i'm in france okay

I love how lams sounds like such a cute and fluffy ship name, but in real life it’s full of angst, never ending death and censored letters.

Sassy horned owl and floating lettuces.

okay so I can’t get rid of modern AU Feuilly headcanon, where he was emancipated at 16; he studied the laws and worked on his case for months, saving up the money and finding an attorney. And it was really the only thing he could do, if only so he could keep the money he had been earning, so he could stay in this city to finish high school. which he did - and maybe he’ll get to go to school again someday, but he graduated, and that’s something. That’s huge.

And people always assume he’s older than he actually is, because he’s been taking care of himself for so long. and it shows in all the little things he talks about, his first jobs and his first apartments and how long ago was it? and all the things he knows how to do and has done for years that make his friends wonder exactly how old he is, because he sounds like he’s years and years older than he is. 

(and his friends wonder and talk about it when he’s not around, with a hint of guilt, because it isn’t their business - Feuilly is just a private person, they know, but they wonder exactly how long he’s been on his own - and when Feuilly tells them, not as a confession but more as a thing that he didn’t think they would be interested in knowing about him - well, then someone calculates how long it’s probably been since he’s been hugged. and I think you can tell where this is going…)