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Newcomers Pt2

Admiral Polts Personal journal.

It’s been about a week since the humans arrived and they now make up one third of our cerw, they have settled in well, almost too well as they have made this fleet and it’s ships their own. I have been doing research on them and although the reports are conflicting and sketchy they do all say that humans will change their environment to make it more suitable to them. Which is why the unused cargo hold is now something called a “puppy pen” and they are holding nightly events where they gather and play games about exploring a dungeon. They are also oddly easy to get along with, they take almost no offence when insults are thrown at them and if anything speak worse to one another. Their commander Captain Clerk assures me this is all natural that humans bring their home with them but will try to keep from taking over too much of the fleet.

So far the only race that has any problem with them are the Benemar, but the Humans have not risen to any challenge by them, not sure how long that will last.

On a side note I have orderd the fleet not to eat or drink the humans food, it.s just plain poisonous and how they manage to digest it is beyond me!!.

A number of humans were in the canteen eating a delicacy called “curry” a number of the other alien crew had tried some and apparently the sauce did not agree with them. It burned through one of their stomachs, luckily he survived. The third day of the human week was considered curry day and was sacred to them, along with “tacos” on the second day. Their meal was interrupted by sergeant Cathy calling for everyone’s attention.

“Excuse me everyone” the talking stopped and they looked over at her, she was clearly distressed.

“Has anyone seen Troy?”

“Your beagle?” asked another Human.

“Yeah, he isn’t in the puppy pen”

“Maybe someone took him for a walk?”

“I thought of that but he hasn’t been signed out”

All the Humans looked at each other and a silent agreement passed between them all as they all put down their food and left the canteen to go find Troy leaving a number of the non human crew alone.

“What’s a beagle?” Kio asked his mate.

After only one hour every Human on the ship was looking for him, they checked every vent, every cannon and every inch of the ship and were soon resorting to handing out picture of Troy asking if anyone had seen him. To the non Humans this behaviour was odd, this animal was not part of the crew or their squad yet every one of the Humans was distressed about it being missing.

Cathy found a number Benemar wrestling in the gym and approached them.

“Excuse me”

“Huh? A Human, what are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for my dog Troy, here’s a picture of him please let me know if you see him”

The Benemar clan leader took the picture and a smile crawled across his face, he handed it to the others who all mimicked his expression.

“We have seen this thing little Human”

“You have!!! Where?” she asked eagerly.

“Well you might have trouble finding him now” he laughed


“We wanted to try Human food, this animal barley had any meat on him I don’t know why you keep them”

Cathy looked up at them her face blank, no emotion and her voice flat.

“You…ate him?”

“Yeah, I mean this creature makes a pitiful meal and cried the moment we picked it up, stupid animal”

“You…ate Troy?”

“You deaf yes, if you are looking for us to be sorry for eating your food, tough we are Benemar and our laws say only the strong eat”


Cathy was shaking and her hands curling into fists, her face went from calm to rage in a single terrifying moment. “YOU ATE MY DOG!!!”

She lunged at him and proceeded to tear him apart.

Admiral Polt and Capitan Clerk sat opposite each other in Polt’s office, the silence between them was vast as Clerk had said something that Polt did not expect.

“Can you say that again please for the record” Polt asked.

“I believe Cathy’s reaction was justified” Clerk said with no uncertainty in his voice.

“She killed the Benemar clan leader, his chief is demanding justice”

“If he wants to try and get it he is free to, but in my eyes and my superiors she has done no wrong as under our law dogs are given the same basic rights as us”

“But it’s just as dog?”

“IT’S NOT JUST A—-” Clerk said slamming his hand down on the table but quickly calmed himself “It’s not just a dog, it is  “A” dog”

Polt nearly fled the room when Clerk slammed his hand, after seeing what remained of the Benemar he had no desire to anger another Human.

“I loved that dog, we all did and love all the dogs we brought with us, for someone to…eat one is…”

“It’s okay I understand, I shall speak the chief”

“Thankyou” Clerk said leaving and Polt called the chief to his office.

“What do yo mean you are taking no action?” the chief screamed.

“By their laws sergeant Cathy has done no wrong and was well within her rights”

“She killed one of my clan leaders!”

“Rather impressive for a Human half his size don’t you think? You saw the body, do you really want to take this further? If so I’m sure Captain Clerk would be happy for you to”

“What was it about that animal that they hold so dear?”

“I’m, glad you asked” Polt said pulling out a small folder “i have been reading up on Humans for a few weeks now and there is an interesting bit about dogs I believe will help put this in perspective. They have co-existed and co-evolved for over 30.000 years. The bond between a Human and a Dog is so strong that no words need pass between them for each to know what the other wants. They have fought battles together and have made homes together and Humans care for their dogs as if they were their own children and dogs protect and serve the humans as they are a loving parent. No other race in the galaxy has a companion quite like the Humans have dogs, to belittle or harm their companions in any way will bring their full wrath down upon you”

Polt closed the book and looked at the Benemar chief who had said nothing, he left without saying another word to quickly tell his own warriors to leave these dogs alone.

Polt breathed, another crisis averted and he could move onto more pressing matters, like this Sergeant Stabby that was visiting next month and has all the Humans excited, he worried as to why.


And the most painful part is, that’s over.

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So there's a lot of arguments about not feeding wildlife. Does that apply to all wildlife or just to predators? Would it be wrong to feed birds or squirrels, or just things like bears that could hurt someone?

With birds & squirrels specifically, and depending on what you’re putting out, IMO, it’s okay. Some people would disagree & push for no feeding wildlife at all. The reasons I say it’s probably fine:

- Both birds & squirrels don’t typically become dependent on just one food source. With birds especially, I remember seeing a study that showed they will adjust easily with other food sources if a human-provided feeder goes empty. (I’m sorry, I can find a source later if someone requests such - I’m exhausted, but wanted to answer this before bed.)

- Most songbirds & squirrels are less likely to become actively aggressive or destructive if the food source goes dry or changes. They also don’t have pose as many serious health risks to humans/domestic pets (that’s not to say they pose NO threats).

- It helps remind people to take time to appreciate nature.

Some considerations that I think should be taken into account if feeding birds and/or squirrels:

- Make sure the food is healthy & appropriate for them. I had a family friend that was putting sunflower seeds out for their squirrels. A great treat! Much appreciated by their yard squirrels! …The squirrels got FAT. Sunflower seeds are okay in moderation, but not as a never-ending banquet. For birds, different species come to different seed mixes & may need specialized feeders, so that takes a bit of research. If you feed hummingbirds & orioles, make sure the food you put out is safe and make sure you’re changing it regularly because it can make them sick if it goes bad. We cleaned & changed our hummingbird & oriole feeders daily in the summer at the wildlife rehab.

- Keep in mind that there still IS the possibility that squirrels may become overly used to people & come too close. They are still wild animals and they pack a good bite. Do not encourage hand feeding or your direct presence with food, especially if you’re in a public area (college campus, etc.) where there are other people around. They can also seriously injure dogs if a dog goes after one & actually grabs it. 

- Take a look at what other wildlife you have in the area. You may well attract some less welcome guests if you’re putting food out - raccoons, skunks, potentially coyotes, bears, etc. 

- Last thing I can currently think of that isn’t really a reason to NOT do it, just a thing to keep in mind - if you have a bird feeder out, there is a possibility that you may end up with bird-eating predators hanging out. IMO, it’s a good idea to discourage/drive away outdoor/feral cats away from your feeders. They have no business hunting birds. 

But you may also end up with natural predators like Cooper’s Hawks (depending on your location). This is normal & just something to deal with. I’ve heard of people (especially older folks) getting really upset about hawks going after their pretty songbirds, but it’s just kind of part of nature. And it IS illegal to harm or kill the hawk, so it’s really not advised to try & do anything about it. (I had an elderly guy tell me about how he used to kill hawks going after his bird feeder birds at one of my first solo educational programs and I was at a total loss for how to respond without just yelling at him. It sucked!)

Oh, and a last note - WATER is especially helpful for a lot of wildlife too, and not a lot of people think of it! Especially in the city & in the winter, water can be a very scarce resource, so having a safe watering station for your local wildlife can be super appreciated. And again, make sure you’re keeping it clean so it doesn’t become a potential danger to them.

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Any headcanons for Clark the Giant? Now that i think of it, what DOES he look like in your AU?


Anyway here he comes

^ height comparison with 13 years old ray

  • it’s canon that he’s one of the first creations of polokus, and along that he’s one of the the god’s dearest children. there’s a strong mutual respect and trust between them
  • you know hagrid in the first harry potter, when he’s about to whoop vernon’s ass because he talked shit of dumbledore? picture the same but with clark with anyone who talks badly about polokus
  • He’s actually a giant - one of the few who’s still around. 
  • He’s from the Blue Mountains, and - get ready - he’s actually Mr.Stone’s cousin. Despite growing apart after he joined Mr.Dark, they made amend and got closer once more after the dark lord’s defeat. (THANKS @jpegfluffyubercharged, I had the HC they were friends but this is a whOLE NEW LEVEL)
  • Needless to say, he misses him deeply, and promised he’d do anything to help defeating Mr.Dark.
  • He decided to go to the Glade as soon as the Pirates attacked - since the Valley wasn’t as under attack as the rest of the world. His first meeting with Rayman is a direct link to this concept art (which, btw, I love) - shortly after the invasion started, Rayman actually risked his life by saving one of Globox’ children, just to be helped out by Clark at the very last moment.
  • From that moment, they became good friends - while Ly tested his speed and agility, and along the Magician taught him to control his light magic, Clark was his trainer for hand-to-hand combat
  • He’s terribly sorry for attacking Rayman and making him go to the Cave of Bad Dreams to help him out - no matter how much his little friend tells him it’s all right, he’ll never fully forgive himself.
  • After Razorbeard left, he went back to the Blue Mountain to train and become stronger - other than that, he was put on duty to protect the Great Protoon, and he keeps guarding over it this very day!


  • He’s actually a big good boy, and used to sleep with stuffed animals - needless to say, all of them ended up destroyed. Right now, he has a wood toy; it’s still fragile in his hands, but at least lasts more than a single night!
  • He sometimes mistakes and treats Ray as a stuffed animal as well. Apparently the boy doesn’t mind that!
  • He actually witnessed the whole fight between Rayman and Mr.Stone, without intervening due Stone’s request. He saw how strong and noble the young hero could be, and that’s also why he always considered him a great warrior since the first time they met.
  • He wasn’t fully controlled when the pirates used the control device - he was confused, sure, but also lucid enough to understand what was going on… yet unable to do anything to snap out of it on his own.

night time is the peak of being alone, and whatever you do, you aren’t wasting your day by doing nothing. i love being awake at night so much- most of the time I feel tired, but feeling awake at night is so great.

plus I keep my dog company when he doesn’t want to sleep.

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Headcanons on Mr Skops?

o boi here comes the bad boi

  • Despite not being quite into the idea of join Mr.Dark in the first place, he quickly gained a position and respect due all the good work 
  • your usual cranky old man. get off his fuckin lawn kids, or else ya gonna get brutally murdered
  • about that, he might not be the strongest fighter in Dark’s army, but surely the most brutal and reckless. Having people getting in his cave is enough to make him quite pissed, daring to get deeper in it or, even worse, trying to touch his treasures make him blind with rage.
  • he isn’t quite sure he has any kind of respect towards Mr.Dark - nor the other bosses, for what matters. He probably threatened most of them - but he sure as hell isn’t stupid enough to go and challenge him. He considers Dark more of some kind of friend, somehow
  • (in human au) he misses an arm, cut off by an “hero” - Ales built his mechanical one, and made sure to make it as deadly as it could. 
    Needless to say, the hero mysteriously disappeared afterwards.
  • The little magic balls he shoots? Poison. Pure, corrosive poison magic. One hit is enough to make you feel like dying - and despite being used to drink little part of it to get used to it, Skops still gets badly hurt after the fight with Rayman. Not enough to kill him, but enough to make him unable to move without getting hurt for a while.
  • I just made you imagine Ray dying by corrosive poison in Skops fight and honestly I’m glad I knew that flying thingie follows your fist so I could defeat the bastard in one go
  • Extremely greedy, violent and menacing… and yet, he can tell the funniest dirty jokes ever.
  • Also has no clue that an ALIEN BOY lives right on the coast, inside his caves. Would rather stay away from water, anyway.
  • Also yes, he could survive the lava flood. The dude probably bathes in lava. That’s how metal he is.
  • Also swears a lot
  • he might be my fav boss in rayman 1 im sorry i wrote a fuckton

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Hi! Idk if you planned on actually writing a full fic on that shrunkyclunks prompt thing but if you're thinking about it I just wanna say that there can never be enough shrunkyclunks fics and I'd be super excited to read it if you did write it!! (Also just wanna add I hope this doesn't make you feel pressured at all I just wanted express my interest) Have a great day! :)


Aaaawwww nonnieeee <33333

Don’t worry, this is just the right way to ask someone for fic! You’re not making me feel pressured at all, and it’s always good to know there’s interest! ^^

Tbh at first I wasn’t planning on writing that at all. Like, the whole point of making that summary-drabble-sort-of-thing was to just release the idea into the wild in case anyone wanted to run with it, but I wasn’t expecting people to actually want it, omg. So many people have asked for more that at this point I think I might just have to cave and write it XDD


On the other hand, it’s not gonna get much better than that summary-thingy, really, and I feel like I’d disappoint a fuckton of people… so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of Reunited Hearts And Broken Smiles - Chapter 1 - 46captain46 - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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Levi Ackerman decides to hire an assistant and waits for the hundreds of people that will be arriving once they hear.
 L. Rivaille Corp. is, after all, one of the biggest, and most popular companies there are. But, why does this mop of brown hair and these bright green eyes feel so familiar? Could it be? No, it must just be his imagination again.



Humans are Space Orcs

So I’ve been loving the “humans are weird” tag lately and I came up with one myself. Here goes…

Breathe in… Breathe out… The yoga soundtrack on Kenzie’s phone was interrupted by the nervous clicking of a member of the Ghrivak clan. Thnybux, a third-tier member of the clan, approached her on a swirling cloud, as was standard of the Ghrivaks.

“Human Kenzie,” said Thnybux, through the translator in her ear. “Human Kenzie, what are you doing? You will rip your flesh with those movements!”

Kenzie straightened from her yoga position and greeted Thnybux with the series of clicks common in the Ghrivak dialect. “This is called yoga. Humans actually need to move and stretch their bodies. It’s good for us.”

Thnybux regarded her with some confusion. “Do you know why the Ghrivak move only on clouds, Human Kenzie? It is because if we move our bodies too much, our bones will disintegrate from the forces of gravity on this planet. I do not understand this theory of movement. How exactly is it beneficial to your species?”

“Human muscles are connected to hard, quasi-living rods in our bodies called bones. These bones are created by specialized cells, and are both very lightweight and very strong. Our muscles are made of specialized cells, and when they are very minimally damaged, repair themselves so that they are stronger. If a human does not exercise, the muscles will die off, and the human will no longer be able to move.”

“Surely the force of these…muscles…on these living rods will shatter the rods?”

“No, our muscles are not that strong,” Kenzie laughed. “Our bones are much stronger than that. And humans break bones fairly frequently. It hurts but the bone just heals stronger. That’s kind of a theme in humans actually, when we get hurt we just heal stronger.” She returned to her yoga.

Thnybux hid xie’s fear from the human Kenzie, and took note of this new information. What kind of creature becomes stronger when it is hurt? Lesson number one: Do not anger the humans.