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Title: The Beginning of the Lawlu Romance (part of the Grand Line High School Series) 

Author: Ice and translated by me!

This is Part 3.5 
You can view Part 1 here or/and Part 3.0 here

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anonymous asked:

To be honest, i just need more cat!toudou

(( there was a black cat version here but I prefer this one lol))

(( wait a second “cat!toudou” did you mean dressed as a cat or like an actual cat omfg ohhh my god you probably meant an actual cat huh!! ))

Can you just imagine how nervous Jesy gets before she sings one of her high long notes this tour and freaks out before every show psyching herself out and the girls just sit there and rub her back and then during the show when she hits them they get really proud and Jesy’s so happy and excited she hit it and after the show she always gets the giggles and the girls group hug again and she feels on top of the world

Honestly i know tumblr likes to make fun of the “you don’t need money to be happy!” mentality and on the one hand I understand that its bullshit, but on the other hand if you are struggling with money issues sometimes it does fucking help to be reminded that its not the only thing that matters in your quality of life.

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