s already debuted technically
  • owns dogs but is allergic to them lmao

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  • full name: park minjun
  • position: vocal, maknae
  • January 8th, 2001
  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
  • tallest member but still our baby
  • one of his nicknames is Moomin i cri
  • best eye smile
  • took a break to heal a shoulder injury so was gone for a while and people started to wonder if he was going to debut with myteen BUT hes back and ready to debut and lookin cute af as always

okay and then just a personal tidbit, i literally dont even know how i found myteen, but i discovered them around oct or nov of 2016. like when you googled myteen maybe two sites came up regarding them and then the rest was about how “my teen got pregnant” and i was always :’) and here on tumblr there were like two other myteen blogs so im so excited to see how they are getting more popular!! my year has been very busy so i wasn’t able to follow them as closely as i would have liked but i know enough to say that they are a wonderful, talented, cute, funny group and you won’t go wrong getting into them! the few fans they do have are all wonderful people and everything is just so much fun! i hope you love them as much as i do!!! 

alright and lastly blogs that you should follow:

@saeoong like i mentioned before lol @with-myteen @xi-heon @fy-taebin @princejunseob @xiheonsgf @softsnuper @taebinnie @minjunniie @formyteen 

~ Admin H

Underrated/Rookie Groups to Look Out For (with song suggestions)! (Feel free to add)*Updated

100%: Ubeauty / Beat / Want U Back
1punch: Turn Me Back / Nightmare
2000won: I’ve Come to Hate Seoul / GOODBAM
24K: Secret LoveHey You
4K: Bye Bye Bye
4ten (poten): Tornado / Why
A.Cian: Ouch / Just Leave
Alphabat: Tantara / Surprise Party
A6P: Face Off
AKZ: Wa / 청담동그녀
Awesome baby - Why should I
Badkiz: Babomba / Ear Attack
Bambino: Oppa Oppa / Mongsapo Beach
BESTie: Excuse Me / Thank You Very Much
B.I.G: Between Night and Music / Are You Ready?
Bigflo: Delilah / Bad Mama Jama
Bigstar: Run and Run / Be Brave
Blady: Come to Me
Blast: Git It Girl
The Boss: Rilla Go / Who? / Why Goodbye
Boys Republic: Hello / Video Game
BTL: Too G
C-Clown: Justice / Let’s Love
Chocolat: Black Tinkerbell / I like it
CLC: Pepe / Like
Cross Gene: Amazing Bad Lady / Play Wirh Me
Dickpunks: WE YOUNG / Goodbye Girlfriend
Dalshabet: Joker / Big Baby Baby
December: She’s Gone
D.Holic: Chewy
Delight: Hate You! / MEGA YAK
Evol: We are a bit different/Get Up
Excite: Try Again / We Just
EXID: Ah Yeah / I Feel Good
F.Cuz: CHA-GA-WA / Dreaming I
FIESTAR: We Don’t Stop / You’re Pitiful
FIX: She’s My Girl
FlaShe: My Day / Star of Stars
G-Friend: Glass Bead / Me Gustas Tu
GI: ㄱ(Gi-yeuk) / Bullshit
GOT2B: Only You
Halo: Can You Hear Me? / Come on Now
Hello Venus: What Are You Doing Today? / Wiggle Wiggle
HIGH4: Baby Boy / Headache
History: Dreamer / What Am I To You
HOTSHOT: Midnight Sun / Take a Shot
Jace: My Serenade / Goodbye
JJCC: Fire / At First
K-Much: December 24 / Good to Go
Laboum: Sugar Sugar
Ladies’ Code: I’m Fine, Thank You / So Wonderful (I still cry when I listen to I’m Fine, Thank You. May they rest in peace)
LC9: Hold On / Mama Beat
LedApple: Someone met by chance/ Run To You
Legend: Left Out / Shadow
Lip Service: Too Fancy / Yum Yum Yum
Lovelyz: Hi~ / Goodnight Like Yesterday
Lu:Kus So into U / Break Ya
Lunafly: Superhero / Can I Kiss You
M.I.7: We The Best 
M.I.B: Falling Flower / Nod Along
M4M: Sadness
Madtown: New World / YOLO
Mamamoo: Don’t Be Happy / Um Oh Ah Ye
Minx: Why Did You Come to my Home / Love Shake
Melody Day: Love Me
Monsta X: Steal Your Heart / Trespass
MrMr: Do You Feel Me / Out
MYNAME: Too Very So Much / Message
N.Flying: Awesome / Heartbreak
Nine Muses:Hurt Locker / Dolls
NOLZA: Bubi Boom / Candy Boy
NOM: Kidding Me
Notice: Dangerous
NOXX: Going Crazy
N-Sonic: Blackout / Run and Run
N*White: Hello Boy / Paradise
Oh My Girl: Cupid / Hot Summer Nights
Phantom: Burning / I Already Know
Pocket Girls: Bbang Bbang
Purfles: 1, 2, 3
Rainbow: Black Swan / Tell Me Tell Me
Rion Five: 뚝뚝뚝 /  Tears Are Falling
Romeo: Lovesick / Smile
Royal Pirates: Betting Everything / Drawing the Line
Say Yes: Get Out / Feels Good
Seventeen: Adore U / 20
SHU-I: So in Luv / Bomb Bomb Bomb
SPEED: It’s Over / Baby U
Sonamoo: Deeply Love / Just Go
Spica : You don’t love me / Tonight
Stellar: Vibrato / Fool
Step Girl: Step Girl
Supernova: On Days That I Miss You / Goodbye
SUS4: Shake It
Tahiti: Phone Number / Love Sick
Target: Please Love Me
The Ark: Light
TimeZ: Awaken / Hurray For Idols
Topp Dogg: Arario / Peekaboo
Touch: Let’s Walk Together / I
Tren-D: Candy Boy / Jung
Two X: Ring Ma Bell
Underdog: Delete / Zombie Run
UNIQ: Falling in Love / EOEO
WannaB: Attention
Wassup :  Nom nom nom / Shup Up U
Wings: Hair Short / Blossom
Ye-a: Up and Down
ZE:A: Ghost of the Wind / Phoenix
ZPZG: AOAO / Go Crazy

Feel free to add if there’s any I missed. This was really time-consuming and while I tried my best,  I know there’s probably (definitely) quite a few I missed.
I tried not to include groups that were confirmed to have disbanded/that I was aware disbanded but I may have included some so I apologize for that. On the same note, if you want other great music and can handle the fact that the group no longer exists, feel free to contact me. I also did not include solo artists and would be glad to give suggestions on them as well


Previously: Ep. #1 | Ep. #2 | Ep. #3 | Today on Husbands of Changsha Seoul (Part 1): Jongdae’s birthday is coming up but can’t celebrate with the kids due to busy schedules, so Yixing goes to them to find out what they’re planning to give to Jongdae, but Yixing comes to the realization that their family may be a little dysfunctional due to some hate and negativity. Yixing decides not to show Jongdae what he recorded and decides to take him out instead, maybe sing him a song or two, claiming that he worked on them with the kids, or do a little dance performance, not aware that the staff decided to show Jongdae the tape anyway.

I gave in and decided to do one for Jongdae’s birthday. This is all one big horrible joke that is NOT to be taken seriously. I love love love NCT China line and I love love love Yixing taking care of them and being protective of them as well. In the little world that is HOCS, Jongdae is protective of his kids and will stop at nothing to get haters, and nasties, away from NCT China line and Yixing as well. They don’t need the hate and negativity, they need praise and love and all the support they can get. This is sort of some tribute to that. If you don’t support ot9 or any of the nct China line kids, back the fuck away or Jongdae will find you. I also wanted to make Kun one sassy as hell kid on here. So please please please don’t take it seriously. I know he’s one of the nicest kids on NCT. Please support him and the others as well.

And to Jongdae, who is precious and amazing and an all round secret super hero, defender of everything that is nice and good with a touch of sass here and there, happy birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing day that is full of love and kindness and food and lots, and lots, and lots, of cake and balloons. Thank you for being the Kim Jongdae that you are today. The kind, full of love, and sunshine smiles, and high notes, that make everyone’s day so much better. Thank you for teaching us that kindness is not overrated and should always be around no matter what. I love you Kim Jongdae! I seriously hope you have an amazing birthday! ^^

**I, in no way condone to voodoo-ism(?) and should never be used against anyone or anything. Unless you’re into that, then go ahead I guess. I just did it to do it which makes me a piece of horrible person. Sorry. I may do one for Yixing’s birthday or may not, I hope not, but if I do and you’ve been enjoying these so far, thank you so much. If I used your video to screen cap, I really am sorry. I’ll take it down right away, just let me know. Bye. (This last part is not needed but you never know if people think that I or any of the kids featured on this thing, do voodoo at all. It’s seriously not to be taken seriously. At. All.) Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. **

Emerald - Eyed Beauty

“I’m home!” Yelled Mal, into the, what seemed to be vacant, household. She had just come back from the Isle, bringing along some kids to come to school here. Leaving two weeks ago, she had originally planned to come back in three weeks. But things changed, and she ended up coming back a week earlier.

She felt a fuzzy sensation by her foot, and looked down to see her 5 month old labradoodle, Rocky, jumping and barking in excitement. She stooped down to her level and started to pet her.

“Hey Rocky. I missed you,” Mal smiled at her puppy. “Now do you know where Ben and Babe are?” She asked her, only receiving a few barks before licking her cheek.

“I thought I was the only one who got to kiss you.” She heard an all to familiar voice from around the corner. She smiled and looked up to be eye to eye with the love of her life.

“Well, she’s the only one who’s welcomed me so far.” She stood up and started walking towards Ben, who pulled her in by the waist. She lazily put her arms around his neck, and pecked his lips. “How’s Babe?” She asked about her thirteen year old daughter.

“Been locked up in her room all week and she won’t talk to anyone. Only comes out to eat. I’m worried about her.” Mal ran her hand through her husband’s hair as his bright hazel eyes, suddenly grew dull. “I’ll go talk to her,” She left the embrace to get a cup of milk, and cookies, from the kitchen.

“it shouldn’t be anything bad but just to be on the safe side.” He smiled at his wife. He couldn’t be more proud of her.

Mal walked up the stairs of their side of the castle, soon reaching Babe’s room. She knocked on the door, hearing a groan come from the other side. “Go away Evelyn!” Her daughter shouted. Mal furrowed her eyebrows and pushed door open slowly.

Her daughter sighed, realizing she had left the door unlocked after getting food the last time.

“You shouldn’t be yelling at your best friend like that.” The girl’s mother, placed the tray of milk and cookies on her dresser. She found Babe in a corner of her room, her head tucked into her knees. “What do you want mom?” She groaned in annoyance. She really didn’t wanna be bothered right now.

“Ok so we’re not even going to aknowledge the fact that I came home early for you.” The purple haired girl pulled her daughter into an embrace while her daughter sighed in frustration.

“You and me both know that you only came back for dad. So don’t even.” She stated bluntly. Mal looked at the girl curiously. Why would she think that. “Babe what’s wrong?” The girl looked up to face her mom, and Mal’s jaw dropped as she saw the state her daughter was in.

Bloodshot eyes, tear trails on her cheeks, and an extremely pale face.

“Mom, I’m scared. I’m really scared.” The young brown haired girl looked at her mom as she chocked out the words. Mal pulled her daughter onto her lap and looked down at her. She hated seeing her baby upset. Babe meant so much to her, and she was a very tough girl, much like her mother.

So she could only wonder what had scared her daughter so much. “What has upset my dear emerald eyed beauty?” Babe gave off a small smile at the name.

“A lot of things happened when you were gone. Things that I couldn’t talk to dad about. And it’s scary mom, I don’t know what to do.” Mal urged for her to continue.

“Mom do you think your pretty?”

The girl asked and Mal stopped to think. She couldn’t say no, Babe was a complete replica of Mal, just with Ben’s hair color. Saying no would be an insult to her daughter and they both knew it. “Well, sometimes. Your dad is very good at making me feel secure in my own skin. I thank him for that. What makes you ask?”

“I-I don’t feel like I’m pretty. I don’t feel like I’m meant to do anything. I mean I really can’t do anything. Nothing that could make me known for something. Look at you and dad. Royal parents of Auradon. Hashtag goals. Super parents. Always gorgeous, always handsome. You guys are literally everything good in the world, and then there’s me.” Mal’s heart broke now knowing that this is how Babe felt.

“Babe is this why you’ve been locked up in your room all week? Insecurity?” Babe nodded and curled up into a ball in her mother’s arms.

“Honey You have no idea of what your father and I went through to be together.” She sighed as she realized she had to spill the truth about her mother. She knew this day would come, just not today.

“Im going to tell you a story ok. About how I met your amazing father. My mom is Maleficient. The Mistress of evil. The most evil villain to ever live. When I was 16, Aunt Evie, Uncle Jay, Uncle Carlos, and I were invited to go to school at Auradon Prep. My mom, commanded us to steal Aunt Jane’s mothers wand. To take over the world. I thought I was evil, I was completely the opposite of who I am today. Anyways we went to Auradon and when we arrived, I met your father, for the first time. Currently he was dating Audrey. I spelled him a few days later with a love spell, so he could be my boyfriend and I could easily steal the wand at his coronation. After his tourney game, he sang a song dedicated to me about how much he loved me. And he asked me on a date. Our very first date at the enchayed lake. I did try my first strawberry that day.”

Mal chuckled and saw Babe playing with her fingers.

“He swam in the lake and the spell washed away. I however didn’t know that, and thought he was still on the spell. Then family day came. Our family couldn’t come but we got to video chat with them earlier. Wasn’t pleasent but it is what it is. I was introduced to your grandparents as your father’s girlfriend that same day, they didn’t really like me considering my mom was Maleficient. Later Audreys Grandma saw me, thinking I was Maleficient and things went downhill from there. Everyone hated us VK’s. We couldn’t do anything about it. Coronation comes, that’s when things got, slightly interesting. I put a spell on Aunt Jane to steal the Wand and use it to open the barrier. It was to late for her to be stopped, the barrier had a hole in it already, and Maleficient took the chance to come to the coronation. She froze your father, and almost killed me. I did shrink her into a tiny gecko so she’s not our problem anymore. I chose good.”

“Years later, I have a beautiful daughter and a handsome husband and I couldn’t be more content with my life.” Mal saved the story for her leaving to the Isle for later on. She didn’t feel it was necessary.

“Did you tell me that story to make me feel better or worse about myself?” The brunette couldn’t tell at this point.

“I told you this story to show that I have a rough past. My life is definitely not perfect. You and dad make me forget about all of those imperfections though. And I’m forever grateful. Babe you have a purpose in life.”

“Whatever it is, I’m here for you. Dad’s here for you. Evelyn, your best friend, is here for you. You don’t have to hide your feelings ever. Please, I don’t want to feel like a terrible mother because when I had you, that was my biggest doubt. I feared you would grow up with a mother that you felt neglected you. I don’t want that to be the case. I love you so much. Never forget that.” She smiled at her child.

She loved Babe to pieces and she shouldn’t have let this happen to her. She should of been here, instead of the Isle, helping other children.

“Now you up for some milk and cookies or is a nap something you feel like doing at he moment.” The emerald eyes were soon shielded as her eye lids fell. Sleep took over her teen and Mal smiled. She picked her up and took her over to her bed, before tucking her in. As soon as she did she felt content with her life. Everything was in place. Her emerald eyed beauty was happy.

And that was all that mattered.

Her emerald eyed beauty.

hi not to be annoying I’m gonna go back to study in a moment but I literally love got7 so much they have come so far from selling only 600+ albums on the first day for Got It? to 20,000+ albums on the first day for Turbulence. they’ve worked so hard for all of this and they deserve it so much like honestly this album…. with 11/13 songs written by them and everything, it’s literally so amazing… I’m so proud of them and it makes me so happy to see how hyped and happy they are about their comeback. they’re literally so excited and bouncing of walls and I hope we never lose this. seeing their excitement over v apps and small little videos. I hope we never lose the bond we have with them as they become bigger. I hope we’ll always have stupid inside jokes and I hope I’ll never stop loving them.

"I'm So Stupid" Gilinsky Imagine

For shannon134 hope you like it chica.

Gilinsky’s POV

It’s the beginning of winter, but here in California it’s not really winter, no snow, no fog, still the sun is shining, it’s different from what I’m used to back at Omaha. I’m in love with California especially since I met Shannon. I do get a little homesick but she helps with that. Right now our relationship has been a tad distant because I’ve been pursuing my dreams, whilst she was in college pursuing hers. It’s hard but I know we can work through it. Right now Shannon was out of town, she went home to visit her family, pursue her career, and ever since she’s been further then just a 10 minute drive, I cant get rid of this awful homesick feeling, and this pit in my stomach. I can’t wait till she gets back.

The boys however have taken this opportunity to make it all about them, nothing but going out and having a laugh, creating new memories. Nash has complained that he hasn’t had a video up on his channel for a while and wants to do something fun with the boys, and something he knows the fans will just love.

“Gilinsky, come on man we’re heading over,” Johnson said peeping his head through the door.

I pulled my head out of the bundle of thoughts got up and followed jack out.

Soon enough the boys and I were all in Nash’s living room sat on the couch, in front of the camera.

“Hey guys it’s Nash today I’m here with your favourite guys; Gilinsky, Johnson, Cam, Kenny, Sammy and Nate. I’ve decided today that we do a truth or dare video, and with the help of you, my beautiful subscribers, we have truth’s in this cup, and dares in this cup, which you’ve all kindly submitted. Alright I’ll go first, I pick dare…” Nash said. He’s just a natural in front of the camera. It ranged from awfully weird truths, and disgusting and odd dares. It was absolutely hilarious to see Sam down a bottle of ketchup and mayo at the same time and then throwing it all back up.

Soon enough it was my time and I picked dare.

“What does it say bro?” Johnson questioned.

“Ring the last person you texted and tell them you’re breaking up with them” I said, knowing that the last person I texted was Shannon, and she was questioning my loyalty after hearing a rumour that I slept with a fan I met whilst she was out of town, we just had an argument. None of the boys knew this, I didn’t want to tell them how things were between Shannon and I, because I didn’t want it to become real, and I didn’t need their sympathy because I knew I was going to win her back.

“Alright then do it” Cam ordered, taking my phone out of my hand and dialling her number.

“Guys I can’t” I mumbled.

“Oh come on jack, you and Shannon are unbreakable even I know that, this won’t phase her besides I’m sure she’ll get it’s a prank” Nash countered.

It was ringing and she picked up.

“Hello Jack? What can I help you with? Can you make it quick, I’m kind of busy,” Shannon said from the other end. This was weird, she usually addresses me as babe, or baby sometimes even Finnegan because she thought it was funny and cute.

“Shannon I-I’m, breaking up with…” I said into the phone. When I heard a deep voice laughing in the background, and Shannon giggling.

When her giggling died down she said, “yes, Jack?”

Shaking my head of all possible thoughts I was about to speak when, Sammy took the phone and yelled into it “Jack is breaking up with you Shannon! Have a wonderful life! Bye!”

“Dude what the hell man?” I questioned looking at Sammy.

“What? You were taking too long and we were all getting bored, besides it Johnson’s turn.” Sammy defended.

We carried on with the video and I didn’t even check my phone. Later after we grabbed food, when I was going to call Shannon and explain everything I looked to see I received a text, which read, ‘Goodbye Jack.’ I tried to call her and she didn’t pick up any of my calls, I text her several times trying to explain what happened, I left several voicemails. I was panicking. I couldn’t loose her. Not now. At one point I even got mad that she’d do this and questioned her loyalty. I lost my sanity, she blocked me on all social media, and I couldn’t cope.

I booked the next flight out to where she was, and when I got there I bought a bouquet of 100 red roses, I decided today was the day I show her the song I wrote for her with Jack.

I arrived at the hotel she was staying at, asked reception for the number of her room and rushed up faster than lightening. I knocked on her door three times and waited. It was the waiting that killed me, I was racked with guilt, and I shouldn’t have let Sammy do that, as Shannon has been having a stressful and rough time.

Slowly the door opened to reveal her. I looked down and there she stood in front of me, with tear stained cheeks, red eyes, her hair an absolute mess, seeming to wear nothing apart from one of my hoodies, which was absolutely huge on her petite frame. She was so much smaller than I. Even with Shannon looking like this mess, I couldn’t help but adore her; even like this she looked absolutely beautiful. Yet to know that I was the one that caused her beautiful eyes to shed tears made my heart sink.

“Jack what are you doing here? I thought we were finished.” She mumbled, even her voice sounded so weak, I wanted to do nothing but hold her in my arms, let her know that I’ll never let her cry tears of pain, to just comfort her.

“Sweetheart, I’m so sorry, you didn’t deserve any of this, let me explain,” I said to her.

I proceeded to explain to her everything, how it was all one big mistake, she let me in. We cuddled up on the bed and she started to giggle.

“Finnegan, I feel so stupid, oh and by the way tell Sammy I’m going to kick his skinny little ass when I get back.” She said into my chest

I smiled and pulled her in closer, placing my head on top of hers.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll kick his ass with you” I replied.

“Shannon darling, I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that, I promise to never do anything as stupid as that again, I love so much… But you have to unblock me on twitter I can’t be down one follower, I need to beat Johnson”

She giggled and punched me lightly on the arm.

“Oh shut up Finnegan, there’s so much more to worry about then a goddamn follower count.”

“So what you don’t love me Shannon?” I asked with mock hurt in my voice.

“Of course I love you Jack Finnegan Gilinsky, you don’t even have to ask,” She replied with a smile spread across her face, and then pecked me on the lips.

For the rest of the day we just laid there in bed just talking, laughing and cuddling. With Shannon with me I felt complete, whole. I don’t need to be doing ridiculous things to enjoy myself, all I need is great company, and Shannon was a far greater then just great. She was perfect, and she was mine.

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