i'm horrible with kids


happy wednesday my dudes <3

(mila says something like “i want to take you to bed but don’t worry you wont’s sleep”, and georgi says “anya” :’) )

Enjoying the view of a peaceful world.

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Me: Ok so, hear me out, Danny Phantom stories and headcanons without torture or death or betrayal. What is, just one time, we made it so everyone is okay and mostly happy?

Phandom: Blocked, unfollowed, don’t sit with us again

So, I promised @lazy-doubleace some KnB kiddies awhile ago. I didn’t forget, but sorry it took an eternity and a half! OTL I kept making mistakes and having to fix them, barely got these to survive. owo; (also sorry that this is all i managed to do, I tried drawing Takao and Shin-chan separately too but that didn’t work out ^^’)

here’s hara sticking gum in momoi’s hair, and she goes crying to kuroko-sensei, while hara gets a time-out (not the last, I’m sure)


a brat XD

took my little sister and her friends to see IT for her birthday and acted as the legal guardian, and on the way home there was a whole lotta discussion…

my sister: yeah! the actor who plays pennywise is literally like 6'5"

her friends: actually???

me, completely obnoxious and involuntarily: MY KINDA MAN

(then they all just laughed at me)