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Ahh~! I loved your little angsty drabble!! :D Could I request some jealous Rick? Maybe how guys keep hitting on his girlfriend & he gets jealous and pouty but you make it clear to him that you're his and only his? Just an idea, I'm fine with any jealous Rick idea you got ;)

Okay so this wasn’t exactly like your idea but it was in the general ballpark. Trying to break out of this writer’s block is hard as hell so I hope you like this! I’m so, so sorry it took so long ;;

Jealousy, an emotion you felt on more than one occasion. You hated feeling that way and you knew it was stupid. More times than not you’ve felt jealousy flow through your body when it came to Rick going out on his adventures with Morty. You knew they often went out together and sometimes it was days before they ever returned. You figured the jealousy you felt was because of all the time Rick and his grandson spent together. You wish you could spend a lot of time with Rick.

Today was no different as you sat on the couch, arm propped up on the arm as you rested your head against your hand. The tv was on but you were paying it no mind at all, you sort of just drifted off into your own thoughts as you stared at the tv stand. That was until Summer plopped down on the couch beside you, jolting you from your thoughts. You looked over to see her, of course, on her phone as usual.

“Why are you looking so sad?” Summer asked as she locked her phone and set it down beside her on the armrest of the couch.

“Huh? Oh, no reason..” You mumbled out softly as you extended your leg to very gently kick at the leg of the coffee table.

“Uh huh. It wouldn’t have anything to do with my grandpa, would it? You always seem so down when he and Morty are out.” Summer smirked a little.

It was no secret to the kids that you and Rick were dating. Beth and Jerry, on the other hand, were none the wiser and just considered you as a good family friend. It was actually rather amusing to you that even Rick doesn’t know that the kids found out about your relationship. You could easily play this off as boredom if it was Beth or Jerry but Summer was anything but stupid and could always read you like a book.

you puffed out your cheek in mild annoyance before sighing and looking over at her. “We aren’t spending a lot of time together these days and I’ll admit I’m starting to feel a little jealous that Morty gets to go out on all these adventures with him when I can hardly get a simple hello from him. It’s like I’m not even here anymore. It’s a chore to get his attention..”

It pained you to say it out loud but it was true. It felt like Rick was slowly slipping away from you. It was getting harder and harder to gain his attention in you. You felt as if he had become bored with you and that feeling always left a bad taste in your mouth and a huge lump in your throat.

“Well then let’s make him pay attention.” Summer grinned mischievously and you raised an eyebrow at her and tilted your head.

In that moment there was rustling and noise coming from the garage and Summer stood up, nodding her head for you to follow. You got up and followed her into the kitchen where the door to the garage was slightly ajar.

“So you gonna come with me to this party? Please, please come with me. There will be some older guys there. You might find a date~” Summer beamed happily and loudly enough for her voice to travel into the garage.

Morty opened the garage door more to step into the kitchen, he walked past you both with an exhausted ‘hello’ before trailing upstairs and who was following him into said kitchen? Rick. He walked right past you and Summer and opened the fridge to grab a beer and you felt your heart sink into your stomach. He didn’t bother saying hello. He just leaned against the counter top and drank his stupid can of beer.

“So you’re going to come with me tonight right? you could find the guy of your dreams!” Summer smiled widely and Rick side glanced at the two.

you scratched the nape of your neck before sighing. You weren’t sure what Summer’s end game was but you decided to play along anyways. “S-Sure. I’ll go with you. I don’t have any plans anyway.” You smiled sweetly and you could hear Rick scoff from behind you.

“So you’re going out to a..a…a teeny boppers party? You, you ever think Summer might be you know.. UUUGH using you to gain popularity?” Rick growled from the counter and you wanted to grin but you decided to look at him and give him the coldest expression that you could muster.

“She isn’t as heartless as you.” You said giving Rick a small wink before walking away.

“Party’s at 7!” Summer called out to you.

Seven O'clock rolled around and you decided to go with a nice casual look but still enough to show a little skin. It wasn’t your intention of going to the party to hook up with someone. You and Summer knew all too well that Rick would take the bait and follow you both in secret. You knocked on the Smith/Sanchez door and Jerry opened up the door.

“Ah, nice to see you. You here to pick up Summer?” Jerry asked as he sidestepped, letting you walk into the house.

“Yup!” you smiled happily as you seen Rick look back from where he was sitting on the couch. He let out a rather annoyed sigh and your stomach filled with butterflies. Summer’s plan was already working and you haven’t even left yet!

“We’ll be back around 1~” Summer Chimed happily and Jerry started to look rather concerned.

“That’s a little late.” He looked between the both of you.

“Don’t worry dad, I’m not going to be alone.” Summer walked over and placed a hand on your shoulder before walking out the door, you soon following after as you said goodbye to Jerry and Rick. Even though Rick hardly responded at all.

Closer to the end of the night you were sitting on someone else’s couch, drink in hand although you hardly touched it. It seemed as if Summer’s plan backfired. There were 0 signs of Rick anywhere. Maybe he really didn’t care? Was this how it’s going to be from now on? The thought made your stomach turn a little bit.

You were ripped out of your thoughts when you felt an arm sling around your shoulder, your attention snapped to the person who was invading your bubble to see a drunken male wobbling in his seat, clearly extremely drunk. Summer was right there were older guys here, just not the one you wanted to be here.

“Could you take your arm off me please..” you mumbled lowly.
“Why? What’s the big deal? You’re very pretty.” He smiled.

He seemed pretty harmless. He wasn’t holding you tightly or anything, he was just one of those over happy drunks and it wasn’t in you to be very mean to people so you accepted the compliment with a small smile and a “thank you.”

The male had stayed like that for awhile as you both talked. to be honest, you had forgotten his arm was wrapped around your shoulder. You guess a part of you just wanted to feel close to someone, even if it was a complete drunken stranger. You both talked about a lot of different things like how you knew Summer, how old you were, and why you were here without a date.

You don’t know why but you told the drunken male about your relationship with Rick, without using his name of course. You didn’t want to embarrass Summer. You stressed your feelings and that’s when the male leaned in further towards you, he pressed his lips against yours and you immediately jerked back.

“Whoa..” you raised your hands up so that they came in between you and the male.

“What’s the problem. your boyfriend seems like such an ass-HEY!” The drunken guy slurred as he was yanked up from his seat.

You looked up and to your horror stood Rick. Rick was gripping the other males arm so tightly you thought that a small simple twist would break the poor guy’s arm. Rick looked pissed beyond all belief.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Rick growled as he glared at the drunken male.

“Just- Just having some fun old man. No, No harm.” The guy sputtered but wenced out when Rick twisted the guy’s arm.

“If, If, If I were you I’d seriously consider finding someone else because this one here is mine.” Rick huffed and you felt heat rush to your face when you heard him call you his.

Rick let go of the guy and the drunken guy stumbled away holding his arm tightly. There were a few eyes on you but you didn’t care. the only ones that mattered were Rick’s. you had to admit, seeing him become defensive over you made you want to leap off the couch and kiss him but you knew better.

“And you. What the- what the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Rick glared down at you and you felt as if you had sunk into the couch a little more. You didn’t want to cause any more of a scene. Rick, of course, sensed this and grabbed your hand tightly, yanking you up before going outside.

Once you were outside Rick pulled you into him, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You were a little confused at the sudden action.
“Look. I know I haven’t been that great lately- Been busy a lot but don’t ever do that again… I was here from start to finish you know.” Rick said softly, his hold tightening a little bit. “When I saw you with that guy it made me so pissed off, I wanted to punch that asshole in the face. I don’t want anyone else to touch you like that-I don’t give a crap if it was innocent or not. You’re with me and me only. I don’t like to share” He growled as he thought about the memory and that’s when you finally hugged him back. He did care and that made you happy.

I Don’t Love You I Want in Your House     |     LadyLondonderry

Louis/Harry & Liam/Zayn   |   6.9k   |   Teen

Harry comes into the bakery almost every day trying to woo Louis.

Zayn works out at the gym maybe a little more than necessary so that he can get the chance to watch Liam train.

Niall is the only one who ever checks the mail.



fact: when working on a film or a drama, the person hired does not work under the group’s name but as an actor, as an individual person. this is not only the case with yixing, but also with chanyeol and kyungsoo. where was the outrage then? or is it only bad when it’s a Chinese member?

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Headcanons for Kakashi and Neji dealing with a s/o on her period ? I'm literally dying and I need some support from my babies 😂💕

I gotchu fam. Hope these are okay and I hope you feel better!

Kakashi and Neji Helping Their Fem!S/o While She’s on Her Period:


Originally posted by hatakenin

  • He is better than Neji, that is for sure. He is going to comfort his girl like there is no tomorrow. Also I feel like Kakashi has more experience in these situations just due to his age and the women he has been around through his life.
  • Is his love having crippling cramps? Kakashi has got her covered. He will bust out the heating pad, get her Konoha’s finest over the counter pain killers, buy her favorite drink and hang out with his little lady until she feels better. He’ll let her curl up into him if that is what you want to do. And he will love taking hot baths with her. 
    • He lowkey likes it when his girlfriend is on their period because it gives him an excuse to be lazy and likes how needy they become. 
  • If his girlfriend needs chocolate or any other fatty-food, he has got them covered. He’ll have a secret stash just in case her period decides to make a surprise a visit. 
  • Also has her favorite movies and books on hand in the event she needs something to do. Also has tissues just in case something she usually laughs at makes her cry.
  • Would definitely join in on wearing sweatpants. 
  • Kakashi has NO SHAME about walking into a pharmacy and buying pads/tampons. You can try and make him uncomfortable, but it’s literally impossible. He’ll even make eye contact with the cashier through the entire transaction. 
  • If she’s feeling bloated, he will shower her with compliments and tell her, “He wouldn’t have her any other way.”
  • If she bleeds through her pants in public he will walk behind her or pick her up and take her home. (If he wore a jacket with sleeves he would gladly give it to her so she could tie it around her waste).


Originally posted by chunli

  • He is not as experienced as Kakashi. Tenten doesn’t really show any difference on her period. She may be a little more mood, but he’s smart enough not to say something. And Hinata doesn’t exactly interact with the world while she’s on her period. So therefore, the genius of the Hyuga clan is at a loss. 
  • Oh but he’s super concerned for his girlfriend. If she tells him, “It feels like someone is stabbing me in the gut and twisting the knife.” He is going to freak out. Like, that sounds so bad and he doesn’t want his s/o to be in that kind of pain. He did a read an article or two on the matter, so he’s going to force feed them pain meds and make them drink lots of water. However, if his gf asks nicely he will cuddle with them and rub circles either on their back or on their midsection. And he’ll grab the biggest blanket to ensure that she’s warm.
  • He’s not going to approach them with a lot of comfort, he’s going to go with the medical approach. He’s going to make sure they drink a lot of water and some herbal tea. He’s not going to give them chocolate unless she threaten to rip out his eyes and make her eat healthy foods. He’s going to make her go for walks, because exercise helps with the cramps. Once all of that is done to his standards, he’s going to default into lazy mode and just sleep with her. 
  • I feel like he’s not the type to be able to buy her tampons/pads. Only because he’s going to get into feminine hygiene aisle and see all the different types and not know what to do. He’ll either ask Hinata to shop with him or ask to borrow whatever she uses. 
  • He will walk behind her in the event that she bleeds through and if anyone points it out, he will insult them. 

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Hello you amazing person, I hope you're having a great day ♥ I'm about to ask for some really pure garbage here... How about Tarkin and Krennic covering their heads with Krennic's cape because it's raining?

-somewhere on Scarif-

shoretrooper:  Hey isn’t that Director Kr-

Tarkin:  Tell anyone and I will end you.

Krennic:  …you would kill for me?

Tarkin:  oh god just get away from me

Krennic:  ….

Krennic:  no <3 

that was a cute prompt, thanks for sending, @ironmei !!  sorry this was super quick, hope it was the garbage you were looking for.

and everyone else just FYI–i still have a bunch more prompts to get through, i got more than i thought i would, but i’m going to do them all  <3 

Fiddler on The Roof Lyric Meme
  • "Who, day and night, must scramble for a living?"
  • "Who has the right, as master of the house, to have the final word at home?"
  • "Who must know the way to make a proper home?"
  • "I hear they've picked a bride for me. I hope she's pretty."
  • "Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match."
  • "Look through your book and make me a perfect match."
  • "Bring me a ring for I'm longing to be the envy of all I see."
  • "I promise you'll be happy. Even if you're not, there's more to life than that."
  • "Did you think you'd get a prince?"
  • "It's not that I'm sentimental. It's just that I'm terrified!"
  • "I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be poor. But it's no great honor either."
  • "If I were a wealthy man, I wouldn't have to work hard."
  • "The most important men in town would compare fawn on me."
  • "When you're rich, they think you really know."
  • "You decreed I should be what I am."
  • "May the Lord protect and defend you."
  • "To life! L'chai-im."
  • "Our great men have written words of wisdom to be used when hardship must be faced."
  • "Life obliges us with hardship."
  • "If our good fortune never comes, here's to whatever comes."
  • "Life has a way of confusing us."
  • "You have each other a pledge?"
  • "This isn't the way it's done. Not here, not now."
  • "Some things I will not, I cannot, allow."
  • "Even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness."
  • "Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles."
  • "Tell me what you dreamed and I'll tell you what it meant."
  • "For such a match I prayed."
  • "Have you no considerations for a woman's feelings?"
  • "Is this the little girl I carried?"
  • "I don't remember growing older. When did they?"
  • "Sunrise, sunset."
  • "What words of wisdom can I give them?"
  • "I used to tell myself that I had everything."
  • "I have something that I would die for."
  • "Now I have everything. Not only everything, I have a little bit more."
  • "I'll be with you and that's home enough for me."
  • "It's a new world."
  • "Do you love me?"
  • "After (number) years, why talk love right now?"
  • "The first time I met you was on our wedding day. I was scared."
  • "If that's not love, what is?"
  • "Then you love me?"
  • "I suppose I love you too."
  • "That's what comes from men and women dancing."
  • "How can I hope to make you understand why I do what I do?"

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I mean I personally think she made the relationship very evident with the kiss and don't understand what more she'd have to do other than maybe confirm it with words. But I guess people are different. The kiss was enough for me personally. They haven't seen each other bcoz they're both really busy. They'll be together over the holidays I'm sure.

You know when I first saw the kiss pic my heart sank, I thought to myself fuck now I’m gonna have to ship Camren through the past, rewatching old videos while keeping the hope that one day they’ll get back together. Then I thought, at least let’s see how Camren interacts at the amas that next week end, maybe there’s still be something there.

But then the Billboard article came, Lauren came out and I thought, well isn’t that a weird coincidence? Cause Lauren didn’t write that essay in one day, my ass, that kind of thing needs preparation, it’s reviewed by mgmt and Billboard didn’t just happen to publish it after she pitched it one afternoon. That coming out wasn’t that surprising to fandom since a few days before she kissed a girl, the reactions were mostly positive and she got to get her message about Trump across - see how wonderfully things work out when they’re well prepared and thought about?

Right after that Camila was seen looking freaking miserable at the Maverick party so my Camren senses started tingling.

And then of course we had that fucking « Thank youu » which was all I needed to believe that Camren wasn’t dead - cause Lauren knows that any differentiation she makes with Camila is gonna set alarms in this fandom and yet she still does it.

I was still waiting for the AMAs to confirm that something was still happening and of course my girls didn’t disappoint, we got some great Camren classics.



And after that all of Lauren’s tumblr posts who just scream that there’s something more that we don’t see.

I know I’m being delusional sometimes, it’s part of CS game, but I’m also someone who’s pretty down to earth and who believes that there’s so much we don’t understand and don’t see in this business, the only thing that doesn’t lie is the way the girls look at each other - and for those anons who will send me “they look at everyone that way” or “ Camila is just a flirty person” once I post this, don’t bother cause we all know that ain’t true.

All of this doesn’t add up to Lauren being in a relationship with Lucy, there’s too much stuff that don’t make sense to me like for example Lucy liking one of Camila’s tweet and then unfollowing her two days later and Lauren and Camila keep acting the way they always have, like a couple in love hiding - anyway I agree to disagree with you on what is happening right now 😊

So like we often say in this fandom, I’ll stop shipping them when they stop looking at each other like this:

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Hey, Mira. I hope you're doing okay. If this request can maybe make you feel a little bit better, maybe nalu, college au? I've always thought it's a bad time. I don't know what you've been through, so I can't do much to help. I'm sorry. Take care

A/N: *hugs you* It’s all right; your well-wishes mean more to me than you know. I don’t want to bore people with my life too much anyway, heh, so don’t worry about it. So I might as well get to your request I am just the best procrastinator since I’m now only a couple semesters away from graduation! So things are getting better for me for sure, slowly but surely ;u; I hope you enjoy this; thanks for the request!

I’m sorry for the lateness (and possible rustiness ‘cause wow am I out of practice)! Baby steps. :’3


Natsu’s heart just about leapt right out of his chest when his phone suddenly buzzed out of nowhere in his back pocket. He did his best to calm his heart as he sat up and fished out his phone to check what it was—this shady spot under the trees in the campus park was just too easy to doze off at.

The first thing that caught his eye was the time—and he immediately blanched. Had it already been this long? He’d been so sure he had another half hour at the least…

He sighed and ruffled his matted salmon-pink hair, brushing out the bits of leaves and twigs that had gotten tangled in them when he’d laid down and fallen asleep there…again, before finally checking to see what notification he’d received.

It was a text from Lucy.

Hey, Natsu; I just finished class for the day! Where are you?

Natsu bit back a groan as his heart sunk a bit lower—he really had slept for way too long if Lucy had already finished her classes. What sort of excuse could he give her now? He had nothing!

He waited for another minute or so before he texted her back:

Eh, just at the usual spot, you know the one
I’ll wait for you

And he sat back and stared up at the tree branches while letting the light breeze tickle his cheeks until she arrived—which wasn’t long; he could hear her calling his name from a distance after only a couple more minutes.

“Hey, Natsu! I’m here!” Natsu raised his head and turned in the direction of her voice—the slender blonde was holding her schoolbooks under one arm and had slung her purse over her opposite shoulder, smiling and waving at him as she jogged over to meet him.

Natsu couldn’t help but smile to himself as she approached even in spite of the storm of tirades he knew would eventually come his way.

Damn it; she’s beautiful…

“Hey, Lucy,” he greeted her in return as she reached him, finally standing up and dusting himself off. “Doing good today?”

“Oh, yeah; today was good! I finished off the rest of my homework, and I’m free over the weekend!” She then smiled at him expectantly. “What about you? How did that presentation of yours go?”

Damn it; she just jumped straight for it without giving him any time to come up with a legitimate excuse. He exhaled sharply before rubbing the back of his neck, not meeting her gaze.

“I didn’t go,” he answered at last.

Lucy’s warm brown eyes widened. “You…didn’t go? W-wait a minute; you mean you skipped?

He stared down at his worn shoes now as he lowered his hand, still not looking up. “…Yeah.”

“But…Natsu, that presentation was worth thirty percent of your grade! Now you’re pretty much guaranteed to fail it!”

“I know.”

“Then why didn’t you—?”

I don’t know!” he finally snapped—he didn’t even need to look up to realize that she’d flinched back at his sharp retort. He sighed heavily, covering his face with his hands. “I just…I don’t know. I know it was an important assignment; I know passing this class was hinging on whether or not I aced that presentation. I know. I just…” His hands fell away from his face and he returned to staring up at the tree branches above them, the regret gnawing away at his chest. “I don’t know why I didn’t do it. I didn’t even have anything prepared, not even an ad-lib or an outline or even a fucking notecard. I honestly tried, but I couldn’t make myself care.” 

Natsu still wouldn’t look at her face, but he could hear the tender concern in Lucy’s tone as she murmured, “Natsu…”

And for some reason, that only aggravated him even more.

“I know I probably should care, but I just don’t. I don’t even get the point of this class; what does it even have to do with my major? At all? What even is the point when I’m not going to apply this in my daily life ever?” He paused and drew in a deep breath. “Fuck college. Fuck all of it and its stress-inducing and greedy money-grabbing ways. I wish I never applied. I never even wanted to.”

An uncomfortable silence hung in the air between the two as Natsu finished his rant, only being interrupted by the gentle rustling of the leaves above and the distant chatter of the campus students scattered about as they went about their business. It was a moment before either of them spoke.

“…Natsu?” Lucy said at last.

Natsu sighed, bracing himself for the incoming lecture. “Yeah; what?”

“Do you…want to grab some coffee before we go back to the dorms?”

He felt his eyebrows arch in surprise as he finally turned to look at her in full. She wasn’t going to yell at him?

“Wait…you’re not upset?”

“Well, of course I’m upset…upset that you didn’t tell me about any of this sooner.” She crossed her arms with a huff, puffing out her cheeks somewhat to make that oddly adorable indignant expression. “Aren’t we best friends? Best friends that agreed on the whole never keep secrets from each other thing? Seriously; what’s with you?”

Natsu was at a loss for words. His mouth just hung open in his astonishment. “Uh…I was…I just thought that you, um—”

Lucy stared at him for a moment before laughing and taking his hand. “C’mon, you idiot. You really need a dose of caffeine right about now.”

“Ah—hey, wait a minute—!” Natsu couldn’t get anything else out past that before Lucy began pulling him along toward the parking lot.

“We’re going to talk later—once we’re back at our dorm with our coffee!”

But I don’t even like coffee!!


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I know you said no more angst prompts but i was wondering if you could write some iwaoi fluff or something, i mean you don't have to and i hope that you don't think i'm pressuring you or anything, i really love your writing but the angst is gonna make me cry haha

I feel you anon, I feel you. Honestly it was murdering me and I didn’t really know I was capable of cranking out so much angst all at once XD Luckily I only have one more to get through and it’s not IwaOi ^^ I’m sort of tired, since jetlag still has me all fucked up so this’ll be a bit shorter than the other ones, sorry! Hope this gives you the floofy feels though :3

Oikawa had three rules.

1. Whatever you do, don’t think of Iwa during class. Because you won’t retain any information.

Instead, it was better to think of Iwa during breaks, when Oikawa could steal part of his bento, the small sampling of sweet potato that Iwa never ate, either because Oikawa was always fast to steal it, or because Iwa didn’t eat it so that it could be stolen.

2. Whatever you do, don’t think of Iwa during practice. Because your adrenaline will shoot up.

Instead, it was better to think of Iwa after practice, once everyone had changed and gone home, the locker rooms completely empty, club room cold and dark, save for the spark of heat that came from the two, who pressed their lips together in silently hidden passion.

3. Whatever you do, don’t think of Iwa before bed. Because you’ll stay up all night, you know?

Instead, it was always better to think of Iwa when they were in bed together, because when it was like that, sleep didn’t matter, not when Iwa’s arms were wrapped around him the way they were, enveloping him better than any blanket ever could, their noses just touching and each one inhaling the other’s exhales.

But then again…rules were always made to be broken, weren’t they?

If he thought of Iwa during class, then the time passed by faster.

If he thought of Iwa during practice, then he could channel that adrenaline into his serves.

If he thought of Iwa at night, even if he did lose sleep, what little rest he got was always filled with sweet dreams.

So yes, Oikawa had three rules.

He just didn’t always follow them.

I like don’t understand mnets system for this show?? They knew people would get eliminated, that the teams would end up being uneven…yet they put them in those teams and made them practice the songs anyway….knowing fully well that half of them would never get to perform it

And how are the people that survived rewarded? By being voted off by their own team members from the songs they spent SO MUCH time practicing and being forced to learn a completely new one. They had to fill any spots left. May I remind you that randomly being put in a team was used as a PENALTY by mnet for people who broke the rules, why should people who followed them be subjugated to pretty much the same thing? Why are they being punished? How is it in any way fair for some trainees to get way more time than others to practice?

It was just plain cruel what the eliminated trainees had to go through, sweating and being allowed to dream for a goal they never had a chance to achieve. The ones that had to change teams…how must they have felt knowing that the people around them chose for them to leave…that all their work has just been reset and they now have to go around hoping another will take them in.


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Holsom, #12? Or zimbits! Thanks!

Ransom’s been learning from Bitty for a few weeks now. He’s perfected his stir-fry, he’s honed his wine-bottle-opening skills. He’s even reserved one of the student kitchens and set up a nice little card table with a nice little tablecloth he picked up from the scene shop over at the theater department. Two plates, two napkins, two forks and knives. Even a candle, though really, there’s not room on the table for both the candle and dinner, so something’s gonna get moved at some point.

All that’s left now is to call Holster in.

Keep reading

promises kept

Fear was a sensation he was all too familiar with; how it creeps in and cuts through the senses like a thousand tiny needles, numbing body and mind. He thought he’d seen the worst of it, packed it away in boxes with every other memory of his past and left to rot in some forgotten corner of his mind.

It was supposed to, anyway.

Kyouka’s words wore heavy on his mind. He’d never lie to her. Ever. When he said Chuuya would come back–in whatever form that was–he meant it. Chuuya was strong, as was Dazai, and every single person out on the hunt for Fyodor and his underlings–even Akutagawa, though he probably wouldn’t admit that to his face. There was absolutely no way those rats had any chance against the sheer number up against them.

And yet…

Of all people, why had Dazai left Kyouka under his charge; ordered the two of them to stay away from the fight, but allowed everyone else? Was he really that weak?

When he thought about it, there was nothing actually special or rememberable about Atsushi Nakajima. He was Yokohama’s most wanted at some point, only everyone wanted Atsushi the Beast Beneath the Moonlight, not Atsushi the Human Being. Once the Beast proved useless, what left was there for anyone to want? If he fell during the fight, his loss wouldn’t weigh heavy on any hearts. Some might mourn, but life would return to normal, possibly even better, for everyone. Dazai and Chuuya had each other to lean on for comfort, Kunikida had Lovecraft, hell, even Akutagawa had Fitzgerald–though Ryuu was very likely to rejoice at his death rather than mourn. Everyone seemed to have someone…

Maybe that was his purpose.

Fyodor had Chuuya and was using him to get to Dazai. That much seemed certain. If Atsushi could somehow get in, he might be able to negotiate a switch and put himself in Chuuya’s place. A fight would be inevitable; his death, certain. But… if it could be enough to break Dazai for just a moment, to catch the rats off guard and get everyone out of harm’s way, that moment would be far more preferable than a lifetime without his partner. It’s the least Atsushi could do to repay everyone for taking him in. If this really was his purpose, he had no regrets.

He left Kyouka with a kiss to the forehead, hoping she’d sleep through the rest of the night. In time she would understand. A promise was a promise.

“I’m sorry, Kyouka-chan. Please… keep living.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @picnokinesis!! :DDD (I know it’s no longer June 1st but shhhhhh)

Hhhh, I know how much you love axolotls, Ford, and the multiverse, so have Portal!Ford in a ‘verse that has giant axolotls roaming the land :’D 

Also, although you can’t see her feet, the largest one has five toes! So Ford is especially fascinated because he can relate a bit with the whole extra digit thing ahah

and have a short drabble under the cut! :D I have no idea what Ford’s personality is like, so I hope I did him some justice!

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sorry the blog has been kind of dead lately, guys. been going through some personal stuff, feeling kind of rough in general. but i’ve been trying to be better about keeping things in the queue when i do get around to getting on for more than two seconds. i hope most of you decide to stick around to witness my majestic return. (by majestic, i mean ridiculous, because i’m working on some pretty dumb stuff rn, but we all gotta find our happiness somewhere.)

Ellie Goulding sentence starters
  • "You're the only thing I wanna touch."
  • "What are you waiting for?"
  • "I'll let you set the pace."
  • "It's a little dirty how the whole thing started."
  • "Thought that you were cute and you could make me jealous."
  • "You wanted my heart but I just liked your tattoos."
  • "Let's join forces."
  • "I know you've been burned, but every fire is a lesson learned."
  • "You're so worth it, you are."
  • "I wish I could be it all for you."
  • "Everybody's starry-eyed."
  • "Who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all?"
  • "I don't like the way I never listen to myself."
  • "I feel like I'm on fire, I'm too shy to cry for help."
  • "I don't think you know me much at all."
  • "This love will be your downfall."
  • "Who am I to choose the boy that everyone adores?"
  • "You set your sights on him."
  • "I've seen you in a fight; you lost."
  • "We're in a mess, babe."
  • "I'd rather pretend I'll still be there at the end."
  • "I don't ask for much."
  • "Maybe we forgot all the things we are together."
  • "I really thought that we'd go further."
  • "I'm tired of trying to keep you."
  • "You won't see me again."
  • "I wish I stayed."
  • "It's a shame you don't know what you're running from."
  • "You know this is your biggest mistake."
  • "Reassure me that you'll wait for me as long as it takes."
  • "You are the risk I'll always take."
  • "Tell me that we're still too young and I'll hold my tongue."
  • "That is no way to love."
  • "You're as bright as the sun and as calm as the moon."
  • "I don't know when you'll break, but it's gonna be soon."
  • "I won't tell the truth unless you want me to."
  • "I am so scared of what will kill me in the end."
  • "I hope I will get the chance to be someone."
  • "I'm trying not to lose my faith in you."
  • "I used to hear it all so loud, the sound of my heart breaking."
  • "I can take anything."
  • "This will always be my home."
  • "We are seventeen, we have just begun."
  • "I want to fall in love with you again."
  • "You can't make it right when it's wrong."
  • "Don't let it slip through your fingertips."
  • "We've only ever touched when there's no one else around."
  • "I'm not being intrusive, I just wish I knew the truth."
  • "I think about you more than I think one should."
  • "I'm making up for lost time."
  • "Trying to impress you, but lord I don't know how."
  • "I'm more alive I've ever been."
  • "I've chosen you."
  • "That feeling that doesn't go away just did."
  • "Anything could happen."
  • "After the war we said we'd fight together."
  • "I'll give you everything you need."
  • "I don't think I need you."
  • "I know you better than I ever have before."
  • "I know you're a fighter, but you never fought for me."
  • "We could be closer."
  • "You show me what it feels like to be lonely."
  • "It's gonna be better."
  • "Still not too old to die young."
  • "Lovers hold on to everything, and lovers hold on to anything."
  • "I need you more than I can take."
  • "You promise forever and a day, and then you take it all away."
  • "I've figured out that joy is not in your arms."
  • "I know I'll always ache with an empty heart."
  • "Tell me if you feel this pain."
  • "I just can't keep hanging on to you and me."
  • "I barely even know this fucking woman in my bed."
  • "You trembled like you'd seen a ghost."
  • "I lacked the things you need the most."
  • "I've loved and I've lost."
  • "It's okay to be afraid."
  • "It will never be the same."
  • "The rules you set are still untold to me."
  • "I've lost my faith in everything."
  • "I know you better than you think."
  • "You were like home to me."
  • "Please don't close your eyes, don't know where to look without them."
  • "I know you care, I know it has always been there."
  • "There's trouble ahead, I can feel it."
  • "You are just saving yourself when you hide it."
  • "It wasn't always wrong."
  • "Now I don't warm my hands in your coat, but I still hope."
  • "This is how things ought to have been."
  • "Why can't I dream?"
  • "I know you care, I see it in the way you stare."
  • "There was trouble ahead and you knew it."
  • "I'll be saving myself from the ruin."
  • "This is new."
  • "I've never met anyone like you."
  • "I'll wait for you... maybe."
  • "I know I'm fooled, I can't help it."
  • "You make my heart so helpless."
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "I need to be free with you tonight."
  • "I know you're there but I can't see you anymore."
  • "I've been a stranger ever since we fell apart."
  • "I know I’ve sinned."
  • "Sooner or later, I'll be on my own."
  • "I think I've been waiting for this all my life."
  • "I’m living on the wild side."
  • "It feels like we’re dreaming."
  • "We’ll be this way forever."
  • "I wanna hold you close, I just never wanna hold you tight."
  • "You are my only hope."
  • "I know you don't feel the same."
  • "You're sensible but it doesn't make sense."
  • "You know I'm gonna try much harder."
  • "Have you lost the same things I have lost?"
  • "I wish time was still, we'd stay right here with time to kill."
  • "You left everything behind except yourself."
  • "All I see is question marks and nothing else."
  • "You must have landed in New York by now."
  • "Please don't bring this love down."
  • "I'll never forget that feeling when I watched you disappear, when you made me stop believing."
  • "Do you remember boy when you were so cruel? When you played the thief and I played the fool."
  • "You think I’m still broken-hearted, but you will never win the war you started."
  • "How long will I be with you?"
  • "Everything I touch turns to gold."
  • "Baby, let me touch your body and your soul."

anonymous asked:

Honestly I was hoping that Leia was going get her inner Jedi out in this trilogy especially to confront her own son. Now with Carrie passing, I'm afraid that's not possible or that they're not willing to let it be possible through cgi, I don't know, I just hoped for so much more for Leia than whatever they might have now in store for her. The love of her life is dead, her brother is sulking somewhere, her son is evil, it would have been perfect to see her fight FOR everyone.

LISTEN Jedi Leia is what dreams are made of, okay. Jedi Leia would fucking terrify any opponent way more than any Jedi before her

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I just saw that Heith pic for the little Drabble I did TODAY!!! While scrolling through a much more popular blog than mine, lol. I had this strange out of body experience like, "I wish I could create something so cool it gets fan art" and the universe was like, "scroll a little further" and it was weird but thank you. I think I cried. I hope that's not weird. But I figured I might as well send you something to say, it did eventually find its way to me (probably super late) and it's beautiful...

i totally messaged you and linked you to it, it must not have gone through :( sorry about that! i wanted to let you know sooner. i’m so glad you liked it!! i love making fanart for fanfiction because sometimes i can’t write xD also i gotta give my love to other content creators out there, especially since the heith ship is so small, and there’s so many lurkers and people who just consume without feedback and appreciation for the hard work we do. its definitely not weird that you cried because I cried reading that drabble lmfao. thanks so much again, you’re a true peach :)