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ultimate dragon age meme: one villian


The Chantry teaches us that it is the hubris of men which brought the darkspawn into our world. The mages had sought to usurp Heaven, but instead, they destroyed it. They were cast out, twisted and cursed by their own corruption. They returned as monsters, the first of the darkspawn. They became a blight upon the lands, unstoppable and relentless. The dwarven kingdoms were the first to fall. And from the deep roads, the darkspawn drove at us again and again, until finally we neared annihilation…

I was watching Disney channel earlier and ‘What’s my Name?’ came on, and can I just say—-

This movie hasn’t come out yet, but Uma is already my queen. And I’m already rooting for Uma, Gil, and Harry, even though they’re not gonna win because their the antagonists.

Summary of the Port Mafia
  • Higuchi: Touch Akutagawa and you won't touch anything anymore.
  • Akutagawa: Angry Puppy Who Needs Love
  • Gin: Its a trap????
  • Chuuya: Short but deadly,damn he's fucking hot-
  • Kouyou: My sweet Kyouka come back to mommy dearest or DIE.
  • Kyuusaku: Toy Story Gone Wrong
  • Hirotsu: Black Butler for the elderly
  • Tachihara: She said he was a skater boy, he said see you later when you're dead
  • Motojirou: EVIL (Every Villian Is Lemon?)
  • Mori: I love Elise to death.
  • Elise: I'm a murdering tool for Mori's sake. But aren't I cute? ❤️

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two things stood out in this video to me. 1) "anxiety's the fairest of them all" and "dont worry everyone loves a villian" and 2) logan quickly calming anxiety down when he was getting frustrated and letting him continue speaking and all i'm saying is that prinxiety and analogical is alive and well

Mah dude


Guys, I'm so obsessed with Villianous, HELP

Seriously, I’ve known about it for THREE DAYS and I can’t stop making head canons and doodling comics and FUCK THE BODY HORROR. I LOVE IT.
But I’m also super duper on the female-to-male Trans Dr Flug train and like FUCK the way Tumblr is representing this evil anxiety nugget. He’s so perfect.
Yeah, and the whole really gnarly BDSM/masochist thing I see going on, I can’t get enough of this consensual shit, yo.
But that comes coupled with the cute aftercare, and anxiety soothing from BH that I can’t find enough of to sate me.
It’s also, surprisingly, really making me address my own personal self harm Shit (nothing has happened for years but I still have moments were I almost slip up), which is something I’ve intentionally avoided and Flug helps.
Its just really making me all bubbly inside.

That and Black Hat is hot as Fuck. MMMFFF

Sorry, I’m done. Expect a new art blog to keep up with my shitty art.

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I love the way that theres no antagonist in your fics.The only "evil" thing in the rival series is miscommunication. They both make mistakes and both fuck up but they're both extremely sorry for all that shit. It's so refreshing to see characters acting like people and not perfect humans who never make a mistake .They realize their mistakes and make sure to do better in the future . I tried to phrase that as best as I could but I'm not good with words , sorry 😂

one of the things that I loved about YOI is there was no ‘villian’ and it was definitely something I tried to carry across into Rivals!

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Hello! 😊 I was wondering if you had ever made a list of fic recs with Koga in them? I definitely ship InuKag but I love fics where Koga is the ex or has a crush on Kagome etc.! If you don't have a list for this could you maybe recommend one or two if any come to mind?! PS your fic recs give me life and the fact you tag them all so they can easily be found is so incredibly helpful and is very much appreciated!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

Originally posted by mintsugawara

Well I do know of fics where Koga is apart of the plot. Some of these fics he’s either the bad guy or the victim but I hope this is what you were looking for. 

Until You’re Mine by mangx3 I admit I didn’t read this all the way through. It’s very painful for me but the author is just so good at pulling all your strings. Koga and Kagome are happily married when Inuyasha comes back into the picture. Just that alone should let you know the drama and angst you are in for. 

Encore by Chicki-la-la is a nice oneshot where Koga cheats on Kagome.

Ever After by WhItE RaBbIt101 a complete royal AU where Kagome is engaged to marry Koga. 

Candy Hearts by Moonlight Princess77 another cute oneshot with Koga butting into InuKag XD 

Sweet Summer by Kitsune of the Wind is a complete fic! Short and Koga is a big flirt. 

Turn Back Time by MizuSenjo This one is kinda angsty but still good! Complete. (written in 2006) 

Moving On by The Story Mistress Koga is Kagome’s husband and he dies. Drama angst and InuKag. Complete. 

Loving with a Broken Heart by Echo-is-a-them Ex-boyfriend Koga. 

Call the man by InuFanGoddess LOL I know but this counts as ex boyfriend Koga. 

My Perfect Addiction is My Obsession by Madam Scorpio Koga and Kagome are married. 

Thank you so so so much I’m glad my lists are helpful to you! 

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hey! do you have any peter pettigrew headcanons?? i get that its super easy to reduce him to just a villain and obviously i despise him for betraying james and lily, but i'd love to see your thoughts on what he was like during his hogwarts years :)

  • he was the cutest, chubbiest kid in the world
  • full, round rosy cheeks
  • nose dusted with freckles
  • bright blue eyes
  • blonde hair in bowl cut
  • but he didn’t really grow out of the baby fat
  • he’s always been squat and cuddly and warm
  • he was a disappointment to his father, who left when he was young
  • to deal with the gaping hole in the household peter’s mother absolutely coddled him
  • she was the one who taught him how to bake, having fed him gorgeous treats since he was v young
  • they spend hours in the kitchen together when pete comes home from school, baking and dusting flour across each other’s noses and laughing and feeling the absence of his father ease
  • he’s a fairly soft kid?? spends a lot of time chasing butterflies, trading football cards, watching cartoons, etc
  • he’s nervous af when he goes to hogwarts, like, really nervous
  • but he sort of blindly stumbles out onto the platform, kisses his mum goodbye, palms sweaty on the handle of his suitcase
  • as soon as he gets on the train he’s hit by the sight and sound of these two, dark-haired, bright-eyed boys holding court
  • and he’s enthralled
  • bc they look just like the cartoon characters he grew up revering and he makes a beeline for them
  • at first he’s really nervous and awkward and sirius narrows his eyes at peter but james really doesn’t give af
  • bc they’re tiny and eleven and making friends
  • but then pete makes this really backhanded crack abt the chudley canons and sirius just starts laughing
  • and james’s mouth falls open and he links arms with pete
  • ‘you’re hanging out with us from now on, pettigrew’
  • james somehow rangles gangly, shy, 100% snark remus lupin into their compartment and it takes approximately 30 seconds of forced conversation before something just clicks
  • like remus is firing comments back at sirius and sirius is grinning and james is laughing and peter’s never felt so at home
  • all of them at hogwarts together is just a riot
  • peter and sirius actually get on really well?? like they’re usually together on raids and whatnot, sirius defends peter a lot, pete knows sirius’s boundaries and respects them but also knows how to make sirius laugh without getting under his skin
  • pete thinks the world of james and james thinks the world of pete
  • remus and peter are somehow the furthest apart and yet the closest together
  • they’re more like brothers, attuned to each others’ presence and more than content to just sit together than talk
  • but remus is often too quick for pete, making backhanded comments and having to explain things to him
  • in terms of the group dynamic pete is v good at diversions, at playing the victim
  • his simple spellwork is v solid
  • he’s also spends a shit-tonne of time in the kitchens
  • he’s always the one to go there for late-night supplies
  • by the time lily grows closer to their group she and pete are tight
  • like, he adores her
  • and they’re content to spend hours in the grounds making daisy chains or helping each other out in herbology or screaming their lungs out in the quidditch stands
  • he teaches her how to bake
  • they go to the kitchens and the house elves clear a little space on one of the benches and they bake cupcakes together pete lets her decorate them
  • he also gifts her pastel-coloured sweeties and sugar quills and plays gobstones with her in the common room
  • they get on spectacularly well and their dynamic tends to fit v easily with that of the other marauders
  • when it comes to making the marauders map pete was the one on design
  • he’s v proficient at simple charms?? like getting the ink to change colour, little animations, etc
  • but overall his sketches of the halls and layout is flawless
  • out of all of them, pete is easily the best at gift-giving
  • usually it’s homemade pies or sweets smuggled in from the shop or signed copies of quidditch posters
  • it’s no secret that he’s often one step removed from the boys and a fair bit less brilliant than them
  • so he spends a lot of his time listening
  • just listening
  • and watching
  • like making a note of which records sirius mentions
  • the days in his cycle when remus is most likely to slump or crave chocolate and pete always has some on hand
  • james is a tougher nut to crack
  • especially because he doesn’t really show when things get to him?? like avery’s jeers about how they’re on the loosing side, the 14 deaths mentioned in the prophet on monday, the worried look in lily’s eyes
  • and pete gets very good at recognising when james is down or needs company or when he doesn’t
  • and all of it, the little recordings, is what makes him such a good spy
  • bc he really flies under the radar
  • not only that, but he has raging self-esteem issues
  • he just doesn’t see himself as anywhere near as good as his brethren
  • and a lot of it stems from his father, feeling like he was never good enough
  • and pete thinks that they don’t appreciate him
  • but they do
  • they absolutely love him and treasure him and feel so comfortable with him
  • it’s just that as the war gets closer they become consumed with their own worries that they don’t even see pete going further and further inside himself
  • they don’t realise that he’s v fractured and cracked at that he’s slowly loosing the fight
  • and it’s because of his insecurities that pete becomes so much about self-preservation
  • the slightly more malicious side of him stuck to his brothers because he knew that they could protect him
  • the brighter side of him stuck with them because he was devoted to them, because he wanted to protect them back, because he loved them
  • but as he gets older it’s that undivided and complete devotion that really straddles the grey area
  • because it’s what ties him so sharply to voldemort
  • all pete really wants is to be safe, to be valued
  • it doesn’t excuse what he did
  • nothing will ever excuse what he did
  • it just makes it a little easier to understand the fractured, scared little boy and why he did it
  • but he still sold his best friends out to voldemort and fuck you pettigrew

Not gonna lie, I full on whimpered when I made that 2nd gif. Then I slowed it down a little bit …

And then I just wanted to cry. 

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TJ Tuesday - I’m sorry, but I appear to be buried in the feels at the moment. I’m gonna go curl up under a blanket now. 

I really need to rewatch PA soon.

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