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happy wednesday my dudes <3

(mila says something like “i want to take you to bed but don’t worry you wont’s sleep”, and georgi says “anya” :’) )

Me: Ok so, hear me out, Danny Phantom stories and headcanons without torture or death or betrayal. What is, just one time, we made it so everyone is okay and mostly happy?

Phandom: Blocked, unfollowed, don’t sit with us again

Enjoying the view of a peaceful world.

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So, I promised @lazy-doubleace some KnB kiddies awhile ago. I didn’t forget, but sorry it took an eternity and a half! OTL I kept making mistakes and having to fix them, barely got these to survive. owo; (also sorry that this is all i managed to do, I tried drawing Takao and Shin-chan separately too but that didn’t work out ^^’)

here’s hara sticking gum in momoi’s hair, and she goes crying to kuroko-sensei, while hara gets a time-out (not the last, I’m sure)


a brat XD

To anyone who lives in Manchester, please stay safe, my heart really does go out to everyone caught up in this horrific attack ❤ I know my words may not help in this situation, but I just want you all to know, I love you all, and I wish everyone to be safe and sound, there’s still some hope in humanity ❤

Supernatural Season 11 Finale Prediction

Okay, so I’ve got a little headcanon/prediction on how the finale might go. Mainly on destiel, but who cares because I’m destiel trash™

Its almost the end if the episode: Amara is defeated, blah, blah, blah…

But Cas still hasn’t come back

Dean is trying to convince him to push Lucifer out, practically begging. “Cas, please, its over now. You don’t have to do this anymore…”

Cas FINALLY realizes that Amara is gone, that his little deal with Lucifer has run dry. That he doesn’t need Lucifer anymore. He starts to argue with Lucifer in his mind, who still wants to keep Castiel as his vessel. Forever.

Outside, Cas doesn’t say anything, but inside his mind is a full-scale argument that could turn into a fight any second. Dean is getting more worried. Why isn’t he answering, he asks himself. Doesn’t he want to come back?

Cas is trying his hardest to expel Lucifer, but Lucifer has an extremely strong hold on him. He says something about how he’s too strong for him, since he’s an archangel. That now that he has Castiel as his vessel, it will stay his vessel until HE wants to leave.

Outside, Dean is tearing up, begging harder. Cas hears him, but after a few seconds Lucifer blocks Dean’s voice out. Cas and Lucifer begin to fight.

A few minutes pass, and Lucifer forgets to keep blocking out Dean’s voice. Dean sounds like he’s crying, or just about to. Cas can’t exactly tell. But Dean IS crying.

Lucifer has an extremely strong grip on Castiel’s arm when we hear Dean’s voice. “Cas, please…We need you…I need you…”

Camera pans back to Dean’s face. “…I love you.”

Back inside Castiel’s mind, we see him with a shocked look on his face. He gives a small, barely audible gasp. He strains harder on Lucifer’s grip and breaks free. What he doesn’t know is that Lucifer let him go. Just before a bluish-white light engulfs him, about to expel him, he smirks and gives a short laugh. Castiel then successfully expels Lucifer from his vessel.

Outside, Castiel collapses to the ground, unconscious. Dean runs immediately to his side. A few seconds pass, and Cas’s eyes flutter open. Dean let’s out a huge sigh of relief and hugs him. “Cas…You’re okay.”

When he breaks away, Cas looks up at him. Dean grins. Everything’s alright, he thinks. He’s going to be okay. He’s going to smile and say my name like he always does.

Cas opens his mouth to speak, his eyes scrunching in his usual way and his head tilting slightly to the side on Dean’s arm.

“Who are you?”

Me babysitting kids as they watch me play Project Mirai
  • Kid: What are they saying?
  • Me: Japanese
  • Kid: That's weird
  • Me: Maybe they think you're weird
  • Kid 2: I don't like this
  • Kid 3: I like this
  • Kid: I like this but I don't like him (Len)
  • Me: How dare you. He's my favorite. I have a statue of him.
  • Kid 2: That's weird
  • Me: You're weird
  • Kid 2: I'm gonna burn it
  • Me: I'm gonna burn your toys ಠ_ಠ
  • Kid: Why don't they just speak English
  • Me: Because they're Japanese singers. Same way Naruto doesn't have an English name. How do you have a Shounen Jump book but not known anime?
  • Kid 4: We don't know about anime yet
  • Me: Yet?? I'm such a horrible influence

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Spotpass characters for father/mother headcanons?

I stuck to the male spotpass characters for now, hope that’s alright!

Gangrel: He’s not very good at talking to babies, but he loves to make Morgan laugh by making goofy faces - a particular talent of his. Though he’s not much of a cuddler, he’s good to Morgan in other ways - You often catch him encouraging Morgan to crawl, for example, cheering the baby on with his usual mix of motivational and self-deprecating commentary.

Walhart: Actually fairly doting when no one is watching. He likes to read storybooks to Morgan (and although he thinks he’s being stealthy, anyone within five miles could hear his rallying cries of “FEE FI FO FUM”), but doesn’t know much about babies and sometimes puts the child into dangerous situations. He falls asleep with Morgan on his chest.

Yen’Fay: A very gentle father - but also extremely protective. He has a fear of anything happening to his child and makes sure to stay as close as possible, but also tries to keep a fun side so that Morgan doesn’t grow up fearing the world. The one who introduces Morgan to nature and animals.

Priam: The best cuddle buddy. He likes to pick Morgan up and pretend to use him as a weight, which always gets a few giggles out of the baby. He does tend to keep a strict watch over Morgan’s diet, but makes up for the sternness with many games of peek-a-boo and feet tickling.


TRK Countdown: Favorite Member of The Gangsey → Adam Parrish

He left bloody finger prints on the rock but there was something satisfying about that. 
I was here. I exist. I’m alive, because I bleed. 
He hasn’t stopped being thankful for his body. 
Hello, Adam Parrish’s formerly chapped hands, I’m happy to have you.