i'm in love with her * *

| FREYA RYDER | Mass Effect: Andromeda |

“I know this isn’t going to be an easy ride… Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it while it lasts.” 

I’ve been super hesitant to share my Ryder’s design. As much as I love Bioware, I wouldn’t trust them to character create a sandwich… So I’m not exactly holding my breath when it comes to Ryder’s appearance in game. Honestly, all I really want is some decent blonde hair.

I was telling my mom a story that included someone asking me if I was a Slytherin. She interrupted me saying, “You should have replied, ‘No, but I want to be!’” Then she laughed.

….. Mother, I’ve taken seven tests, a thorough personality examination, and have dutifully studied house qualities. I know my house. Have you seen my blog?

Devin and I decided to go to the animal shelter today for the first time since we had to bring Rosie back and while talking to the employees, we learned that she was adopted yesterday!!

They said a man who was in his late 40’s was lonely and looking for a quiet, lazy companion and he saw her ad in the paper and fell in love. Words cannot express how incredibly happy I am that she finally found the perfect place to call home.

I’ve been asked so many times if we plan on adopting again and I never felt okay with it because it felt disrespectful to her to move on so quickly but I feel at peace with it all now, knowing she’s home ♥️


So… on my way to the gym, where I usually walk every day from work I found Baby.
You have to understand, finding a car like this in Bolivia is like find a Dodo in my local zoo. I’m sure that in other countries isn’t a great deal, but for me tonight was everything.
It’s amazing, this past months I been immerse on Supernatural, I admit as a coping with stress and my chronical pain, and recently in that time I found Destiel.
Finding this car was like a miracle, and it amazed me how sometimes the universe is tuned with you.
She is beautiful in person.


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