i'm in detroit sorry


“He’s played through a lot of pain, and he’s had some serious adversities he’s had to face so I’m just really happy for him and it’s an amazing accomplishment.” - Dylan Larkin on Henrik Zetterberg playing his 1000th career NHL game

To Everyone Who Says, “There’s always next year:”

No, no there isn’t. Yes, the team can come back and be in the playoffs again next year, but it won’t be the same team. Some players will get traded, some will quietly retire, coaches will leave, assistant coaches will be promoted or replaced, equipment managers or medic guys will change teams or will retire, someone in the organization will leave or move on or retire. Point is, no one team is ever the same, something always changes. So when someone on Tumblr says, “I just thought that this would be the year. That this would be the year that this team, won the Cup,” when they say ‘this team,’ they mean everyone specifically apart of this one team, from this one season. There’s never been two exact teams who have won the Cup, always a different team every year. So to all those Jets fans, Pens fans, Sens fans, Blues fans, Preds fans, Canucks fans, Wings fans, Islanders fans, Wild fans, Flames fans, Habs fans, Caps fans and now Rangers fans, I’m so sorry that your team this year wasn’t able to lift that Cup at the end of the season, I’m so sorry your team’s season ended so damn soon this year. I’m sorry, that your team just wasn’t it this year, no matter how much you loved them and wanted them to be the one, I’m sorry.