i'm in love! i'm in love! and i don't care who knows it!!

To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.

I’ve been feeling really discouraged and lonely in my fanfic writing lately. While it may be true that I’m writing primarily for self-expression, I would also really like to write in community and have more feedback. I feel like I only get a tiny bit of that here and in the few scattered reviews I get on AO3 and FFN. I didn’t get much feedback at all on my last chapter and it was a bit demoralizing — I don’t know if it’s because my writing sucks, or if people dislike my take on things, or if it’s just a matter of people simply not having read it yet. 

I’d also really like to discover more fanfic and encourage other writers however I can. 

All that to say, does anyone know of any good online communities that involve sharing fic (particularly about Han x Leia)? I seem to remember stumbling across a Han x Leia writers blog at some point but I can’t remember the name. @graciecatfamilyband I might have stumbled upon it through one of your posts?

Anyway I just thought I’d throw this question out to the wind and see if it catches. If anyone has any pointers for this relatively new fic writer, it would be very much appreciated!

I'm in love

For a long time I thought it was the show. It’s so good. Really, really good. The acting, the writing, the production as a whole. Probably one of the best shows on television, period. I love Ben and Martin and Moffat and Gatiss and the whole lot. I love the mysteries (for whatever their faults), the romance, the drama, the Easter eggs in the plot, the little details that slip by unnoticed until you re-watch an episode for the thousandth time and finally see them.

I love Sherlock. I really do.

But I’m in love with its fandom.

I’m in love with the way a crack post will suddenly explode with reblogs, modulating a joke until it becomes an inside one.

I’m in love with the way that a fic writer can make me laugh out loud, and cry rivers of tears, and startle me into a gasp at an unexpected plot turn, and make me hold my breath in anticipation of (finally) the (love confession)(hand grab)(kiss).

I’m in love with the way fan art is not only created, but shared for free, and tagged with the artist’s name for easy reference later.

I’m in love with the way someone is able to agree, and disagree, and maybe point out where you’re not seeing something, and then point out where they think you’re seeing something they hadn’t.

I’m in love with The Discourse.

I’m in love with the fanon shorthand, the way things can be alluded to without necessary explanation, until a sweet anon asks in someone’s inbox and then is given a loving introduction.

I’m in love with the thoughtful long posts and the detailed meta, the shitposting and manips, the vids and the graphics, the ficlets, the prompts, the analysis, the lamenting and longing during hiatus.

I’m in love with the creativity that bursts and blooms from one person only to be watered by the next, creating a chain that, if anyone tried, could never really be traced back to a solitary source.

I’m in love with the acts of love that are made here, in our shared space, created in the gaps left for us by a few people who happened to make a little show about a detective and the army doctor he falls in love with, and a few years back, had the chance to put it on the telly.

Wish I wasn’t so fucking sensitive haha

also you know what?

while I’m here and while I’m pissed off, let me say something really important. 

I know tumblr loves to mock superwholock bloggers and people who love John Green books and all that shit, but please realize that a lot of people in those fandoms are kids. 

a lot of superwholock bloggers are like

13-15 years old

a lot of people who enjoy John Green books are in the same age bracket. 

these are kids. they’re fucking kids and tumblr has this thing about publicly humiliating them. 

I don’t care how annoying you think they are- I’m sure you were really goddamn annoying when you were 13! and yet you most likely didn’t have fucking twenty year olds bullying you.

because that’s what it is. adults bullying children. 

I know that the shows and books are problematic. I know these kids think some problematic shit, but so did you when you were 13. you weren’t born spouting feminist theory. 

I see a lot of posts that were made by some kid in one of these fandoms, that gained thousands of notes after someone added a mocking comment. and it depresses me because sometimes I’ll try to go to the OP’s blog and I’ll be redirected to a “not found” page. these are kids who deleted their fucking blogs because adults thought it was funny to laugh at them. 

I know you don’t like the fandom. I know that it’s problematic. but publicly crucifying kids is not okay. it’s not a joke. it’s disgusting that so many adults who claim to be so accepting find it okay to bully children.

lowkey i kind of wanted to continue nick hoult as r’s main fc cuz people recognize him from the movie and i feel like that would draw more people in but at the same time perry’s completely novel based so why the heck shouldn’t r be??


The Flash OTPs + Zombies
requested by eaglesforthecup

The sad story of Gehrman and Lady Maria

Gehrman, an acquaintance of Master Willem and Laurence in Byrgenwerth, had always been known as a skilled fighter. In fact, he was so skilled that Laurence came to him to ask for help when the beastly plague threatened Yharnam because of Laurence’s extensive distribution of healing blood. So Gehrman founded the Hunter’s Workshop and transformed his skill into an artform. He started crafting formidable weapons, every single one of them unique and expertly made. He trained other talented individuals to become hunters and showed his own capabilities out on the hunt. Naturally, his students admired him a great deal and he was respected by everyone.

One day, a new student joined his workshop. A young noblewoman who had just come from Cainhurst Castle – Lady Maria. Gehrman, also still quite young at the time, was immediately intrigued by her; after all Maria was a very skilled fighter. Maria had heard about the hunters and their leader before and she was excited to be a part of them. Much like all the other students she admired Gehrman a lot and was maybe even infatuated with him. However, neither of them acted on their feelings or realized the other’s feelings, so both ended up thinking all they had was a professional relationship. They hunted together, fought together, suffered together and all that had probably forged quite a tight bond between them.

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bc i don’t care for mcu tony i love love love that t’challa is really not team tony at all. he’s team justice, and he has more reason to be angry than any other main character in this film. he doesn’t even care so much for the politics of it, he just wants things to be right. he doesn’t have so much as a conversation with tony because he couldn’t care less who tony is, he’s just resourceful enough to know that teaming up with this people will help him get what he wants.

(and of course, by the end, when he’s realised that 1. he was misinformed about everything that’s happened, and 2. justice > vengeance, the only person whose team he can really be said to be on, apart from himself, is bucky.)

“you can only write m/m if you’re a man who loves men”
“you can only write f/f if you’re a woman who loves women”
“you can only write fiction about or write characters who are xxxxx and do/love xxxxx if you the author are also a xxxxx person who does/loves xxxxx”

“otherwise it’s inherently purely fetishistic and you’re actively hurting actual xxxxx people”

please. shut the up???


“Laurent had appeared beneath an archway. Damen’s breath left him in a rush as he took him in: Laurent stood beneath the smooth white stone, the tangle of vines and wisteria matching the laurel that was balanced delicately atop his head, the rich green leaves gold-tipped. His hair was woven into a long braid that went diagonally across the back of his head and ended resting over his bare left shoulder, elegant as spun gold. He wore a white chiton with gold embroidery that resembled Damen’s, neither garment more elaborate than the other, though Laurent’s had a long overfold that flowed from the clasp of royal vermilion at his shoulder down to the backs of his knees. The soft twilight made him breathtaking, his pale limbs bare.

When Damen met his gaze, Laurent smiled, a genuine, joyful expression, nothing repressed or held back, and Damen’s heart moved in his chest. Laurent’s blue eyes were shining and looked nowhere but at him. Damen felt a little stunned.

Laurent came to stand before him and Damen thought, he will always be mine. Laurent’s smile had softened, the expression startlingly gentle, and his hands came up to cup Damen’s cheeks, thumbs brushing away the wetness there. If not for the emotion in his chest, Damen might’ve flushed. He hadn’t noticed that tears had come.”

A Firm Hold of My Heart - punktius

I like to think that God melts
when children write Him letters
and maybe He’s not as raging
as I like to believe He is
maybe He is as real
as my desire to be held
but I push and I push
knowing He has better things to do
than sit with me in my loneliness.

but maybe God is as contradictory
as the peacefulness of rushing waves
as complex as a man who filled
His lungs with bloody, ravaging sin
and all for us, all for love,
a perfect sacrifice for imperfect souls
so lost they don’t even care
that He rose to save them from death.

maybe God can save the world
the hero of New York
the savior for the sinners
maybe He can judge us all.

but also be a ruler of the universe
that feels as much as us
and just as He is wrath and anger
He is also love and comfort
and just as I am hurting
so is He grieving.

maybe He sighs in awe
at the wonder of a baby first born
or watches us glow in admiration
as a sunset burns on our faces
maybe He likes to laugh
until His stomach hurts
maybe He cries just as we
when someone we love rejects us.

I like to think that God melts
when children write Him letters
just as He rejoices
when someone new enters heaven
maybe He is more than
a deity that hates impurity
that damns the sinners
and cursing mouths
and anything else that doesn’t
fit in our boxes well enough.

maybe He loves us all
maybe He adores our souls
even when we are doubtful
and fleeting, maybe He enjoys
our existing.

in my chapbook The Morning After Relapse

Hey, guys.

So, I’m looking to follow some new blogs, considering many of the things I look at on my dash are from fandoms I am either no longer involved with or things I’ve never been involved with.

I’d like to see more Hannibal, Rooster Teeth, Markiplier, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who. :)

Please help me by signal boosting this, and I’ll follow whomever reblogs this, if you mainly post things the things I’ve listed if I don’t follow you already <3

Thank you!


I just wanted to say happy 20th anniversary to Resident Evil! This is my collection so far. I’ve only known about the games for half the time it has existed, but I still love them as much as anyone. I also dressed up as Jill because why not.

 I thought maybe some of my lovely followers could also post pictures of their collections and maybe some of you can dress up as your favorite character too! I don’t care how big or small your collection is, how many years you’ve loved the games, or if you can’t find clothes that match your favorite character closely enough, just have some fun and celebrate a ridiculous game that came out 20 years ago. Also, make sure you @ me so I see your pictures!