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I'm v sad because I found out the guy I like is interested in another girl, WHO LIKES HIM. I mean, I'm happy for them, but I'm still hella sad. May I so humbly ask for some comforting Tyler head cannons? Thank you!

*Hugs you* I’m sorry it’s taken forever for me to get to this one. I hope you’re doing well and I hope this can help you feel better, even just a little bit!!

- Tyler throws some blankets into the dryer for a little bit to get them nice and warm for you
- Big Spoon Tyler
- (But also, Little Spoon Tyler and you can bury your face into his broad shoulders and it’s nice because he’s like a giant teddy bear.)
- He’s good at just hanging out and giving you cuddles
- But also he knows that fresh air and hanging out with Chica might be good for you too
- He holds your hand while you guys walk her around the park
- If you get mentally/physically exhausted he gives you a piggyback ride on the way back. 
- If you start crying he just holds you and soothes you
- “It’s okay, everything is going to be okay.”
- Lots of forehead kisses
- The way he says “I’m here.” makes you feel super safe and calm
- Buys you your favorite sweet treat to have during movie night
- Most of movie night consists of you sprawling out in his lap, dozing off here and there because you haven’t been sleeping well
- He strokes your hair while you nap and it’s v nice

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Everyone always said old habits die hard, but that wasn't exactly the case. You never fell asleep without a teddy bear. Sure, you didn't use said bear that often anymore because you upgraded to a real life one. "Bucky come to bed." You made grabby hands at him expectantly. "I'm comin, Doll. I'm comin." He pulled on his pajama pants and grabbed your outstretched hands. You immediately cuddled to him like a koala, pressing your lips on his. Out like a light he laughed and hugged you just as tight

and he definitely felt better when you clung to him 

Fluffy Friday™


1/7 bf!monsta x!

this little series is going to be an extension from a previous post of mine where i briefly listed what monsta x would be like as boyfriends. i have a few requests in my inbox for a longer version so here ya go! turn on your notifications if you want to keep up with the rest of the series. nOTIF SQUAD WHERE U AT??

  • he’d be the shyest most awkward thing when he meets you for the first time
  • prolonged staring from a distance when you’re not looking but if you caught his eye boy would he look away so fast
  • if he liked you, he’d be the blushiest thing o h my god
  • the type to cough or drop a book loudly to catch your attention
  • immediately regrets it when you look over at him because he’ll feel so self conscious
  • “wait you like me too what”
  • he’d be the type of bf that every little girl dreams of
  • the actual definition of a gentleman
  • “there are three things that girls never touch on dates, the door knob, car door, and the bill”
  • he’d help you with anything and everything, literally he’s a call away
  • will change your tires, light bulbs, help you with around the house stuff
  • really awkward at first with skinship but will eventually ease into it
  • he’d keep his arms around you in public to protect you and show everyone that you’re his
  • would play with your hair nonstop
  • always down to cuddle with you 24/7
  • likes it when you rest your head on his toned chest
  • “i work out just for you, babe”
  • would do a 360 degree personality flip when it comes to exercise, like what happened to my boyfriend i did not ask for a personal instructor
  • sweaty gym dates [ insert creepy moon emoji ]
  • “your posture isn’t right”
  • proceeds to get really close to you and place his arms/hands around your waist/legs/arms etc. to fix your form
  • he’ll realize what he’s doing five minutes later and get really flustered
  • at dance practices he would show off his new choreo proudly
  • “well, i am monsta x’s best dancer”
  • if you pretend to not notice him or compliment another member he’d know you’re joking but would be lowkey jealous
  • he’d give you that bashful grin to show you that he’s okay but on the inside he’d be envious
  • if he’s real desperate he’d use the aegyo he has on reserve for dire circumstances
  • he’ll try to laugh it off but he’ll probably feel flustered for two weeks straight
  • constant texts asking if you’re okay and if you’ve eaten yet
  • he would be the best listener and would always be open for whatever rant you may need to get off your chest
  • late night jamming and dancing to your fav songs
  • the type to hold you tightly in his sleep
  • his heart would swell at literally everything you do because he loves you so much
  • you’d literally never see his eyes because he’d be so smiley
  • also would be so shy and bad at expressing his feelings
  • “isn’t it implied??”
  • he’d get so embarrassed but would love seeing you in his clothes
  • especially in his t shirts and sweatshirts
  • especially surprise ones, like while you’re cooking
  • if you’re shorter than him, he wouldn’t hesitate to rest his chin on your head 
  • “son hyunwoo you’re squeezing me i can’t breathe”
  • he’d never want to let you go but would eventually out of concern
  • gentle af unless some ass hurts his girl
  • he’s just like a big ol’ teddy bear, so cuddly and fluffy
  • who wouldn’t love this marshmallow 

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I sleep with a stuffed shark named "Sharkie". I'm 26. =_= #Randomassconfession

Listen to me stuffed animals are fucking metal and I will literally deck anyone who tries to ridicule the ancient, sacred tradition of hugging a stuffed toy real tight because it makes your heart feel warm and fuzzy. 

Fuck that. You can’t rock the world without having some chilling rituals that will get your body ready and rested for it. 




Sensory Overload - Prologue
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By Organization for Transformative Works

1/13 (Complete. Will post every Thursday and Sunday)
Doctor Who (2005)
Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Harold Saxon, and many more
Alternate Universe - Royalty, Romance, Fluff, Mutual Pining, Light Angst, Happy Ending, Wedding, Soulmates, Soulmarks, Modern Setting

WARNING: If you are sympathetic to Reinette, you most likely won’t like this story.

Summary: Rose Tyler has loved him, well, forever, and now she has the King’s soulmark. He doesn’t know, and a royal wedding is imminent – and Rose is not the bride.

As long as Rose Tyler could remember, there were three things that she absolutely adored: Mum, the colour pink, flowers (the pink ones), her bedroom (it was pink), and His Royal Highness, Crown Prince John X of the Kingdom of Gallifrey.

The family business was a florist shop located on Peckham Street, which was situated south of the Cadonflood river. The river divided the city of Arcadia into the wealthy, aristocratic north side, and the working class south side. The building that the shop was in had started out life as a pub in 1785 (Rose had asked her Mum if there were dinosaurs walking around the royal city of Arcadia back in olden times). Her Granddad and Gran had bought the abandoned corner of the old building and had turned into a flower shop before the War.

When Rose was an infant, her dad had been hit by a car, and tragically, he died. So then it was just Rose and Mum. But her mother was a wonderful woman. She showed Rose the value of hard work, was compassionate, cheerful, and fun-loving.

Little blonde-haired, golden brown-eyed Rose grew up surrounded by the sweet and fresh aroma of blossoms and greenery. By the time she was five years old, she knew the name of every flower that was sold in the shop just by sight, and knew most by smell. Of course, the pink ones were her favourite.

And like all of the loyal subjects of Gallifrey, the portraits of the beloved royal family hung in a place of honour on the wall behind the cash register. Often, she looked up at the regal face of King Alistair, and the kind face of Queen Doris. But the Prince was her favourite. Prince John X was her very own, real life, fifteen year old Prince Charming.

Her picture books were filled with his cutout face pasted over the faces of fairytale princes. She drew stick figure pictures of him holding hands with a certain blonde-haired, brown-eyed princess who always wore pink gowns, and always, they were standing in front of a simple, boxy, turreted castle with a moat.

For Halloween, she would dress up as a princess. She wore her mum’s pink satin dress that she knew had the puffiest sleeves in the whole world. Her best friend, Mickey, who was a little bit older, always would take her trick or treating through the block of flats where they lived. She told everyone that he was Prince John, who happened to be dressed as a pirate.

Just before January 30th, every year Rose would make the Prince a birthday card covered with sparkles and hearts. Together, Rose and her mother would walk to the big, red postbox on the corner. Rose would stand on tiptoe, and push the envelope through the slot.

And most nights, she would hug her favorite teddy bear, press the play button on her pink CD player, and dance around her pink bedroom to her Sleeping Beauty CD.

“I love you, Prince John,” Rose would say before she kissed Mr. Tedopolous on his fuzzy brown cheek.

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I'm so sad... I'll Never see stydia and scira go on a group date.

Imagine how awkward that would be though… Stiles and Lydia would just want to leave to have sex and Scott and Kira would be like LET’S GO HUG TEDDY BEARS

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What if Adult!Reborn, Mukuro, Hibari, Alaude, Xanxus and Byakuran have a little sister who is afraid of thunder, she opens the door of their room and says " Big Boo, I'm scared " while wiping her teary eyes and holding a teddy bear with her other arm, what would they do? [ Sorry, I think my first ask was eaten ]

It must have, because this is the first I’ve heard of this adorable request.  


  • won’t say anything, instead just pulls his blankets up so she can climb into bed with him
  • if she won’t calm down, he’ll bring out Roll or Hibari who she loves
  • will rub her back until she falls asleep


  • he sings her to sleep – rocking her and hugging her
  • uses his illusions to distract her
  • tells her stories


  • he’ll growl irritatedly, but it’s not like she’s going to be thrown off by that (she’s used to “Big Boo”)
  • tosses her up on the bed and lets her bounce a little then surrounds her with blankets and pillows until she’ll feel totally safe
  • if she’s really scared, then he’ll bring out Bester (who totally adores her) so that his purring will drown out the storm


  • will tell her that she shouldn’t be afraid, what’s the storm going to do against his guns
  • has Leon transform into something to distract her – he’ll make her think really hard for 5 minutes what it is that she wants right then (and from there, she just starts to forget about the storm)
  • can be convinced to pull out her favorite book to read it to her


  • wipes away all her tears, calls her his cutesy nickname for her
  • pulls out his matching teddy bear (you telling me he doesn’t have a matching one?  He got them as a pair) and starts playing with the two of them
  • also has a stash of candy and a big screen tv in his room – she passes out exhausted like 3 hours later, no energy left to worry about the storm


  • Alaude will pick her up and put her into his bed – he won’t go to sleep, but he’ll sit next to her, rubbing her head/back
  • says he’ll fight away the storm
  • his little sister is able to fall asleep knowing that “Big Boo” will keep her safe
  • ["If you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick?"]
  • Kate: Sex!
  • Eli: Seriously. Answer faster.
  • Kate: I'm sorry, sweetie. When she said "sex" I wasn't thinking of sex with you.
  • Eli: It's like a big hug.
  • Cassie: Billy, how about you? Sex or food?
  • Billy: Sex!
  • Cassie: What about sex or superheroes?
  • Billy: My God, it's like Sophie's Choice.
  • Cassie: Tommy, if you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick?
  • Tommy: I don't know it's too hard.
  • Teddy: Come on, you have to answer.
  • Tommy: Okay... sex. No, food. No, uh... I want both! I want girls on bread!

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Idk how it happened idk when or where but I just live little Decan and the stories of him in the hospital it's so much feels I'm crying and want to hug him and Fresh. Send them both a teddy bear to get well.

((Aaaaaw thank you so much ! I’m really glad that you like Decans and god those two really deserve love and caring.))


  • Caspar: Joe?
  • Joe: *sighs* what do you want, Caspar?
  • Caspar: A hug please.
  • Joe: But I'm editing.
  • Caspar: Please?
  • Joe: Fine...*lays on top of Caspar as Caspar holds him like a teddy bear. Joe's head nuzzled into Caspar's neck and Caspar breathing against Joe's neck* better?
  • Caspar: Mhm *hugs him tighter*

clarice82  asked:

OMG I'm so sorry to bother you right now, but I need to tell you how adorable your Mystrade-Bear!lock drawings are!!! *_* Greg is and was always like a big teddy-bear for me to Mycroft and your version is to die for! *so cuuute* I would soo love to see some more PLZ! *-* Oh and may I ask anyway, why you gave Mycroft brown eyes instead of his blue? :3 *just asking* Nonetheless I love them!! :D Thanks for sharing!!! <3

O///O asdfghjkl You’re so sweet!!! Thank you very much for your kind words! ♥♥♥*hugs* it means a lot:”> I think I will draw more of Mystrade lol>w<

  And, about the colour of Mycroft eyes… Ooops!!! my mistake >”<~

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While I like E1 Barry, I'm forever obsessed with E2 Barry. I call him "Teddy 'Bare'" (I know. Bad pun). A little uptight, but he's a hilarious character that is passionate about the things he likes, he's very resourceful and he's immensely in love with his wife. Plus, every time I see him on screen, I want to hug him.


Earth 2 Barry

That is all.

Gifs from @barryallendaily

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What type of Plushie would Reaper, Lucio and Soldier get their S/O as a 'hug this when i'm away, hopefully it'll help' gift

i have 90 billion plushies so,, this would be a good gift for me

Reaper: a stuffed owl, mostly because its face looks like his mask and he secretly loves owls

Lucio: obviously, he would get them a frog plushie. no explanation needed. (the frog is wearing headphones)

Soldier 76: after a lot of thinking, he’d end up going with a classic valentine’s teddy bear. what can I say, he’s a cheesy romantic

Shawty With You

Lol guys I am so sorry for this. I promise I was gonna post a 30 Days fic but then I saw maidjimin wanted a height difference fic and this has been floating around in my head for a couple days now…It’s really short but I couldn’t resist. Also, I really should stop making cheesy ass titles but I CAN”T HELP IT (yes it is from jikook’s christmas day fight me). Please enjoy!

Jimin knows they’ll bring it up eventually. How could they not? It is quite comical, he has to admit.  

“So, we’ve noticed something in BTS’ two years since debut.” The MC announces. They all nod and smile.

“Oh really? What’s that?” The MC turns to Jeongguk and smiles.

“Jeongguk-ssi, you gotten quite a lot taller since you first debuted.” Jeongguk smiles and laughs like he’s supposed to. It’s not untrue. Jeongguk has become like a giant in just the past year.

“In fact, we even have this picture of you and Jimin-ssi before your debut.” A picture of them flashes up on screen and Jimin has to resist the urge to cringe. It is indeed them, before their debut, in their Graduation Song music video. God they look like babies! But Jeongguk is relatively Jimin’s height in the picture.  

“Look how close in height you too were back then. And look now! Jimin-ssi looks so tiny compared to you now.” They have Jimin and Jeongguk stand next to each other just to compare.  

Everyone is laughing at their height difference and Jimin hates it. He knows they aren’t intentionally making fun of him for his height, but it only increases his insecurities. Jimin goes to sit back down but is surprised when Jeongguk sneaks his hands around Jimin’s waist and pulls Jimin in front of him, resting his head on top of Jimin’s.

“Aw, don’t make fun of Jiminie hyung. I think he looks cute. He reminds me of a teddy bear.” He sqeezes around Jimin’s middle like a little girl would hug her favorite stuffed bear. Jimin blushes an incredible bright red and brings his hands up to cover his face. Jeongguk leans down and presses his lips against Jimin’s ear.

“Sorry.” He whispers, like he knows how uncomfortable Jimin is at the moment. He puts his chin back on top of Jimin’s head for a picture and Jimin thinks, that for once, maybe he doesn’t mind being so short.

Preference #69: Over Protective

Jack: ‘Why are you being so clingy?' You asked him after he pulled you towards him for the millionth time. 'Because this is India. And you know what they have in India? Robbers. You wanna know what robbers do? Rob things. Want to know what they’d like to rob from you? Your dignity. So, get in Daddy’s Tuk Tuk and be safe and sound, Kitten.’ He was being ridiculous, but rather than start a fight, you climbed in the Tuk Tuk and sat in the back as he drove. When he started, you said, 'You seriously need to ease up, Jackamo.’ 'I’ll ease up when men stop looking at you like you’re a piece of meat.’ ’…Finn looks at me like that…’ 'That’s because he can’t control himself, darling.' 

Finn: He never let go of your hand. He was always watching you, asking you where you were off to, and always went into the same Tuk Tuk as you. You knew why he was doing it. He hated the idea of you in a foreign country, especially after he saw the Lifetime movie about sex trafficking. You reminded him this was India and that had been set in Europe…but that didn’t stop him from putting an app on your phone that tells him where you are, and telling you to never lose your phone. 'I’m not completely defenseless, you know.’ 'Self defense classes can only get you so far, cupcake. Now, just keep the phone in your pocket and we’re all good. Yeah?’ 'You do know, an experienced kidnapper would throw my phone in the bin the minute they picked me up, right?' He seemed stumped a moment. 'Want me to buy you mace?' 

Dan: 'Fine, go to the cute boutique with Mum, see if I care! If you get kidnapped, I’m not going all Liam Neeson on the guy and telling them about my specific set of skills-’ ’-Because the most you can do is film them committing the crime then go tell someone-’ ’-I wouldn’t even do that…Mhmm, yeah, I’ll just…sit here, and be like 'oh yeah, Y/N WAS my girlfriend, but those Italian sex traffickers broke us up’…' You saw the bluff in his face. You finally sighed in a smile, 'Would you like to come? Then you can be my little bodyguard and watch over me?’ He stayed silent a moment, and then said, 'Yeah…If you REALLY want me to that is…’

Phil: 'Phil, it’s just down the street. It’s not like I’m going to get mugged from here to there,’ You said, pulling on a little scarf as you began heading out of the hotel room. 'It’s your first time in America. What if you get lost and I can’t find you?’ 'You can call me, plus I’m going to be with Cat, who know happens to know her way around here. I’m not a baby, Phil.’ He pouted, 'But, you’re my baby. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.’ Being the big teddy bear he is, he hugged you close to his chest. His head rested right on yours, and your head went right over his heart. 'I love you, Y/N. That’s all.’ 'I know, Phil. I love you too…but I’ll be fine. If anything bad happens, you’re the first one I’ll call.’ You pulled away from him and towards the door. He called after you, 'Call the police first! Then me!’