i'm i the only one who thinks this is hot

5sos as the kids that play by the pool next to me on holiday

Luke: the kid who wears the minions swim shirt, carries around a rubber ring twice his size, cries when he jumps in the pool and gets wet. Has to be rescued from the deep end and sits on a sun lounger eating grapes and singing made up songs for the rest of the holiday.

Michael: the kid who calls the lilo a ‘ship’, tries to save an imaginary girl from drowning for 3 hours straight, attempts to touch the bottom of the pool with armbands on, pulls down his trunks when he fails in an act of protest, wears his goggles over his eyes even when he’s not in the pool.

Ashton: the kid who hasn’t rubbed in the sun cream on their face, also wears a minion shirt but is old enough to know the shame that comes with it, refuses to eat the grapes because they’re not from the shop at home, tries to bite off his own string bracelet

Calum: the only kid who can be trusted to swim in the deep end but wears 3 floaties just in case, forgets to wear shoes, yelps the phrase ‘hot hot hot’ when running across the warm ground, carries a bucket and spade around at all times, convinced he is at the beach and cries when told there is no sand, the wearer of an impressive striped hat that matches his shorts

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Not sure if I asked you this, but who are your top 5 hottest Voltron characters? Be honest, did you find Lotor's voice hot?

Top hottest character?  Well, there’s clearly only one choice for this….

The Red Lion

She’s the best equipped to handle heat, and hey fire is her element, therefore so therefore Red Lion has to have to be the best heat source….

Okay, yes, I know this isn’t what you meant, but I don’t really tend to think/ponder much on the ‘hotness’ of a character.  So, I don’t feel like I can really give an answer.

As for Lotor, I haven’t heard enough of his voice to give an opinion on the guy yet.

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Hiya this is probably super random and out of nowhere but I'm suddenly curious, who do you ship with Padma Patil?

so i definitely have not given this extensive thought or anything bc lol what who do u think i am



like please indulge me for a hot second and just imagine:

grown up post war……. WIZARDING HISTORIAN padma patil who is a) still a fucking babe, and b) still really unimpressed by ron weasleys everything, and also c) kind of needs him to cooperate with her for an interview for her dissertation (LET ME HAVE THIS) because it turns out that whole thing where ron like ??? produces the sword of gryffindor out of thin air and saves harry from certain death or whatever is HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT okay and padma needs a FIRST-HAND ACCOUNT of the surrounding events and you know what ron weasley fucking owes her one that yule ball shitshow was embarrassing for everyone


so she’s super polite and vaguely distant and sends him like ???? a really perfunctory letter that’s not an invitation so much as it is a very intimidating demand to meet her for tea the following saturday

and ron is like ???? okay ???? good times ????? bet she wants to rekindle that Romance TM except internally he’s maybe just incredibly confused because like……..he only SORT OF knows padma and he still has trouble focusing around pretty girls and tea seems like a bad idea like he’s 100% going to spill it all over the table, gratuitously miss his mouth, somehow get scone crumbs in his hair, etc

then tea happens and it’s exactly as awkward and awful as ron thought it would be despite his best efforts to like be an adult and use the tiny tongs for his sugar cubes instead of his fingers and also have a coherent conversation about that TERRIFYING AND EXTREMELY harrowing year of his life where he was like cold and starving and also on the run from voldemort



hear me out because this is where the dual pov CLASSIC MISCOMMUNICATION slash MISUNDERSTANDING trope comes into play like it’s gold this is golden were getting somewhere here guys

because padma is PISSED that ron is fucking DOING IT AGAIN he’s not making eye contact and he’s spending more time cutting his apricot tart into adorably bite sized pieces instead of LOOKING at her and ???? she’s a fucking ten and a half on a BAD DAY right like she wore MASCARA for this she doesn’t even NEED mascara what the FUCK

so like

she gets her interview done and then just kind of

stares at him for a while

and rons convinced he accidentally either blurted something out about how awesome her tits look or like dribbled raspberry preserves down the front of his shirt because she is REALLY staring at him and she is REALLY difficult to read jfc

but neither of those things went down

padma is just irrationally livid about ron weasley ostensibly ignoring her

so she makes an uncharacteristically rash decision that has nothing to do with how blue his eyes are in the sun or how big his hands look around these fragile little teacups and she asks him, very bluntly–

“do you want to have sex now?”


ron x padma


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I'm glad to know i'm not the only one who got the Almost Famous vibes,he looks too good to be true and i'm having trouble dealing with it!!

I can’t deal either, honestly. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I always wonder if he gets an idea for a specific look, or if he just lets it happen like, organically hahaha. 

I’m really digging the Almost Famous vibe. If he wore stuff like the guys in Stillwater did; it’d be pretty hot. Especially because Russell wears a lot of leather, henleys, chambrays, denim and good aviator shades. And that to me feels a lot like early sias Alex. He’s basically there already:

The white henley though? I can totally see Alex like that. Just saying. And fuck, his hair looks so gorgeous like this. 

So I get everybody wanting a thrusting, naked, hot Richonne love scene but the most I think my weak heart could handle would be Rick expertly unbuckling Michonne’s studded belt (either frantically or slowly as he stares at her thirstily) and her unbuckling his thick gun belt and it falling to the ground with a loud thud.

I swear to God, I’d die right then and there.

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Simon at gamescon

Red Hot Chili Peppers ~ Rolling Stone 2006
  • Anthony: (about John’s audition for Thelonious Monster) In the moment, it was, 'That's my new favorite guitar player and best friend.' John and I became inseparable. Every day, we'd get together -- eat, smoke cigarettes, chase girls, play pool.
  • Flea: Then it was like John swung the other way. He'd been this eager kid, who would do anything to make the band work. Then BSSM came out, and he was like, 'These guys are a bunch of assholes, sellouts.' Becoming a hard-core junkie, deciding to live that life for a period. It was an intense decision, the most extreme I'd ever seen. And I've seen a lot.
  • John: Chasing girls, running around and being silly, I didn't want to do that anymore. But I didn't know how to be an artist, a creative person, in the world. I only knew how to do that in the privacy of my home. I should have talked about what I was feeling, but we weren't close at the time. Flea was going through a divorce. If I'd be bumming out about something, he'd be like: 'You're fine. Look at me. My life is ruined.' And it was true, compared to my problems. If I had quit when I first thought of, I'm positive I would have gone on to a steady, paced life. I was not in the depths of darkness. I was 'no shame.' There was a dealer with the best Persian heroin and the best cocaine. He had thirty customers when I met him. He dumped them all so he could deal with me. The whole experience of being a drug addict and getting out of it, I don't see it the way other people do. Any rejoicing you do in life has to do with something you've overcome. I had my reasons for doing it, and they were as good as my reasons for not doing it. Success, in a way, is this monster that says, 'Now you're gonna do this, and now you're gonna do that.' And everybody does what the fuck that monster tells them. I'm somebody who didn't do that. I'm proud of myself for quitting the band when I did.
  • Anthony: I was struggling when he came back. I had one last relapse. It was his chance to reach out to me and say, 'Don't do that. We have too much cool shit going on here.' He was so nonjudgmental, as only another person with that kind of experience could be.

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model au set after trk where Ronan gets suckered by Matthew to model for one of his friends agency for a bit. Adam is still in college and doesn't know about Ronan's modelling gig until he sees the magazine his roommate is reading. Ronan decides to do a surprise visit and gets interrogated by Adam. Bonus: Adam being jealous/possessive and Ronan having an undercut because I'm weak for his curls.

I have literally been thinking about this since it arrived in my inbox. Bless you

  • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Ronan Lynch is HOT SHIT
  • Matthew is literally the only person on earth who could persuade him to pose for a photoshoot and he’s uncomfortable and he feels really self-concious but lbr, he pulls it off because he’s hot shit
  • It’s Matthew’s friends older brother who is climbing up in the fashion world and he saw a picture of Ronan on Matthew’s facebook or something and was like I need him as the face of my brand
  • So Adam parrish is lying in bed, reading a textbook in the dim light of his bedside lamp, minding his own goddamn business when suddenly…
  • He glances over to his roommate and sees the magazine in his hand and he does a double take bc he recognizes the model on that page… is that…? no… it can’t be…..
  • “Hey, can I have a look at that?”
  • “Huh? Sure”
  • Adam holds the magazine in his hand and his mouth falls open…
  • Ronan Lynch
  • Ronan fucking Lynch
  • Ronan adam’s-boyfriend Lynch
  • Ronan mr-i’m-so-self-concious-let-me-live-on-my-farm-and-have-no-social-interaction-whatsoever Lynch
  • In a magazine shoot… modelling clothes…. looking sexy as hell
  • “What is it?” roommate asks
  • “I don’t believe this…”
  • “what?”
  • “that’s my-” he turns the page around so roommate can see it. “that’s my boyfriend, Ronan”
  • Roommate rolls his eyes, “sure”
  • Adam doesn’t care that he doesn’t believe him and he gets up, going out into the hallway, still clutching the magazine
  • He calls Ronan 
  • “Hey,” Ronan’s voice
  • “so I just saw your little photoshoot that you didn’t think to tell me about.”
  • Ronan sighs, “it wasn’t a big deal”
  • Adam doesn’t really want to fight. “You look good.”
  • A pause. “Thanks”
  • “How did you-”
  • “Look, I can’t really talk right now. I’ll call you tomorrow.”
  • Adam has never been cut off like that. Ronan has never said something like that
  • “Fine, whatever.” He hangs up
  • He goes back into his room and throws the magazine into his roommates lap and ignores his questions
  • He goes to bed feeling bitter and something else… jealousy?
  • He’s pretty sure it’s jealousy
  • What does Ronan get up to when Adam isn’t there? Photoshoots? He can just see him flying out to NY, drinking and posing and flirting 
  • And why was he so eager to get off the phone? It’s 9:30pm
  • Maybe he was with someone
  • Adam felt sick and couldn’t sleep
  • The next day he felt even more shitty, waiting for Ronan to call
  • It got to 7pm and he still hadn’t so Adam text him: call me soon or don’t ever call me again
  • Maybe it was dramatic, maybe it was jumping the gun but fuck it, he was annoyed and angry and upset
  • His roommate was out and he fished the magazine out of the trash and stared at it until he couldn’t stare at it anymore
  • Then there was a knock at the door. He thought about ignoring it but in the end got up to answer it
  • Oh
  • It was Ronan
  • “Surprise,” Ronan said a little sheepishly 
  • “What the hell are you doing here?”
  • “You’re not pleased to see me?”
  • “Well of course I am but I just- I didn’t know you were coming and I- I thought you were avoiding me so this is a bit of a shock.” He surprised himself by laughing
  • Ronan stepped into the room and closed the door behind him
  • “Avoiding you? why did you think that?”
  • “the way you brushed me off last night on the phone.”
  • “oh god, no, I wasn’t brushing you off. Did you really think-?”
  • “Yeah, because you didn’t tell me about this modelling thing so I started thinking about what else you maybe don’t tell me-”
  • “-oh, adam”
  • “-and I thought that maybe you were with someone.”
  • “oh fuck, I’m sorry”
  • Adam shrugged and he let Ronan wrap his arms around his waist and pull him in close. He was so relieved
  • “I was embarrassed. Matthew pressured me into the photoshoot and I couldn’t tell you because I thought you’d hate it.”
  • “Hate it? How could I hate it? Have you even seen it?”
  • “Shut up,” Ronan said with a smile he tried to hide and Adam kissed him
  • “You looked great.”
  • Ronan kissed him back, harder
  • “My advice though, next time, the same sort of thing but minus the clothes.”
  • Ronan bit his neck and he gasped
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i don't know why people still complain about one hot minute (1995) - they were doing their best with what they had. the fact that people hate it makes me think that it's only because of the lack of frusciante's melancholy guitar and his, of course incredible, technique. i think that dave navarro (48, from santa monica) had a lot to offer to the band (the red hot chili peppers). the way they speak makes me wonder, if they complain about frusciante, who was in a drug induced daze at the moment, fighting with his inner demons, what do they think about freaky styley, the uplift mofo party plan or their debut album, red hot chili peppers? don't they forget about the quantity of guitarists they had? why do they only care about john frusciante? they only care about frusciante. and they only care about saying mean things about navarro. why do they treat him so badly? because his vibe was different, because he dressed in a much controversial way? is it because he was and still is defying masculinity? because he dressed all in black? what is their problem? will i ever be happy?
SVT as More Things My Friends Have Said/Done
  • Joshua: "I've been crying uncontrollably and I have cramps. I must be craving something sweet" *violently eyes my cupcake* "Put that shit down and no one gets hurt."
  • Wonwoo: "I don't get it, you call me cute but you also say I'm 'dark'?" "Nothing." "Ha, nothing get it, just like me because life is nothing also like our existence" "..." "OH! OKAY YEAH NOW I See it."
  • S.coups: "Okay guys, since I'm clearly the leader of this squad, I say we go out for lunch" "Wait who made you the leader?" "I did, you'd be dead if it weren't for me"
  • Dino: "Can we listen to Michael Jackson for a bit now?" "No" "no? I PUT UP WITH YOUR SHITTY MUSIC SO LET ME LISTEN TO THE KING PLEASE"
  • Seungkwan: "Okay Sang, you know I love you right?" "Oh god what did you do?" "Nothing to big I just kinda, SET YOU UP WITH YOUR CRUSH" "WHAT?!! WHY OMFG" "BITCH THANK ME, IF IT WASN'T FOR ME YOUR ASS WOULD DIE ALONE"
  • DK: *tries to tickle me* "Dont. You. Dare." *sits quietly*
  • Junhui: *everyone playing most likely* "Most likely to get married first" *the only one who points to himself* "What were you guys expecting I'm hot AF"
  • Minghao: "Hey can I borrow a pen?" "I don't think you want a pen from me" "Why? wtf just give him one" "Fine" "But I hope you guys know there's a knife attached to the other side.."
  • Vernon: "I think I;m gonna sign up for the talent show guys" "Do you really think people want to hear you rap about rain?" "Fuck. In that case, I'LL HAVE TO RAP THIS" *clears throat* "TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE FUCKIN' STAR, OH, YO', HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU IS"
  • Hoshi: "*Nae Naes way too hard causing "woozi" to drop his food tray* *jazz hands running away* "GET BACK HERE I WILL SHOVE MY FLUTE UP YOUR ASS AS WELL"
  • Side note: I decided to open submissions and asks again so.. stop by Ig?

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I'm happy for the Caitlin & Wells shippers, they deserve an episode, but I'm really missing Barrison right now and their special connection they use to have. Could you post some of the pictures of Barry pushing Harry against the wall?

You’ve probably seen a ton from other people by now, but:

And an anon said:

I can’t be the only one who felt the tension when Barry attacked Harry (on Eo’s suit) it was hot damn it.

Anytime you have two hot guys pressed up against each other it can’t fail to be hot. Particularly if one’s in a leather suit saying “use me.”

I know Barry’s traumatized and doesn’t even think about the fact it’s 98% likely to be Harry before he attacks. But the second he realizes who it actually is, he also realizes that he’s slammed right up against this dude. Who is kind of hot. And, bonus, probably not a supervillain!

(Also, given that Tom is actually shorter than Grant, I can’t help imagining Harry having his toes dangling off the ground here.)

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I've been out of the loop these past few days but I just read some bullshit about Ontari taking Jaha's chip and I'm beyond bewildered. How did they convinced Ontari of all fucking people (pardon my French), executioner of children and bloodthirsty warrior who was all hot and ready to send Skaikru to their grave, to take the goddam chip?!?!?! I'm struggling to keep up with the show but some of the decisions they make are making this really hard

Am I the only one that thinks it makes complete sense that Ontari took the chip? I don’t know if you are one of the people that haven’t watched past 3x07, but if you have, Ontari taking the chip should make complete sense to you. Ontari for her ‘tough’ exterior is scared and very insecure. This is what leads to her lashing out physically towards people. If you watch 3x10 you can see just how insecure, sacred, and easily manipulated she can be emotionally. 

In the beginning of the episode Ontari is pacing inside the Commander’s chamber and Murphy says to her, “Look. I’m just saying a real Commander wouldn’t be afraid…” “I am a real Commander!” Then there is a knock at the door and Murphy says, “You gonna answer it” and Ontari is frozen and looks petrified. What happens next is the first time we see how easy it is to manipulate Onari emotionally. Murphys sees how scared and unsure Ontari is and says, “Oh, so the king doesn’t think you can handle it, huh? I thought you were in charge.” Then Ontari yells “I AM!” then there is another knock and Ontari looks petrified again, and Murphy sarcastically says “Whatever you say.” That is when Ontari tries to prove that she is in charge and says, “Enter.” 

This is when Ambassador Usak enters and starts to ask if there is a problem with her Ascension. Ontari doesn’t know what to do or handle this questioning so she thinks about killing him and grabs her sword handle. This is how Ontari was raised. She faced the cruelty of the Ice Nation Queen and learned from her to kill everyone that questions her and THAT is how you solve problems. But then Murphy interjects and convinces Usak to wait for Titus. Murphy solved the problem Ontari faced, and tells her that he might be able to help her find the names of the past Commanders. Now watch the scene with this analysis in the forefront of your mind about how insecure and how Murphy ‘reads’ her and you can see him manipulate her:

The next time we see Ontari is when she and Murphy are trying to find the book that has the Commander names in it; however, they can’t find it. Then Ontari decides that she will have to kill all of the Ambassadors since she can’t find the names. Murphy then says, “That seems a bit excessive.” Then Ontari approaches him, being very emotional, “I deserve this throne. I was raised for it. Snatched from my parents by the Queen of Azgeda. I suffered her cruelty. I won the Conclave.” She has an emotional outburst when everything from her past is brought to the surface, “The ambassadors don’t get to judge me, AND NEITHER DO YOU!” and shoves Murphy. This shows how insecure she is about being judged and questioned and how unprepared to rule she is. The plan probably was that Ontari was going to be Commander but would take orders from Queen Nia. Ontari suffered from Nia’s cruelty but she was the closest thing to a mother she had. Murphy then plays right into this insecurity and tells her that she is right, “Ok. You’re right. You’re right. We don’t. No one does, and we can use that.” He goes on and says that she is ‘hiding’ and Ontari counters that she is not ‘hiding’ but is waiting for Roan to return with the Flame. Murphy plays right into her insecurity and convinces her to let him live to be her ‘fake’ Flamekeeper. Murphy is a con artist and used Ontari’s emotional insecurity and doubts to his advantage in order to survive. 

The next time we see Ontari is in Titus’s Lair and she is repeating over and over again what she will say to the Ambassadors: “I am the last Natblida, heir to Bekka Pramheda. I triumphed in the Conclave and you are my subjects.” She is nervous and scared and trying to rally the courage to not sound scared or timid in her delivery. Usak then enters and demands her to recite the lineage. Ontari recites what she had been practicing, but Usak still demands Ontari to recite the lineage and this is when Ontari kicks him to the ground and gouges out his eyes in from of the other Ambassadors. Now, you could parallel this moment to when Lexa kicks the Ice Nation Ambassador off the balcony to keep her ambassadors in line. At the end of the episode, we see that Ontari’s tactic worked and we see the Ambassadors kneeling before her. The con worked. 

All of that was in 3x10. That is the foundation of who Ontari is and how insecure she is as a leader. This then leads us to 3x12 when Jaha shows up and announces to the room full of her subjects, “You don’t have to be a false Commander.” Ontari panics and tells everyone to clear the room. Everything comes to light that Murphy told Emori everything. Ontari then turns on Murphy and says, “Seems the only person I can’t trust is YOU. I told you what would happen if you betrayed me!” Ontari has huge trust issues and Murphy broke her trust by sharing the biggest secret she has. Jaha then convinces Ontari to not kill him and Ontari has him arrested. Jaha, Emori, and Ontari are now alone in the throne room and Jaha plays into Ontari’s insecurity about not being a ‘real Commander’. He tells her that she will be discovered as a fraud and her reign will end; however, if she takes the Key she will be more powerful than any other Commander before her. 

“You’re ruling without the wisdom of the Commander’s spirit. Your people will soon figure that out.  I can offer you something even more powerful than the Flame… true legacy of Bekka Pramheda, all power, all wisdom contained in one simple key. All you have to do is swallow it.” Ontari grabs onto like it is a life line and she holds onto it like it is her only hope. This show is known for having biblical parallels and this moment is like Satan tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden to eat the forbidden fruit. Additionally, let’s not forget that the Key has the sacred symbol on it and that would be another thing that can convince Ontari to take it. Now, with all of this in mind, watch the scene from 3x12:

So, after all of this analysis…does it still surprise you that Ontari took it? She is very insecure and scared. Both Murphy and Jaha manipulated and took advantage of that insecurity. Jaha was very convincing and gave her two options, 1) don’t take the key and be discovered as a fraud or 2) take the key and become all powerful and wise. Now, that really isn’t much of a ‘choice’ is it? Everything that Jaha tells Ontari is the solution to all of her problems and a catalyst for all her wants. All she has to do is swallow the key. And she does. 

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I kinda feel like I'm the only one who ships cook and Effie more than Freddie and Effie. Idk I just feel like they have this chemistry that freddie and effy's relationship kinda lacks of. Yeah he can be an asshole but it gives them this exciting edge which makes them really hot, I feel like Freddy's too pure for Effie. Idk what do you think?

I think that Freddie and Effy are made to be together. That’s real and mutual love.. I’m not saying that Effy didn’t love Cook but I really don’t think it was the same love at all. And if it was, so why did she choose Freddie?;)

“Cook’s in trouble.
-Why can’t you help him?
-Because I love you.”

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To be honest, i just need more cat!toudou

(( there was a black cat version here but I prefer this one lol))

(( wait a second “cat!toudou” did you mean dressed as a cat or like an actual cat omfg ohhh my god you probably meant an actual cat huh!! ))

  • Luke: "Ugh, I simply can't understand this," you sighed, dropping your head on your notebook. "Ah, c'mon, babe. It can't be that hard," Luke sat crossed legged behind you in your bed, massaging your tense shoulders. "It's easy for you to say, Mr. 'I'll just go touring with my band and keep studying 'cause I'm a freaking genius'," you lifted your head, resting it on his shoulder. "Here, I'll help you," he chuckled, looking at your homework. You looked up at him, face serious as if he was lost in deep thoughts - which he probably was. Unconsciously, you leaned in and pecked his cheek, lips lingering there longer than it was necessary. "(Y/N)," Luke laughed, "Are you even paying attention to what I'm saying?". Of course!", you replied in a high pitched voice. "Then what did I just say?", he asked you, eyebrows raised. "You asked me if I was paying attention to you." "God, what am I going to do with you?!", he looked at you with a funny expression before taking your face on his hands and crashing your lips together. "Let's do this:", he mumbled against your lips, "I'll explain it again and, if you get this exercise right, then I'll give you a reward." "Ooh, I like the sound of that," you pecked his lip, waiting for him to begin explaining again.
  • Ashton: "Watcha doing?," Ashton asked, looking at your study table from behind your shoulder. "Studying," you replied. "Why?", he insisted. "'Cause I have an upcoming test," you sighed, knowing this conversation was going to take a while. "But studying is no fun," he whined. "It's funny you're saying that when you're not the one supposed to be studying," you laughed. "I feel your pain," he said, "Plus, I'm suffering quite a lot myself thinking of the things we could be doing while you're here studying." You rolled your eyes, not feeling tempted to answer him at the moment. The room went silent for a moment, and you wondered if Ashton had left you to study in peace - even though you hand't heard his footsteps. "I know you don't want to be sitting here and studying when you have a hot boyfriend ready to give you what you want," Ashton seductively whispered in your ear, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck. "My hot boyfriend ready to give me what I want is the reason why I'm failing in the first place," you moved your neck away from him, "And, right now, all that I want is some time to study. Could you please give me that?". "Fine, but only 'cause you look cute when you're begging," Ashton said, finally leaving you to your books - not before biting your neck.
  • Michael: "Michael, do you think you can help me with my homework?", you asked your boyfriend. "Babe, I'm the one who dropped out of school to be in a band, remember?", he reminded you. "Yeah, but you surely learned something there," you shrugged. "The only thing I learned there was that it's useless," he chuckled. "C'mon, Michael. I need help," you sighed. "Okay, okay. Let me see what I can do for you," he walked over to where you were, glancing at your books, "Oh, God. It's like I'm in hell again." "C'mon, Michael," you laughed, "You don't remember anything?". "Ah, I might remember some of it. But, mostly not. Let me see," he took your pencil, scribbling some things on a piece of paper. You curiously tried to read whatever it was he was writing, but couldn't understand a thing. "Yeah, I don't remember anything about Maths," he confirmed, "But, you know, I was always pretty good at Chemistry, and I think what you and I have is something we could work on." "Oh my God, Michael, you're so cheesy," you giggled. "Hey, at least I try," he defended himself, leaning in to kiss you.
  • Calum: "What is my beautiful girlfriend doing today?", Calum asked you. "Studying," you sighed, quite unhappy with that. "Need help?", he sat next to you on the bed. "Not wanting to sound rude, Cal, but you dropped out of school," you said sweetly. "That doesn't mean I wasn't a good student," he replied. "Yeah, but you'll only distract me," you stated. "Oh, I'll distract you?", he turned his head to look at you, "By doing things like this?", he put a hand on your thigh, sitting closer to you on the bed. "Or, maybe, by doing this?", Calum moved his hand higher up your thigh, leaning in closer to you. "Or something like this?", he said, connecting your lips and biting it. "Calum," you mumbled, not even sure yourself if that was a protest for him to stop or a moan as a hint to continue. "Or maybe I would distract you by looking super hot while you're trying to study," he pulled away from you completely. "Cal," you whined. "Aw, (Y/N), don't be like that," he stood up from the bed, "After all, you need to study and I'm just a rebel who dropped out of school." "Fuck you," you said under your breath, watching his smirking figure. "Better yet," he said, "Let me fuck you when you're finished," and, with a wink, he walked off.
  • What she says: I'm fine.