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(click to de-blur) spaaaace.png is complete! I think this is the first time I’ve actually full-on painted normal human skin lol.

(Zosma belongs to @feth - I hope you like how it (especially the eye) turned out!! I really wanna hear the backstory behind that btw owo)

Speedpaint below:

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How would the 2p!s (Canada America Francios Zao Luciano Oliver) react that their S/o can't have any children

2p Canada:

-He’s fine with it. He’d never really wanted kids, since he’s afraid of being a terrible father, so hearing that you can’t have them is honestly a bit of a relief. Still, if you want to adopt kids, he’ll support your decision.

2p America:

-He’s a bit crestfallen, but quickly tells you that the two of you can just adopt if you want kids. The important thing is having a family, whether or not the child(ren) are biologically yours.

2p France:

-Good. He feels like he screwed up when he was raising Canada, so he’s more than okay with the fact that you can’t bear children. If you’re adamant about adopting a child, then he’ll reluctantly go along with it.

2p China:

-He’s relieved. He doesn’t want children, so knowing that you can’t give him kids makes him pretty happy. If you want to adopt he’ll actually try to talk you out of it.

2p Italy:

-He’s never really thought about having children, so he’s not sure how to feel about it. He decides it’s best to just not think about it. When it comes to adoption, he’ll really have to consider his stance on children before he’s able to tell you what he wants. But if having a little rascal or two running around makes you happy, then he’ll acquiesce and let you adopt.

2p England:

-Unsurprisingly, he’s a touch upset, but he doesn’t let you see that. He really wanted to have a family with you. He brightens up when he realizes that adoption is an answer to the problem, and will bring it up to you. But if that’s not what you want, he’ll accept your decision, since your happiness is more important.

None of them will think any less of you for not being able to have children. They love you, not your ability to have babies. 


【ヘタリア】にょたりあまとめ by 飛んでった

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

I love how lams sounds like such a cute and fluffy ship name, but in real life it’s full of angst, never ending death and censored letters.

So. I am complete and utter trash. This was inspired by this post by @ask-gerfra

(I hope you enjoy– Ladybug!Ludwig and ChatNoir!Francis)

“How does one romance another?” Francis bemoaned, slouching at his table in dismay.

Antonio laughed and patted him on the shoulder. “It is a surprise that you are asking me this, Francis. You are the most wanted boy in Paris.”

“I don’t want to woo a fan!” Francis exclaimed. “This is serious! I want to flirt and be flirted with!”

“Ooh, what’s this I hear about flirting?” Gilbert slid into his seat with a mischievous expression. “Don’t tell me the most chaste boy in school wants some?”

Francis shot him a look and Antonio once again, bless his soul, did not read the atmosphere. “Francis wants to woo someone!”

“Who? Who? Oh wait, wait, let me guess…” Gilbert hummed to himself and pressed on his temples dramatically for a few seconds. Francis raised his eyebrow, utterly unamused. “Is it… nope, lost it.”

Antonio, who was enraptured with Gilbert’s display, deflated slightly at the lack of result. “Well, Francis, who is it?”

Francis bit back a beam and settled for a small smile as he thought about his love. He was stoic and strong and ever so loyal. He had certain smiles and a certain roll of the eyes saved just for Francis (or so he liked to think). And while he often dismissed Francis’s copious flirting, Francis could tell that his love’s stone wall was slowly crumbling.

“Whoever it is, they’re one lucky bastard,” Gilbert said brashly, starting to laugh.

“Don’t swear so loudly.” Ludwig slipped into his seat quietly, taking his folders out for history. “It’s-” he suddenly cut off and slammed his mouth shut, opting for silence.

Francis mentally shrugged; this was just another of his sort-of friend’s quirks. He had come to accept it. They weren’t super close, anyhow. He only knew Ludwig from that first day (however dramatic it was) and through Gilbert and Antonio.

“C'mon Francis, you gotta tell!” Gilbert prodded, leaning forwards on his table to get his face closer to Francis’s. “Don’t leave us hanging!”

“You all would laugh at me,” Francis said stubbornly, avoiding Gilbert’s gaze. His eyes settled on his ribbon bracelet and he fiddled with his absentmindedly.

“We would not laugh! Right, Gilbert, Ludwig?” Antonio protested, railing for their support.

“‘Course not!” Gilbert’s mirthful eyes said the opposite of his words and Francis kept his mouth shut, even pretending to zip it shut. “I am under oath!”

“Forgive me if I do not believe you, Gilbert,” Francis added.

“Aw, Francis! I’m trustworthy!” Gilbert said, affronted. “Right, Luddy? Totally trustworthy!”

“It’s Ludwig, and… and sure, Gilbert…” Ludwig murmured softly, reaching into his bag to grab a pencil and pen. Once he had the writing tools he flipped them through his fingers methodically, as if trying to distract himself or give himself something to do.

“Please, Francis?” Antonio stretched the words out and gave him a pleading look. And while Antonio may be oblivious to his naturally adorable nature, neither Francis nor Gilbert were.

Gilbert shot Francis a look that very clearly said, 'are you really going to turn him down?’. Francis sighed and conceded.

“Fine… I think I… have a very serious crush on… Ladybug.” Francis’s voice trailed off into a whisper by the end of his sentence and his friends stared at him in the growing silence. Ludwig’s face turned a little pink, Francis wondered if he was coming down with something.

“Dude…” Gilbert took a deep breath. “Everyone has a crush on Ladybug.” Ludwig’s face grew a little darker and Francis considered asking if he was okay.

“But I don’t think this is just… a 'crush’,” he said, making air quotes.

“You love him?” Antonio questioned. “Like, full-on, initials-in-hearts love?”

Gilbert groaned. “Toni, that’s the sign of a crush, not love.”

“Oh, really?” Antonio looked genuinely confused for a few moments. “I thought that was true love, like how Bella says in all of her movies she watches.”

“Toni, you can’t base you knowledge on love off of your little sister’s disney movies…”

And just like that, the topic moved off of Francis’s love life– or lack thereof. He joined the conversation at appropriate times and forgot about asking Ludwig if he was feeling alright, since Francis was certain that he wasn’t supposed to look that red naturally.

“Chat Noir, keep up! You said you wanted to patrol together tonight, are you backing out?” Ladybug called out behind himself, slightly irritated with his partner. Ladybug had homework and a test to study for, and if the patrol took too long then he would be up into the wee hours of the morning.

“I would never back out of a once in a lifetime experience!” Chat Noir stated fervently but with an air of theatrics.

“Chat, we are partners. And, as the word dictates, we work together all of the time. This is not once in a lifetime.” Ladybug chastised without missing a beat.

Chat Noir smiled to himself and ran across a rooftop to catch up with his partner. While Ladybug sounded more scolding than anything, Chat could sense the teasing lilt in his voice.

Also, Chat Noir was not behind Ladybug because he was slow (though he had no comment on whether or not he would win a race). The reason he had opted to drag slightly was because Ladybug looked so unbelievably good when he was, well, patrolling. Jumping, running, being all-around amazing– all part of the job for Ladybug.

Chat Noir was so in love.

“Ladybug, I must tell you something!” Chat Noir said suddenly, stopping on a particularly flat roof and leaning on his baton. He had made sure to catch up to Ladybug so he would not have to double back too much.

Ladybug stopped and turned his head, not willing to walk over quite yet. “Yes?”

“It’s very important to me!” Chat Noir added, a smirk landing on his face. He absentmindedly flicked some of his hair out of his face. When he transformed his hair became even longer than it was normally and occasionally, his luscious locks got in the way of fighting.

“Okay…” Ladybug obviously still doubted him yet he walked over to where Chat Noir was standing. “Chat, if this is another joke–”

“Erm…” Chat Noir stopped. He tried to think of another excuse, frantically, as he did not want to make Ladybug angry.

“Well… it’s okay to take breaks every once in a while,” Ladybug conceded, a genuine, tiny smile on his face. Chat Noir lit up and beamed a cheshire grin.

“What’s a cat’s way of keeping law and order?” Chat asked, eyes full of mirth and tail flicking playfully.

“I don’t know, Chat, do tell,” Ladybug said easily. Ladybug was so often stressed and uptight that Chat Noir was delighted that Ladybug felt comfortable enough to be at ease with him.

“Claw enforcement!” Chat Noir snickered and leaned on his baton.

Ladybug groaned in good nature, rolling his eyes.

“Aw, you have to admit that was a good one,” Chat teased. Ladybug started walking away and Chat chased after him. “Okay, I got a better one. What kind of cat will keep your grass short?”

“I’m sure it’s very important to saving Paris.” Ladybug said in an almost snarky tone of voice.

“A lawn meower- hey, my jokes are imperative to saving Paris.” Chat Noir protested in faux offence.

Ladybug made one of his famous noncommittal noises, “Mmhmm…”

Chat thought for a moment. “Here’s a favorite: what’s a cat’s favorite color?”

Ladybug stopped near a chimney. “Let me guess… purr-ple?”

“Yes! Ladybug, you’re getting good at cat jokes.” Chat Noir praised, his genuine excitement for this development showing through his words.

Ladybug let out a small laugh; Chat beamed. “I’m not sure that is a good thing, Chat. Besides,” he added, readying his yo-yo to throw. “You’re quite the… clawful.”

Chat Noir’s jaw dropped and he stared, dumbfounded, as Ladybug twisted and jumped away after dropping that pun. Chat stood there for another solid ten seconds, reviewing that moment dozens of times over in his head.

He sighed. Chat Noir knew, especially now, that he was in way too deep.

Sassy horned owl and floating lettuces.

  • France: Hey, Angleterre, you know how you always say I'm a frog?
  • England: Yes, of course. I am the one who says it so I'm sure I know I s-
  • France: OkAY.
  • England: ...
  • France: Any ways. If you don't like me being a frog, how about you kiss me so I can become your prince?
  • England: ....
  • France: So, what do you think? *winks*
  • England: That was the cheesiest pick up line I have ever heard. Get out now.
L’art de plaire est l’art de tromper || drlecterpsychiatrist

     The landscape she usually enjoys watching is barely visible from above the clouds. Resting her head on the plastic surface next to the window, she lets escape a light sigh. Deep down she wishes she could catch a last glimpse of the country she’s leaving, but perhaps it’s better that way. Leaving. Again. However, this time she isn’t alone. 

     The blonde woman slightly turns her head and looks at the man sitting next to her. Hannibal Lecter. The former patient she followed to the airport before taking a plane to disappear. With him. Her eyes leave his figure to focus on the other passengers. How many of them are aware of what happened some hours ago in Baltimore? Probably no one. They left too quickly.

     A stewardess walks down the aisle, proposing drinks to the passengers traveling in first class. “Jus d'orange, eau, champagne?” she keeps repeating, the sound of her voice pulling Bedelia out of her thoughts. Hannibal takes a glass of champagne, but she refuses the drinks politely. “Non, merci.” As the young woman leaves, he turns his head toward the older. She looks at him a moment before giving him a little smile. 

     Hannibal focuses on something else and leaves her with her thoughts again. Several minutes pass without any of them pronouncing a single word, only the constant sound of the aircraft engines is audible. Eventually she breaks the silence with her quiet voice. “I have to thank you to take me to France. Even if our departure was somewhat hurried after you arrived to my home, it’s a pleasure to travel in your company.”

"Yeah, I speak two other languages"
  • English speaking countries: WOW, that's amazing!
  • Europe: Soooo... You good at maths or something?