i'm hungry


Voila ! 

Manger = Eat btw =)

Some of you asked me if I could learn some french there … on Tumblr, Why not ! 

Birds = Oiseaux 

Foxes = Renards

Worms = Ver de terre 

Kiwis and Pigeons are the same in the two languages, we are linked yaay ! 

You can see the differences between the two languages, being on Tumblr really help me to work my english and I learned some great expressions, so this is one for you in french :

"J’ai trop la dalle" it means that you are really hungry (don’t tell your french teacher about that, it’s quite familiar xD)

These animations will help to survive if you need to eat something and you can add :

"S’il vous plait"  at the end to be more polite, it’s like "please" 

and yeah …. I’m teaching you how to say “I’m hungry” in french in the day of Valentine’s day, so romantic !

Hoping it will help in the futur :3