i'm in a epic mood today

You are all incredible.

We’ve made it through so much together, through numerous ships (Forwood, Steroline, Klayley, Klamille etc.) and haters and horrible writers and all we seem to do is get stronger. 

We are invincible. We are a massive amount of people who came together and bonded over their love of this one pairing and how incredible is that? I haven’t met everyone in the fandom, in fact I’ve probably only met about a forth of all of you but it’s thanks to you guys that I can get out of bed in the morning happy. And it’s thanks to you guys that I have the confidence and sass to get through a day of school and then come back here where I feel at home.

I don’t care how tonight ends, because for me this ship has become more than just the two characters who may or may not kiss and finally get their moment. 

I’ve heard it called a movement and a family and that is what we are. We are not a fandom anymore. We are a gang. A family. And I will stand up for my family against the writers, the haters and the other shippers that want to put us down no matter what happens. 

No matter how big or small you think your blog is, no matter hoe many “famous” bloggers you interact with or no matter when you started shipping in the first place, tonight is ours. Tonight is the night where we either get what we’ve been waiting for or we don’t. But either way we come on top because I guarantee you that we’re not going anywhere. We’re not jumping ship and we’re sure as hell not letting Julie Plague or the haters win. 

For all of you live watching I wish you luck and I hope you end up leaping off your couch from happiness and you fangirl so hard that you start to hyperventilate. I hope that there’s at least one of you (besides myself) that will sit there and see it happening and you will smile, and then you will feel that small glimmer of hope inside of you for the first time in almost a year. And you might cry out of happiness before biting your lip and telling yourself that you knew it. 

Because like Klaus, we will wait. Whether it be a year, or a century (which will probably not be likely) we will wait for Klaroline. They will be the last epic love for one another and nothing anyone says can change that.