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Time for controversial opinions about doctors and werewolves:
So, from what I gather about the TGS fanbase is that there are quite a few people who ship Jasper and Jekyll which I have an issue with for two reasons.

1. Jekyll is an adult. Just based off of his character design, the way he interacts with other characters and if arythrusa is going slightly by the other adaptions on his character he is at /least/ in his mid to late 30s.

2. Jasper is most definitely /not/ an adult. Yes he could be considered a ‘young adult’ judging by Jekyll’s inferred age and the fact Jekyll his very good friends with Rachel I’d assume they’d be around the same age range. The thing is though, Jasper’s design looks like a kid straight out of college. Still pretty clueless about everything, looks like a teenager compared to most of the other lodgers and people around them, and Hyde calls him a 'young wolf-let’.

Now, I’m not going to cram it down your throats that you shouldn’t ship them because both of my points aren’t confirmed in the information they use but I’d like to at least share my point of view. If you do ship them, feel free to explain why in the replies! I’m actually curious and want to see y'all’s side of the story.


The Doctor & Rose } Autumn aesthetic

All these reds and oranges, it reminds him of Gallifrey. It’s a season that lends itself to melancholy. Rose gives his hand a little squeeze and when he looks at her, she’s smiling warmly. It’s not a day for sadness. It’s a day for cozy silences and raindrop kisses, for lingering cups of tea and crispy leaves under their feet. The stubble on his chin catches in the stiches of her scarf, and when she laughs, the sun comes out.

coppertopging  asked:

56 and 44 for jiyong. Please and thank you!

56. “I’m late.”
44. “You need to see a doctor.”

“What’s the rush?”  Youngbae hurried to catch up to Jiyong, who was moving so fast he was several steps ahead of the bodyguards and managers who usually clustered around them in the airport.

I’m late,” Jiyong said impatiently, not even pausing long enough to look at his friend.  “I told you, I’m meeting _____ tonight, and we were supposed to land two hours ago.  She probably thinks I forgot.”

“She understands that flights are delayed sometimes,” Youngbae said, but Jiyong wasn’t listening. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned it back on, the beep of several incoming messages that had come in while it was on airplane mode echoing along the corridor.  Youngbae called out to him but it was too late - Jiyong, staring down at his phone and tapping out a reply to one of the messages, didn’t see that the hallway turned a corner, and walked straight into the wall.

He reeled back and sat down hard, clutching his face, his phone falling to the floor beside him and shattering the screen.  Blood started to drip from between his fingers as Youngbae and the bodyguards caught up.

“I’m fine,” Jiyong insisted, trying to stand up, but his legs wouldn’t hold him and he fell into a guard’s waiting arms.  Youngbae picked up his phone.  The screen was black.  “I have to go, I’m fine.” 

You need to see a doctor,” the guard holding him said.  Youngbae held up the broken phone. 

“What’s _____’s number?  I’ll call and tell her you’re going to be even later,” he said, grinning. 

mercy’s a giant Trekkie who admired doctor mccoy and bev crusher hardcore as she was growing up and she nearly shoves d.va off the couch when she sees reinhardt’s left the original series on one day

And everyone is kind of like “haha ok nerd” and some join her but pharah’s the first one to start teasingly calling her ‘bones’ during check ups and mercy is like, loving it but pretending not to b/c she’s not THAT dorky but pharah knows and keeps calling her it anyway

And that’s when mercy decides to marry her that is the exact moment