i'm in a roost!

so apparently someone made a survey of favourite destiel fic authors (that someone being @unforth-ninawaters​), and somehow i’m ranked as 5th favourite????!?! thaNK YOU people who put my name down????? my mother is gonna be thrilled (and then ask why i’m not #1)

on another note, i’ve spent the last two days of my life painting my room purple after literally 8 years (and i mean literally, not figuratively, or exaggeratively), trying get my health up enough that i could paint a hecking wall. it. is. done. THE WALLS ARE PURPLE


AND DEAR GOD I AM EXHAUSTED IT’S 3AM everything hurts i’m dying i need to sleep

k bye

links to all 65 of my destiel fics on ao3, because of reasons

some favourites:

and my newest fic (which i’m changing the summary for right now because nobody knows what it’s meant to be):


anonymous asked:

Consider the following: Smol SS climbing people like a goddamned spidermonkey. I'm 4'1" and into competitive paintball, so I tend to use my friends as mobile sniping roosts since I'm all of 90lbs. So now I just imagine the confusion as the companion's tiny buddy literally climbs them to shoot a fucker. Danse would be ideal. Strong would be sufficient. Or them just getting used to the SS climbing on them in crowds to see what's going on. Could make for a funny or cute dynamic. Whatcha think?

I 100% SUPPORT THIS. The mental image of them on Danse is SO good.