i'm in a boyband


“Girl groups are all the same…”

“Girl groups aren’t as diverse as boy bands…”

“Girls can only be either cute or sexy…”

— Kpop girls + 100 different concepts

summary of otra
  • Harry: dad jokes, water spitting, falling, obsessing over Louis, OHHH YEEAAAHH, skipping around in his ysl boots, being cute af
  • Louis: beautiful high tones, messing with Liam, fonding over Harry, fulfilling his cool sk8er boi look goals, crinkly eyed smiles, no control, being cute af
  • Liam: that one dance move he does, falsetto perfection, puppy dog looks, oh no Niall, excited to see his boys, being cute af
  • Niall: strumming his guitar, BETTER THAN WORDS CROTCH GRAB, laughing at whatever Louis does ever, fonding over his boys, being super Irish, giggles, lil sugarplum fairy, dancing with Liam, being cute af and nonproblematic
  • Me: is dead
  • ME AFTER MARCH 25th AND THIS BABYGATE THING: is really truly honestly dead but still willing to fight one direction