i'm in desperate need of a rewatch

First I HAVE to talk about how Minako is positioned versus everyone else.

She has – or again, more accurate to say Usagi’s brain has – put Minako on Usagi’s level. Usagi’s on the ground, so Minako’s going to get down on ground level too. It’s an equalizing gesture that nobody else has, and it’s significant in that.

(EVERYTHING is significant. I mean I could sit here for another few hours talking about clothing choices to the order they’re lined up and the way they’re standing. EVERYTHING is created by Usagi’s subconscious, so every last detail is worth examining. But I’m already like an hour on this, so I may come back to it later. Someone feel free to shoot me an Ask on it to make sure.)

To Usagi, Minako is a constant shared presence, her partner in crime. Whether it’s being late for school, or trying to wheedle someone into sharing their homework, or an elaborate spy mission on someone new and cute, Usagi and Minako are in it together.

This “plan” had Usagi excluded by necessity, but Minako’s body language is further assurance that it wasn’t personal. Usagi and Minako are still brain twins, and they’ve lost none of that connection they share.

Which is beautifully complimented by the fact that Minako is totally taking the piss out of Usagi. Again, I think my translation is a bit rough, and this’ll all make a bit more sense when we have the rest of the conversation in a second. Basically though, this is Minako playing on Mako’s assurance by like “Yeah, well you’re KIND of trouble.” But noting, again, that Minako’s situated at Usagi’s level, so silently adding “AND I AM TOO.”

It’s interesting how Rei and Minako balance out against Mako and Ami. Mako and Ami provide the easily digested straightforward love, meanwhile Rei and Minako have the more complicated layers that add the weight and ground everything. Usagi’s presented all four of them in all the ways that make them who they are, because that’s exactly how she needs them.

I think that’s what kills me most about this scene. Usagi’s love for her girls is poured into every last detail. Part of what makes this so convincing to Usagi is in the many ways they’re so alive to her, and that makes the loss she’s feeling for them that much more devastating.