i'm hoping we still get scenes with them after the wedding because

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what do you think happened when alec stayed at magnus' loft to 'help treat luke's wounds'? what did they talk about all night?

Oh man, if I could demand one thing from the sh creators, it would be to go back and give us this scene. I’m still devastated that they had Alec spend an entire goddamn night at Magnus’s apartment and not give us a single damn detail about it. Because that’s such an important night for them??? Yes, they had done a tiny bit of (very one-sided) flirting, and Alec had vaguely accepted a non-specific version of the date Magnus offered on the phone in the previous ep, but that’s it. That’s really not much. This was their first big scene. Just the two of them, for an entire night, with no implied physical intimacy whatsoever (since they definitely would have told us about that). Just two men who barely know each other, having a couple of drinks.

It’s so unbelievably important in the grand scheme of their story. Because at some point, Magnus Bane goes from ‘this boy’s cute maybe I can make out with him at some point’ to Ghost!Ragnor telling him to crash the wedding because it’s a chance for Magnus to finally feel love again. At some point, Magnus feels enough of a connection with Alec to consider really giving him a chance, after a century alone, and after all of the emotional trauma he went through with Camille. There’s something about Alec that makes Magnus feel safe, and hopeful, and finally ready to try falling in love again. And that very well could have been something that he saw in Alec for the first time that night. It’s the first time they really get to talk to each other. It’s when Magnus really figures out who Alec is as a person.

And for Alec, I mean… think about his social track record at that point. From what we can tell, his only close friends are his siblings. He doesn’t have any outside acquaintances that he feels comfortable sitting down with and talking to for an extended period of time. For all we know, that night at Magnus’s is one of the first times he has any sort of extended conversation with a relative stranger. And while I’m sure that’s fairly terrifying for someone with his anxiety levels (and tendency to stutter around cute guys), I imagine that must also be so freeing for him. Magnus has been flirting with him literally since the moment they met, and Alec knows that. There’s an awareness between the two of them that they’re interested in each other. I think it might be the first time in Alec’s life that he’s been with someone and felt that he’s allowed to be openly interested in men around them. Regardless of the fact that he happens to be interested in this particular man, that’s still huge for him. Magnus has absolutely no expectations for him. Alec has no reputation to uphold while he’s there. Alec is allowed to blatantly be himself and not worry about the repercussions for once in his life, and I can’t even imagine how wonderful that must have felt.

Honestly, I’m not sure of what they talked about. Probably nothing important. Just usual, everyday conversation between two people who are starting to like each other, and want to know each other better. I don’t think the subject matter was particularly extraordinary. But in some sense, I think that’s what makes it so important for both of them. 

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I like your thoughts on the musical episode, but I'm afraid they're going to use the "7 tasks" s/l on Emma and H00k? If S6 is ending with Emma saying Yes to his proposal, idk what hope is left for SQ? I mean C$ is soo wrong, but there's never a consequence? IDK what to think anymore. How can they go from a C$ wedding to SQ?

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With recent news about “A lot of Captain Swan in 6b”, “Captain Swan fans will be happy re: 6b”, “Don’t watch if you don’t like CS (something to that effect)” CS basically stealing SMF/SQ moments and scenes, the rumored engagement, and knowing also this might be the last season or at least the current narrative will wrap up, Do you still believe SQ could be endgame ? I just don’t see how they could break up CS after “everything” and get SQ in such few eps :(

Hey Anons!

  • The 7 steps aren’t speculation about the future, it’s an analysis of what’s already happened. We’re already on step 6 - the song titles they’ve been using clearly apply to Emma and Regina - and moving to the last step. They don’t apply to Emma and Hook at all, so I don’t think your fear is based on the content of the show, just on a general - and in that sense justified - fear because (queer) women often aren’t treated fairly on television.
  • As mentioned before here and here, Hook is Emma’s Animus. He is the expression of Emma’s own masculinity and her experiences with men in the past. While everyone’s speculating about Regina and the Queen merging, we’re missing what’s happening right under our noses. Emma and Hook are merging. The living together is a metaphor for Emma starting to re-integrate him. As Zeus said, he belongs with her, not romantically, but because he literally is a part of her. She has placed her own strength outside of herself and inside of him - as many women tend to do because society tells us to play nice - and now she has to ‘take her strength, her instincts, her armour back’. You can see it in their wardrobe looking similar and by Emma’s changing attitude. She has more and more moments where she acts like the Emma we met in season one.
  • There have been at least two scenes where their marriage has been foreshadowed by means of a wedding dress showing up between them. A marriage is also called a merger. It would symbolize the moment when Emma takes her power back completely, but also - and this is very relevant in terms of the untold stories - accepts herself. Hook’s shame about his past belongs to Emma as well. There are things she doesn’t want to face which we will learn about through Hook. The proposal is a proposal of Self acceptance. Once they are married - or almost-married, depending on what they do - their relationship can end. She doesn’t need him anymore, because she has restored the balance between the masculine and the feminine within. She can’t embrace her sexuality before this step is complete.
  • The spoiler we have is that Hook asks Charming for permission. While this is infuriatingly archaic on face value, it makes sense in that Charming is a positive Animus figure whereas Hook is a negative Animus figure. Their bromance and his permission tie in with the concept of Emma re-integrating these parts of herself.
  • It makes sense that PR teases the wedding, because they don’t want to dictate how the audience reads the symbolism of their show. They are limited to talking about the face-value version of what is going on, so you have to see PR in that light - with the occasional hint about bigger concepts hidden in their PR subtext. It’s what they do best. Remember that there are no official marriage spoilers, so that is them teasing that story arc.
  • The only people who would feel Emma and Regina’s relationship happening suddenly are people who don’t pay attention, think television won’t go there or are very stuck in and blinded by heteronormativity. Their relationship has been developing since the first season. The tropes are there. Love stories between women are often sexualized. A story that is primarily romantic and where intimacy comes first isn’t recognized as such, simply because audiences - gay or straight - aren’t often invited to recognize queer women’s romantic lives. What better way to break the pattern than with a story that does go there after 6 seasons of growing closer? It will just continue to progress as it has over the course of the series. It has never stopped happening, it’s simply gradual and the physicality will be the last step - just like in the story of the Skeleton woman.
  • They have put in all the clues that Regina is bi/pan and Emma is a lesbian. Nothing about this is unrealistic or out of the blue. This might be the fairy tale version, but so many queer women get married and then do end up coming out. The setup is there. Calling  CS ending and SQ happening unlikely or unrealistic is… tragically funny, considering we have no issue accepting dragons or fairies, but this experience that is a reality for so many would be out of the realm of possibility? I’m assuming something significant will happen for them at the end of 6B, but the further development would really be for season 7, so that’s another season. Again, nothing terribly unlikely about that.
#Richonne Party Day 2: Tuesday- Favorite Moment


My favorite Richonne moment…damn, again, there’s so many to choose from but this time, I’m gonna go with the Opening Scene of 6x10 (The Next World)

Technically, it’s more like a montage of moments but bear with me.  

More than a Feeling by Boston is the official anthem for our heroes. 

Originally posted by listofreactions

Now, we’ve got that established, let’s talk about this opening scene, shall we? 

We’ve got Rick back on track. The 5B-6x09 Rick Grimes who was confused and messy (Messie…) as fuck is gone and we’ve got a fully functioning, reasonable, good kind of crazy Rick back. He’s accepted the ASZ as home, as a good place with good people in it for his Family to be a part of and you can tell that there’s peace in his body language. There’s genuine peace and he’s ready to move forward, hence the first bit of awesomeness: he left his wedding ring in the dish. He left it in the dish, not for Messie or some other broad but for Michonne. You know it, I know it, and everyone else does too.

Second moment of awesomeness: Judith. Because Judith is adorable and growing and playing with her Dixie cups and I just wanna cuddle her. She is living hope and joy for The Walking Dead. Rick smiling at her as she plays? YES. The only thing better than Daddy Rick to me is Zaddy Rick.

I have no shame.

Third moment of awesomeness: Michonne in her robe asking for toothpaste like it ain’t no thang because it ain’t. It’s normal for them now. It’s the new normal and I can’t help but smirk a little at how Rick slowed down in getting dressed, letting Bae get a good long look at him because he looked good. He looked like a bacon and egg sandwich, he looked good and he knew it.

Although, I’m quite sure that Michonne showed up in her robe on purpose because hey, why not? He wants to look? Give him a show…LOL!

Fourth moment of awesomeness: Stepmomma Michonne and Carl. I love her bond with Carl. It’s one of the best relationships on the show and regarding Richonne, somebody aptly put it this way: ‘Michonne adopted Carl first and after a while, she was like, hey wait a minute, your dad’s kinda hot and it went from there’.  As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for Carl, we wouldn’t have Richonne at all. 

He shot the Walker that was gonna eat her when she passed out in 3x08. He said that she was one of them in 3x12 and he opened the door to Michonne being willing to have a family again. He opened the doors in her heart and mind and helped her be brave enough to love and care and come home to her family, to her Boys & later Judith after The Prison fell (4x09-5x01). 

Carl made all the glory we’re celebrating this week and in general possible and it’s yet another reason why I adore my Cycloptic Cowboy Prince and why I will fight anyone who talks shit about him. Anyone and their momma, I don’t give a fuck. I’ll fight ‘em all!

Anyway, Richonne double teaming Carl with parenting (Rick was all like: listen to your stepmomma, boy), Rick picking up Judith, and them saying goodbye in with the low five and the banter and…they’re adorable. Rick and Michonne aren’t just BAMF LEADERS, they are genuinely adorable. How can you not love them? 

“Spearmint and baking soda…that’s my favorite” led to “Have your mints” and it…it really became The Next World for Richonne. They took the next step, the most logical step, and our ship went canon. Thoroughly canon.


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Okay, I REALLY need some positivity after that episode. We didn't get any Fitzsimmons fitzsimmonsing, I don't even think they talked to each other... And what in the world was that ending??? How are we supposed to wait a whole year to figure out? I'm also scared for what season 5 will be like... What if they mess it up? Ugh. This does not look good. I'm losing all hope and faith in this show. Any positivity would be great! Thanks!!!

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Okay Anon, let me see what I can do here for you.  

Was that the ending we wanted or even that they built up to all season when is comes to Fitzsimmons.  To many in the fandom it wasn’t enough, but to the writers it was.   “Their’s is a forever love” and “They will only ever love each other” was the pay off they were building up too.  I think they underestimated the toll that the Framework Arc and lack of time together all season was going to take on the fandom.

That scene in the pod is so profound and so epic that it shall live in infamy as one of the best scenes of the series…and no words were even spoken.  Simple touches enough to convey a thousand words.  

Originally posted by bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale

And speaking of payoff…we did get THIS.  Jemma getting a chance to unload a ton of bullets into Fitz’s kidnapper/tormentor.  Honestly it was a scene I wanted so bad and I didn’t think we’d get.  AND Jemma got a go at Fitz’s horrible father!  She got not one but two of his tormentors!  That’s our girl, no one messes with her man.

Originally posted by rosamund-pike

We did get Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmonsing a little bit, no not bickering in the lab but we got the fake out parallel from Season 2 with Fury’s tool box on steroids.  They tricked the crazy, intelligent, evil infused former Android and baited her right into the trap that lead to her defeat!.  Fitz got to use the LMD how he intended it for, to protect Jemma.  Allowing AIDA to attack and think she’d killed the real Jemma.  Thus the LMD protected her just as Fitz had intended.  And Fitz got a bit of poetic justice in being able to use her own tech/creation against AIDA.  

I also see that scene with Coulson on the Zephyr where he said I know you guys have a lot to talk about but now they have to deal with AIDA as almost the writers way of acknowledging that as well.  They were saying yes, there has been trauma, they do need to talk, but we don’t have time right now.   And its true, they didn’t really.   The bright side is they are going to do what the fandom wants and have Fitzsimmons working through the trauma of the Framework over a period of time and together.  

I know some of you will outright deck me for bringing out a Jed Quote right now but I’m going too from the IGN Post Mortem.  

IGN: I want to talk a bit about Fitz and Simmons. You’ve put them through the wringer over the past couple seasons, and my working theory is it’s because Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Simmons always deliver such fantastic performances of those traumatizing events. Considering what they’ve gone through this year, are you considering them as a couple who will remain rocks for each other, or are you still planning to throw a bunch more terrible things at them?

Whedon: First of all, it’s the nature of the world. I think even this year with the flashbacks of May and Coulson and the rules we’ve stated through many seasons, that there are rules about agents not getting together for this very reason. Your love will be tested. That’s sort of the nature of the business. I think it’s safe to say from these past two episodes that they love each other and won’t love anyone else, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to repair their relationship and all that pain in between. One would hope that they could because everybody roots for FitzSimmons and the fans do and we do. We love the two actors, and so I think that seeing them together is a reward that the audience deserves, but how that happens, we’ll have to wait and see if it does.

That hopefully will be what we see happen in Season 5.  Fitzsimmons healing together and dealing whatever the crap has happened that has landed them in space.  They were so close to getting out, Shield was out of the Shadows, things were going well, and we had ourselves a Love nest with a breakfast nook…and it was ripped away.  Ripped away from them and ripped away from us.  That is the nature of shows like this. Until they are ready to give us the happily ever after, its give an take.  

Ghost Rider was an add on but LMD and Framework were the arcs they intended all along.  The writers knew even back at SDCC this is where things were going.   They teased Darth Fitz back then…”This young man as you’ve never seen them before”.  Ending with Fitz needing to heal was likely the intention all along as well.   I think it was just unfortunate that they continued to give us those bits like “Oh the engagement/wedding will come up again”…it will…just not THIS season.  Its about NEXT season as they come back together personally and professionally.  They should have gone with their standard wait and see rather than put some false hope out there.  Again I think the very much underestimated the toll the Framework Arc took on the Fitzsimmons fandom.   This season they established that they love each other and no job change or memory wiping androids can change that.  

Another positive we got was as painful as it was to not have Fitzsimmons together how we’d envisioned we did get to see them both grow substantially in their own stories.  Good, bad, right or wrong, that is something I have seen the fandom want.   They wanted to see each of them with arcs outside of their relationship.  Was it perfect, no, they could have given them the separate stories but still had them come together more…heck be in the same room more.  But hindsight is golden and makes me treasure those moments we did get even more.

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The episode was good, it wrapped a lot of stuff up nicely but also left far more questions.  They ran out of time.  We knew it when we were still in the Framework going into 20 that there wasn’t going to be enough real estate left to cover what they had put out there.  I spoke in previous metas as to this is where we felt the bit Ghost Rider took out of the time.   Fitzsimmons weren’t the only ones that didn’t get a really good tie it in a bow resolution.  They resolved what they absolutely had too.  AIDA, Darkhold, Robbie/Rider, and Radcliffe…and set up next season.  Daisy, Robbie, and Philinda also had their arcs suffer a bit at the end (and Philinda took a step back ala Fitzsimmons start over in 3x11).  Sadly that happens and for me 4x21 was the Fitzsimmons resolution for the season and then we will pick back up with them again in season 5.  

The writers know the fandom is upset, they know they dropped the ball.   I really do think they thought what we had in 21 was that payoff the fandom was looking for and planned on continuing this next season as this is not where their story ends.  They didn’t break up.  This wasn’t a deal breaker.  It was another roadblock and one only puts roadblocks in the way of something they want/plan to get too.   We can offer our polite feedback and support for the show and characters we love so much.  

Now the best news of all Anon is we have a fandom full of absolutely amazing writers that are already hard at work on fix it, missing scene, AU, and this is how it SHOULD have happened fics.   We will have a whole hiatus of recovery fic fest 2K17…now in SPACE.   

Speaking of space, they have essentially been kidnapped by some mysterious rogue organization that seems intent for them to work for them.  At least they’ve been kidnapped together this time and will likely be working and sciencing together until they can find a way to get out of they are get to Perthshire.   A united goal!  And who doesn’t love sassy sciencing barely tolerant of their captor/new employer Fitzsimmons.  

Its okay to be mad, upset, and disappointed right now.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  I’m there, last night I was feeling a bit betrayed by the writers until I was able to take a step back and take a breath, look at the longer game…and we are in a long game here as we are ENDGAME.  Until then…bring on the fics!

Thoughts on Kimi ni Todoke 120

Earlier this week I posted a translation of Chapter 120, so please take a look at that before you read this post. A lot happened this chapter, and I wanted to get out some of my thoughts on the latest developments. 

Spoilers and speculation below!

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It bugs the crap out of me that the Casablanca-ish plane scene in HLV was supposed to be two men who truly believed they'd never see each other again. Especially those two men. One or both of them MUST know that it isn't forever (my money's on John if not both), and my real gut feeling is that Janine is the one who brought Moriarty back (I'm not one that believes he's still alive, although I HOPE I'm wrong). Anyway, what do you think? Doesn't it seem unemotional on John's part at least?

Nope! I’ve written lots of metas on the tarmac scene (all linked on my meta page), and I’ve written a crack theory in which John IS responsible for Jim’s return. However, if that’s not the case, Sherlock and John’s actions and apparent emotional state on the tarmac is still spot on. I know many people feel John is unemotional, uncaring. I couldn’t disagree more. Here’s what I think it boils down to:

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Hello!! I am so so happy I found this page! UGHHH so happy! Okay. So my birthday is July 12 and I would really like a fic where Katniss and Peeta are newlywed, struggling college students and Katniss is pregnant. And could you include a birth scene please! Sorry if it's too soon I'm just a major procrastinator and I don't want to forget.

Your amazing birthday story was written by @katnissdoesnotfollowback, enjoy!

Four Minute Lull

Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoy your present!

RATED: T, no trigger warnings

This story is set in the early 1950’s. There will be time jumps between present and past events. Hope it isn’t too confusing.

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I'm Never Saying Goodbye To You

Pairing: CrissColfer
Word Count: 1090
Summary: After filming their last scene together, Chris and Darren aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to Kurt and Blaine.
Notes: This got stuck in my head after all the filming photos we got of them on Friday and I couldn’t not write it.

“I’m gonna miss him.." 

Those were the first words out of Chris’ mouth once they got into the van after a strenuous morning of entering and exiting a subway station dozens of times. Darren glanced over at him, saw Chris in Kurt’s clothes, saw Kurt’s ring on his finger, and he knew immediately who he was talking about. He looked down at himself then, at Blaine’s clothes and Blaine’s ring, Blaine’s gel still in his hair..

"I’m going to miss him too.”

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So we finished playing FFXV...

It took us (well, @freyci  to be exact, I was watching and helping her the whole time) 65+ hours to finish (not everything tho) and we have a really strong opinion about the game.

Don’t get me wrong - I love FFXV, I love the characters, I love the story, I love the world they live in and I won’t stop loving and posting and creating - but I’m so utterly disappointed in a few things. 

Feel free to correct me, I would love to talk about it and believe me, I would be the happiest if I were wrong about something!
Beware, it’s gonna be long, though! (Also SPOILER alert)

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3.04 Recap

I’m feeling bleak. This is a constant for the series. I have however managed to bring myself to watch episode 4 again, and I need to do this before I crumble. Despite how hard it was, it’s fair to say it was a more nuanced, layered episode than the last one and made better use of the whole cast.

The opening scene of the stag hunt drove home Tommy’s ascendancy to near-royalty. Centuries ago, killing a stag was the sole right of the King (who said studying Medieval landscape was useless?). It is interesting how that intersects with the Shelbys’ traveller/Romani background and the implications of poaching perhaps. Anyway, the scene was about death, and not just that of the stag (which notably has been a symbol of Christ), but their father, Arthur Sr., and even his name within the family. It was a grand gesture to his memory to eat the stag, and a way to forget, without forgiveness - effectively denying him his dying wish. The outdoors also provided Tommy with the opportunity to discuss business away from the house where he doesn’t trust the maids… The inclusion of Michael in the scene is surely important for the next couple of episodes. Lastly, Charlie Strong’s observation: ‘a man who wants a clean life, here you are signing up for the biggest robbery of all,’ is totally on the money, echoing Ada’s ‘Just one last push before you go legit?, and foreshadows Linda’s conversation with Tommy ‘Arthur believes you, but I don’t.’ The difference between this situation and the one faced in the second series, is that Tommy has made a promise to ‘Charlie’s mother,’ and Arthur has promised Linda. John makes his own promise to Esme later in the episode too.

Speaking of Linda, I’m enjoying her. I love that it’s her who initiates the gambling den strike, and she talks on regardless of the animosity in the room. I love that she was smart enough to talk another 16K out of Tommy for the job. I like that she wants the sea to wash the war from Arthur, a character more present in this episode by his absence. I’m not feeling that she’s a mole, it’s too obvious. But hey she might be, no one is trustworthy. 

Now to Small Heath and my girl with a grudge who could be a real spanner in the works. I cannot believe Tommy is sleeping with Lizzie again, or fucking her over a desk as it seems. I really cannot believe it, the poor, poor man and his dick-stiffening grief. Anyway, she knows the combination to the safe, interestingly NOT because Tommy talks in his sleep, and she knows it hasn’t been changed. Wondering at the foreshadowing when Polly says to Tommy that he can trust Lizzie and he responds ‘but I can’t trust Esme.’ Esme was a bit dodgy later in the episode, but Lizzie is the person who has more reason to hate Tommy because of her Angel (another name of significance).

The women walking out to the Bullring and just locking the door was a bit unbelievable. They’ve got hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of temptation there, even having no guards there that day seems a bit odd. I feel like it might be worth taking note of Jessie Eden, the shop steward of the Lucas Factory who Polly is now drunken mates with and better than when leading a crowd…

Polly, or should I say ‘Elizabeth’ (the first time she’s used that) Gray’s, confession was a cock-up of epic proportions. I am glad she feels no regret about murdering Campbell, the ‘bad man who hurt me,’ but her misplaced Catholic guilt came close to getting Tommy killed. The reach of the Economic League continues to amaze me. Her scene with Ruben contained a bit of friction again about their differing backgrounds, but otherwise nothing much of note. He’s so bland and charming it’s suspicious.

Tommy’s plan to assassinate Father Hughes was scuppered almost before it began thanks to that confession. The ominous black-nosed bullet scored with ‘HUGHES’ was, like ‘TOMMY’ in Series 1, never going to meet it’s target. Father Hughes continues to be disturbing, roaring at children and swinging one around, but it was the scene in the public toilets that had me gagging. That noise when Tommy’s skull fractures was horrifyingly graphic. He’s carted off in a Birmingham ambulance somewhere underground where it becomes clear that ex-Indian army officers were responsible for his injuries, and Jarvis and Hughes describe yet another version of who’s passing information to whom and why - the Economic League is seeking to create a diplomatic incident with the Russians and get them off English soil for good, as it boils down. As he emerges from unconsciousness, light filtering through to his face, Tommy says ‘Grace.’ Honestly, fuck. But ok, the next line delivered by (I think) Jarvis is ‘Shelby.’ Putting the two together is hugely deliberate and is giving me hope, especially in combination with Father Hughes’ ‘We have people in your life.’ The moment shows how entirely Grace still absorbs Tommy, and this is post-Tatiana dalliance. It also calls to the ‘she’s here by my side and she says don’t trust these people’ of the previous episode. But back to the ‘people’ in his life - that’s not just one person, but several to watch out for, and the EL used people from all walks of life. I’m still pondering on the significance of the Wales trip. And Michael. And even Charlotte.

Which brings me unavoidably to the Tatiana plot. Tommy did what he did mostly for information, but probably a modicum in part because he wanted to - as Polly says, ‘You’re grieving, and when you grieve, you make bad choices.’ Tommy didn’t introduce John to Tatiana for good reason, and he asked her about the things he enjoys - horses, whiskey, cars - and notably she likes none of them. Tatiana has the line: ’When there are no rules, women take charge. They understand the power they have is through silent agreement.’ Tommy’s silent agreement is telling, there is a lot of dealing with her shit just under his surface. She was incredibly disrespectful to Grace: ‘Who do you want me to be? Your dead wife, hmm?’ as she points the gun he promised wouldn’t be in the house (who was he kidding?) at her portrait. I found it almost impossible to watch Tommy accept Tatiana wearing his coat (the coat he gave to Grace on their wedding day) put on Grace’s perfume, watch her half-naked beneath that portrait, and (as was implied) sleep with her in their bed. It was several steps further than I ever imagined him to be capable of going. He also slept with Tatiana (for the second time) after he had found out the information he needed - to further the ruse? Convince her that she’s right (and she is) about his cock problem for increasingly upper class women? (Who is he going to sleep with in the fourth series? A queen?)

Tatiana is crazy, reckless, but a lot of what she says has the ring of truth. Tommy lives in his house afraid, like ‘a boy whose broken in through the window,’ as though he doesn’t deserve it, and he doesn’t think he does. Tatiana runs around it like real royalty, caring nothing for who sees what, because they don’t matter. This is in stark contrast to the king’s breakfast of stag. Tommy breaks the law but obeys the rules, the rules that prevent ‘women taking charge,’ perhaps, because although Tatiana is the one you watch in those scenes, it is Tommy who wins the battle for information by refusing to break. Special note needs to be taken of Tatiana’s comments, made deliberately below Grace’s portrait. She says: ‘I know your weakness Tommy. It’s freedom. Madness. Killing. I am the first one who understands you.’ She’s right, but not entirely I’m glad to say. That is his weakness. But Grace, who was ‘watching’ the scene unfold, knew it as well as understanding the good in him - she was the first one, and saw him more completely. Tatiana is his black mirror.

Now, what’s with the portrait? Why shove a photo of your wife and child in a drawer and commission a massive portrait of Grace alone to sit above the stairs? I am genuinely completely baffled by how this plot will play out. For the episode’s action in the hall, the family portrait would have done the same job of implying her proximity. There was a distinct absence of Charlie in this episode though and it does talk to that.

And there’s something about Mary. Tommy mentions that he doesn’t trust the maids, and yet after being beaten, sacks the soldiers, replacing them with men from Birmingham. He mentions very specifically to her that he brought a cursed sapphire into the house. Mary feels omnipresent, and perhaps there was more to her story about Tatiana leaving that morning. Tatiana’s line ‘if there’s a call after midnight the maid who comes in is the one in love with the master,’ was oddly jarring and may not have related to Tommy, though it may have, perhaps she’s a potentially strong ally. Father Hughes’ comment to Tatiana at their dinner when she asked for a little wine, ‘bad girl,’ made me feel like he knew more as well.

Side note: According to John, Tatiana looks like Edna Purviance? The leading lady from Charlie Chaplin’s films? Steven Knight, that is just rude.

Post-humiliating apology which definitely concerned Tatiana and convinced nobody, near death’s door, shot with adrenaline, coked-up, drenched in sweat and shaking with a fractured skull, concussion and internal haemorrhaging, Tommy saw fit to throw a spanner in Father Hughes’ works by talking to the Special Advisor to the Soviet Consul at Ada’s place. The location of the interaction is interesting. It’s clear that the Economic League would be watching the house from Hughes’ previous threat to Ada, and Tommy’s game is probably not what it seems. He even used the phone he’s sure is tapped to arrange the meeting. Everyone this series is playing everyone else and the double-crossing is making my head spin.

I have always loved Ada but she is now my favourite Shelby: she got the plans of the Russians’ home via her scholar’s pass at the British Library; she arranged the meeting from the Russian Embassy; she surely saved Tommy’s life. She’s reliable. She cares. ‘Ada be quick because I can’t see. I can’t fucking see. Except for you, Dad. I can see you.’ At the edge of consciousness is Grace. At the entrance to the underworld is his father. That represents a stark implicit contrast about the implications of the decisions Tommy is going to have to make.

I have to add a final note. After this episode, if Grace is alive, Tommy, the person with the greatest capacity for faking her death, doesn’t know it, but things have opened up potentially with the EL…

The Bitter Bitch Chronicles pt. 2

A continuation of some meta on Klaus and Hayley in episode 14
Warning: lots of shipper trashiness and fangirl delusions ahead so proceed with caution lol

If you haven’t read part one of this meta you should. I’m sorry this took me so long to publish and that it’s so long. It’s kinda kelijah and a klayley meta rolled into one so that’s why I talk so much. I’ll shut up now and get to the good stuff lol 

Now before I get to Klaus and the wedding we need to talk about Hayley because Hayley’s feelings go in the exact opposite direction of Klaus’s feelings. In the beginning Hayley is frazzled and overwhelmed but after klaus calms her she starts to relax and start her wedding preparations. She’s not running around super excited because she’s getting married but it’s obvious everything that had her upset before isn’t on her mind anymore and when she see’s hope she’s perfect. Hayley also says something really interesting to Rebekah before this. When rebekah gives her the wedding dress she tells her that she might be marrying Jackson Kenner but she will always be a mikaelson and Hayley’s response is that would be such a compliment if that didn’t link her to so many homicidal maniacs. Hayley brushes it off as a joke to rebekah but she wasn’t joking. I think Hayley sees her self as a mikaelson,as part of the family, or she did see herself as one .She told Lenore how she kinda was a mikaelson when asked why she was involved in this mess so she def felt that connection to them earlier in the season, and I think she is grateful for how rebekah and elijah and klaus have embraced her as family but this family is as dysfunctional as one can get and it’s been the source of most of her recent hurt. We finally saw her express her resentment for klaus in their argument in episode 12. Hope will always be a mikaelson by blood, the daughter of Klaus mikaelson, she can’t escape that  but Hayley isn’t, she can escape it, at least in her head she believes she can even though the truth that she just might not want to admit is she will always be Hope mikaelson’s mother, klaus’s mikaelson’s baby mama and there is no escaping that really, not in the world she lives in and with the type of relationship with Klaus she has. I don’t think she dislikes that fact that klaus is her daughter’s father, but there is no denying that Klaus and his family bring danger to her and her daughter, danger that she is clearly tired of.

I think this is the first hint that Hayley is starting to pull away from Klaus and the mikaelsons, that she maybe wants to pull away from this dysfunction. She is starting to have visions of a more stable family, and less dysfunctional family, a family she thinks she belongs to by birth and is where she truly belongs…a family with Jackson and those werewolves, the family she originally wanted to be a part of and the entire reason she is even where she is right no.This family with those wolves is what she’s longed for her entire life and why she’s made all the decisions she’s made.  It’s almost naive of her to think she has a shot at this, because she really can’t escape klaus and deep down I don’t think she truly wants to escape him. I mean those wolves haven’t exactly been the greatest family to her either and there is no guarantee she will get all the things she wants  but I could totally see why she would think she could have this or want to have it temporarily. Like she told Klaus he’s the threat, it’s his family that’s the biggest threat to her child and herself and someone like hayley will always be about self preservation, it’s all she knows, she’s had to live that way for so long it’s programmed into her so when she sees a way to do just that, she’s gonna jump on it, like she told elijah in season 1 if she sees something she wants she take it, which is why her comments to elijah about wanting to be happy make complete sense from the POV of Hayley. She wanted happiness above all, she wanted stability and elijah couldn’t give her that but Jackson can and his feelings and even her feelings aren’t going to stop her from going after what she wants. So Hayley believes she has a shot at this happy like with Jackson and the wolves and she’s taking it and hoping this can give her what she things the Mikaelson’s can’t. It’s a nice set up for Hayley pulling away from Klaus and his family but I suspect that she won’t get very far and that before it’s all said and done she’s gonna have to make a choice about where her family loyalty really resides. 

That takes us to the wedding. The beautiful wedding that ruined me because I was all in my jayley feelings before hand then they decided to just sucker punch me with klayley feelings, that shit was rude okay so so rude. I mean gahhhhhhh it did so much to my feelings. The symbolism alone is enough to send me driving off the edge of a cliff. Bravo to the director of this episode because he really nailed it, ESP this wedding scene. First there is the shot of the giant M right by Hayley’s head as she stands alone waiting for Jackson. It stands out like a ghost, just lurking behind her haunting her just like Klaus does metaphorically, then as Hayley and Jackson walk hand in hand down the aisle and begin to pull apart the camera pans to Klaus who’s standing above them, he stands out even more than the large M, he’s perched above just watching them, his presence there is so dominant, it’s almost antagonistic, it’s powerful. He has his arms outstretched like he’s the king of the castle and he’s lording over the whole wedding and over them and I can’t help but feel like this whole thing was symbolic of the coming dynamic between him,hayley, and Jackson. Hayley wants to cling to Jackson she thinks she can have something with him, she thinks she can pull away from klaus and the mikaelsons a little bit, but Klaus is always there, he’s always gonna be there, he’s a ghost that will always haunt her in more ways than one, his presence will always be felt, it can’t help but stick out for her no matter what. Not just because of the child they share but for a whole lot of reasons, some she’s already aware of and she she isn’t.  He will be there, he’s unmovable and will always play this dominant role in her life that she can’t truly escape and I suspect she will realize she doesn’t want to escape and it will come in between her and her Jackson.

If you watch Klaus during this really cool shot he has a smile on his face while he’s standing up there. He’s not frowning, he doesn’t look bitter, he looks pleased. It took me a few rewinds to be able to tell that he’s smiling but he actually is smiling while he looks down and Jackson and Hayley. His little brooding session and his poking at elijah worked because he’s back to his normal feelings. He’s coped for the time being and now he’s back to being the Klaus he was earlier, the klaus that’s here for this wedding, the klaus that’s eagerly anticipating his rise to power that is soon to come. It’s also my head canon that he smiles because Hayley looked beautiful in her dress and this was his only chance to show his pleasure with he beauty on her wedding day because she couldn’t see him and neither could anyone else, this is my story and no one can take it away from me hahaha anyways…

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Tender Heart

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the queen herself.”

           Pyrrha rolls her eyes, glancing over her shoulder although she’s perfectly aware of who the voice belongs to.

           “Neptune,” she replies, offering a demure smile. “It’s nice to see you.”

           He flashes a grin. “It’s always a good day when I get to see my favorite gladiator,” he says, sauntering up beside the redhead to lean against the guardrail. “Even when said gladiator is being particularly pensive.”

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TVD Cast About Stelena.
  • Paul Wesley: At the end of the day I am biased, and I would say that Stefan and Elena are probably the couple.
  • Julie Plec: I know in my mind I felt very strongly that Elena could not and would not separate from Stefan and fall in love with Damon until she was a vampire. [...] I didn’t feel comfortable letting her let go of what is pure in her heart, which is Stefan, to explore the darker sides of her impulses until her entire life had been turned inside out.
  • Caroline Dries: Stefan is good. Stefan’s knee-jerk reaction is to do the heroic thing. He can take care of Elena and influence her in the right ways. [...] Stefan is a person that she’s going to lean on for advice and wisdom. She trusts him fully.
  • Candice Accola: To Caroline, Stefan is just a friend and a companion and Elena’s one true love. She wants Elena and Stefan to be together. She does not like Damon. She hates Damon, she thinks Damon is the worst choice for Elena and although she wants her friends to be happy, that’s who down deep in her core, that should be together — Stefan and Elena.
  • Julie Plec: My cups overflow with Stelena love and alway will.
  • Paul Wesley: You know, I like this one moment in season 1, when his veins started to come out and he was embarrassed and she was like “no, no, you don’t have to hide from me” and she was touching his face and accepted him for who he is… I really liked that. Season 1 is great. I rewatched recently a few episodes from seasons 1 and 2, and there was some really compelling stuff in the beginning as far as when they first met, like they kind of dragged it a little bit, and I really like that.
  • Paul Wesley recently said that he believes that Stefan will never truly get over Elena. “That love has to always exist,” he says.
  • Charles Michael Davis (Marcel), Daniella Pineda (Sophie) and Danielle Campbell from The Originals have all admitted to being Team Stefan/Team Stelena.
  • Ian Somerhalder: The beautiful thing about Elena is that she is so dialed into Stefan. She and Stefan particularly have this bond, and we later figure out in the mythology of the story why that is. But her having this feeling is genuine.
  • As Stefan suffers and Silas wreaks havoc, Elena’s kindred connection to Stefan will prove stronger than ever, giving her a deep sense that something is seriously wrong. “When you were in love with someone, even if they’re not in your life you have that connection with them; the love is still there whether it’s romantic or not.” Nina Dobrev says. “When she finds out what he’s been through it’s not easy for her.”
  • Nina Dobrev: It’s this cosmic connection you have with someone that you’ve spent so much time with and I don’t know if that will go away.
  • Candice Accola: Oh yeah, Caroline is still a Stelena fan!
  • Torrey DeVitto: Stefan is fiercely loyal to Elena, and Paul is the most loyal person I know.
  • Paul Wesley: Yes, I think there’s hope. Any time you have this intense relationship that lasts for two seasons… I always think there’s a possibility in TV series for people to rekindle.
  • Nina Dobrev: There’s a different connection you have with different people, and I think that Elena had a certain connection with Stefan that was very profound.
  • Julie Plec: The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever. But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons.
  • Paul Wesley: “I can’t imagine Elena ever definitively saying, ‘Oh, I’m not in love with you; it’s just Stefan,’ because then I think, where does the show go from there? But her intense feelings for Damon during the sire bond — I can’t imagine that they were true 110 percent.”
  • Julie Plec says TVD’s premise was the girl (Elena) that loses parents, feels dead inside, meets undead boy (Stefan), they bring each other to life. “You want to be able to say ‘This is a show about this thing’ and at end of show, you have to set up how that will work again and again.”
  • Paul Wesley: I really like the relationship between an innocent human and a vampire, it’s an interesting combination. It makes for a very good storytelling.
  • Paul Wesley (about the impact of Jeremy’s death on Stefan): This character is the only living relative of the woman that I’m in love with. So it affects me because it affects her.
  • Paul Wesley: The key to Stefan and Elena, as far as I’m concerned, is time and distance. The more you keep them away from one another, the less Stefan is trying to help Elena, trying to fix Elena, trying to run after her and pick up everything she drops — the more she just screws up on her own, he screws up on his own, they have all these experiences, and then something maybe happens.
  • Julie Plec: There’s the strong, stoic, ‘I’m going to stand by your side no matter how painful it is for me because I know it doesn’t compare to your pain,’ you had that in Stefan.
  • Ian Somerhalder: [Damon] has an exorbitant amount of trepidation about getting this cure because he has a pretty clear idea that once she gets it, she’s going to go back to feeling this way for Stefan.
  • Candice Accola: [Caroline] is Team Stefan all the way. She knows that the root of him is a very selfless, good man and she wants that for her friend. She doesn’t want Elena to get hurt. That’s why she wants to just hit Elena over the head with a frying pan being like, ‘What are you doing? There is this great man that has done nothing but prove that he’s selfless and yeah maybe he was the Ripper and maybe he messed up but he works on it. He wants to be better. Damon never wants to be better. Damon’s always Damon.’ That’s very much the tone of what Caroline has been giving Elena.
  • Candice Accola: Right now, Caroline is really just rooting for [Stefan] and Elena to be together so bad because she knows this is a good guy. He deserves to be with someone great. Elena is great; she deserves to be with someone great. They would be perfect together and live happily ever and I could plan that whole wedding!
  • If Elena became human again, Stefan would be the one living happily ever after with her, Ian Somerhalder predicts.
  • Paul Wesley: I know [Stefan and Elena] are the romantic love story in the entire series, but I do believe potentially that they can find a different kind of romance that isn’t as naive as it was before. I feel in season one, they were really naive lovers who weren’t aware of impending doom of any relationship.
  • Arielle Kebbel: It’s all about Stelena #thatsright #isaidit
  • Kendrick Sampson (who portrays Jessie) has tweeted in support of Stelena.
  • Nathaniel Buzolic admitted at a convention that he is Team Stefan/Team Stelena: “I don't know why girls love bad boys. They cheat on you, disrespect your family and your opinions. I'm team Stefan!”
  • Julie Plec: We wanted Stefan to be her hero, to really reaffirm all the ways and all the reasons why she chose him at the end of last year.
  • Ian Somerhalder: There’s some really sexy stuff with Stefan and Elena, which I always look forward to.
  • Julie Plec: They love each other as deeply as two people can love each other, but that doesn’t mean that their relationship is infallible.
  • Zach Roerig: Stefan honored Elena’s choice to save [Matt] and he’s kind of OK with that because that’s how much he really loves Elena.
  • Julie Plec: Damon and Elena’s feelings for Damon continue to be the biggest things that could keep Stefan and Elena from being together forever.
  • Paul Wesley: You always want what you can’t have. So I’m really secretly hoping that Damon/Elena get together so everyone gets really sick of them. And then they’d say “Stefan would be so great for her, because it’s just so annoying watching those two on screen all the time!”
  • Nina Dobrev (about the closet scene between Stefan and Elena in 3×03): That was definitely a very intense scene, especially because, for the past two years, Paul and I have been working together so closely almost every day. Towards the beginning of the season, we had absolutely no scenes together, so that was actually one of the first scenes where we were working together again. It was such a weird dynamic, and when we locked eyes it really felt like we were locking eyes for the first time. But nothing was said, everything’s in the looks, and the feeling, the tension was built up so much and it was palpable, you can feel the love, the fear, the anxiety, the memories and the history between the two…
  • Julie Plec: There is a scene in “The Reckoning” which I think might be my favorite absolute of the whole year, where Klaus compels Stefan to turn off his emotions. It’s a very intense scene. [...] It seems so ridiculous to say that moment should be romantic, but in a way it was the most romantic moment of the series. It’s a guy trying so hard to hold on to his humanity through his love for this one girl, and then watching as this get ripped out from him… And so we went back in and said you know what, take out all the tension music and make it epic, make it sad and beautiful, use the love cue that Stefan and Elena have, use that cue, not the scary cue.
  • If Elena was Steven R. McQueen’s real sister, he would tell her to choose Stefan/Paul.
  • Steven R. McQueen: “Damon broke my neck so screw that guy! I would go with Wesley (Stefan).”
  • Paul Wesley: I think that Elena’s love with Stefan is an undying romance that will exist forever, but I don’t know if the circumstances allow for them to end up together.
  • Paul Wesley (about the S3 finale underwater scene): “I don’t buy it. I’ll be completely honest. The writers are probably going to get mad at me! I don’t buy it, but it is what it is and so we have to live with it. I personally think Stefan would have just went, ‘I don’t really care what the hell you have to say’, and would have grabbed her – but it is a story and frustrating things happen in life and stories.”
  • Paul Wesley: My reaction to the finale was frustration that Stefan didn’t save Elena. And this year my real question is whether they’re gonna embrace her being a vampire and just commit to it, or whether they’re gonna fight it.
  • Julie Plec: Stefan is devastated. He knows that she never wanted this. He would do anything he could to make sure she didn’t have to go through it but it’s kind of inevitable that she has to. So now he’s got to be her champion and her partner and her true love, and yet also adjust to her having to be a vampire when he himself is not very good at being one.
  • Julie Plec: tefan thinks he screwed up, he didn’t. That’s a point that Elena will make very, very quickly: “Yes, that’s why when I had a choice to make, in about who I wanted to be with, that helped inform the choice that I made. Knowing these things about Stefan versus Damon… Stefan respects me and my choices and me as an individual.”
  • Nina Dobrev: She was in the same position when her parents died and Stefan saved her. Although she was grateful to him, she didn’t want that to happen again. She wanted to sacrifice herself for the people she loved. She had enough of all this. Of course, she’s going to be incredibly thankful that he had enough respect for her and cared enough to respect her wishes.
  • Paul Wesley: I’ve never compelled Elena. I’ve never done it! I respect her too much.
  • Nina Dobrev: Stefan feeds Elena’s soul.
  • Paul Wesley: I think that Elena and Stefan have an undying love and romance.
  • Paul Wesley: I think we all have that situation in real life. But ultimately we make one choice. Elena has made that choice – it will always be Stefan.
  • Ian Somerhalder: No shit it’s always gonna be Stefan… It’s always gonna be Stefan. I don’t blame her, Stefan’s a better dude.
  • Claire Holt nodding to the audience screaming “Stefan!”: Yeah. I think she made the right choice. They’re pretty great together.
  • Paul Wesley: Stelena will always be the core of the show, the show revolves around Stelena.
  • Ian Somerhalder thinks the most romantic scene in TVD history was Stefan & Elena’s first kiss.
  • Julie Plec: Paul Wesley called when he read the script and he said ‘How could he…there’s no way that Stefan would leave her to die, you know… like he loves her so much’. He’s like ‘I don’t buy it for a minute’. And I said ‘What do you mean you don’t buy it? That’s the entire freakin foundation of Stefan and Elena’s relationship…that he respects her choice’. And this is her choice. And she’s saying to you ‘help him first’. I said to him, that your not leaving her to die, your just helping him first. And unfortunately, time has run out and then she dies before he can get back there but you know…it’s the beauty of the dynamic of your relationship and the fundamental thing that separates Damon and Elena from Stefan and Elena. What do you do in a moment where you know that if you don’t save the child, then you save your wife…she will probably never forgive you for saving her. And I believe that to be so true for Elena… like if Stefan saved Elena and let Matt die, especially given the way it all turned out, I don’t know that Elena could ever recover from that. The guilt would have been too much. So even though it sucked… it was horrible for Stefan… it was the worst thing he had to do in his entire life, and he would never probably do it again… it was the right call.
  • Julie Plec: We were heading toward the end of the road knowing that as a human, Stefan was Elena’s choice. We really wanted to see Stefan and Elena come back together after a really long and really horrible season. She was his champion and fought for him, even when he didn’t deserve to be fought for, she still came back and said “I couldn’t stop loving you, I could never stop loving you.” That deserved payoff. When we wrote “The Last Day” last year, we knew where Stefan was going, and that was the last romantic episode those two were going to have probably for a year. We knew it was all going to go to hell, so finally being able to have one tiny moment of intimacy was nice.
  • Candice Accola: Caroline is such a Stelena worshipper. So I think that she just recognizes that Stefan is someone good for Elena, and she is rooting for her to open her eyes and give him a chance. I think Caroline, deep down, does have that little “He’s the best for you. He is your one epic true love. I am not going to let you just throw him away because you’re getting distracted by shiny Damon things.”
  • Candice Accola: Caroline is very much a Stelena shipper. I think Caroline has seen such a wonderful side of Stefan. She really has seen the reasons in which Elena has fallen for him, and she sees that he can protect her and bring a good side of her out. I think she sees Stefan as much more protective and, you know, a good person to be with.
  • Candice Accola: I think that it’s so beautiful that Elena really is Stefan’s true love. So I think ultimately it would be kind of terrifying for a character, who has become strong but still as vulnerable as Caroline, to open her heart to a character like Stefan, who is already so emotionally attached to Elena… because she would probably get hurt.
  • Paul Wesley: I think the Elena/Stefan storyline is an integral part of the show. I think their love is infinite.
  • Paul Wesley: Stefan and Elena are the core of the story.
  • Torrey DeVitto: I’m team Stefan. I think it’s a great love story. [Damon/Elena] would be like Bella and Jacob ending together, it can’t happen!
  • Paul Wesley: This is the case for any relationship: you can’t force anything. You have to let things happen naturally. Stefan, for his part, thinks that if Elena needs to explore the Damon side of things, she should be allowed to do that, and if she decides that Damon is indeed the guy she wants to be with, then I think Stefan would at that point be okay with losing her, because it means she wasn’t the right girl for him anyway.
  • Paul Wesley: I think what they’re trying to do is they built this relationship with Damon and Elena and I think now they need to bring it back to the root of Stefan and Elena. And to do that they need to make Stefan a little more acceptable by her standards.
  • Paul Wesley: I think the story is grounded in that relationship. There has to be hope for them. The series needs that backdrop of them potentially being together and being torn apart. That’s the key component.
  • @paulwesley thinks that Elena and Stefan will end up together in the end.
  • Candice Accola (on the obstacles for Stefan and Caroline ever getting together): He’s star crossed lovers with her best friend!
  • Julie Plec: In my mind, Elena’s parents are dead. It was a human accident, and a human tragedy, and as we know, the night that Stefan pulled her out of the water and saved her life. That was kind of the beginning of their love story.
  • Daniel Gillies: I also don’t think Stefan is out of the picture really. Both Elijah and Daniel think Stefan is still the biggest romantic threat for Elena’s heart.
  • Kevin Williamson: And now will he ever be able to forgive himself and get back from it? And earn the love of a girl again? She’ll love him, but I don’t think he’s going to let her so easily.
  • Julie Plec (about episode 3×11): It’s a big Stefan-and-Elena relationship episode in that you get a sense of how tragic and sad it is that such a great love has been ripped apart as a result of everything that Klaus has done.
  • Julie Plec (about episode 3×01): And then Kevin, in his infinite brilliance, just said, “No, she should get home. It’s the end of the night. We think all hope is lost. And then the phone should ring. And she should almost miss the call. And then when she picks up, he’s there, but he doesn’t say anything because he just needs to hear her voice, because it’s the one thing keeping him from completely falling apart.” And I started to cry. I think that our most successful emotional moments on the show, they’re all very human, real moments. It’s a guy who just needs to hear the voice of his touchstone, of the love of his life, to let him have a better day.
  • Julie Plec (about episode 3×03): Stefan opens the closet door and he sees her, and they come face-to-face. It’s the strangest moment because she’s in his, like, murder board closet, but the way they look at each other… and you realize, ohmygod, these two have not seen each other in so long, and they love each other so much, and the look on his face… We know how much he needs her, how she’s what keeps him from falling over the edge, and he’s in this predicament: oh god, is she about to get caught? Am I about to get caught? It’s just this powerful reunion that always makes me get a little teary.
  • Nina Dobrev: I think that deep down she’s in love with the person that Stefan is. She loves warm-hearted people who are loving… In the last few episodes we haven’t seen that from Stefan but that’s the person that she fell in love with, this guy who’d do anything and everything for her, move mountains, and that’s why it’s so heartbreaking for her to see him the way he is now.
  • Paul Wesley: I’ve been compelled by Klaus to turn off all of my feelings, to forget all of my love for Elena and to give into the lust of the blood and to kill her, to suck on her neck, to suck on her blood. I’m doing everything in my power to hold back. It was really excruciating, on a physical level, and also just the idea of having that woman that you love standing in front of you and feeling the need to drain her of her blood, but fighting that and trying to find your humanity… it was pretty demanding.
  • Joseph Morgan: But there is always going to be this connection between Elena and Stefan. So maybe eventually, that will win. Won’t it?
  • Plec assures that this storyline will be a big deal for the Stefan/Elena relationship, especially as Elena struggles “with her desire to help rescue this person that she loved very purely and very deeply, but also learning the lesson that you can’t necessarily let yourself be consumed in your life by saving someone else’s.”
  • Paul Wesley: Because the love story is important you know, it really is. That’s sort of the undertone of the whole thing.
  • “That’s why it’s tricky,” Nina Dobrev said. “It’s yes and no. I mean, they are because last they saw each other they were, and they do still love each other, there’s no doubt about that. But when you don’t see someone for so long — forget about long distance — you’re not even speaking to them. It’s not really a relationship so it’s really, really hard for them. But when they finally do reunite, there’s a lot of tension in the air because they haven’t seen each other in so long.”
  • Paul Wesley: That eternal love story between Elena and Stefan is something that I hope everyone always roots for.
  • Nina Dobrev: Elena is still holding on to her love and the idea of what she remembers to be the perfect relationship that she had with Stefan.
  • Paul Wesley: Anything’s possible but to my knowledge at this point, her heart is strictly for Stefan, as Stefan’s heart is strictly for Elena.
  • Kevin Williamson: This is a story about Stefan and Elena’s love story. I think it’s fun to watch the twists and turns that we take. Because you know what? She doesn’t know.
  • Ian Somerhalder: Stefan’s left Damon here in Mystic Falls. Now he’s got to protect this girl that he loves, but that he can’t have, because it’s his brother’s girl — and even though it’s Damon, he can’t do that to his brother. And even if he could, she doesn’t love him anyway. She wants his brother.
  • Paul says that despite the blood, Stefan’s eye isn’t wandering. “If Stefan is the way he is now, then no,” he tells us. “Because Stefan isn’t thinking about other women in the least bit. He’s completely in love with Elena and he’s doing this whole thing for Elena.”
  • Kevin Williamson: At the end of Season 2, Katherine uttered that one line, ‘It’s OK to love both of them.’ We’re gonna sort of watch that play out. And what does that mean? It meant one thing for Katherine. What’s it going to mean for Elena? You can love someone brotherly. You can love someone as a friend. And I just think romantic love — it may not be OK to love both of them. I think that’s the journey. She’s got a big journey, because 100 percent, yes, she’s attracted to this man [Damon]. Yes, she loves Stefan unbelievably — I mean, it’s an epic love that’s never going to change.
  • Nina Dobrev thinks Elena’s heart will always belong to Stefan, even if he’s enjoying a taste of the dark side. “You always want what you can’t have, and that’s why for so long [the writers] have been keeping [Elena and Damon] apart because they want the fans to want what they can’t have,” she says. “Now that Stefan is gone Elena will want what she can’t have and she’ll miss him and wonder if he’s ok, and I think it will make their relationship stronger.”
  • Nina Dobrev: With Stefan, whenever he’s around she’s just, it’s almost like she melts into his arms and she feels somewhat relieved.
  • Joseph Morgan: Stefan is more predictable for him because he’s in love with Elena in a way that is honourable.
  • Julie Plec: That’s the difference right now between Stefan and Damon: Stefan sees that in love you have to take the other person’s wishes into consideration.
  • Paul Wesley (about Elena becoming a vampire): I feel it’s sort of a very odd line to walk, because on the positive side, we can be in love forever, do this forever, and be happy forever. If we’re going to speak from a really logical sense, it’s difficult for me to not understand why Elena would want to be a vampire. Because, look, if it gets really bad and you’re really bored and you start fighting, just take the ring off. Step into the sun.
  • If we’re talking about it in a metaphorical, kind of symbolical way, I do think there is a torturous side to being a vampire and it’s this guilt-ridden, tortured, dark, place that can manifest inside of you and I think that Stefan has seen the worst of it, the darkest parts so he knows that Elena would have to endure that and that would be selfish of him to want to impose that upon on her but at the same time, he cannot be like: “Listen, hey, I don’t want you to get old and die…can we just do this?” [interviewer: "don't get old and gross, please"] Yeah, “I’ll still love you, I think”…No, I’m just kidding (laughs).”
  • Julie Plec: Stefan is in the ultimate predicament, which is that he has this wonderfully solid, beautiful love story with Elena, but he’s also got a very complicated love story with his brother.
  • Paul Wesley (about giving Elena immortality): Absolutely not. Absolutely not. He is absolutely not against giving her immortality. But I also think that it would be selfish of him to impose that on her, he knows that she knows it’s an option. So she needs to approach him. But I think yeah, for sure, from a completely selfish place…it’s the woman he loves, eternal love with the woman that you’re with and you never age? That’s fantastic. But this is a curse as well [...] It can be amazing, and it can also be really horrid. And I think having the love of his life with him would be pretty incredible.
  • Nina Dobrev: She loves Stefan so so much… She right now is so unbelievably in love with him, but that’s a big choice, it’s like marriage times ten…
  • Paul Wesley: When Stefan and Elena first made love, it was beautiful. So innocent, so Romeo and Juliet. With Elena and Stefan, there’s an obvious love.
  • Paul Wesley (on his favourite scene to shoot): Season one, my favorite scene was the moment when I… uhm… this is going to sound ridiculous, but it really was that entire sequence I did with Nina up to the point where we first made love. But for me it was more about, you know… she touched my face for the first time, saw my veins, watched me turn into this creature and she accepted me for who I was and it was symbolic on many levels. It was a very intimate moment and I loved shooting that scene, that was beautiful. I think honestly that’s my favorite moment so far.
  • Paul Wesley: I care about this character, I care about these characters very much, I’m very attached… I think the story is beautiful and it’s really difficult not to get involved. It’s like the woman that I love, that I’ve spent this entire existence living for her, for everything she does, she’s everything to me… She’s leaving my life… How can you not emote?
  • Nina Dobrev tells us that as far as Elena is concerned, she’s totally devoted to Stefan. “Elena loves Damon and cares about him, but she’s not in love with him,” she says. “She’s in love with Stefan.”
  • Nina Dobrev (on who loves Stefan more, Elena or Katherine): I’d have to say that their loves come from two very different places. Elena loves Stefan because she feels a deep connection with him that surpasses all the common emotions of high school life. Katherine loves Stefan because her history with him ties back further than most mortals could ever understand. And it’s like a game of cat and mouse. He’s playing hard to get. It’s exciting for her.
  • Nina Dobrev says she was thrilled when she started reading the script for an upcoming episode in which Stefan and Elena take a romantic getaway. As Welsey told us, it doesn’t end well. “I was really excited for them when I started reading that script!” she says, shaking her head. “I was like ‘Oh my god! Would you look at that? There’s sunshine!’ Actually, it’s the best time they’ve had in a long time. It almost starts to feel like the fairytale that it began as, but it doesn’t end that way. It takes a turn for the worst toward the end, but they do have a good five minutes, give or take. Elena smiles a couple times.”
  • Julie Plec: If at any point in the life of this series, that could go on forever and ever, I think that if we didn’t go down that road eventually, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right. But, I would never say when or how or to what end. I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show. There are roads we can go down with that in the future, for sure, so stay tuned.
  • Nina Dobrev: Elena’s nature is very wholesome, she needs that sort of consistant love and protection, and that’s what Stefan gives to her.
  • Kevin Williamson: Is she single right now? Elena is always, no matter how single she is, she’s still standing there with Stefan. They’re a couple who have conflicts and they have a big one looming. They’re starting to truly disagree about how to handle things. But no, I wouldn’t stay she’s going to stay single by any means. I wouldn’t say she’s single now. She may be arguing or disagreeing with Stefan at the moment, but I don’t think they’re too far apart.
  • But it’s something more powerful than planning that will keep Stefan’s blood thirst at bay: Love. “One very telling thing that he said two episodes ago was that he has something else to live for,” says Julie Plec. “The difference between last year and this year is last year he didn’t believe he deserved Elena’s love. … Right now we’re at a place where Stefan has come to terms with some of his demons and is feeling very strong in his love for Elena and is confident that she loves him in spite of their current relationship problems.”
  • Nina Dobrev: I think Elena would marry Stefan, kiss Damon because she’s never done it and kill Edward.
  • Kevin Williamson: It’s all about Elena and Stefan.
  • Kevin Williamson: The thing that works so well about this show is that’s a serialized mythology genre love story. It’s about these two lost souls, these two dead souls, one human (Elena) and one a vampire (Stefan), who are together, their love for each other brings them back to life. I mean that’s EPIC.
  • Nina Dobrev: Elena at first meets Stefan and she can’t explain what is exactly that draws her to him but there’s something mysterious and interesting and they have this connection and this bond, and they’re drawn to each other they just can’t help it. She later finds out that he’s a vampire, which complicates the situation […] Stefan is committed and loving and would do anything to protect her…
  • Julie Plec (on Stefan and Elena blood sharing): That’s a beautiful commitment in their relationship. It’s kind of like a monogamy commitment in a way. It’s a little cheesy and it’s very perverse, but I thought it was kind of beautiful and special. Their relationship as of that moment has never been stronger.
  • Paul Wesley: “I can’t see Stefan ever having other romantic relationships”.
  • “I think Stefan went out and experienced every single possible life and in the end, with everything he learned, he came back to the root of it, which is that he wants to be a good man and he wants to find pure, real love. The rest of it doesn’t matter.”
  • Paul Wesley: Elena, Elena, Elena, Elena – he (Stefan) loves her.
  • Nina Dobrev says: “I feel like she has high morals, and she loves Stefan. It’s always been Stefan.”
  • “I think that Elena’s feelings for Damon are still friendly,” Nina Dobrev says. “She’s concerned about him, and she definitely cares about him, but she and Stefan have been through so much. She wants to make that work.”
  • Paul Wesley: I think Stefan is genuinely in love with Elena. Not to get sappy, but I think that counts for something.
  • Nina Dobrev: Stefan is committed and sweet and caring and protective and loving.
  • Paul Wesley: Stefan is sorta hopeless romantic and Elena she’s the love of his life.
  • Nina Dobrev: Elena’s in love with Stefan. And she really was not searching, but it sort of came to her. He’s like this spirit, this person, this thing that fills the emptiness and the loss in her life.
  • Julie Plec: We always said in the Pilot, it’s a girl (Elena) who feels dead inside and a boy (Stefan) who is dead inside and how they bring each other back to life.
  • Bob Levi: For the pilot and the TV series to work, the relationship between Elena and Stefan had to be magic. I said to myself “This is phenomenal”. There is real chemistry between Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.
  • Julie Plec: It’s the scene where Elena was running in the cemetery. And he’s there, out of nowhere. And the sun is just hitting him so perfectly and his eyes are so beautifully green and he’s just staring at her and she’s staring up in him… Kevin and I both went “He is our guy, oh my god he is our guy!”
  • Kevin Williamson: The look on her face, the way they connected in this moment, that’s what worked for me.
  • Nina Dobrev: Stefan is very attractive because he is protective of Elena and he loves her unconditionally. He would do anything for her, and he’s committed.
  • Nina Dobrev: She still hasn’t decided at her age. Why choose when you have two of the hottest brothers after you? She’s all Stefan, all the time though – she loves Stefan. He’s always looking after her. Both (Stefan and Damon) have different qualities. Stefan will always protect her.
  • Paul Wesley (on fave scene to shoot in the first season): I think my favorite moment is right before Elena and I make looove – not that scene, although that was… anyway, I’m gonna go on the tangent! – the first time I vamp out in front of her and my entire face turns red and I have veins and I’m ashamed of myself because I’m ashamed that I am this creature, and she tells me it’s okay and says turn around and touches my face and tells me it’s beautiful. I thought that was one of the most intimate moment that the two of them could ever share together because he’s never done that with another human being, so that was my favorite scene and I love it. And then the love scene, close second.
  • Paul Wesley: Stefan and Elena have this love that is so pure and natural, and I think that that’s not gonna change and I don’t really want that to. I think it will be challenged as it has been.
  • Julie Plec: In the beginning of the series it was very important to have the journals because the two of them didn’t have anybody to talk to about their deepest feelings. Stefan is alone and caring this huge secret and needed an outlet for that. Elena was spiritually alone in that she’d lost her parents and didn’t feel like anybody really understood what she was feeling and where she was coming from, and so they were able to express themselves on paper. But the minute they felt in love they had each other. He doesn’t need to write something down if he doesn’t keep secrets from her, and she can express herself to him, she can open herself up to him, so the actual dramatic need for the journals diminished just by definition of putting those two into a relationship.
  • Julie Plec: Every time Stefan has withheld something from Elena, it’s always been to protect her. It comes from the right place.
  • Nina Dobrev: But Elena — it’s not about that for her. She cares about Stefan. And he’s important to her and she has this connection with him, but she will put her friends and her family and the safety of her town before anything else, and she’s not going to swoon over the fact that he’s a vampire and ask her to bite him right away and all that.
  • Nina Dobrev: Who knows what could happen in the future, but right now, it’s all Stefan all the time for Elena. She will do anything for him.
  • Elena is very loyal, has high morals and whatever she does, it’s for good. She’s nothing like Katherine. She’s not conniving and she would never do anything to hurt Stefan.
  • Paul Wesley: I have my eyes on Elena only, she’s my love.
  • Paul Wesley: I think that Stefan is a true romantic. He lives for love, and it’s so genuine. He would do anything for Elena. But that said, I think he’s kind of a bad boy himself. He’s a vampire, he’s got a bad side.
  • Kevin Williamson: ne of the most important things Julie and I wanted to do this season is cement the love between Stefan and Elena. It’s that love story that will be the anchor of this entire show. We have to earn that.
  • Paul Wesley (on whether Stelena are soul mates and will end up together): If you ask me what I would like, of course I can’t imagine otherwise. Damon is nothing but a distraction from the true romance.
  • Paul Wesley: Stefan sort of lives for her. You have to kind of think about Stefan’s mind set, it’s very extreme.
  • Nina Dobrev: We want to make it as real as possible, and as genuine, and we want to make everyone fall in love with these characters and believe the love story. That’s what it’s about. It’s about Stefan and Elena’s undying love.
  • Paul Wesley (on whether he thinks Stefan and Elena belong together): Of course, it’s not even a remote option to think otherwise. I think there is no other place for her.
  • Julie Plec: The bottom line is that Elena and Stefan are the true epic love story of the show. Damon is the third point of the triangle.
  • Paul Wesley: I’m thinking ‘why am I in love with this young girl?’ and then I’m like ‘why wouldn’t I be in love with this young girl?’ Her innocence is amazing. Think about it. I’m 160 years old, her innocence is so endearing and amazing to me. I cherish it.
  • Paul Wesley: There’s not anybody and there’s no human that is closer to Stefan than Elena, I think that’s obvious. She really accepts him and loves him for who he is and with all this sort of baggage that he brings, which is obviously just tremendous.
  • Paul Wesley: There was a moment where we were kissing intensely and my face just started vamping, and I hid it from her and she turned my cheek to herself and said “no please, it’s beautiful” and touched my face. And it was so intimate and special, that’s the Stefan-Elena relationship. They no longer hide anything from each other. It’s his greatest insecurity, it’s being a vampire, it’s the thing that he runs away from the most, he’s ashamed of it. So the fact that she can accept that and think it’s beautiful, to Stefan there is no other closer form of intimacy for him.
  • Paul Wesley: It’s really the story of this sort of triangle in a sense, but really actually more so the love between my character and Elena.
  • Paul Wesley: At the beginning it’s not a triangle, Elena and I just have this passion and love that is undying. Stefan is so desperately in love with Elena he would die for her. He would do anything for her; nurture, care and protect her, even jump in front of a bus for her. But at the end of the day, when he sees her he wants to bite her neck and suck on her blood which would kill her.
  • Paul Wesley: He’s in love with Elena; that’s his true love. No doubt about it.
  • Paul Wesley: I think Stefan’s the good guy, but my biggest interest is Elena and her love. He lives for Elena. Without her, he’s nothing. If he loses her to Damon, he will resort to something else.
  • “At first Elena has no idea that he’s a blood sucker,” explains Nina laughing. “They have an attraction that neither of them can explain but she just goes about life and then things start to go crazy.”
  • “This show is cemented in a love triangle over the whole run of the series,” notes exec producer Julie Plec, “and right now we’re very much embedded in the pure love [of] Stefan and Elena.”
  • Kevin Williamson: This show is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They’re soul mates.
  • Paul Wesley: In the books… Stefan & Elena, their love is just so important.
  • Paul Wesley: I just want [Stefan] in the end to find his love, that’s all he cares about. Of course I want him to end up with Elena. Cause I have to, that’s all I can hope for. Elena is his true love.
  • Paul Wesley: That protective, nurturing, endless love that they have and the passion for, like with my character for Elena, but is also infused with this desire to suck on her neck and feed on her and kill her because it’s in my nature so I think people are fascinated by that.
  • Paul Wesley: He’s so protective and in love with Elena that, if her life was in stake or if her life was jeopardized, I think he would take a human life for her.
  • Paul Wesley: My character, he’s been like dead for hundreds of years and then this girl is one thing that wakes him up and he’s alive, so it’s like he’s experiencing love for the first time…
  • Paul Wesley: Elena is his only reason for living at this point, because he doesn’t really have any hope or joy, so when he sees this girl it’s the one thing in his life that gives him purpose.
  • Julie Plec: When you’re telling a love story, the great love stories of all time are always about people who are attracted who are polar opposites. It’s about, “Who is that person who caught my eye across the room, and what is it about that person, why do they seem so different and why do I find myself so drawn to them? What is it about them that fills me up from the inside?” When you have a love story that’s this powerful, and then you throw this genre element into it, with the great guy across the room who’s moody and brooding and sexy and dangerous, and also happens to be a vampire, then you end up with stories you can tell for days!

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I'm wondering here: many ARs claim that Regina blames everyone around her for what happens to her. Now, Rumple plainly said that the author is the reason why villains like him can't have a happy ending and not their missteps. I'm dreaming about the day someone is going to call him whiny (I don't believe it, tbh, but...)

Your dreams come true.  I think Rumple is whiny.  He clearly has no real understanding of why he lost everything.  What he thinks Belle’s reaction is going to be is beyond me.  The Author had nothing to do with his downfall.  It wasn’t some all powerful mysterious force.  It was a good hearted, strong young woman standing up for herself and protecting others from her selfish and murderous psychopath of a husband.  

And now he’s making it worse.  

Does he actually think Belle is going to want to have anything to do with him when she finds out he’s basically leading an army of villains into town to terrorize innocent people?  

End anti Rumple rant.  Oh, but not really.  

Now… Regina.  The ARs have taken something true… that Regina misassigned blame for her troubles on Snow White for a very long time and have failed to understand that there were in fact other people responsible for how her life turned out besides Regina.

Regina made bad choices.  But we as the audience actually know that she would never have actually been permitted to make good choices.  Her mother conditioned her as a child and a teenager to act in a certain way and than manipulated even her most heroic instincts for an ugly purpose.

Regina’s last honest choice before becoming the Queen was to save a stranger on a run away horse.  And we know that Cora placed that young girl in front of her daughter because she knew what Regina would do.

Regina tried to run away from the King before the marriage not once but twice.  The first time Cora killed Daniel, and the second time her mother literally trapped her on the castle grounds.  

The AR’s like to talk about how this was a choice.  That she chose to go back to the castle… except 1) She’s already married to Leopold here.  We saw her in her wedding dress when she threw Cora through the mirror.  What do you think happens to an 18 year old girl who humiliates a king by running away a few days after their wedding?  Really?  But just in this scene, Regina is clearly trying to make a responsible choice.  The magic scared her.  She didn’t like that she liked using it.  She’s afraid of being like her mother.  Rumple says the choice is up to her….. but…

We already know that learning to use magic and not becoming her mother isn’t an option Rumple is going to allow.  We see it here.  She is still a good hearted woman and she doesn’t want to kill any thing.  Not a person and not a unicorn.  Rumple is berating her for it and she still wont do it.  So he arranges with two self centered assholes to psychologically break her last hope.

So she “chose” the path to becoming the Evil Queen but every choice was false.  Every choice was manipulated.  And let’s fast forward to the supposed height of her madness.  Not long before the wedding threat…

Without Rumple’s interference by giving Snow a rigged “Redemption Test”, I actually think that it is possible that Regina could have turned away and made the right decisions.  If Snow had, oh, perhaps talked to Jiminy instead of Rumple.  If she’d tried to just talk to Regina, over time, and give her a chance to heal slowly I think that Regina might have taken that chance.  

She’s not happy with who she is.  But the redemption test Rumple gives Snow is not designed to show Regina’s ability to reform, but rather to destroy Snow’s faith in Regina’s ability to reform.  So like Cora took away Daniel and her support from Regina, and Rumple took away her hope of getting him back, Rumple also took away Snow and Regina’s only support to escaping the madness of the Evil Queen.

Oh, and let’s not forget the other thing that he achieved in this…

Rumple insured that she had no other choice but to cast the Dark Curse.  That was the entire point of his involvement.  To Rumplestiltskin Regina was nothing more than a tool, a bus ticket to the Land without Magic to find his son.  And for him to get what he wanted she couldn’t possibly be allowed to make good choices.  So he made sure she made all the wrong ones.

But it’s not just in the enchanted forest.  It’s also in Storybrooke that Regina wasn’t given the option of the right choices.

When they find out Cora is coming to Storybrooke Regina tells practically anyone who will listen that she wont be able to fight her.  That Cora will destroy her.

In 2.08 and 2.09 she’s practically desperate for people to understand this.  She’s not blaming others, she’s saying, “I am not strong enough.”  Yet the ARs want us to blame her for choosing her mother after the Charmings not only don’t listen to her when she tells them that her mother will destroy her, but fall for a frame job that should have set off every alarm bell in town.  Maybe Snow wasn’t responsible for what she was blamed for as the Evil Queen, but the Charmings should certainly own this.

Oh yeah, and who put the final nail in that frame job?

The Charmings went to the man who only 9 episodes before was trying to kill Regina to secure proof against her.  And they accepted that proof, which even they should have known was unreliable, without question.

To me it’s not that Regina blames others for her mistakes, it’s that for far too long she’s blamed the wrong people for her problems.  

But you know what?  The real problem with the ARs is that they can’t see that the story has moved on.  That it’s no longer Regina against the Charmings but that it is about Regina with the Charmings.  Regina isn’t making bad choices, she’s making good ones.  And she’s been doing it consistently for two seasons.

“Your stories went poorly because you made bad choices.  And now you are making good ones.”

So my general attitude towards those people … is they should watch the fucking show instead of whatever one is playing on a loop in their heads.

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Oh god I'm so worried about Abby next week, do you thibk she's gonna die or forget Kane like Raven forgot Finn after dhe took the chip?


We all knew that when Jason put the kiss in the trailer, that he was up to something, because he couldn’t POSSIBLY just like let us be happy with no terrible consequences.  Right?  Right.  So we all started immediately panicking that the trap was, oh shit, they’re gonna kiss and be happy and one of them is then immediately going to die (which, I’ll say again for the record, I do not believe is true.  They have contracts through the end of the season and they’re integral to the plot.  Kabby is gonna live, y’all.)

But I think now we know what the trap is.

I think the devious sneaky Rothenberg trick by teasing us with the kiss so early, getting us amped AF and waiting anxiously for the day it arrives, is going to be in the aftermath.  I think Kane comes back to Arkadia or meets up again with Abby for the first time after leaving and she’s still chipped and she doesn’t remember the kiss.  

But that’s okay!  This is good news!  HERE’S WHY.

First of all it’s clear that the central conflict of 3B is going to be the City of Light storyline, and the season is going to end with it getting shut down.  And with Raven taking the chip voluntarily, Abby forced into it, and Jasper considering it, that’s three people with incredibly sophisticated technical brains now being connected to ALIE - which helps ALIE and Jaha, but also might provide the three of them a way to work together to destroy the City of Light from the inside.  Raven is already rebelling, and she’s not going to sit quietly by while Abby loses herself.  I think we’re going to get a beautiful role-reversal of Raven’s hostility towards Abby over the first half of the season with her begging for Abby’s help - and then, when Abby gets chipped, Raven and Jasper busting their asses trying to save her.  Remember that, even though she has the chip, Raven is still Raven and is already fighting back against it, which means Abby can too.  Because even if Raven can’t remember Finn, Abby does.  And if Abby forgets about Kane, Raven won’t.  They can fight back together and help each other remember.

This is the woman who countered Jaha by saying “I have faith too - in my daughter.”  This is the woman who told Jaha “Hope is everything.”  Abby has always been the stubbornly optimistic foil to Jaha’s cynicism.   She’s always been his conscience. Abby has been able to get through to Jaha when nobody else can - like when she stopped him from going to Sector 17 during the Culling - so her relationship with him could end up being vital to how the City of Light gets shut down.

But yes, Abby getting chipped is going to get worse before it gets better and it is for SURE going to lead to some heartbreaking Kane moment when he finds out. I also think it’s a definite yes that Abby is going to forget about Jake, and may have a similar moment with her necklace that Raven had with hers.  I’m interested to see how this plays into the wedding rings.  And I think she might forget about certain things that happened with Clarke and Kane, but not that they exist.  She’ll know who they are.  Because - this is important - Abby Griffin doesn’t hide from pain, she faces it.

Abby didn’t take the chip voluntarily. 

Abby didn’t want to forget.

She’s not afraid of her bad memories.  She wears Jake’s ring around her neck every day.  The love and the pain live side-by-side and she keeps fighting anyway.  She wouldn’t be the one pulled into this storyline - the show wouldn’t have given us that lovely subtle reference to Jake in last night’s episode - if that wasn’t going to turn out to be important.

The show has drawn some interesting parallels all throughout this season about the way love makes people do unpredictable things.  Think about Lexa rebelling against her, for lack of a better word, “programming,” and everything she learned from the A.I. in her head about what it means to be a Commander, by turning on a dime to rewrite 200 years of Grounder tradition because of her feelings for Clarke.  And everyone else has used unusually metaphorical language to describe the people they care about.  Bellamy says “Gina was real” and “she always saw the light.”  Raven says “Finn was real.”  Kane says “Bellamy is the key.”  Kane wants Abby to be the one who “leads their people out of the dark.” Abby kisses him and calls it “hope.”  Clarke is now the “flamekeeper”, protecting Lexa in the A.I.

Love is the glitch in the Matrix, the one thing ALIE can’t artificially replicate, doesn’t understand and can’t control.  And over and over this season, we’re seeing interesting language about “light” and “reality” echoing through the ways that people talk about their loved ones.  I think what that means is that the key to destroying the City of Light is connected to love - to the realization that the pain of reality is better than not having those memories. 

So yes, while I think that in the short-term, we may get some very painful scenes where Abby doesn’t remember the kiss or even that she loves Kane, and may only partially remember anything about Clarke - that hope is still inside her.  Abby is going to be the one who leads their people out of the dark because Kane is her hope.  He’s going to keep her holding on, and she’s going to team up with Raven to free everyone from the City of Light.

(Plus think of it this way - if she forgets the kiss then we get ANOTHER FIRST KISS, so it’s kind of like everybody wins.)

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I've seen speculation about possibly happy things for Olicity by the finale. Maybe I'm a bit of a sceptic because as much as I love them, I'm not totally bought into sunsets and wedding bells. I just want a good story. I respect your outlook on shipping and remaining levelheaded and positive. I was wondering 1) how you think the season will end for Olicity 2) how you want it to and 3) what the fandom should do to recover if things don't turn out all roses and candlelight by the end. Thanks!!!!

I’m all about good story, Anon, and I don’t know.  I mean… what are people expecting exactly when you say “roses and candlelight”?  Obviously Arrow is coming back for another season, so it’s not like it’s the Mentalist giving Jane and Lisbon a big fluffy wedding, a baby, and wrapping things up forever before it fades to black.

I don’t think Arrow is going to end on a bad note for anything, really, at the finale.  That really isn’t their style. Look at how Season 1 and 2 ended.  They drew to a close on nice beats, wrapped up the season-long drama, and faded off to hiatus with a feeling of story closure and contentment with viewers ready to come back for a new season, a new story, a new chapter.

Do I think Oliver and Felicity are going to get married in the Chapel of Love, swearing their undying devotion to each other, and ride off in a car dragging tin cans with a “Just Married” sign on to have a honeymoon at Niagra Falls and make babies?  No.  Then again, I don’t think that’s what people are expecting at the end of this season either.  But I don’t think they’re going to leave Oliver and Felicity off in some weird bad spot either, especially when the writers/executives have said the ending of this season is like the end of a trilogy.  I expect Oliver & Felicity to be left off in a spot that allows their relationship to continue to grow, organically, next season without making huge leaps and jumps that advances them too quickly.  Slow and steady.  Slow-burn.  If you’re going to keep it, you gotta build it to last.

I fully expect more Ocean’s 11 style screwery going on before this season is over like they did the other ep with the whole dead-not-dead fake out con for a couple of reasons:

1. It’s sweeps & they want to shock you

2. It’s the finale 3 episodes

3. It’s Oliver and Felicity. I mean… seriously.  Look at what they’ve done all season long with Oliver and Felicity.  This is building to something somewhere.  And I don’t believe they’re going to leave it hanging in some unknown suspended status going into hiatus.

4. It’s sweeps.  Did I mention it’s sweeps?  Cause it’s sweeps.  Everything about these episodes will be about getting ratings, making your watch, and money, money, money.  Money!

But you know what I’m remembering?  I’m remembering what was going on in the fandom this time last season.  Do you remember that?  People (and I absolutely mean no offense by this to anyone) were all panicked that Slade was going to corrupt Oliver.  Felicity was going to betray Oliver!  Felicity was going to do something so horrible and evil to Oliver because Slade got to her that Oliver would be disgusted by her, turn on her, reject her, and the show was going to ruin the Oliver/Felicity relationship forever!  …remember that?  Look how that turned out.  Remember how Oliver’s “I love you” and following Olicity beach scene (You really sold it/We both did) was *all* anybody could talk about during hiatus? Did he mean it?  Did he not?  Etc.  Look where it led us in Season 3.

I am a total angst whore.  I come from soapdom.  I’m used to twists and turns and dark and bad things happening after bad things and usually I loved it!  Drama, conflict, and things getting worse and worse before they get better make for story you want to tune back into each day.  TV has one job for me: Entertain me.

That said, Arrow needs to end this season on a strong note (and with hope) for a couple of reasons.

1. You want to sell DVDs.  Give me a reason to buy DVDs, thecwarrow & warnerbrostv.  Because as of right now, you have me tempted (especially with the Oliver/Felicity storyline so far) but on a whole, I still haven’t pre-ordered my copy.  I think about it.  I’ve gone to look at it a few times and hovered my mouse over that 1-Click Buying option… but I’m waiting to see how that finale pans out before I plunk down $45 for a bluray set on a show that failed to give me:

  • Consistent Original Team Arrow Interaction (Oliver/Felicity/Diggle)
  • Consistent Oliver/Felicity interaction
  • Olicity stunts
  • Enough episodes I want to watch more than once. Now, granted, I got Felicity’s mom, Olicity ILYs, Olicity’s first love scene… but I can buy those handful of episodes individually (already have, in fact).

I need a reason to buy the DVDs.  A good season ending gives me that reason.

2. You want people talking during the hiatus to keep the Arrow buzz up and keep Arrow fresh in people’s minds until the show returns for Season 4 in October 2015.  That’s a long time away, and frankly, you’re not gonna get 5 months of buzz if you don’t end the show with something for your most vocal fans to oooh and aah and speculate over.

3. You want people to come back for Season 4.  There’s no doubt that this season has been Love It or Hate It for people.  Lots of debate about lots of things.  You need to end strong to make viewers WANT to come back for Season 4.  That means you have to end Arrow Season 3 in a way that makes it unforgettable, not ho-hum.

As for how to deal with disappointed expectations, I find the easiest way is this: Don’t have any. 

Look, we all have things we can have fun speculating and What If-ing, that’s half the fun.  But I find it best to keep one foot on the ground and realize things might not go that way.  It’s nice to hope and dream and everything and be excited but I’m not one of those people that say, “If it doesn’t happen this way I’m going to hate it!”  Sometimes I can’t see the forest through the trees in stories (Arrow’s been that way a lot for me this year, so I have a hard time deciding how I feel toward just about everything), so I sit and I watch and I wait to see how things shake out before I decide. 

I love speculating but I don’t get crushed when that speculation doesn’t come true either.  It’s all about balance.

Also, I think sometimes people overreact to other people’s speculation.  They’re just having fun.  They want something to talk about, laugh about, look forward to, and enjoy.  Often, they’re just amusing themselves between episodes.  Some people just love to spec and, come the next ep, they’ll start all over again with brand new theories now that more information has been added.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for some reason, others feel like they have to stomp into the party to start flipping tables and popping balloons and bring everybody down like it’s a bad thing to be having fun.  Everybody watches in their own way and that’s okay.

I think, especially going into the final 3 episodes it’s important to remember that these are the final 3 episodes (and sweeps!) so they’re going to pull out all the stops to get you worried, talking, and watching.  But it’s also the final 3 episodes.  Watch.  Wait.  Give that finale time to play out and the season end before jumping to conclusions about how something is going to end.  We only have 3 weeks left.  Don’t knee-jerk to every teaser, spoiler, article, etc., and don’t pre-judge or let people get you all worked up. 

Let it play out & then decide.

Me?  I’ll probably need a few days after the finale ep to decide what I think.  Sometimes I need to let it all percolate before I even understand what I understand.

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Part 1: I got a bit of speculation I wanted opinions on. Pretty much everyone is firmly set on a 5x08 wedding, but i'm thinking Olicity will get married in the "field" in 4x23. I'm sure you've seen plenty of claims about 4x23 being the wedding, but please bear with me. There is just something about a lot of the foreshadowing for Olicity this year. 4x01: Felicity states to Oliver that as long as she is with Oliver she is happy, no matter where they are. 4x10: Oliver asks Felicity to run away-

This is an amazing series of asks and I want to start by saying THANK YOU for sending it to me. You’ve clearly thought this through at length and I like a lot of what you have to say. This is going to get long (shoot it already is!) so the rest of my response is going to go under the cut! 

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((i hope you're still taking prompts...)) i'm going to take a page out of that other anon's book and request firsts for couples, only how about proposals? I want proposals for: gajevy, jerza, nalu, gruvia, fraxus, stingue pleeeasssssssssse

//Yep! I’m always taking prompts, unless I say that I’m not. Also, all of these but one don’t follow the other prompt about first kisses. Or, I guess some of them could. But most don’t. Whatever. Please, enjoy!


They aren’t even dating – well, they are, but it’s not like it was made official. Gajeel buys her meals when they’re together, Levy reads him and Pantherlily stories when they’re sick, Gajeel knows how she takes any of her drinks and knows when she wants a certain one, Levy sometimes wears his shirts as dresses, they finish each others sentences and help each other without realizing it, and they’re practically joined at the hip when they aren’t split up on jobs or sleeping.

But the fact is that they haven’t called each other boyfriend or girlfriend. They haven’t even kissed when Gajeel chucks a tiny velvet box at Levy from half-way across the guild hall. It whacks her in the head and makes her drop three books as well as bruises her forehead, and she yells at him for two full minutes before Pantherlily picks the box up, flies up between them, and opens it.

Then she bursts into tears because Gajeel is proposing in his own totally screwed up way, and even though she’s blubbering he knows she’s saying yes. She makes sure to whisper it into his mouth as she jumps up and kisses him senseless.


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