i'm hoping this makes sense

not sure if anyone’s really thought about this yet (probably have) but this angle is sort of…awkward? but i think it’s intended to be that way, and works perfectly for the scene it’s in

right around the sports speech is when things start to get a little..familiar. the sports speech is nearly identical to what rose tells steven in the tape (except it’s about sports) and then you start to remember that this is rose’s room, and everything that happens in this room is based off of steven’s subconscious and experiences, nothing else. this isn’t a fully accurate portrayal of rose, she’s only what steven knows and has heard.

then the angle starts to feel..weird, warped and fake almost, but it’s supposed to be that. it contributes to the realization that this isn’t rose.

Honestly, people may say that the scores/achievements in Yuri on Ice are unrealistic, and sure, perhaps that is the case now, but who knows what we’ll see in a couple of years?

One of the things I love about figure skating is how it’s constantly evolving, constantly changing, the skaters constantly one-upping each other. Back in the day people thought quads were impossible until Kurt Browning landed a quad toe loop in competition in 1988 (the quad timeline is actually really interesting), after which skaters began attempting to do quadruple rotations on more difficult jumps (as well as jumping them in combinations), to the point where having multiple quads in your program is considered a norm these days (in fact not having one in a program may be considered a handicap). No one has ever successfully landed a quad axel, but who knows what the future will bring?

As you’ve probably heard by now, recently Nathan Chen became the first skater to successfully land five quads in a single program in competition. I’m assuming you’ve already seen the spectacular performance, but if you haven’t yet, (or if you’d like to watch it again) here it is:

The amazing thing about it is that previously, people thought that four quads was the maximum a person could do in one program, that doing five was pushing yourself too hard. Nathan Chen proved that wrong. Whether doing five quads in one performance will become the new norm for figure skaters or whether it’ll be something many will dream of but only few will achieve is yet to be known, but it may very well be a paradigm shift, similar to the one that took place after the first successful quad ever.

How does this relate to Yuri on Ice, you may wonder?

Maybe through the fact that with this single performance Nathan Chen topped his personal best by 35 points?

The characters in YOI are shown surpassing their previous scores and performances on multiple occasions by changing/improving their programs and their amazing results aren’t necessarily exaggerations, as proved by Nathan Chen (who, friendly reminder, is only 17 years old).

How do their scores compare exactly? Nathan Chen scored a total of 318 points. Meanwhile, the characters in YOI:

Both Yuris broke world records as well as their own personal bests, so I would say their scores are justified. The rest certainly seems a little high, especially compared to the previous year’s GPF

but we can assume this is either artistic liberty of the writers or just a way of highlighting how good those fictional skaters really are.

Figure skating is partly about overcoming your own limits and surpassing others’ expectations. The high scores we see above could be a testament to how hard all the skaters have fought in order to get where they are.

All in all, the great achievements we see in Yuri on Ice may not necessarily seem realistic, but in a way, they are a good reflection of what the sport is in real life - a sport that changes the moment someone special appears. In a way, achieving unrealistic things is an intrinsic part of making a difference (and making a name for yourself) in figure skating. As the ever-evolving sport, figure skating is partly about doing the impossible, making history.

That is what Yuri on Ice showed us in its 12-episode run and that is what Nathan Chen proved during 2017 US Nationals.


What I really love about it is that it could actually be a proposal. That’s how you traditionally propose in Japan - no falling on one knee and asking the other to marry you, just a casual thing like saying “I want to always come back home to you”. And that’s it.
In fact, I used to read a lot of stuff about Japan’s culture and language written by a woman from my country who is now studying at Waseda University. She also used to be engaged to a Japanese man. She’s talked to her followers about the engagement and said that it’d been no big deal; her boyfriend came home and while eating the soup his girlfriend had made for him, he said “I would like to come back home and eat dinner made by you every day for the rest of my life”. And she knew exactly what he meant. That was his proposal.

So yeah, the scene could in fact be a proposal, though it probably wouldn’t really go like this in their case. I’m not saying it was or wasn’t a proposal, just wanted to point out the whole engagement thing. :)

Do u ever think about someone who used to be… so important to you after a very bad point in your life and realize “this person was sort of… bad, and I made them out to be a better person than they actually are.”

Maybe you were romantic or platonic or otherwise, but you just clung to them because maybe they paid even a bit of attention to you, or were kind to you or supported you. But then it turns out you were just too in need of some attention and/or validation that you looked past all the shitty things they did to you…


To be perfectly honest, I’ve noticed way less people trying to deny Victuri ever since episode 9, especially when compared to episode 7 (despite the fact that that was when they became canon).

Apart from the fact that whether the kiss happened or not was a point of debate (and it was a kiss, but to be fair, I can sort of understand if some people didn’t see it), I think it might all come down to the idea that true, tangible relationships don’t need visible, explicit kisses to justify them, that a single airport scene can convey all the relevant emotions, that what truly matters and what truly shows the connection of two people is what they say and how they act around each other (especially in times of trial) and not simply how and when their lips touch.

I think it shows that deep, serious relationships like that can be felt even without seeing the couple properly kiss, or say “I love you” or have sex or lay in bed together.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think that the kiss from ep 7 was hugely important, and what I’m saying here actually supports it - they didn’t need to show their lips touch to get the message across.

Same was the case with the airport scene in episode 9. They never said “I love you” or “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, but those feelings got across anyway. We all understood it, we all felt it.

And the best thing is that this is true also for people who had doubts regarding Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. It wasn’t just the people who already believed they loved each other who felt it, it was anyone who was open-minded enough to allow a small possibility that hey, they might actually really love each other. And it all got across in the end. It convinced the people who weren’t entirely sure how to feel about their relationship and I think that is impressive to say the very least.

I just want to praise Yuri on Ice’s direction. I believe making people see things in certain ways and feel certain things is already a huge feat. Add to that the ability to do that without ever being explicit or direct about and I think it would be fair to call this a high form of art, also known as amazing story-telling.

AU for 12x10

Sam hasn’t been blackout drunk for a couple of years, not since the night that he got Dean back from demonhood and put away nearly an entire bottle of Jack. That time he woke up face down in his pillows, fully clothed with his dislocated shoulder shooting violent bolts of pain down his spine. This time, he comes to with the sky wheeling white above him, his clothes damp and his knees muddy and twigs and leaves in his hair. He sits up, hauls himself to his feet and staggers forward a dozen yards or so to emerge onto a jogging track, a woman in bright lycra thudding past with headphones in her ears. His legs are bruised and aching and his mind is… fuck, so foggy, a great roiling cloud of nothingness, and he has to stop thinking about that right fucking now if he wants to stay calm. He runs his hands through his hair, dislodging a beetle and a shower of debris, tries to straighten up his clothes. He finds his phone in his pocket, the screen shattered and dead. Great. But the next woman down the track has a guy alongside her, a personal trainer maybe, so Sam steps forward hoping that he won’t intimidate them both away.

“Hey,” he says, hoarse. “Can I – I’m sorry. Can I borrow your phone?” 

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this isn’t in response to anything just something I’ve been thinking about but like, if u support autistic/NDD ppl u should consider toning it down on the hyperspecific social rules on here that are constantly being made & changing like what sorts of words/typing styles are ‘cringy’ and ppl being late on jokes or whatnot and making fun of ppl who don’t quite understand what the current Acceptable Tumblr Social Habits are

The more I think about it, the more I have no clue what season 2 of Yuri on Ice will look like.

Recently, I wrote that it would make most sense for the series to continue where the first season left off, and to show us Russian and Japanese nationals, as well as European, Four Continents and World Championship.

However, the issue with that is that there would be no new skating routines (except for Victor’s), since skaters only create new programs for a new season (and the first season of YOI finished mid figure skating season) and we’d essentially be watching reused footage from season 1 which just… won’t work.

If they wanted to continue where s1 left off without making us watch the same routines again, they could just cut out all of the skating programs (except for Victor’s, and only for the first few eps, since I’m guessing the Worlds wouldn’t be the finale of the show, maybe like the halfway point) and put more emphasis on character interactions, conflicts, resolutions, and the vignettes from Victor and Yuuri’s life together in St. Petersburg. Basically to give us what we needed more of in the first season - more development and just more scenes off of the ice.

At the same time, I’m not sure how willing they’d be to do that, since, as we’ve seen in season 1, they seem to be really keen on showing us the skating, which I do appreciate, but which again wouldn’t work because not only have we seen the programs already, they also take up the time we could use to give more depth to our cast of characters. As much as I love the skating, I do think we could use less time watching every single program and more time on the characters. If the creators would be willing to show us less skating then the solution in the paragraph above seems plausible.

At the same time, if the creators wanted to keep showing us skating, they’d need to show new routines, so another possibility would be for them to just skip the three months after the Grand Prix Final and begin the new season right after the Worlds, similarly to how the first season began. Which I think would be effective but at the same time we would miss out on Yuuri, Yurio and Victor’s rivalry in the Worlds (which would be a problem since that seems to be a big thing the anime wants to focus on). And more importantly we’d miss out on Yuuri moving into Victor’s apartment and getting used to living in Russia, which would be a pity.

I think the issue of rivalry could be solved quite easily - by Victor not being able to participate in the Worlds due to only taking part in Russian nationals and European Championships. I’m not actually sure how you qualify for the Worlds but if Victor wouldn’t make it then the rivalry would be easily postponed to the Grand Prix Series, which would then become the focus of season 2. This also solves the issue of repeating programs since we would see all the characters again starting from the new skating season (meaning with new songs and new programs).

But yeah, the major issue with that option is that we do miss out on that period from late December to early April, unless they choose to fill us in with flashbacks.

Which they did do on a few occasions in season 1.

…Now that I think about it, I think they can pull this off. This post was pretty much brain storming starting from “Oh shit, there’s no good way for them to continue the story” and ending on “oh wait, it might actually be fine” haha.

Basically, if they manage to keep Victor from starting in the Worlds, there won’t be much need to show us every competition in the remaining part of the skating season that started in s1.

If I have any personal wish for season 2 it’s: more domestic moments and character interactions/conflicts/development and at least a little bit less skating. I understand what they were trying to do by showing all the skating sequences in s1, but I think we can live with less of them per episode in season 2

In any case, I trust them to do well. It won’t be an easy place to start the season off from but I think they can manage to do something good with season 2 as well, whenever that rolls around. In the end, the more I think about it, the more clues about how season 2 will look like I have haha.

a while back someone made a post about how arya has “internalised misogyny” since arya thinks catelyn wouldn’t want her back because she’s not feminine enough. i didn’t contribute at the time but i’ve been thinking about it and it’s just such a simplified interpretation of how arya is thinking and feeling

i remember the op was saying how arya believes that she is less valuable as a woman because she isn’t traditionally feminine like sansa, which would translate to internalised misogyny, but this isn’t really the case. arya doesn’t think that she is somehow lesser because she isn’t good at sewing, she knows that the world thinks that she is lesser. this, and of course the bullying, is where her insecurities come from. she’s not struggling with her own misogyny, she’s struggling with it in the world. this has been the point, like, the whole time. why would arya’s idol be princess nymeria if arya thought it was ‘bad’ to be a leader and a warrior. 

arya thinks catelyn won’t want her back because catelyn valued all the things that arya wasn’t good at (and was therefore bullied by septa mordane, sansa and jeyne poole). this is shown again when arya thinks of sansa. she thinks: “i’ll kiss her and beg her pardons like a proper lady, she’ll like that.” the key phrase here is: “she’ll like that.” arya isn’t saying she would do this because she thinks its the better way to behave or whatever, but because sansa thinks it is. all of arya’s insecurities and doubts are rooted in her feelings about her family’s (i.e. sansa’s and catelyn’s) values, and not her own. she is trying to be herself and please her family at the same time.

I’ve been feeling guilty and hesitant to write about Kara’s experience and perspective as part of Alex’s coming out story because I don’t want to take away from Alex. Her character, her bravery and pain and every aspect of what we watched her go through, are all hers and should be celebrated and focused on and not overshadowed. But, my wife just reminded me of something, a major part of my own coming out story that I somehow forgot about in all of this.

I came out to myself and realized I was gay after my mom came out to me.

I started realizing I liked girls when I was very young, maybe as early as seven or eight years old. When I was thirteen and started watching Star Trek: Voyager, falling head over heels for Seven of Nine, it became undeniable, but I told no one. Then, my mom, who had divorced my dad, started dating a woman. She hid it from me until finally I asked her about it and she told me. I had no language for being gay because I went to Catholic school and was pretty sheltered, so all I could say was “Mom…are you like Rosie O'Donnell?” Because that was the only lesbian I knew. And my mom said yes. And I said “Well…I think I’m a little like Rosie O'Donnell too.” Or something to that effect. There was much more to the conversation, but that was the crux of it. I came out as bi first, and then later as a lesbian, and now more as queer. But my mother and her coming out gave me the space and the language to finally admit it about myself. That doesn’t take away from her story at all. It links us, and I am very, very lucky and it’s a rare experience and we still have our differences. It’s not all perfect, but it did make things much easier for me growing up and coming out, again and again, to more and more people, after that.

And so, I think that for those of us who read Kara as bi or queer or however we see her, telling her part of this story is valid and necessary. Writing her possibly coming out to herself as Alex comes out to her, or thinking about Cat, or whoever you ship her with, is fine and valid. I say this because I myself need to hear it. None of us should feel guilty about it. I relate to Alex in all of this in so many ways, but I also still relate to Kara, and Cat, and Maggie, and telling all of their parts in this is important. Fandom is healing for so many of us, as is writing fanfiction, as is reading other people’s work. I’m so thankful to have this space and all of you to share this with, and I hope that we will continue to make this Supergirl community vibrant and safe and as overflowing with diversity of experiences and expressions as it can possibly be.

How to redeem the Grimborn brothers

Sort of anyways, just a speculation, in four days we’ll have to see.

Why do people want Viggo dead? I do get that, but let’s look at another option shall we?

Hiccup changes both of the brothers’ minds about dragons, changing Ryker’s wouldn’t affect HTTYD2, it’d still make Hiccup seem naive to try and change Drago’s. Changing Viggo’s on the other hand…..Would definitely make Hiccup think “I changed Viggo’s mind, I can change Drago’s.”

But how would he go about redeeming Viggo?


He would have to redeem Ryker first, but then again, Ryker deeply cares for his brother, so it’d be hard for Hiccup to change Ryker’s without Ryker betraying Viggo. Which Ryker would never do, on top of that, Viggo also cares about Ryker, did you notice how hurt he sounded when he thought of the prospect of Ryker betraying him? Ryker would also never kill Viggo.

Once Hiccup changes Ryker’s mind, he first wouldn’t think about changing Viggo’s, he right now sees Viggo as too far gone. Ryker would convince Hiccup to change his brother’s mind because he cares.

He also might clue Hiccup in on Viggo’s anxiety around dragons, which I’m surprised no one’s noticed, the signs are there,

  • Can’t sleep
  • Constantly thinking
  • Papers everywhere (working on something to occupy his mind)
  • The obsession with Maces and Talons as a way to occupy his mind

Viggo’s also an idiot for being so smart, he went into dragon hunting after being attacked by a dragon how did he not know something bad was going to happen? Oh right, you don’t, until after it happens.

The one attack wouldn’t be enough, but since he hunts dragons and cages them, they’re either trying to attack him or slashing at their cages. That would be enough to work him up.

Because of the anxiety it would make Hiccup’s normal way of changing minds (i.e. backseat flight on Toothless) really difficult. He’d have to think of another way to convince him. Remember in HTTYD2 how Stormfly changed Eret’s mind about dragons that didn’t involve Eret on Toothless?

What if it’s the dragons that help change Viggo’s mind, course he’ll still need to be reasoned with on how to take steps to ignore his anxiety (My boyfriend has anxiety and I’m just saying what he said to me about this.)

But changing Viggo’s mind would still be hard, even with Ryker, but it’d be possible. It also won’t make Hiccup seem naive in the second movie if he changes Viggo’s mind as well as Ryker’s.

I’ll go into detail about the scar on his (Viggo’s) neck in another post, I tend to make things long winded without making any sense.

Edit: After talking with another friend i have found another reason why Viggo is obsessed with Maces and Talons, he’s treating life as if it’s a game where their are no consequences, hence why he appears so calm (and creepy)

New ski jumping game!

On valentines day you’re going to…

First initial of your first name:

A - Go skinny dipping with
B - Make weird sex noises while standing next to
C - Get unhappily married to
D - Get kissed on mouth by
E - Have sexy dream about
F - Go on a terrible date with
G - Get cheap flowers from
H - Get murdered by
I - Accidentally Wink at
J - Have painful sex with
K - Pee yourself while looking at
L - Loudly yawn while looking at
M - Zombie dance with
N - Paint red nails to
O - Hold hands with
P - Take blurry photo with
Q - Pray for
R - Cry while talking to
S - Get purplish hickey from
T - Scare to death
U - Throw up on
V - Play Pokemon go with
W - Gossip about
X - Naked for
Y - Smell like
Z - Tell terrible sex joke to

First initial of your last name:

A - Domen Prevc
B - Daniel Andre Tande
C - Vojtech Stursa
D - Andreas Wellinger
E - Noriaki Kasai
F - Robert Johansson
G - Richard Freitag
H - Cene Prevc
I - Maciej Kot
J - Andreas Stjernen
K - Gregor Schlierenzauer
L - Walter Hofer
M - Kamil Stoch
N - Peter Prevc
O - Markus Eisenbichler
P - Evgeny Klimov
Q - Jurij Tepes
R - Stefan Kraft
S - Michael Hayboeck
T - Piotr Zyla
U - Denis Kornilov
V - Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes
W - Karl Geiger
X - Stephan Leyhe
Y - Kaarel Nurmsalu
Z - Jane Ahonnen

First initial of your mothers name:

A - In his bathroom
B - In his bed
C - In a hot tub
D - At the church
E - On a parking lot
F - In your best friends bed
G - In front of Daiki Ito
H - In your bed
I - At the supermarket
J - In the shower
K - In front of his wife/girlfriend
L - In front of camera
M - In front of his mother
N - And Dawid Kubacki
O - In front of Sara Takanashi
P - While it’s raining
Q - At the hospital
R - In the museum
S - In the graveyard
T - In the dark
U - At the wild party
V - Next to his best friend
W - At the gym
X - At the hotel
Y - In his kitchen
Z - In the bookstore

What is your mashup?

It’s 2 am and I watched the entirety of the bee movie when I did this sorry