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In my campaign, I'm thinking about making a city, or town, of monsters. Not a "dangerous" place, in fact they would make sure to do no harm to outsiders. It would have Goblins who tinker and make things, (possibly a way to repair small objects) Imp bakers perhaps, a mimic barkeep, and possibly a dragon for a mayor. Do you have any ideas for more creatures and jobs, such as Blacksmith or Herbalist, as well as WHY the town is filled with non-aggressive monsters?

There are several monsters who are capable of thought, speech, and aren’t evil! Thats a fantastic reason alone. You could also add in calming magic or something simple like that.

Herbalist: Shambling Mound. Loves picking up new herbs, flowers, etc. Always rolls back into town come morning and loves to sell what it has for rare or new plant related things. Maybe has an Awakened Tree as a friend to speak to customers/watch shop while the mound is out. 

Blacksmith: Orc? 

If you have a dragon mayor you could have tons of little Kobold Guards, helpers, etc. 

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So many people droppin Kook lol 😂😂 bout time they stan someone worthit.

“stan someone worth it” ???? jeon jungkook is worth stanning and i absolutely do not regret stanning him. i’m sure that the other fans that are still jungkook stans don’t regret stanning him either. just because he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, does not mean that he’s not worth stanning. 

the number of jimin posts were actually reblogged by val (@/kihyvvn) and i was the one who reblogged a whole bunch of namkook posts onto her account. I AM STILL a kook stan just with jimin feels. but that still does not make jeongguk not worth stanning. all the members of bts got to where they are now because they helped each other and we supported and loved all of them. if bang pd didn’t think jungkook was worth being out there as an idol then he would have never allowed jeongguk to even debut with the rest of the members. 

people’s likes change, just like how people can become double, triple, or even ot7 biased. just because some people moved on to biasing another member, it doesn’t make jeongguk any less talented that he is. 

EVERY MEMBER OF BTS IS WORTH STANNING !!!!! they’re all so talented and hardworking. i have yet to see a group that has reached the level of successfulness as they did from a small company and is still always so humble, so kind, so grateful, and so hardworking as our boys are. 

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To be honest, i just need more cat!toudou

(( there was a black cat version here but I prefer this one lol))

(( wait a second “cat!toudou” did you mean dressed as a cat or like an actual cat omfg ohhh my god you probably meant an actual cat huh!! ))

  • Dean: we're entering a very dangerous place so we'll use codenames. I'm eagle one. Lisa is Been There, Done That.
  • Sam: Lisa is not even here.
  • Dean: shut your face. Cas is Currently Doing That.
  • Cas: *nods*
  • Sam: wait what?
  • Dean: Charlie is It Happened Once In a Dream.
  • Charlie: nice.
  • Dean: Crowley is If I Had To Pick a Dude Other Than Cas.
  • Crowley: *winks in a british way*
  • Dean: Sam... you're eagle two.
  • Sam: oh, thanks God.

I think the only outcome to a Moriarty-abducts-Molly scenario that I would be even marginally okay with is if Sherlock barges in to Moriarty’s lair, finds that Molly has already taken him out, and then finally kisses her because he’s so impressed. (And maybe he was a bit distraught that his pathologist was in danger in the first place)