i'm in awe of a lot of humans

I find myself wanting to scream an awful lot thinking about the state of this nation; to take to the streets and riot and yell:
WE ARE HUMANS all the same
WE ARE HUMANS fighting to remain
We were on our way to becoming great but now we are being ruled by hate, by fear, by bigotry.
I have so many fears but I can tell you this:
We will not be silent.
We will not be erased.
We will rise.
—  this is the resistance.

If she is your sister and I am her aunt,
          what does that make us?
                     N o t h i n g.

Four Leaves to a Clover- The King, the Princess, the Knight and the Dragon

Drabble Request from Sophaoat

Or When Humanity in a Handbag writes a Drabble and it’s 40 Fucking Plus Pages Please Let’s Just Pretend It’s a Drabble Okay? Okay.

According to tradition, such leaves bring good luck to their finders, especially if found accidentally. In addition, each leaf is believed to represent something: the first is for faith, the second is for hope, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck.

In which grief is merely a way to leave your tears in a trail: One must learn to follow them eventually.

For sophaoat (and also dainesanddaffodils who co-requested it at one point), who requested this a long time ago, and was going to receive a 2000 word quick drabble but is instead receiving this 40 some odd page monster.

Darling, I tried. Oh god did I try.

For those who don’t know, I was challenged to write a drabble that included the topics of “will you marry me?”, “I’m pregnant” and one other surprising factor that I totally forgot but let’s just pretend it was “SURPRISE!” and my brain took that and was like, yes… I can angst that… oh hell to the yes I can…

For thatchickwiththeheadphones who has been waiting for this, and who inspired the ending, because I just couldn’t. I honestly just couldn’t. Sometimes I have to give in and make sure that even angst has a happy ending. And because, girl, you’ve done literally nothing but support me on this one. So thank you for giving me the boost I needed to finish it. It really, truly helped.

For gigiree, because girl your angst is actually the greatest and yet you take the time to rave with me about my stuff. And from my home in the seas I’m saluting you right now. 

And a special shout out to likethestarsthat-shine. Because girl you met me in the fucking city to rave about this stupid story. 

And artbymaureen, who’s wonderful pictures of Butterfly Bog Family Fluff helped me so much with reference stuffs. You have been so supportive of me darling. And I am so endlessly grateful. Thank you. If you haven’t checked her out, please do!!!

And for anyone who has literally done nothing but support me while I was going insane with long work weeks and not enough time to write (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, you guys are the best, I’m getting to reviewing all your stuff and writing my own, and now that this is finally finished I feel like I can actually get to completing and publishing more and it’s all thanks to you. You’re the best. Now take this before I go insane. 

It would all begin, they supposed, when marriage became something neither could avoid any longer. 

It would have happened eventually. They all knew that it had to. Everyone had expected it, and everyone in both Kingdoms nearly flew into a tizzy at the idea of the two star crossed lovers (who would have rather taken insult to the idea that anything between them was remotely star crossed thank you very much) finally tying a knot that was already far gone in its entanglement. 

Some loved it.

Most hated it. And hisses, growls and pinched looks were all too common, the idea of a Fairy and a Goblin almost too different for anyone to stomach. Then again, they’d always been different. Even when the idea of going through with a ceremony had, in its own way, been nothing anyone had expected.

“I thought there’d be more fire,” Dawn told Sunny honestly, whispering from the side of her mouth while clapping for the wildly uncomfortable couple who’d been corralled atop a platform to wave regally at the large crowd. “Or, you know, at least one kidnapping.”

“I was expecting a song,” he tipped back on his heels, smiling when Marianne shot him a thumbs up. “Something rock and roll.”

“Huh. Yeah. I guess it’s weird they didn’t do that either.”

“I don’t know if he could’ve done an encore to Mistreated-”

“He’s Boggy, Sunny, he’d find a way to do it.”

“Too true.” His fingers wound through hers and she gave them a light squeeze, beaming up at Bog who was looking a little more pallid than he should have been, hunching down at a new barrage of whistles and hoots, his smile shy and his eyes bright. Clawed hands found themselves filled with long Fae fingers and Dawn had to let out a long, dreamy sigh. 

“They’re just so perfect together, aren’t they?”

“Mmhmm… Wait. How did he do it again?”



She shrugged. “Nothing big, really. Which was a shock. He just sorta… asked. I kinda thought there’d be more. But, I mean, she seemed happy. And they’ve talked about it for a while, so who’m I to complain, right!?”

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There seems to be some measure of conflict between Doflamingo fans and Crocodile fans. Some people hate both, some people like both, but a lot of people seem to like one and dislike the other–kind of an “our walking scumbag is better than your walking garbage pile” kind of situation. 

And since Crocodile and Doflamingo are such similarly god-awful horrendous human beings, I suspect that it comes down a lot to who the fans in question find attractive. Are these people attracted to the Steven Segal look-alike with gaudy jewelry and 5 jars worth hair grease on his scalp? Or are they attracted to the gangly bird-man who dresses like a frat boy half his age at a pool party in Rio? I think that’s the real question at stake here

If you claim to be pro-animal rights and against animal cruelty, then you should also realise that every single goddamn animal is a living thing and a lot of the crap that Tumblr writes off as cute is actually disgusting animal malpractise and abuse. 

Small pufferfish puffed up and out of the water? Animal cruelty.
That jellyfish tank? Blatant cruelty.
Animal is stressed and the person is adding to that stress/not alleviating it? Awful.
I don’t care if you hate spiders/snakes, too, but they’re just as alive as humans are and if you use the excuse of “well I don’t know if it’s dangerous!” then you might as well go parading around killing humans as well because hey one might be dangerous one might kill you. 
Animals killing humans is anomalous, often the fault of the human, and the animal/species usually pays worse than the human did

Get over yourselves and your human-centric lines of thought. 

Guardian Angel AU || Minene & Shizuo

   For the angel Shizuo, there was no greater job than being a guardian of the human world and all those who lived there. Floating in an endless state of being with no true sense of time, he watched the lives of the human beings as they lived, each doing his or her absolute best to survive and have a life of meaning.

   It was as close to the human world as Shizuo could ever possibly get for he was simply an angel, never able to touch the world, but always floating above it and watching the people who lived so that when their time to die arrived, Shizuo would be able to convey his thoughts on their final judgement to God and the higher angels. This was the way Shizuo spent his everlasting existence, constantly watching and never truly living.

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