i'm in a mood tonight what can i say

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What if the bros crush was high key crushing on them but they try and act cool about it. Then one day they see the bros and say "sup hot stuff- I mean, good looking- ah, what I meant to say is you look sexy. I should shut up. I'm gonna hide in the corner of shame, don't look at me." And this happened in front of all the brothers. How would they react? Thanks!


He doesn’t hear the words you say, but instead hears them in a different way.  You love him too.

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“No, hey! Wait, come back!”


You totally caught him off guard.  He doesn’t even know what to say.

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“Well, yeah, even I think I’m hot but – wait what’d you say…?”

He literally cannot shut up for the next five hours.

“Hey guys, they think I’m hot!!”

Right now, Alex and Maggie are on a date at the pinball bar

trying to win each other prizes on the basketball game that just got installed, and when Lesbian Fashion Icon™ Maggie Sawyer raises her arms to shoot, her tank rides up just enough for Baby Gay™ Alex Danvers to spot the band of her RodeoHs peeking up over her jeans, and Alex almost dies.

Followed by flirtatious banter along the lines of “That’s hot but a little  presumptuous of you, Sawyer. Who says you’re getting laid tonight?”, “Take it easy, Danvers. Did you consider that maybe it’s just laundry day?”

This has totally happened, just sayin ; )

  • ace: sabo! you know what time is it?
  • sabo: it's evening, 8:27 pm. why?
  • ace: that's not what i mean. look, which season is it?
  • sabo: fall.
  • ace: oh sabo! time or day!
  • sabo: 8:29 pm.
  • ace: are you kidding me?
  • sbo: no? what do you want from me?
  • marco: sabo, babe yoi?
  • sabo: yes?
  • marco: it's snowing, yoi. haruta and ace had tell me this afternoon, yoi.
  • sabo: what do you mean? yes, it's snowing, it's evening and it's 8:35 pm
  • ace: okay, okay. what day is it?
  • sabo: the last fall day?
  • ace: he forgot it...?
  • marco: looks like it, yoi.
  • sabo: but what?!
  • ace: go away. i sleep at luffys place tonight!
  • sabo: hey wait! .... marco?
  • marco: normally, i'm the one who forget something like this, yoi. it's the last day of fall and every year on this day we drink hot chocolate and watching a movie, yoi.
  • sabo: oh damn it! i really forget it. shit.
  • marco: relax, you can say sorry tomorrow when he has a better mood.
  • sabo: i'm so sorry marco!
  • marco: it's okay, but try to remember next time, yoi.
  • sabo: i will do my best.
  • marco: sit down, i will make hot chocolate, yoi.
  • sabo: no, it's my mistake. i will make it. sit down and read your book.
  • marco: okay, thanks yoi.
  • special thanks to @marcoacesabo

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What Disney princesses/characters would the cast be? (Don't ask, I'm watching Disney rn and I was in the mood for NDRV3 boi's in princess dresses)

cAn yOu fEeL tHe LoVe ToNiGhT????????????

ok so. i didn’t really make it just princesses (because i don’t know too many princesses wHOOPS) but yeah

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