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Deadpool (2016) Sentence Starters
  • "Shit... did I leave the stove on?"
  • "You're my hero!"
  • "No, no, no, THAT I ain't."
  • "I had another Liam Neeson nightmare."
  • "You know, they made three of those movies. At some point you have to wonder if he's just a bad parent."
  • "What the SHIT?"
  • "I'm gonna wait out here, okay?"
  • "Fake laughter. Hiding real pain."
  • "I'm about to do to you what Limp Bizkit did to music in the late 90s."
  • "Yeah, technically, this is murder."
  • "Love is blind, ____."
  • "This shit's gonna have nuts in it."
  • "You're a lovely lady/man, but I'm saving myself for ____."
  • "That's why I brought him/her."
  • "Do you like what you see?"
  • "Your face is the stuff of nightmares."
  • "Like a testicle with teeth."
  • "You will die alone."
  • "You look like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado."
  • "So, am I suppose to just smile and wave you out the door?"
  • "Think of it like spring cleaning."
  • "Life is an endless series of trainwrecks with only brief, commercial-like breaks of happiness."
  • "Finish fucking her the fuck up."
  • "Language, please."
  • "Suck a cock!"
  • "I'd go with you, but... I don't want to."
  • "If your right leg is Thanksgiving and your left leg is Christmas, can I visit you between the holidays?"
  • "Maximum effort."
  • "I'd say that you sound like an infomercial. But not a good one, like Slap Chop, more Shake Weight-y."
  • "Do you want any clothes that are not monochromatic? Have fun at your midnight showing of Blade II."
  • "Listen ___, if I never see you again, I want you to know that I love you very much."
  • "Wanna get fucked up?"
  • "Have you decided what you're gonna say to her?"
  • "Fuck me!"
  • "I don't have time for your goody two-shoes bullshit right now!"
  • "Why such a douche this morning?"
  • "Why don't you do us all a favor and shut the fuck up."
  • "Today was about as much fun as a sandpaper dildo."
  • "Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you."
  • "You can't buy love, but you can rent it for three minutes!"
  • "That's the shit emoji. You know the turd with the smiling face and the eyes. I thought it was chocolate yogurt for so long."
  • "You're really gonna fuck this up for me?"
  • "You've got something in your teeth."
  • "Do you have an off switch?"
  • "We have everything we need now."
  • "I swear to God, I will find you in the next life and I'm gonna boom-box Careless Whisper outside your window."
  • "Ever had a cigarette put out on your skin?"
  • "That was not mean! I'm proud of you!"
  • "I'm gonna need all the guns."
  • "What the fuck is wrong with you?"
  • "Seltzer water and lemon for blood."
  • "It reeks like old lady pants in here."
  • "Your crazy matches my crazy. Big time."
  • "Four or five moments. That's all it takes to become a hero."

Supercorp AU: Hades and Persephone (full resolution)
She is striking, and so unexpected and otherworldly, with the most beautiful face Kara has ever seen. It looks like a combination of the brightest sun and palest moon, eclipsed with the features of all the world’s spirits swirled into one. Kara’s eyes immediately fall to the ground, as she is unable to look at her directly. Not at first. Through hooded lashes, she glances up slowly, taking in the sharp angular slope of Hades’ cheeks, and the perfectly chiseled form of her jaw. Her porcelain skin seems to glow in the darkness, illuminated from within, and the entire sight brings tears to Kara’s eyes.

The Power of Deliverance by @stennnn06

  • ~
  • *Molly's flat*
  • John: *knocking*
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Molly: *opens the door, wearing a dressing gown; dishevelled and grinning* Hi, John.
  • John: *blinks* Um...I just wanted to check on you. After...
  • Molly: *dismissive* Euros? Yeah, Sherlock explained everything and I'm fine.
  • John: *raises his eyebrows* You're fine? Just like that?
  • Molly: *nods* I had a drink. I shagged someone.
  • John: ...
  • Sherlock: *standing shirtless in the kitchen* I'm someone *grins*
  • John: ...
  • Molly: *smiles* He loves me.
  • Sherlock: *eating biscuits; pointing* And she loves me.
  • John: *smiles*
  • Rhysand: Feyre Archeron?? Yeah she’s amazing [digs into pocket] [pulls out thousands of photos of Feyre] she’s kicked my ass so many times now [flips through them] i'm so amazed by her [shoves photos into your face] see this?? This was the first time she throw a shoe at me . She made my life better in every way. I love her so much

…october 1st

there’s a demon in my belly, at least one.
maybe two.
a hell couple in my guts whispering secrets up through my throat
my throat, my throat, my throat.
i know because caroline tells me so
and maggie may tells me i must be possessed.
well she’s a gen x baby so she must be right,
and me,
well i’m out cold when it happens, and sometimes
i think about the traps i’ll lay out in my bed
to catch those secrets the moment they escape my lips.

i talk in my sleep, you see.
mumbling, nonsensical, but they’re words.
secrets, my secrets.
“daddy says it’s demons,” so it must be,
because daddy brewed me from a hellish place
and rued the day i came out with the wrong parts.
daughter or demon?
you choose.

i talk in my sleep, they say.
you’re supposed to utter the word “rabbit” on the first of the month
when you wake, let it be the first word out of your mouth.
good fortune, i suppose.
but i talk in my sleep, you know.
i still utter “rabbit”, but what use is it when it’s not the first?
what good is it if my luck has never been in the cards anyway?

the only thing i can tell you
is that demons hate rabbits.

Love is the bane of honour, the death of duty | The Dragonpit scene

This episode was the physical embodiment of this warning, now that I think about it. And yes! I’ve been repeatedly watching Jonerys scenes on near-loop since the episode came out because I’m in love and that killed my duty, so see, it works on multilevels 😂

When Aemon Targaryen had said this to Jon, I had thought it applied to Ygritte later, but it wasn’t it. Because with Ygritte, Jon always chose honor/duty, and though the choice wasn’t easy, he never sacrificed his duty for love (technically, he didn’t sacrifice honor for love too, he did it for duty). Of course, the lesson that Jon finally learned was that if anything can make someone forget their duty, it’s love, and no matter how honorable a man is, honor seems a small price to pay for the warmth of love. With Ygritte, though he came close, he never forgot his duty because as I’ve said numerous times, that wasn’t a choice. Be with Ygritte and let the entire Night’s Watch, countless innocents, his family and who knows who else just die? Come on, we all knew that was so not happening. But with Dany… Here is where it gets trickier and I loved how the episode set up the honor vs love clash we can expect next season.

So, the first scene (after Dany’s extra extra appearance 😂) is when Jon publicly pledges himself to Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen.

Oh wait, do you hear that? The sound of complete utter silence? That’s the sound of all the antis who were loudly clamouring about how Jon is playing Dany. And that whirring sound is their brains switching to a really high gear as they desperately try to ‘reach’ for a new explanation other than Jon being in love with Dany. Funny isn’t it, how one section of the antis is completely okay with butchering his character which is literally a symbol of honesty and honor and staying true to his word. Cersei’s deliberate ‘Ned Stark’s son’ was a reminder that Jon stands for not just honor in the narrative but duty, and unnecessary cruel treachery is by no means part of that code of honor and duty; but to part of the Jonsa Fandom what matters is that he shack up with Sansa even if it be the biggest OOC action ever for him, while the other section, of course, is happy to pile hate on him because he loves someone they don’t and are now loudly proclaiming how he isn’t even good enough for Sansa anymore. Like really? Dislike a ship all you want, but in this house, we do not tolerate any disrespect of the purest of all puppies Jon Snow, and we defend his honor and will continue to do so to best of our abilities.

So anyway this scene, Cersei makes a very reasonable offer in exchange for the truce, [and of course we now know that all she was trying to do was deal with her enemies one by one by dividing them (classic Cersei)], and listen no one, not one person, even considers that Jon will turn her down, not even Daenerys!

In that moment, everyone believed that they had succeeded and it was a done deal and let’s all pack up and go home. This scene simply smashed any theories of Jon playing Dany (like any reasonable person thought he was? 🙄) Why do I say that?

Every person, most notably on Team Dragonstone looked various states of surprised/shocked when he announced his allegiance to Daenerys, not just because it was a foolish thing to do, but because none of them were aware of it happening! Dany hadn’t informed any of them about what had happened between them on the boat, which is definitely odd because if the King in the North has submitted to you, shouldn’t you inform at least your Hand about it? But she didn’t do it. Why?

Because she did not take his submission seriously. Say what you will about Dany, but she knew that his swearing allegiance to her could stem in part from an overwhelming feeling of gratitude (and possibly the other overwhelming feeling of love? 😂) and she respected him enough to give him the chance to declare his submission to her in his own time and way, without pushing him into a corner where he would have no other option but to back her. She wanted his allegiance to come of his own free will, and that, ladies and gentlemen, made me love her like crazy. It was almost like giving him a way out, because she didn’t even tell Tyrion what had happened between them, and that’s interesting because it only emphasizes how much she trusts Jon and trusts that he will be true to his word.

And Jon, oh Jon! 💖😍 If Daenerys has come far from her first meeting, he has too. If this same offer had been made before he met Dany, he would obviously have accepted it because his priority was the White Walker threat, the Northern independence and the staying as far as possible from Southern politics. This offer was literally everything he had wanted at the beginning, all neatly wrapped up and handed to him on a platter, which is why everyone expected him to accept it. Because there is no reason to refuse! Right? Right?? Now I kept saying all along that Jon wasn’t playing Dany, he couldn’t possibly be doing that because his actions are not that of a player. And no moment more strongly proves my point than this one. The ‘undercover lover’ theory could have worked if Jon had agreed to the truce. He wouldn’t even have needed to justify it to Dany or anyone else, and if he did, all he had to say was that of course he’s still loyal to her, but she doesn’t need the North as much as she needs a truce with Cersei, and she would have agreed. Like seriously, it was such a neat solution. Jon would have gotten everything he wanted without having to give anything in return, Dany wouldn’t have doubted Jon’s loyalty and would have still helped him defeat the Night King without assuming that he’s fallen in love with her (which is what she’s probably been trying to convince herself about anyway after the intense hand holding, that it was a spur of the moment thing and ’Jon Snow isn’t actually in love me and the longing stares were just him being hopeful for a successful military alliance!‘😂), and of course, the antis would have had a field day because if Jon was truly in love with Daenerys, then why didn’t he publicly stand up for her in the pit? And what did our precious puppy decide to do? What he does best! Make a stand because it is the honorable thing to do, and also because there is no way he’s not going to help Daenerys take down Cersei at a time when she will need all the help she can get! It’s honor born out of love! And my Jonerys heart has never danced such a gig as it did in that moment. Because in this scene, Jon not only does the honorable thing, but he also reveals that his feelings for Dany go beyond political alliances, or the crass 'use her for her dragons’ theory.

And this scene was yet another iconic moment in their relationship, when Dany - whose sole focus was winning the Iron Throne - is now giving much more importance to Jon’s original goal, and Jon - whose sole focus was defeating the White Walkers - is now giving more importance to Dany’s original goal. The dynamic is so beautiful because they haven’t just fallen in love with each other, no, they have come to understand the other’s viewpoint, they have come to know, respect and admire the other person and value their goals and give them the importance they deserve. Because if defeating the White Walkers is important to save humanity, so is defeating Cersei, who has shown time and again that all she truly cares about is her immediate family, completely disregarding the realm, unlike both Jon and Dany. Their relationship is so complex, so balanced, so beautiful. It’s not just as simple as ’ice and fire’ by any means. And this scene brought out their relationship dynamic extremely well.

So this tiny sliver of a moment between Cersei’s offer and Jon’s rejection gave me intense Jonerys feels because Dany’s trust in Jon is so unwaveringly strong that she expected, wanted even, him to agree to Cersei’s condition. Which is a glorious way to show how far she’s come from her initial stance of ’bend the knee’. Dany has realized the importance of the Northern threat and when she pledged to destroy the Night King in return for nothing, she meant it. How do I know that? Because she was willing to let Jon remain neutral ’for the greater good’. See, this is why I love Dany. The White Walkers are a threat to the entire realm, and Dany is dedicating all her forces towards their destruction, that is after losing already having lost a dragon. She could have gone the Cersei way of letting the world burn as long as it didn’t affect her, but she didn’t. [A lot of antis make her sound like a tyrant and I’m just so done, but that’s another post. This one is strictly 💖Jonerys💖]. She is actively contributing and asking for nothing in return. Cersei, on the other hand, is only being asked to not make Daenerys fight on two fronts. Dany could very well have demanded Jon Snow’s help in return later, and it would only have been fair. But she didn’t. Even knowing that after fighting the White Walkers, her forces will be heavily depleted and facing Cersei will be more difficult, Dany still does not expect/want Jon to help her. If that isn’t reason enough for Jon to support her, I don’t know what is. Antis claiming that she’s an entitled selfish supremist??? Antis claiming that Jon has zero reason to like/admire her??? When she’s thinking exactly the way Jon wanted her to, realizing the importance of the White Walkers threat and not demanding anything in return. My Jonerys heart melted at this scene! 😭💖

And of course, Dany’s face was priceless!

She was so torn between ’oh you idiot, now you’ve done it’ and ’my God, I love this man’. The perfect mixture of exasperation and admiration was so perfectly pulled off! Because of course she had wanted him to agree, that was the logical thing to do. But then he didn’t, and her face is like.. Yeah, no wonder I love him. Because this is part of who Jon Snow is, and part of the reason we adore him so much. Lies and deceit don’t come easy to him, this man doesn’t lie unless he absolutely has to, unless he has no other choice, and even then it’s not easy, and that makes him the hero we all love.

Another thing I found super interesting about this scene is Jon’s choice of words, but that’ll be a whole other post.

Also, I love how their ‘together’ness is echoed in everything. They will defeat the White Walker ‘together’ and then fight to overthrow Cersei ‘together’.

*jonerys feels intensify*


ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ɪꜱ ᴄʀᴜᴇʟ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴍᴏʀᴀʟɪᴛʏ ɪɴ ᴀ ᴄʀᴜᴇʟ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ɪꜱ ᴄʜᴀɴᴄᴇ.
                             υɴвιαѕed. υɴprejυdιced. ғαιr.

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How 'bout you livestreamed with your forever best friend and I know it's irrational but I miss you and I'm jealous?

I know you sent this prompt to Sophie, but she saved it for me because she knows that I am absolutely in love with Darius, and this shit gives me life.

“So … saw your livestream.”

Misha smiles as he presses the phone against his ear with his shoulder, leaving both his hands free to grab at his daughter before she runs away, so that he can wipe the smeared chocolate off her face. “Oh yeah?” he says, slightly distracted by the straw-headed wiggle worm that is his progeny.

“Yeah. It was funny.”

Misha manages to clean Maison off to the point that she’s at least decent-ish—enough to where he won’t be worried about her getting chocolate all over the couch. “Glad you liked it.” He finally lets his daughter go and smacks her bum as she runs off giggling.

“Yeah” Jensen says again, but now that Misha is really listening, he can tell just how awkward the man sounds.


“What do you mean, what?”

Misha laughs. “I mean, what’s up with you?”

The call is quiet a moment before he hears Jensen rustling around the speaker. “Nothin’. I’m fine.”

Okay …” Misha rattles, but he shrugs it off—knowing his friend well enough to get that, sometimes he’s moody, but he’ll talk about it if he really needs to. “So …” Misha begins again, getting ready to ask the guy how he’s been doing.

“Did Darius make his flight?” Jensen jumps in, slightly more urgent than Misha is expecting.

Um … no, but there was another one leaving about an hour later, so he switched it.”

“Oh … good. I mean, not good that he missed his original flight, but good that he got another one. That’s … yeah.”

Now Misha is squinting, staring blankly out the window to the backyard. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah” Jensen squeaks, sounding strange with his voice so high. “Just … ya know, makin’ sure that your friend made it home safe.”

“That’s very … considerate of you” Misha says skeptically.

“What did you two do? While he was there, I mean. How long was he there? I mean, when Jared and I were there you didn’t mention him … so, like was he there when we were there?”

Um, yeah … he was here. Stayed for about a week.”

“Stayed – with you?” Jensen whispers.

And Misha can’t help but chuckle now because he thinks he’s finally seeing what’s going on—and after being tortured by Darius the last seven days, he can’t find it within himself to be mature about it. “Yeah. It was a tight fit, but Vicki and I managed to squeeze him in between us.”

“Oh …”

The sadness in Jensen’s voice sucks all the fun right out of it. “Oh Jesus, Jensen! I’m kidding. He stayed in the guest room.”

“Oh! Okay … cool. I mean, not that—he couldn’t stay … if you wanted … you’re an adult” Jensen clears his throat and Misha has to tug the phone back some with how loud it is.

In spite of it though, he’s smiling. “Are you jealous?”

“No! I … no!”

“That is so fucking cute! You are!”

“I’m not!”

Mhmm” Misha hums, smiling wider as West runs by wearing one of his baseball hats. “Tell me, is the outside of your binder covered in hearts with our initials inside them?”

“What?” Jensen snaps back and Misha can only sigh.

“I’m insinuating that you’re a teenage girl with a crush— sorry, I’m tired so that wasn’t very clear.”

“You’re a dick” Jensen grumbles.

“Yeah— that is clear. Darius said the same thing several times over the course of his stay.”

“At least he and I can agree on that.”

“Does that mean there are things that you don’t agree with him on?” Misha asks curiously.

“No … I just meant—”


Jensen quiets again.

Misha tries his best to keep it together— but he’s just loving this so much.

“Just … what did he mean about your usual power dynamic? I dont — I don’t get that. And he kept teasing you about Gishwhes … and has he really not seen the show? I just  … he was just messin’ with you a lot, dude. You should have said something to him about that.”

“You and Jared mess with me all the time” Misha offers coolly, hoping that he’s pulling off nonchalant, effectively.

“Yeah—but that’s different!”

“How so?”

“Well … I mean, you know that we’re kidding!”

“I know that Darius was kidding” Misha purrs.

“Yeah but I didn’t—” Jensen yelps and then stops abruptly—his heavy breath heaving in and out of the speaker like he’s been running through this entire phone call.

“Ah … I see” Misha chuckles, now looking fondly at nothing at all. It’s sweet—really, Jensen thinks that he’s his to tease … well, his and Jared’s; but Jensen will jump in and defend him on the days that Jared goes too far, so he supposes it’s understandable that he would feel uneasy about not being able to do the same in regards to Darius. Not that he would be able to stop Darius from carrying on— Jensen would honestly just make everything worse if he tried, but Misha won’t tell him that. All he will do is just sit here a smile a little longer, because right now, one of his best friends is super jealous over the fact that Misha has a strong connection with someone else, and that’s just too adorable for words. “I mean … I have known the guy since I was twelve, Jensen … so …” Misha finally says, once it’s obvious that the other man is drowning in the silence.

“I … I just never seen you like that” Jensen mutters back, dejectedly.

“Like what?”

“Like … speechless.”

Misha laughs louder now. “Yeah, well Darius can say some crazy shit every now and then.”

“Tell me about it” and the guy sounds even more miserable than he did before.

“Oh, he was behaving  himself on that video—you should have heard him the other day!”

Jensen all but groans. “Not helping!”

Misha chuckles. “Sorry … I’m just trying to explain that he’s a real character.”

“Yeah, I got that much from the livestreams” Jensen grumbles, huffing and puffing like he’s got pigs to piss off.

“This is really bothering you isn’t it?” Misha says eventually, because he’s actually kind of surprised. Jensen has always been protective of his friends, but there’s more to this than that, and he really wants to know what it is.

“I …” Jensen starts, sounding pained for even saying that much.  “I mean … I know he’s your best friend and all, and I know you’ve known him for pretty much your entire life, and I know you guys have a million things in common … but I just … I dunno. He’s like— he’s so like you, and I’m not, ya know? And like, he could say these smart things and you seemed like you weren’t sure how to respond … and you always have something to say! And I just—it’s crazy, I know, and I’m being stupid but … yeah, okay! I’m jealous! I just … he just seems to get you and … fuck, he even sings, dude! Like what the hell? How am I supposed to compete with that?”

Misha’s mouth is hanging open and he’s frankly, shocked that he’s even able to speak at all—because he’s never heard Jensen say this much during a phone call, and for him to say this much, and to say this in particular well, it’s just all manners of crazy. “Wow …” Misha starts, “umwow.”

“Shut up.”

“Sorry, but … wow!” Misha laughs and then leans back in his chair, smiling up towards the ceiling. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“Guess I can leave you speechless too then” Jensen grits out—and the defensive edge to his voice makes him even cuter.

“Guess so.” Misha chuckles some more before he finally sighs and looks back down at the ground, eyes traveling across all his kids’ toys and the usual trail of debris that they leave behind. “You know it’s not a competition, right?” he says after another breath, hoping that he can at last, get to the part where he makes Jensen feel better about everything.

“Yeah—I know.”

“And you know that, just because I’m close with Darius, doesn’t mean I can’t be close with you too.”


“And … between the two of you, you’re a much better kisser. I mean, he gets all rough and he bites a lot—you should see my lower lip! It’s all puffy and swollen. It’s not pretty.”

“You’re such a fucker.”

“And you’re an adorable, jealous doofus.”

Jensen finally laughs a little, and it makes Misha do the same.

“You’re lucky that I like jealous doofuses.”

His friend’s smile is obvious, and Misha pushes it against his skin as he hugs the phone even closer to his ear. “Yeah” Jensen whispers, contentedly. “I know I am.”

Pom Pom


Anon asked: Rich ‘n Jake being cuties because fluff

Anon asked: Richjake f l u f f

Idk what it is but something tells me you guys want richjake fluff so here goes nothing

When Jake woke up a few years ago on Halloween in the hospital he was almost certain his friendship with Rich was going to be a full stop. Words couldn’t describe how pissed off Jake really was when he figured out what happened. Who could blame him? He spent his first few days in the hospital mentally venting out his anger to Rich. He planned all the things he’d say, the grandest most emotional fuck you he’d ever come up with.

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I'm loving all these stories people are telling of when they were young so... when I was 9, I went to my best friend's house and there was this moment where she was playing some song on the piano with me beside her, and her hair was drawn back and the sun lit up her face and she was just so beautiful that I kind of kissed her cheek... Yeah, it didn't end well, but it was such a perfect moment that I wanted to share it.

*spongebob narrator voices* 

ah yes…anuzzer day being gay

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yes. answer it.

this is gonna be unwieldingly long but you asked for it

very honestly nayeon captured my attention quite a bit when i watch the loa mv for the first time. as y'all know i didn’t watch sixteen until after i stanned them which was a sad sad mistake, but yeah. i knew she’d be the face of the group, because her face kinda just, yknow, screams FACE OF THE GROUP but idk maybe that’s just me. but as i got to know nayeon better i guess i fell for her quirkiness??? how do i say this?????? i’m a nayeon’s front teeth advocate because i also happen to have huge front teeth but she looks adorable with it. and it’s also the way how even though she acts really headass sometimes, she still plays this quiet role of responsibility. she’s not a leader in the way jihyo is, but nayeon is more of the kind of person who brings out this certain individuality in the other members? jihyo pulls all of them together, and nayeon makes sure everyone gets to have fun by being themselves. it’s also somehow in the way she acts because she truly doesn’t hide her true state of mind. if she’s sleepy, you can tell that she’s sleepy because she’s like walking with her eyes closed in the airport. hahah it’s sort of how she brings this certain truthfulness to all the members, like how she makes sure their personalities still stand out even though they’re all one team. you can also feel just how much she loves her members just by how she acts around them and i think its cute. also she’s a loser. that’s another reason why i love her.

very honestly i didn’t really fancy jeongyeon at first lol VERY honestly. but as time passed it’s really because jeongyeon supposedly acts like she doesn’t love her members with her whole heart but somehow outrightly expresses her love and care for her members anyway? it’s the way she sort of cares for all the members a little differently. she’s overall still very motherly, despite what most people would think her appearance conveys. and even though she’s called the no jam hyung, she’s actually really damn funny no matter what twice says.

ah my baby, my first ever bias in twice, the girl who stole my heart during the damned dance break in loa. what i really love most about momo is just, really, just how innocent her personality is. she looks dumb and she may say that she’s dumb but the twice members swear that she’s the most mature member in twice and honestly i’d trust the people who literally live with her 24/7. it’s how she always tries her best and how she works hard in everything she does and how she never fails to bring her determination back up every time someone brings it down. it’s how she’s always quietly improving herself. it’s how she’s a sucker for dogs of all kinds and how she’s most likely one of the cutest people alive. it’s how she talks like a baby and stumbles over her words in korean and also in japanese. it’s the funny way she screams and her cute little “eh????” and the way she scrunches her face and the way she takes selfies at the same angle all the damn time and it’s just, everything all at once that makes me love her so so much. she takes care of the younger members by acting like they’re the same age and she’s affectionate to every one of her other members and how she’s basically the unofficial baby of the group. yes. i love my hirai.

minatozaki sana is my gIRL. my princess my everything my beautiful little gem. this girl owns my entire heart alright. let’s start. basically one of the reasons why i love sana is just her clinginess hah i know it seems farfetched but well. i’m quite an affectionate person myself and i happen to have only one friend who fully accepts my clinginess for what it is. sana’s clinginess is basically just how she shows her affection. she loves her members, so she’s going to show them by essentially glomping them in a massive hug when they’re least expecting it. it’s as simple as that. she loves her members, so she wants to give them little kisses as her reminder of “i love you” and if you dont think that’s cute then we are going to have an issue alright. every single hug and every single little kiss from sana to her members essentially is an “i love you, and i’m making sure you remember that”. she feels the need to remind her members that she loves them occassionally, and while some of you may think that she somehow shows more affection to certain members, it’s probably not all that true. i’m pretty sure she doesn’t kiss jeongyeon as often because she knows jeongyeon doesn’t quite like it, so she shows it by cuddling with her and whatnot. she adapts her affection to fit the member, essentially, and basically if the member accepts sana’s kisses, then she’ll kiss them all she wants. and to a certain extent i think she kisses them all equally, because she loves all of them. she’s clingy because she loves her members and that’s pretty much it. i have like way more reasons though, like her smile, and the way her eyes sparkle and her knowing of how to charm her way into anyone’s heart. but that’d make this too long and i dont want that happening so MOVING ON

ah our god jihyo. i admire her, really. i love how admirable she is. for leading a bunch of other girls, some of which are older than her, for persevering through the 10 years of her trainee life, for always expressing her gratitude towards the fans, for always thinking that she needs to work harder. it’s really admirable. it’s not something you can do easily at the age of 8. to give up your childhood to pursue what seems to be an undetermined dream. she trained well, and she got put into twice and now she’s the leader. the dependable leader. the responsibility she has over the members is immense, and it’s easy for anyone to just blame her if anything goes wrong. she’s the leader, after all. and what’s most admirable is that she’d do it. she’d take all the blame in a heartbeat and she’d apologize and she’d work even harder. she’d strive to improve herself even more. she never fails to express her gratitude towards onces and she never fails to express that she feels that she’s lacking. we’re gonna watch her grow into an even better person, and an even better singer and that’s what makes me love her. also have you seen the girl smile like ???? that shit is beautiful.

this girl lights up my entire life really,,, what i love most about mina is probably her smile? like that gummy smile she does when she’s really happy like her eyes just squish into crescents and then you can see her gums and the silver tooth peeking out and she looks like the most adorable child in that moment and you can just FEEL her happiness and she’s truly a blessing to us all. my love for her smile aside the next thing is most probably how she’s a responsible person in general, but her members still treat her like a little baby. especially jline. you can see how everyone truly has a soft spot for mina, even though she seems like the most responsible member, next to jihyo and tzuyu. she’s that dependable person who you still want to protect at all costs. another one is probably how she’s elegant + poise + quiet but also one of the weirdest. like, have you seen the girl? sometimes she just snaps and does the weirdest thing amongst the twice members and it’s hilarious. she owns a special soft spot in my heart and she’s staying there forever as long as smiles her perfect big gummy smile.

ah,,, kim dahyun. she truly brings excitement to the group doesn’t she? it’s oddly quiet without her around, even though there’s still 8 other girls. she’s the one who makes everyone excited, even if it’s a little bit, and always strives to keep everyone up on their feet and happy. it’s honestly really cute when you realize how much excitement she really brings just by being herself. also she’s incredibly funny for no reason and i think that’s the best trait about her. of course, dahyun isn’t just a bundle of humour and nothing else. i also find it great that she’s always challenging her fears and wanting to step outside her comfort zone, from riding rollercoasters to getting a whole puppy (she’ll warm up to the puppy, i know so because my mum used to be terrified of cats and now she cuddles up with my cat all the time). she’s always ready to take on a challenge and that’s what i admire. also she looks like an angel when she plays the piano. good fingers and wrists. 10/10.

chaeng chaeng chaengggggg. chaeyoung is great in the way that like, she just truly pursues what she’s interested in or what she wants. like how she cut her hair without jyp knowing and jyp having to tell her that she has to get permission first. which is ridiculous because it’s her own hair, but oh well. anyway also it’s cute how she’s all sentimental and all emotional and how she gets embarassed about it when the members tease her lol. she’s badass and adorable all at the same time and i love her she’s beautiful

chou tzu!!!! honestly i think tzuyu is really funny, even though she doesn’t really talk much. the thing that’s funniest about her is that she doesn’t even have to talk to be funny and that’s truly a talent on its own. that aside, you can tell how much she really loves her members and how grateful she is to each and every one of them even if she only thanked nayeon for recommending shopping sites and nothing else. it’s true that she doesn’t express herself well, but you can really feel how much she appreciates all that her members have done for her and how her members have taken care of her from the beginning. i think she’s coming out of her shell well, and that she’s slowly learning how to express herself in the polite, truthful way that tzuyu has, and her members are helping her as she goes along, because they know she’s trying. she’s twice’s gigantic baby, and she loves all her members the same.

in conclusion, i love these idiots, and twice without any of the members even for a short period of time feel incomplete somehow. they depend on each other and help to bring each other up. they’re always striving to improve as a team and individually, and they own my heart. thank you very much for your attention.

i was tagged by@wannabl to do the accent challenge thingo and I promised her I’d do it lksjdghakjgvnjvh excuse my face and my voice coz gross alskjghagj

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Just a lil fluffysomething for @ambrosiaswhispers, just  because she’s amazing. 

And because we’re all gonna die once The Punisher is here, so. Yeah, 

Hope you like it, lovely lady. 

He looks at her, sitting there on the bed, typing at her computer faster than he thought it was possible, wearing one of his shirts, hair still wet from the shower they had taken together.

Frank is lying back on the side of her bed he had claimed as his, not even feeling the wound where the knife had cut on his thigh two days ago, Claire’s pills working their magic.

He reaches out a hand and runs it on her back, tracing the curve of her spine, down to her hips and from side to side, sneaking under the shirt and caressing skin, his heart tightening and expanding as if breathing.

She is an universe of contradiction, Karen Page. The face of something holy, pure and full of light, on a woman with many colors, both dark and light. A bright and warm smile that can hide such strength and a dark, complicated, traumatic past. Hands that soothe him, calm his nerves but also rile and excite him, making his skin crawl and his blood run faster.

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Oh my god can I please have like one paragraph of your upcoming fic cause I'm literally dying I'm so excited for it

Okay, that’s the only thing I could post without spoiling the whole story because the rest it’s just angst and smut, smut, smut so yeah this paragraph is pretty simple and not very attention grasping? But I swear the rest of it is waaay better (or so I think lol). Here you go, nonnie, and thank you so much for all the love!!! 💖💖 

“ “Then why are you just staring at me still?” with her chin up, Betty faces him fearless and shameless, green orbs piercing through his soul and draining it from the hardly any blood that is still there and not in the delicious bulge between them.

They don’t speak anymore, he doesn’t need any more encouragement. His lips are on her scarlet ones, smudging their color, opening them up, poking them with his wet and demanding tongue. They don’t say “I’m sorry” to each other, they don’t need to anymore, because they have nothing to be sorry for, just their fate and their involuntary involvement in tragedies, like two Shakespearean heroes in a world full of Macbeths. They’d rather show it as their bodies curve against each other and their breaths mingle and there’s a music of desperate gasps and heavy panting as he cradles both sides of her face and angles her head in frenzy, messing her fallen halo of golden hair and pushing her lips more and more against his thirsty ones, wanting to consume her whole, to inhale her and hold her captive forever in his bloodstream.”

flower crowns and pastel boots- epilogue

pastel punk au

a/n: thank you so, so much for sticking with this fic. it’s been so much fun to write. i love each and everyone of you.

thank you.

chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, chapter five,chapter six, chapter seven, chapter eight, chapter nine, chapter ten,chapter eleven, chapter twelve, chapter thirteen, chapter fourteen,chapter fifteen, chapter sixteen, chapter seventeen, chapter eighteen, chapter nineteen, epilogue

“baz, you look wonderful.”

penny jumps forward and grabs him up in a bear hug, and baz squeezes her back.

“shouldn’t you be with simon?” he teases, trying to hide the shake in his voice. she clucks at him, brushing his hair back and straightening the lapels of his suit.

“don’t be silly, i have to see you first. how’re you feeling?”

“terrified,” he confesses.

“hey, you’re going to be amazing. i promise.” she tilts her head sympathetically. “chin up, pitch, you can’t be any more of a mess than simon.”

“that’s probably true,” admits baz, attempting a grin. “where’s agatha?”

“milling around, chatting,” says penny dismissively. “being polite.”

“mmh,” baz hums, fiddling with his gloves. he smiles at penny. “go on, then, i’ll be fine.”

penny’s eyes fill briefly with tears. “i’m so proud of you both-”

baz kisses her cheek. “save it for the speech, bunce. go.”

she mock glares, and walks out the door.

“oh, god- penny, what if i mess up?”

simon’s hands are tangled in his hair, and he’s pacing the softly lit room. there are tears brimming in his eyes.

“calm down, simon.”

he moans, quietly. “what if i just left? i could just-”

“you are not going to leave your own wedding, simon.”

“i just- i don’t want to mess it up,” he repeats, quietly.

“oh, simon…” she squeezes his hand. “it’s going to be fine. you love each other.”

he nods, wipes at his eyes like he’s embarrassed. “more than anything. you’re right.” he smiles bravely. “is it about time?”

“five minutes,” she says softly. “i’d better go.” she straighten his tie, pats down his hair. “i’ve said this to baz-”

“you talked to him? how is he?”

“nervous. just like you.” she smiles. “i told him how proud i am of him. of you. you’ve changed so much.”

simon can only nod, throat choked. she kisses him on the cheek.

“good luck, simon.”

it’s like a painting.

it’s evening, and lamps hung from posts are casting a soft amber glow. there’re fireflies, too, flitting about, and white roses wreathing tables and the platform they’re going to be standing on.

and baz is standing at the end of the aisle, dressed all in white.

simon loses his breath.

baz looks up from his hands, twisted together, and they make eye contact.

and all of simon’s fear, all of his nervousness, melts away. he’s everything in the world.

he’s home.

he hardly feels himself walking up the aisle, not until he takes baz’s hands. they’re cold, as usual, and simon smiles. he’s crying. they both are.

“love you,” he whispers.

“i love you too.”

the person officiating is talking, simon thinks, but all the matters is baz’s eyes and lips and cheeks and-

“they’ve decided to say their own vows,” he says, and nods to simon.

he shakes his head, draws in his deepest breath. it’s completely silent, but for the chirp of crickets. “basilton pitch.”

his voice is trembling. he clears his throat. “basilton pitch, i-

"i thought i was going to lose you, once.” his voice cracks, and he gulps. “when we were seventeen. remember? we were all so scared- when you got-

"that’s when i realized how much you meant to me. and it scared me, because i thought it was impossible that you could love as much as i love you, back-

"but here we are, yeah?” he laughs softly. “here we are. and i love you more than anything. i promise i will keep you safe, and happy, and i’ll be with you through good times and bad. always.”

he pulls out the ring- a grey band, precisely the color of baz’s eyes, with a sapphire embedded in the middle- and slips it delicately onto baz finger. 

baz swallows hard.

“i’ve loved you for so long. i’ve loved you for so long, so much, i thought it was going to kill me. it was like fire, and i was like newspaper, and-

"and then one day it all changed. one day you loved me back. one day you came to my house at two a.m with a bottle of hair dye, and you looked at me like i looked at you, and-

"simon, i love you. so much. and i wish i could tell my sixteen year old self how this is going to turn out, because i never in a million years could have imagined myself up here, standing hand in hand with the man i love, about to be married. and i’m going to love you forever, okay? i’m going to love you until the day i die.” he voice chokes, and he ducks his head, sliding the ring onto simon’s finger. “thank you.”

there’s scattered applause from the audience, and it dies down as the officiant raises his hand.

“i now pronounce you- spouses for life.” he smiles. “you may now kiss the groom.”

they crash together, wrapping their arms around each others back. simon dips baz, and he yelps, then grins wider. the audience cheers.

i love you. i love you. i love you.

they haven’t let go of each other’s hand yet.

they weave through the crowd, talking with guests and grinning and pressing kisses on each other when they get the chance- they’re glowing. they’ve never been happier.

“it’s your turn next,” says simon to penny, and she winks at him when agatha’s back is turned.

penny clinks her fork on her class, and slowly the chatter dies down.

“simon snow is an idiot,” she begins, and everyone bursts out laughing. she waits for it to die down.

“he’s hard headed, stubborn, and he’s rude if you let him get away with it. and in high school we did, and he made baz’s life a misery.”

simon looks down at his shoes, and baz looks at his lap, and the silence is uncomfortable. 

“and then he fell in love with baz.

“he’s changed a lot, you know. from the bully who hated himself into who he is now.” she looks to be lost in thought for a moment, before she continues. 

“i’m sure you all remember when baz got kidnapped.”

everyone’s quiet. penny seems unperturbed. “i remember. it was terrifying. and baz’s dad wouldn’t go out and pay ransom, or look properly- but simon did. he got baz’s aunt and me and agatha and we scoured the whole city until they found him, and simon punched someone in the face so hard that he broke his cheekbone and three of his fingers and-

“we got baz out. and that wa the first time in a long time that i saw who simon used to be, really, when we’d play in the woods behind our houses and he’d be the hero who defeated the bad guys.” penny smiles.

“simon snow is an idiot, yes. but simon snow-pitch is not.” she raises her glass, and the guests mimic her, dabbing at their eyes. simon and baz look at each other, tears threatening.

“to love.”

they sway softly, faces inches from each others, simon’s arms around baz’s neck.

“basilton snow-pitch, i love you,” breathes simon, and baz grins.

“as i love you, simon snow-pitch.”

there’s music playing quietly- i will follow you into the dark, by death cab for cutie.

and simon reaches up on his tiptoes and kisses his husband.

they’re so happy.

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Hinayachi #1

#1 - soulmates au

Hitoka’s star is orange and sometimes, at the right angle, it looks like it has wings.

Some people have stars that burn cold but Hitoka’s burns so hot she avoids taking it out in the summer. Sometimes in the winter she takes it out just to feel it’s warmth seep through her bones but in the summer it stays tucked away wherever soul stars go when they aren’t out so that she doesn’t overheat and die. This is why she doesn’t make the connection between Hinata and her star for a long time after meeting him.

She meets Hinata at the beginning of the summer when the heat is just starting to get choking. She had already sat up all night with her star for the last time before fall a few weeks ago, admiring the way it thrummed with energy and seemed to want to fly away from her hands. When she meets Hinata her soul star isn’t even on her mind and she doesn’t realize why the warmth of his hand in hers as she pulls him through the street feels so familiar.

It isn’t until the fall when she’s practically aching with how much she misses her stars energy that Hinata holds her hand again. It’s just a light touch, a pull to move her out of the way, but she stares at her hand for a long time after he moves on. He’s distracted by volleyball and his own determination.

When she’s safe at home that night she pulls her star out of herself and watches it rotate in her hand, glowing orange and bursting to fly. It’s warm where it float in her hand and she feels complete. It feels exactly the same as when Hinata smiles at her.

For a while Hitoka isn’t sure what to do. Hinata is so focused on volleyball he probably doesn’t want a soulmate at all. It isn’t until after the spring tournament that she works up the bravery to bring it up.


Hinata makes an interested noise to show that he’s listening but other than that he’s still focused on the worksheet in front of him. Kageyama is sleeping on his worksheet across the table. If it wasn’t for the fact that Hitoka has been looking for an opportunity to talk to Hinata she would have woken him up and insisted that he get back to studying already. The end of year exams were fast approaching after all.

“Do you every wonder about your soulmate?” she asks him.

“Oh, you mean this?” 

Just like that Hinata is pulling his star out right in front of her and she aches. It’s golden and small and it has an understated shimmer instead of a shine but it’s undeniably beautiful. If Hitoka is right then she feels a little conceited for thinking that.

Hitoka’s star has never demanded to come out before but now she can feel it just under her skin, burning hot and insistent. She lets it out and it curls into her palm, orange and flying. For a second their stars are just there, both glowing in Hitoka’s living room, but then they’re reaching for each other and shining so brightly that they’re blinding. Hitoka feels breathless as she watches Hinata’s gold star, the one that represents her, gravitate towards her orange star. They’re spinning around each other, twin streaks of gold and orange lighting up Hitoka’s vision, and then it’s over. 

Hitoka and Hinata are both breathing hard, each holding on to an identical small pair of stars that spin together in a lazy slow dance, one gold and the other orange.

“You’re my soulmate?” Hinata wonders aloud, that lovely smile on his face. Hitoka’s heartbeat picks up and the spinning stars in Hinata’s hand speed up with it.

She blushes and she notices that the stars in her hand are speeding up their spin. Hinata is staring at her blush with a look of wonder on his face.

“That’s so gwaaah.” Hinata says with excitement, leaning towards her.

“Yeah,” Hitoka agrees, “it is.”

I’m filling prompts from this list today~!

Post-Con Meeting
  • Yohane: So, kukuku... Show me the spoils of war you have gathered for me
  • Riko: I'M SO GAY
  • Yohane: Uh, yeah, you've told me like 12 times today alone
  • Riko: I'm just.
  • Riko: Nnnghh, I'm gay
  • Yohane: Okay, look, just show me your bags
  • Riko: *covers her face and twists her torso unhealthily*
  • Yohane: Uh, of course
  • Yohane: What's with you and kabedons
  • Yohane: *entire collection is vampire/succubus doujinshi*