i'm in love with it nobody can help it

  • Nico: Sometimes I'm glad to be very short
  • Nico: Because you can fit yourself in smaller places nobody would look for you at
  • Jason, running down the hallway: NICO WHERE ARE YOU
  • Nico, squeezing himself into a pillowcase: It's really helpful sometimes

Here’s what nobody told Jeremy: sometimes you hurt the ones you love, and there’s no way to fix it.

After the play, after he lays in a hospital bed and apologizes to Michael over and over, they start to rebuild. They learn to recognize the scars the squip left behind and find ways to help each other heal. Michael eventually tells him about what happened in the bathroom. Jeremy spends all his time orbiting Michael, making his amends in every way he can. They end up kissing under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve, and from there it’s easy to wear their matching backpacks with pride.

“You can stop apologizing, you know,” Michael tells him one day, weeks into their spring semester. “I forgave you a long time ago.”

“Sorry,” Jeremy says, because it’s the only word he can seem to say some days.

There are times when Jeremy can’t believe Michael is his to keep, that they miraculously love each other despite all that’s happened. There are times when he feels like he doesn’t deserve it, when he’s so sure Michael will just leave.

Then Michael will lean against his shoulder and kiss his hair, tell Jeremy how much he loves him, and then the doubt will ebb away. They’re in love. They’ll be okay.


Here’s what nobody told Michael: sometimes you choose to forgive someone and your heart won’t follow suit, no matter how hard you try.

After high school, after they become roommates in college and have spent years as a unit, Michael still feels the disconnect between them. He knows what every inch of Jeremy’s skin tastes like and he knows Jeremy loves him more than anything else in the world, but the ugly scars from junior year are still there. Sometimes Jeremy forgets to text Michael back, or Michael makes a self-deprecating remark at which Jeremy goes pale, and then all the hurt and anger and regret comes roaring back between them.

“It’s okay,” Jeremy says, because when he’s not apologizing he’s trying to give Michael more of his heart to break apart. “You don’t have to forgive me.”

“I’m sorry,” Michael says, because he’s so tired of Jeremy trying to make things right, because it’s not Jeremy’s fault. He doesn’t think this is a wound that will ever stop festering away under his skin.

There are times when Michael wonders if he doesn’t deserve to keep Jeremy, if their love is too sharp and too deep for them to survive. There are times when he thinks Jeremy deserves better than someone who can’t get over ancient history, that maybe Jeremy should just leave.

Then Jeremy will hold Michael tight and kiss his neck, tell Michael that he loves him, and the doubt won’t ebb away but he holds on with both hands. They’re in love. They’re not okay, but he can’t let go.


“I’m sorry,” Jeremy says, and he’s never going to stop apologizing for that one semester, that one Halloween. He’s so tired of being the one who hurt Michael.

“I’m sorry,” Michael says, and he’s never going to be okay with that one semester, that one Halloween. He’s so tired of being the one who makes Jeremy apologize.


It’s been years and the wounds are still festering, and Michael loves Jeremy too much to let him spend the rest of his life trying to atone for his mistakes.

“I think,” he says, weary and heartbroken, “we’re ruining each other.”

It’s been years and the scars are still raw, and Jeremy loves Michael too much to ever say no to him, even in this.

“I’m sorry,” he says, defeated and miserable. “I didn’t want to hurt you.”


Later, in the morning when Michael wakes up in a too empty bed, he’ll hate himself for having made Jeremy apologize one last time, for having lost the love of his life to one mistake that they’ve tried so hard to fix. He’ll hate himself for still knowing he’ll never stop loving Jeremy anyway.

(Miles away, Jeremy surrenders to the voice in his head and drinks an entire bottle of green soda.)


Here’s what nobody told them: sometimes love just isn’t enough.

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isn't pidge??? cannon trans? Why are people calling him a girl :/

I’m not sure where you are in the series, but I spoil you if you will read further from now on.

In one episode it get’s clear that Pidge’s name is katie and that Katie had long hair and wears dresses.

The thing is. We don’t know if Pidge is a actually a boy and consider herself as a girl. Or is a girl and dressed up like a boy for sneaking in the Garrison. OR SOME OTHER WAYS?! Like for Pidge you could actually think in all ways and nobody really knows it. C: 

In season two the writers put a nice scene in which Pidge has to go to the toilet and can’t decide in which one. Keith on the other hand could decide freely and you see him come from one bathroom. 
And I think it was a brilliant little thing the producers and writers put into the series and Pidge’s character.


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I mean, I’m not trying to be mean here anon, but I think you may need to take a step back, reread what you’ve written and realize that you may actually be talking to yourself here with this self-projected rhetoric aimed at me? Release that caps lock key and make some nice tea, ok? Woosah.

I love that people only hit me up when it’s convenient for them. I do so much shit for everyone and god forbid I need something, nobody can help me out. I’m done helping people. When I get back on my feet, nobody is gonna hear from me. You wanna be a selfish fake piece of shit? I can be one too.

In light of the recent incidents in the fandom (people refusing to take down leaks and blackmailing Studio Mir), I would like to do something, as a community, to express my gratitude and apologies to the staff of VLD. I want them to know that we appreciate the hard work they’ve put into this show, and that we absolutely don’t condone the disgusting behavior that’s been going on.

As a gay trans guy who primarily ships a m/m pairing in VLD, it kills me to see people act like this. This is why nobody takes us seriously. This is why people think anyone who ships gay ships is some kind of savage fanatic. I’m tired of it, and I’m so sorry that there are people in my community who can’t exercise common human decency and respect. I’m ashamed.

This crew has put years of hard work into this reboot. You can see, FEEL, the love they have for what they do. Let them tell their story. Be grateful we get the chance to know these characters and this amazing retelling.

Just my onion but there’s no harm in asexual people headcanoning a character they admire or look up to or see themselves in as asexual, ESPECIALLY if said character has no canon sexuality. There’s no harm in an ace person wanting a character they can relate to, and for some people, seeing a popular character that is generally loved by a fan base that they can relate to helps with things like self esteem, “this character is like me and everyone loves them and everything works out for them in the end, so I’ll be ok!” or something along those lines.

Nobody is erasing any identities by having a personal headcanon regarding a sexually ambiguous character, and everyone is 100% entitled to their own opinion. Not everyone’s headcanon will match up with yours, and it’s unfair to get mad at someone who thinks differently than you.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 : Sentence Starters
  • "What happened to your face?"
  • "It's filthy."
  • "I was cleaning the chimney."
  • "I'm coming with you."
  • "We have no chimney."
  • "I've seen the grid specs and I know how to reset the entire system."
  • "_______, you're not coming with me."
  • "Sorry. I love you. Don't hate me."
  • "You need me!"
  • "I do some web designs."
  • "It's been 10 years."
  • "Everyday I wake up knowing that no matter how many lives I protect, no matter how many people call me a hero, someone even more powerful could change everything."
  • "No, I do the laundry."
  • "I think it's time I took care of my own dirty underwear."
  • "No one washes a flag."
  • "Last time you did it, you turned everything blue and red, so no."
  • "All right, laundry sheriff."
  • "Now I'm gonna take back what is rightfully mine."
  • "I will be like a god to them."
  • "A god named Sparkles?"
  • "Did your "traffic jam" have anything to do with, I don't know, being shot at by machine guns?"
  • "You want me to come down there so you can kill me?"
  • "On behalf of the fine people of New York and real rhinos everywhere, I ask you to put your mechanized paws in the air!"
  • "No, (s)he's doing... whatever it is (s)he does."
  • "You wanted to be the hero."
  • "And now you gotta pay the price!"
  • "You wanna know how powerful I am?"
  • "I'm gonna kill the light."
  • "Everyone has a part of themselves they hide. Even from the people they love most."
  • "I like to think _______ gives people hope."
  • "But I love _______ more."
  • "I thought we were already friends."
  • "Then let's go catch a spider."
  • "You're gonna wanna see this."
  • "I had a friend once. It didn't work out."
  • "_______ had you under surveillance."
  • "Isn't that the question of the day?"
  • "There really is no place like home."
  • "Not everyone has a happy ending."
  • "I'm trying to help you!"
  • "Let ME help you!"
  • "That must be a good feeling."
  • "These look pretty important, _______."
  • "Hey, you're not a nobody."
  • "We have plans for you, _______."
  • "I made a choice; this is my path."
  • "We LITERALLY can change the world!"
  • "Nothing is what I thought it was."
  • "I just wanted everybody to see me."
  • "I should kill you."
  • "I'm gonna get you out of here, alright."
  • "I'm not the one you want."
  • "I want to make you a deal."
  • "You want _______ and I can give him/her to you."
  • "You were my friend and you BETRAYED ME!"
  • "You don't give people hope."
  • "I'm gonna take away yours."
  • "_______ what did you do?"
  • "What you made me do."
  • "Did you get my message?"
  • "I'll tell you what it says. Says, "I love you." Because I love you."
  • "They got, uh, Jack the Ripper."
  • "What? They haven't caught Jack the Ripper yet. You didn't know that?"
  • "This is most cliched hiding place you could've chosen."
  • "I'm sorry, I didn't take us to the Bahamas of hiding places."
  • "You're wrong about us being on different paths."
  • "It's like seeing a ghost."
  • "Now there's nothing to distract from your unibrow."
  • "You still blow-dry your hair every morning?"
  • "I didn't get love vibes."
  • "That's actually kind of what it's like to love you."
  • "How the tables have turned."
  • "How dare you come back in here?"
  • "You recalcitrant, unworthy, defective, urchin freak(s)!"
  • "Oh, God, sorry. That's just not the answer we were looking for."
  • "Right as rain."
  • "Okay, so, Fairy Godmother, it is time to grant me a wish."
  • "You're throwing his/her stuff away?"
  • "You mean people are pissed off because (s)he tried to turn everyone in New York City into giant lizards."
  • "Gives me a little extra in the cookie jar."
  • "If it was 1961, he pays me a fair wage."
  • "Yeah, I don't do complicated."
  • "Everything's always complicated with _______."
  • "I thought you two had broken up."
  • "I'm glad you're not one of those cops who rides a horse."
  • "People will say I am a monster for what I've done. And maybe they're right."
  • "You are experimenting on people in there."
  • "You are not going to bury me, too."
  • "The difference is, no one is going to miss you."
  • "Dude. Nice arm."
  • "It's just all in the wrist, buddy."
  • "Speaking of progress, you're looking better."
  • "It comes and goes."
  • "I hate this song!"
  • "You have such potential, _______."
  • "Such fierce intelligence, and you're throwing it all away."
  • "On my 16th birthday, you sent me Scotch. Or one of your assistants did."
  • "I don't expect forgiveness from you anymore."
  • "Maybe you can succeed where I failed."
  • "I never told you that it's genetic. Our disease."
  • "It's my birthday."
  • "Now it's time for me to light my candles."
  • "I'm so naked in here."
  • "It's not my fault."

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I'm about to commit Suicide, but that's not the problem, the thing is nobody would care to know who I truly was, and since you're so nice and helpful and kind, I'd love for you to know that I was NOT an attention seeker, when I sent him nudes I wasn't fully thinking, when I stayed home I was never happy, I'm a victim of sexual abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse. I want you to know that I've tried with all that I have had to live, and give hope a chance, but I failed and hope failed me.

Please darling tell me you’re still alive. Things can get better honey! We all make mistakes but we learn from them. What happens to you is not fair but it can change. Don’t give up no. Let me help you.

Graduation Imagine
  • It's been a long senior year and you've finally made it to graduation. You're laying in bed, excited to finally start your life. But then you realize; (TC's name) will no longer be your teacher. You get this intense feeling of dread in your stomach.
  • You: (thinking) fuck. I can't believe it's over. How am I going to get through this? It's the last time I'll see him. School isn't the only thing that's going to be over with... Tomorrow is the last day I'll ever get to see his smile, his eyes, his everything. I'll never hear his voice again.
  • You start to panic and you end up falling asleep because all the stress made you sleepy.
  • You wake up the next morning and you instantly remember TODAY is the last day. You get sick to your stomach but you pulled yourself together.
  • You: (thinking) Well today's the day... I should have prepared myself for this. I knew it was going to happen but time flew by so quick. This can't be happening.
  • You get ready for graduation and you look beautiful as fuck. You and your family drive to the school and on the way there all you can feel is your stomach turning. Wishing time would stop or you could relive the last couple of months. When you and your family arrive at the school, you don't want to get out of the car. You just use the excuse that you don't feel good to stay in the car just a little longer. But then it was time to go in. Time to face your reality.
  • You walk into the school and out of all people who could have been standing 10ft in front of you helping your soon to be former classmates, it's (TC's name). You immediately stop and look at him and his eyes lock with yours. He smiles at you but you can't even smile back because you know what is about to happen.
  • You: (to your parent/sibling) oh my god I'll be right back.
  • You run into the bathroom and lock yourself in.
  • You: (thinking) This can't be happening. How dare he smile at me when he knows it's the last day I will ever see him. Gosh, I fucking hate this. How can he be so calm about this? Why isn't he showing any emotions? Maybe all this time I was wrong. Maybe he doesn't like me at all. Maybe I don't matter to him.
  • You start having a panic attack but you hear a knock on the bathroom door. You pull yourself together and wipe the tears off your face. You open the door and pretend like your fine. It's your best friend.
  • BFF: What the hell? What's wrong? Why have you been crying? Are you okay? Who do I need to kill?
  • You: (slight laugh) Nobody. I'm just emotional that this is the last day of high school. I'm really going to miss this place. It's actually over.
  • BFF: Who cries this much over school? I've known you for years, all you wanted was for school to end. Are you sure there's nothing else going on?
  • You: (thinking) Yeah, I wanted school to be over with. But that was before I fell in love with (TC's name).
  • You: ... Nothing is going on ...
  • BFF: I can tell when you're lying to me so tell me the truth, please. I want to help you.
  • You: You'll think I'm a freak or think it's gross.
  • BFF: C'mon if I thought you were a freak I wouldn't have been your friend for this many years. It can't be that bad. You can trust me.
  • You: Fine... I'm in love with (TC's name) and today is the last day we will ever see each other.
  • You: (however many years or months)... I don't just like him. I love him.
  • BFF: Does he know?
  • You: Of course not. He'd never feel the same way about me so why would I risk everything we have and make everything complicated?
  • BFF: Tell him. What's the worst that can happen now? The worst thing that could possibly happen is that he'll reject you but that's his loss. You're an amazing beautiful woman. If he can't see that then you need to find someone who will see that.
  • You: I can't just tell him... He'll think I'm weird.
  • BFF: Here, lets go. We are going to be late if we don't hurry up. We will think of something.
  • You and your BFF go get your graduation gowns from (TC's name). You and (TC's name) make awkward eye contact and you both smile at each other. You and your BFF start walking to where all the other students are.
  • BFF: He totally likes you. I can tell.
  • You: Please don't get my hopes up like that. I don't want to be let down even more.
  • BFF: I'm sorry...
  • -To save time I'm skipping to the part where you walk across the stage to get your diploma.-
  • You walk up on stage and you're more nervous than you've ever been. You walk up to (TC's name) and he gives you the brightest smile ever.
  • TC: (Your name), congratulations.
  • He hands you your diploma and you two get close together so the photographer can take your picture. The photographer takes the picture when suddenly...
  • TC: (whispering in your ear) I know you like me.
  • You: Oh my god what? (Your face turns really red)
  • TC: Congratulations again!
  • You are in shock. You walk off stage and sit back down in your chair.
  • You: (thinking) What just happened? Did I hear him right? Did he just tell me he KNOWS he likes me? What the fuck?
  • The graduation ceremony ends and you're with all your friends and family in the lobby taking pictures together. (TC's name)comes up to your group.
  • TC: Mind if I have a picture with the new graduate?
  • BFF: SURE!
  • You: (thinking)Oh my gosh, why is all this happening? Why does he want to take a picture with me?
  • You and (TC's name)smile for the picture.
  • TC: can I see the picture?
  • BFF: Yes!
  • TC: (takes your phone and sets a reminder to pop up on your phone for 10pm) Awesome picture!
  • Your TC smiles and walks away. You noticed he was typing while he was supposed to be looking at the picture but you can't find anything. So you forget about it. You and your family go home and have a home celebration. There's gifts, cake and family. You are very tired from the stressful day so you cut the party short and get ready for bed around 9pm. You take a shower and put your night clothes on and you get all comfy in bed. You're laying in bed and you feel your phone buzz. You roll over thinking it was another text from someone congratulating you for graduating. But you were wrong. Your TC put a reminder on your phone to go off at this time. You read it and your heart stops for a good minute.
  • Reminder:
  • I've been waiting a long time to kiss you. Come kiss me.(Address).
  • -(TC's initials)
  • ---------------------
  • This was my first ever long imagine so please, give me some credit lol. I tried my best.
  • Main blog - @tcwes
The Signs as Grif quotes
  • Aries: What can I say about Sarge, except of course good riddance... heyo! But seriously, Sarge lived a great life. And now that he's dead, our lives are pretty good, too. Zing!
  • Taurus: Oh yeah? Well there's no "you" either! So I guess if I'm not on the team and you're not on the team, then nobody's on the goddamn team. The team sucks!
  • Gemini: I think it looks more like a puma.
  • Cancer: Hey Sarge, what's up Sarge? Simmons is doing some experiments and I'm helping him, Sarge! Right now we're doing one where everyone talks slow and the lights are super bright and I can smell clouds and it is so hot in here!
  • Leo: We're gonna fucking die!
  • Virgo: I love boners!
  • Libra: I was born to take it easy!
  • Scorpio: Lopez! He just said Lopez! I understood that! I can speak Spanish!
  • Sagittarius: Don't you think it's ironic that you're about to shoot us when we don't have enough ammo?
  • Capricorn: Guess what? They already have a color for lightish-red. You know what it's called? Pink.
  • Aquarius: I would just like everyone to know, that I suck. And that I'm a girl. And I like ribbons in my hair, and I want to kiss all the boys.
  • Pisces: One of life's great mysteries isn't it? Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of some cosmic coincidence? Or is there really a God, watching everything. You know, with a plan for us and stuff. I don't know man, but it keeps me up at night.
Send my muse a quote and see how they react (Imagine Dragons lyrics)
  • "Welcome to the land of fail."
  • "Why don't you see what they're saying?"
  • "Did you think that we'd die tonight?"
  • "She barely knew your name."
  • "I am on my knees -- oh, forgive me."
  • "Everything you say is just a lie."
  • "I believe in you."
  • "I said it before, I won't say it again..."
  • "Tell me when you reach the brink of life."
  • "Cross my heart and hope to die."
  • "I don't ever want to let you down."
  • "It's hard, believe me -- I've tried."
  • "Always nice to meet you."
  • "Don't you give up on me."
  • "Leave me, now."
  • "Your eyes are looking runny and red."
  • "Stop, right there."
  • "Is this just an illusion I made inside my head to get me by?"
  • "Welcome to the new age."
  • "Don't get too close, it's dark inside."
  • "Get up, now, get up."
  • "I'm not gonna let you change my mind."
  • "Where do I go from here?"
  • "Nobody else can take me higher."
  • "What am I to you?"
  • "What was right is wrong."
  • "Who am I to blame?"
  • "There's nothing left to say, now."
  • "Where do we go from here?"
  • "Help me be a little more like you."
  • "Will you just wait until I die?"
  • "Let me hear those sounds you sing to me."
  • "I wanna die tonight."
  • "What did you mean by that?"
  • "These are the days of love and life."
  • "I am foolish and I'm sorry."
  • "I'm a lost cause."
  • "If I seem dangerous, would you be scared?"
  • "How come I've never seen your face 'round here?"
  • "We were never welcome here at all."
The last scene of 7x10
  • Girls: *Enter house*
  • Hanna: Animals? In an abandoned nature infested house? How can this be?
  • Jenna: Whaddup bithes I learnt how to plug in a speaker
  • Jenna: Btw I'm still pissed at you for doing that one thing when we were 15
  • Me: How does bitch know that they r giving her the real drive it could be a fake
  • Me: In fact why didn't they just do that
  • Me: This damned show...
  • Emily: Omfg this baby doll so cute I wanna raise a kid with Ali
  • Emily: *leaves phone and doesn't notice*
  • Me: How does anyone in this day and age just leave their fucking phone
  • Me: Wasn't she using it for light
  • Me: Did she not realize it was suddenly fucking dark
  • The Girls: Well we know their is a manic blind girl in here who probs wants to kill us and we should rly be leaving before shit goes down, but let's go exploring!
  • Aria: Welp let's not say Beetlejuice 3 times ya'll
  • Aria: #AriaInWonderland
  • Emily: Oops silly me just left my phone upstairs im such a dork
  • Hanna: babe ill go with you #hannily
  • Emily: Aw ty kinda hoping Ali would go with me but anyway xo
  • Hanna: Omfg there's someone up here. I didn't expect that!Whatever shall we do?
  • Emily: I know! Let's hide behind some large shelves he'll never see us!
  • Hanna: Great idea omg this is y we r friends
  • Noel: Look how cliche I am being today
  • Jenna: Come out come out where ever you are
  • Yes I'm talking to you Alison
  • If ya know what I mean
  • Jenna: *takes 5 steps up the stairs*
  • Aria: Let's call the cops we all know how much they will help us
  • Ali: Omg yeh and I'll text Emmy boo
  • Noel: Here comes a choppa to chop off ya head!
  • Ali: Omg wut bowling balls can curve through corridors now? Ya learn somethin new every day
  • Jenna: Watch me turn the lights off so ya'll see pitch darkness haha omg I'm so clever ten points to Jenna
  • Noel: I'm so misunedrstood nobody ever loved me
  • Noel: W8 CUT Marlene y am i even tryna kill these girls they ain't done shit to me
  • Emily: Woo hoo look at me go I just killed another guy!
  • Hanna: Omg well done Em
  • Aria: Omfg its a head aaah Im screaming wonder who's head it is
  • Aria: Where is Ezra when i need him
  • Jenna: Haha look at me im winning Noel just killed Hannily and them bitches are running for thier lives.
  • Jenna: Woops just accidentally kicked my boyfriend's head
  • Aria: Omg a blind girl has a gun we will all die !
  • Jenna: Haha I just shot Ali
  • Spencer: *crawling for her life as her friends run off without her and don't even notice shes done*
  • Jenna: Mwa ha ha ha ha yes yes, I smell ze blood. Bleh bleh bleh.
  • Mary: I know how to heal a gunshot wound don't call the ambulance just sing a creepy kids song 100 percent success rate
  • Spencer: Haha this is the second time I've been shot in the heart this episode speaking of which where's Toby Wan Kenobi
  • Toby: Dammit Yvonne I told you I told you bitch I didn't want a fucking sandwich and what did u do? U made me eat the fucking sandwich and I lost control of the wheel now we dead
  • Toby: Wonder who bought the house tho
  • Me: *large gulps of wine*

Mini Disney Challenge Movie: Day 1: Pick a movie

The Black Cauldron

So, why did I choose The Black Cauldron? I wanted to do this challenge but I didn"t know which Disney movie take. The Black Cauldron is the last movie I saw today. When I was young, I was afraid of the Horned King and by the music. But now, I realize it is a good movie, different from the other Disney movies. I’m sad because this is actually a good movie which is underrated so, with this mini challenge, I hope I could make it a little more enjoyable.