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whilst everyone’s getting pumped for season 5, I think we need to remember a couple of things

  • don’t forget lady stoneheart. don’t forget that the show runners actively decided to cut one of the most powerful character arcs of the book and force her, instead, into the nagging mother stereotype
  • don’t forget arianne martell. don’t forget that it looks like the show runners actively decided to cut a powerful, feminine, kick ass woman of colour, who was next in the line of succession
  • don’t forget that her storyline was all about liberating myrcella and crowning her under dornish law, where women have the same inheritance rights as men, and aren’t passed over in favour of their younger male siblings. don’t forget that her entire storyline focused on females empowering other females.
  • don’t forget that it looks like they’re giving that same storyline to her younger male sibling, who they have gone out of their way to age up so he fits the role, and the story will now probably be “dashing young prince-to-be kidnaps damsel in distress”
  • don’t forget the jamie/cersei rape scene. don’t forget that the show runners actively made the decision to change the story and make that scene include rape.
  • don’t forget that mance rayder had a wife called dalla, and that she had a sister called val and that they were both important leading characters in jon’s story. don’t forget that the show runners actively made the decision to cut them out.
  • don’t forget the totally unnecessary changes to bran’s storyline. don’t forget the fact that rape and abuse just became part of the background set for most of those scenes. don’t forget that the show runners were on set, actively deciding that those scenes needed a little more male on female violence in the background.
  • don’t forget that natalia tena wanted osha to have a pubic wig because when the fuck would a wildling women shave her vagina and the show runners actively told her that wasn’t allowed.
  • don’t forget that they created a female character just to serve as a frequently nude prostitute, and that when the actress, esme bianco, refused to do any more nude scenes, the show runners fired her
  • don’t forget that she was then killed off in the most sexually violent, brutal, and demeaning way possible
  • don’t forget chataya and alayaya, a mother and daughter who were strong, sexual, and unashamedly so, and ran their own brothel. don’t forget that the show runners cut them out, too. don’t forget that the show runners have no problem with sex and prostitution so long as it’s on a man’s terms, and as soon as women are making the decisions, they don’t like it.
  • don’t forget that this show we love and watch and support perpetually goes out of its way to instigate violence against women, to take away their agency, their character, their rights, and their abilities. don’t forget that the show runners consciously make the decisions to demean women and use them as a way to dress the set. don’t forget that they take stories from women and give them to the men. don’t forget that they do not support and respect women the way we support and respect their show.

“Dwarf," said the Red Viper, in a tone grown markedly less cordial, "spare me your Lannister lies. Is it sheep you take us for, or fools? My brother is not a bloodthirsty man, but neither has he been asleep for sixteen years. Jon Arryn came to Sunspear the year after Robert took the throne, and you can be sure that he was questioned closely. Him, and a hundred more. I did not come for some mummer’s show of an inquiry. I came for justice for Elia and her children, and I will have it. Starting with this lummox Gregor Clegane … but not, I think, ending there.”

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I love the Martells and their culture very much. During the previous books I was looking forward to them and it was worth the wait, I loved the characters and I loved the plot until recently. I don't like how they're relying on Dany or Aegon. I wanted them to have their own goals and own story. I don't like the idea of Arianne becoming queen consort for Aegon. I'm hoping there will be a twist since both Doran and Arianne have suspicions over Aegon but I'll be very disappointed if that's the case

I’m definitely conflicted about the Martells’ storyline, because while on one hand I appreciate the tragic elements being woven into their arcs, it still feels like such a waste. The POVs we’re given (a hyper-observant and viligant Areo Hotah, a passionate and stubborn Arianne, the tragedy that is Quentyn Martell) are as fascinating to me as that of the Starks and the Lannisters. GRRM isn’t in the habit of writing stale characters, and the Martells have been a prominent family since the first book, even if they weren’t actually present.

I don’t mind, exactly, that Arianne’s journey is about to intertwine with Aegon’s, but I do mind the end that’s linked to it. It’s not that it wasn’t foreshadowed; there’s plenty of textual and thematic evidence that the Martells fate isn’t a good one. It’s that it’s a waste, and not only that, but it’s a decision that has some very negative implications. GRRM is an amazing writer, but he doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to race, and this definitely isn’t convincing me otherwise.

House Martell is unique; they stood against the Targaryen dynasty while they still had dragons, something not even the Starks can say. Yet now they’re in a position where they’re expected to accept the war crimes that were committed against them without any form of compensation. Elia’s death was repulsive, and years afterwards her murderer is still alive and living as a knight. Robert never offered House Martell anything, instead turning a blind eye to the horrors they suffered and making a Lannister his queen.

The Martells deserve justice, they deserve to come out of the series Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.


whatever you want: arianne & daemon sand

At fourteen she had given him her maidenhead. Daemon had not been much older, so their couplings had been as clumsy as they were ardent. Still, it had been sweet.


Nicu; Tumble; Old Jinny; Queen Avalea of Mista; the Silly Three; and Eliot, the Court Minstrel of Whimtany.

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