i'm in love with phoebe tonkin

Phoebe Tonkin photographed by Alexandra Nataf for Matteau Swim SS17


“I was wrong when I said you were a Mikaelson. You’re not a Mikaelson. You don’t have a Mikaelson heart. There’s too much good in you. It’s why I love you.

    “I love you, too.

an anon asked me to share some of my fave weskin pics, and this is overdue but i’m glad that it took me awhile to answer because i’m going to include some recent pics in here.

This would definitely still be my #1, I know I was asked to share my fave pics like last summer but this still has top spot because they’re kissing like asdfghjkl. It’s just so adorable. I never thought we’d get a pic like that, thank god for Phoebe’s friend for posting it.

This is my another favorite pic, mostly because I am shallow and appreciate aesthetics, and this pic is just really hot, and they also are so relaxed. Also, shirtless Paul, and Phoebe’s hands on his shoulder, need I say more?

I love this picture so much because their faces say it all, they’re so in love with each other. Like this picture is just so precious. Anyone who doesn’t ship them after seeing the way they look at each other here, I’m astounded by, because how can anyone resist? But, regardless, it’s clear that Paul and Phoebe make each other happy and if one of them is your fave, what more could you want?

Phoebe pretty much killed me when she posted this like omg. It made me fangirl knowing that they were spending valentines day together and happy, and the fact she’s more comfortable now sharing such a cute selfie of her and Paul as a couple is so important. And just LOOK AT THEM! The amount of beauty and love in this pic is almost too much, I love it so much.

So, I’m really happy I was delayed in posting this because now the candids from the Lakers game exist, and I can add one of them to this list. I loved all of those pictures, they were so precious and cute and after seeing them when they first got released sometime after midnight, I was up til like 3am fangirling on twitter with people, no shame lmao. But yeah this picture is just perfect, how he leaned in to kiss her, and her hand on his arm asdfghjkl.

This picture from the US Open tennis game is still a fave beccause they look so carefree and happy together, and they both look so cool and sassy with their sunglasses.

And of course I need to bring up this picture, I mean??? He is holding his adorable baby niece, but this looks like a Weskin family portrait, and it makes me think of them having a family and I’m so emotional. Just the fact they are so good with kids, and so loving, they are going to be the perfect parents once the time is right. <3

And then I need to mention this photoset >here< Like they are taking selfies together, and Paul is the one taking all of them. I just think that is one of the cutest things in the world, my heart is melting. 

Up in Flames + Ships Samantha x Kain (@savagebutfree)

“Those two put together were an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Their love was something no human, no monster, not even Death itself, could diminish. Their love was eternal; it survived against all odds, after all this time.”

cobaltrosec  asked:

what's your opinion on most of the mara dyer fancast being predominantly white women? i understand, ofc, that mara looks a lot more like her father due to genes. being an indian i'm very happy about that representation; at the same time i feel it to be unfair to the character mara is (feel free to contradict, since she is your character). i'd fancast her as nargis fakhri or kalki koechlin, or crystal reed/phoebe tonkin... fyi, i am very very happy about the india mentions and i love the books!!

This is how I feel about Mara fancasting.

I think diversity in literature is so important. Beyond important—it’s imperative. I’m female and an observant member of a religious minority (Jewish) and growing up I almost never came across Jewish characters in children’s books—unless those books were about BEING JEWISH. And I had absolutely no interest in reading those kinds of books—I wanted to read about characters who happened to be Jewish, like me, doing things I could never or would never do, because that’s what makes books exciting to me.

When I wrote Unbecoming, I researched stuff relating to Mara’s background as thoroughly and carefully as I could, and tried to do her heritage justice. But I also knew where the ending of the series would take her, and so I had to balance that with everything else I wanted for her character. I did not want her to be a token anything—I wanted her to have real, concrete reasons for why she is the way she is—and heritage, biology, environmentalism, culture, subculture—all of those things play a role in that, for her and all of my characters. I spoke for hours over the course of months with psychologists to make sure my characterizations were as accurate as I could make them.

I’ll write more about this when Retribution comes out, but vaguely, for now, I was and am very interested in the nature vs. nurture question, how biology/environment may or may not determine the choices we make, the people we become, and I wrote the series to write through those questions. I can say that I did make Mara look different from her brothers for a reason, and that I wanted her to be biracial for a reason. As for why I made her feel that her skin is lighter in comparison to her mother and brothers vs. darker, I made that choice for a reason, too, with the absolute best of intentions, and I promise to revisit this issue once the book is out so we can talk about it.


Phoebe Tonkin Appreciation Week
DAY 2: July 21st ✿ Favourite Phoebe’s quote(s)
But as I said the show, hopefully, will be on for a long time and we can really tell stories and not just like throw out story lines to appease people. I think you wanna kinda really- the pay off really needs to be worth it at the end.