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Would You Still Love Me When I’m Dead?

Contents: Set in a zombie apocalypse where the world is in chaos. Ten is a loner not by choice and Johnny is an unwilling member of a spiteful group. Other members and pairings will be included but this fanfic is based on JohnTen and includes some angst but hopefully more fluff.

Ten had done pretty well considering he was in a foreign land with no training on how to fight a hoard of the undead. But he couldn’t spend the rest of his life hiding in a block of boarded up flats scared of his own shadow.

Which is why he had been training his body to fight. Granted, he wasn’t strong but he had the quick reflexes and flexibility that came with being a skilled dancer so he was at an advantage compared to those that had probably already been picked off by the dead. Plus, he was more at risk from other humans as he’s already seen how violently they could turn against each other.

Ten had just landed in Korea when the virus had broken out. It had been chaos, with the living killing one another for the supplies that they could find in the airport. Almost all of them would be dead or turned by now as the airport had been a primary destination for many survivors who wished to flee the country which meant it also attracted the undead. At the time, Ten had been oblivious to what was going on as the outbreak had occurred whilst he was on his 13-hour flight from America. But he soon knew he was in danger. It was only by luck that he had escaped the airport alive that day and it had been thanks to a man named Lay. The man had pulled Ten through the crowd unharmed and gotten him away by car before the chaos had reached its climax.

However, nobody is safe in the current world which is why it’s not unexpected that Lay was ambushed whilst him and Ten had been doing a food run only a month after the airport incident. Ten had arrived in time to kill the zombie but could not stop the infection from spreading from Lay’s neck to the rest of his body. With Lay dead, Ten had been alone with only a baseball bat, 2 sets of clothes and quickly decreasing rations of food and water.

Which is why he now faced a difficult situation. He could either stay in his makeshift safe haven where he would slowly die of dehydration, starvation or boredom depending on which one killed him first. Or he could risk his life by leaving the block of flats to search for more supplies and a better hide out. Ten had obviously already chosen to leave to find supplies but that didn’t mean he wanted to face the undead again as they terrified him. If his sister could see him, she would call him a baby but she wasn’t here but instead in Thailand where he hoped she was safer than he was.

There were enough rations to last Ten two days of travel if he didn’t waste them so food and water hopefully wouldn’t be a problem as he knew there was a Shopping Centre nearby. The biggest issue would be travelling alone as he needs to rest which would also require an extra pair of eyes. Unfortunately, Ten no longer had that luxury and even if he saw another human he would have to hide as he could trust nobody. This meant he was going to be extra careful when travelling as he can’t let his guard down for a second or he could be bit or spotted by Raiders. Ten had already been unfortunate enough to run into them when Lay had been alive and he knew he wouldn’t be able to get away without injury if he got caught a second time.


Ten had left the block of flats as soon as light emerged as he would need a head start in case there were no pit stops on his way. Walking along the roadsides was the only option until he got out of the open which made Ten feel uneasy so he hummed lightly under his breath to ease the tension in his body. Another perk of travelling as a duo is the companionship which stopped the loneliness that he was currently feeling. If Lay were here with Ten, they would quietly joke about who could spot a zombie first or would even debate which male celebrity they would most like to hook up with at the end of the world. Instead, all Ten had was the eerie silence of a deserted neighborhood filled with abandoned cars and bloodstained pavements. But fortunately, no zombies could be spotted.

Ten considered himself an optimistic person by nature but not knowing if his family was alive and being at constant risk from other human beings would do damage to any sane person’s mood. Which is why Ten’s now prone to having negative moods where he would question the point of living which is something he would have never considered before the breakout. He knows that the moods will always pass shortly but it doesn’t mean they aren’t painful to deal with while they last. Each zombie he kills takes another hit to his morale and sometimes he’s not sure how much more he can take before he downs in the guilt of killing someones family to save his own skin. . The only way to distract himself is to imagine that in a few years the world will be back to normal and he’ll be reunited with his family and would maybe even have a husband and a family of his own. These hopes were unrealistic but they were all that was keeping him alive so he cherishes them as they’re all he’s got left.

The zombie apocalypse was nothing like how the Hollywood movie adaptions made it out to be. The fresh faces and lack of body or facial hair in the movies was ridiculous. Ten could feel the dirt under his finger nails despite having them cut as short as possible and he cringed whenever he ran his hand through his own hair as it was matted from grease and sweat. He’d never been able to grow facial hair so that wasn’t a problem but his armpit hair was thick and matted which is why he now had armpit stains and his once white shirt is now brown from dirt, grease, blood, his own sweat and if he smelt himself he would probably smell urine along with other disgusting scents. The real apocalypse was by no means as glamorous as Hollywood or video games had advertised it.

It only took 10 minutes before the first zombie appeared, luckily it was a crawler and easy to see because it was directly ahead. Crawlers are zombies that are missing half of their bodies so they rely on their upper body strength and low profile to attack humans. Ten easily decapitated the zombie as it was already focused on a pigeon carcass.

Ten isn’t particularly knowledgeable when it comes to zombies so everything he knows is from experience. Him and Lay could never work out how or where the virus started and they had no way of knowing as all radios were useless as were other technology that could have been used to communicate. The only technology that they had found that worked was a battery powered mp3 player. However, they did come up with a way to classify zombies by putting them into 4 groups of Crawlers, Walkers, Bonies and lastly Armored zombies who wear some kind of head protection such as baseball helmets that make them the most difficult to kill. To kill the zombies and stop them from attacking permanently, the only thing to do is decapitate them or damage their brain where the virus had taken hold.  

This may be limited information but it’s enough for Ten to know how to kill them and how to avoid them. It was other living that were dangerous because of how unpredictable they could be. Plus, with more groups of looters, scavengers and raiders appearing it was hell trying to stay unnoticed as all these groups could bring was trouble. Even lone rangers could be a threat if they were to feel intimidated which is why it’s so important for Ten to stay in the shadows and get what he needs

After a few hours of walking Ten is now out of the open and can keep to the edge of the woodlands which gives him more camouflage. So far, everything has been going well for Ten as he has only encountered a handful of zombies and hasn’t glimpsed or heard another living being nearby. Plus, he’s now at a point which he recognizes so the Shopping Center isn’t too far away which means he won’t have to travel for two days like he was dreading. But it does mean that he has to start preparing for when he enters the city as the chance of a hoard or group of raiders is much more likely in the highly-populated area.

If Ten kept at the same pace he should reach the city by nightfall….

Notes: This is my first fanfic so I’m sorry if the first chapter isn’t good but I’m hoping it gets better as it continues. Any feedback would be appreciated including constructive criticism as I know it isn’t going to be perfect and I want to improve.

Monday: Scene that made you ship Richonne

S3E7 “When the Dead Come Knocking

The Fence™

It was the 1st TWD episode I ever watch.

After years, my friends finally made me agree to watch the show. The rest of the world was at 5B and I didn’t even start it yet. 

Zombies ? Pfftt I was like…

Originally posted by readingbetweenthesigns

Since I heard about the love triangle drama in the early seasons, my lazy ass only agreed to start the TWD after that part (basically Season 3).

Not 2 minutes in S3E7, those two met each other eyes through the prison fence.

This is where my shipping story started. This is where I saw it…at last.

Originally posted by springawakenings

I didn’t know who they were (my friends had left me in the dark). All I know is that I needed them to be TOGETHER ! It was ship at first sight !

I had this dumb grin on my face and I couldn’t stop giggling like a dofus.

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I wanted to know more about them, their friends and family, their motivations…Everything! I wanted to watch them slowly fall in love, grow as individual characters, survive the Apocalypse, re-built a life post-ZA.


I’m a sucker for the “enemies/friends to lovers” trope and a good slowburn romance with power couples. Can you believe Richonne invented all of that, lmao!

That’s it, people. The Fence™ didn’t just make me ship Michonne and Rick, it’s the reason why I took an interest in The Walking Dead.


Tron (1982)

You guys basically know too much about me already, but since I was tagged by the lovely @apoll-oh-no I thought I’d give it a try! 

I tag @scriptorsapiens @magpiebee @mormoc and anyone else who’d like to do it! Go for it!

Strike, You’re Out

Fandom: The Walking Dead
Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader
Requested: No
Prompt: You’re picked in the Negan lineup 
Warning/s: Violence, blood, angstangstangst

A/N: I know this has been done quite a lot but this is my take on the iconic scene and, I mean, Carl Grimes. I should post again later, hopefully something happy (fluff or smut) with Jonathan Byers? Might have a look through the requests for some inspiration ♡

Your knees ached as the dangerous man wandered around in front of you and your beloved group, tauntingly singing ‘eenie meenie miney mo’ with a predatory smile. 

Carl sat next to you, not letting any emotion cross his stone face as he glared at the notorious Negan. You didn’t have the same confidence to meet his eyes. It felt like your insides were shaking, but you kept it in- tensing your muscles to remain frozen stiff. 

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Kara felt like a zombie when she got home from Alex’s place. She was exhausted, emotionally and physically, but none of that mattered compared to how worried she was for her sister. She’d never seen her like this, so broken and scared. It terrified her in more ways than one, but she knew she had to be strong. It was her turn to be the rock, the shoulder, everything Alex had always been for her growing up and over the past year especially. If anything, she was just glad she could finally return the favor.

She dropped her keys on the table, removing her coat before shuffling into the living room and plopping onto the couch. Alex would be fine. This was good. Difficult, but good. She wished she could find Maggie and rough her up, or shake some sense into her, either way, but Alex made her promise she wouldn’t, and she was never one to break a promise, even those she made to herself.

But right now, a little voice in the back of her head threatened one such promise. Her chest burned, throat heavy with confusion and unspoken words and all the things she knew she had to keep inside because this wasn’t her story. It was Alex’s story, and for once she wanted her to have something of her own. For as long as Kara could remember, she had been making everything about herself, prioritizing her own needs and fears above everyone else’s. She felt selfish, but beyond that, she felt lonely and lost, even as her fingers reached for her phone and began scrolling through her contacts.

Everything in her told her not to. Everything in her told her not now. Why now? she thought, but before she knew it, she was pressing the screen, pulling the phone to her ear, holding her breath as she bit at her cuticles and listened to it dial.


“Hi…Ms. Grant,” she squinted, face turning beet red as she pulled a pillow into her lap.

“Is something wrong? Don’t tell me: Evelyn deleted all my archived files. Not to worry, I have a backup flash…thumb…thingy in the drawer under my…”

“What? No, Ms. Grant, that’s not…”

“Is the building burning?”

“W-what?” Kara stuttered. “No…”

“Someone accidentally printed a slur? A photo leaked…”

“No, no, nothing like that I just…wanted to say hi. See how you’re doing.”

“Oh,” she could hear Cat swallow. “Hello.”

“How…” Kara grimaced at the reaction. “…how are you?”

“Fine,” Cat sighed. “Though it’s a little late to be making small talk, don’t you think?”

“I…” Kara’s heart fell. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…”

“Don’t be silly,” she spoke a little more softly. “I was wondering when I’d hear from you.”

“Well you…could have called too, you know.”

Kara wasn’t about to be guilted, especially when she wasn’t the one who left.

“Yes,” her voice lowered another octave. “I suppose…I could. So, how is it working under Snapper’s reign of terror? Or have you managed to win him over yet?”

“It’s not…that bad,” Kara admitted. “I think he’s beginning to trust me. And I’m definitely learning, a lot, but…it still isn’t the same without you.”

“Mmm,” she heard the sound of ice cubes clinking as Cat took a sip of something. “Of course it isn’t. I don’t expect things to be perfect, but this is the way it has to be. For now.”

“Does that…” Kara tried to keep her voice steady. “I mean…have you thought about what you want to do, or…when you might be coming back?”

“It’s only been four weeks.”

“I know, I just…”

“These things take time,” Cat insisted. “It took decades to build one empire, I can’t expect to snap my fingers and have another one magically rise from the ashes in a matter of…” she hiccuped “…four weeks. I’m not a witch, despite what some may think.”

“I…no one thinks that,” Kara shook her head, smiling a little. She’d missed this, all of it.

“What are you doing up so late?” Cat finally asked. “And why did you really call me? Have you been drinking?”

“No, Ms. Grant, I told you…” she sighed. “I just…wanted to see how you were. I…I missed you.”

The line was silent. Kara felt like her blood might shoot straight through her skin, her pulse was racing so fast. Maybe this was a mistake.

“I miss you too,” Cat told her, a bit coldly. “For someone who hasn’t been drinking, this sure sounds an awful lot like a drunk dial.”

“I think you’re projecting,” Kara dared, burying herself further into the cushions. “Why is it that everyone thinks alcohol will solve their problems? Because I can tell you from recent experience that it does not.“

“You don’t drink,” Cat huffed. “You never drink.”

“I do…sometimes!” she defended. “I did, recently, and let me tell you, it was not great.”

“What?” Cat gasped a little. “How…how did you get home? Why didn’t you call me?”

“It’s fine,” Kara quickly assured. “My sister came for me and I…didn’t know I could.”

“Of course,” she breathed, and Kara melted. “You can always, always call me. God knows you’ve put me in my fair share of late night rides across town.”

“That’s…good to know.”

“So…” she could almost feel her smirk on the other end. “Kara Danvers, drunk. I wouldn’t mind seeing that.”

“Well…” she fumbled, skin flaming, the ache in her stomach starting to creep lower. “That’s…really what I called about, actually. I mean…not for you to see me drunk, but just…”

“Spit it out, darling,” Cat teased.

“I um…” Kara couldn’t believe how quickly the conversation had turned, how natural it all felt. “Thanksgiving is next week, and I know you usually work because Carter’s with his father and you don’t really mind being alone, but…if…if you did, this year, since you’re not at work, I…you’d be more than welcome to come to my place. I mean, other people will be here too…Alex, Winn…but I would really, really love it if you came. No pressure, I just…wanted to throw it out there if…you did.”

More silence. For once Kara was glad Cat wasn’t there. She was sure she would have heard her heart knocking at her chest like a fist at the door, powers or not.

“That’s incredibly sweet,” she finally spoke, voice just above a whisper. “But…I don’t think I’ll be back in town by then.”

“Oh,” Kara exhaled. “Sure, yeah, that’s fine. I just figured I’d offer, you know? Just in case.”

“Thank you,” Cat sniffed. “Really…it means a lot.”

“Of course. Where are you, exactly…”

“Here and there,” Cat answered quickly. “And I should really be going.”

“Okay,” Kara swallowed. “Well it was…really nice talking to you, Ms. Grant. I…I hope it won’t be too long…before we see each other again.”

“Me too,” Cat sighed. “Goodbye, Kara.”

“Goodnight,” she breathed, and then, she was gone.

Kara curled up in a ball on the sofa, pulling her knees beneath her, squeezing the pillow hard, refusing to sob.

This was not her story. This was not her time.

She lie awake for hours, sniffing back tears, smiling up at the ceiling, thinking about Cat and all the adventures she could be having, thankful for the sound of her voice, for her kindness, even if she hadn’t said as much as she’d hoped. One day, she’d be back, and by then maybe, just maybe, Maggie would get her act together, Alex would be happy, and maybe then, it would be time.

After a long time, drawing da Duchess and da Jedi General sjlañfkjasñlh

At 1:06 am.

Kuroshitsuji Manga Arcs: Super Short Summaries

First Arc: This is Sebastian, he’s a butler; this is Ciel, he’s a little shit 

Jack the Ripper Arc: Here’s the basic plot set-up; oh you think this is painful don’t worry it only gets worse

Curry Arc: Sebastian invents the curry bun and Ciel begrudgingly makes a friend. 

Circus Arc: Everyone you love dies

Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater narrated by Arthur Conan Doyle

Luxury Liner Arc: The Titanic if it had zombies, grim reapers and a demon in it.

Public School Arc: Okay you know the song Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof 

Emerald Witch Arc: Grim Reapers, demons, and people with super strength and vision are totally real but to hell if there’s such a thing as a werewolf infested forest. 

Blue Cult Arc: England gets invaded by J-pop 

once upon a time

jikook, pg15, zombie apocalypse au (major character death!!)

a/n: my heart hurts. my brain hurts. everything hurts. I’m sorry for this. @classyrobots pls scream w me cho i’m writing jikook porn and angst at the same time what a life :’) o ye and I hope yall are doing better than me okay for the comeback otl why is it so b EA ut IFu l and sexual w Hy /sobs/

“remember that there was once a boy who loved you more than he loved life.”

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SORRY, nothing cute and cuddly this time haha. Tbh I think I have never had this much fun while drawing. I hope at least someone shares my undying (hehe) love for both zombies and Haikyuu.

This is about 8 to 9 months after the outbreak. I think Kenma would prove to be a sneaky, totally badass zombie killer. Also, Kuroo crudely cut Kenma’s hair short so the walkers couldn’t crab him so easily.