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sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosimocontessina: “You’re right, I’m 100% in the wrong.The truth is I’m the one that’s not tough enough to be in here. I mean, watching the woman I love unarmed, locked up with all these murderers… it’s just too much for me.”

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I'm leaving and not going to on for 3 days or so...here's a silly question I got from an ask That I am going to ask you! Are sasster and Mr.G ticklish.

(bonus bc I love this gag)

as for Mr. G…


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hey i hope i'm not spamming your notifications too much, haha, but i wanted to say that i'm so in love with your art. i saw some rick and morty art and loved it and went to your blog and it was full of amazing art and queer headcanons and just everything here makes me so happy! i never see cute R+M art let alone queer stuff so thank you so much, also all your art in general is really lovely

Your message just made my entire day! Thank you so much!! 8u8 The tags you left on my drawings made me scream the highest pitch ever. 

Here’s Rick saying thank you because ily *strokes face* 

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You make the Hikari Twins even cuter wirh your art! :D I love it, and I can't wait to see mor of you wonderful art! ^-^

OHHH my gosh, first of all, i’m sorry about how super late this is! but thanks a bunch, that means a lot to me!!! :-) i’ll do my best to draw even more of these two dorks from here on! 💪✨ (ALSO GOMEN if it isn’t very clear in the first pic, netto’s just teasing saito because he’s not very good at hiding the fact that he’s happy/embarrassed about being complimented HAHA _(:3)


Imagine: when Kaneki and the gang escape, they lay low for a couple days. Touka decides to take Kaneki with her on her visit to the hospital. (for the people who speculate Hide being the one in the hospital that Touka was visiting)

 It’s kinda long so under the cut….and I didn’t really edit it and I haven’t written anything in a while and yeah I hope it’s not too bad o(-( XD

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hello! i have a question... i'm starting with digital painting and i was wondering if you could tell me (or give some tips??) of how do you blend colours when you paint "realistic" (like blending light colours with darker ones without ending like a spot of paint... but more like a smooth surface?) hope you understand what i'm trying to say here haha... Thank you very much and I love your art a looooooot!! <3

hm. That’s an interesting question! I would like to see which of my work you’re looking at for the particular method you’re mentioning. a lot of the time when i “paint” I try to avoid too much blend.

Some digital tips to get started:

  • Avoid complicated brushes until you’re comfortable.
  • Try some of the same exercises you would with traditional media– drawing a sphere with one light, etc. Here’s a good simple demo by Proko.

I tend to use a brush that has transfer or some translucency to it, so when I paint on a dark base to put lights in, I can grab the inbetween with the colorpicker, if I need it. 

FIRST I will block out light and dark areas.

I tend to work from mid colors to dark, and then to lightest with the well lit paintings, and for more drama I’ll start with the darkest and work my way up.

The brush I learned to paint with is the 19 round with opacity control set to pen pressure, with a little bit of spacing. (here is a link to an old tutorial, just don’t squish the brush and leave the spacing a little on.)

The point of this is that it’s simple, and I have a lot of control over how translucent my strokes will be.

For the first couple tries, avoid using your lightest lights and your darkest darks as the color you blend with. This can confuse where you wanted your shadows/lights. grab those roughed in middle tones, and if you leave the darks and lights where they are, your planning of lighting from the beginning won’t get messed up.

also i am still learning, and am in no way a teacher, but i hope this helps you get started with digital….!!!!!!

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Hey, I love your blog so much!! I finally decided to ask something but I'm too embarrassed of my personal blog so I'm on anon xD can you do a gif set on the members reacting to s/o curled up on the couch waiting for them to get home? thank you! (:

omg thank you so much!! haha (:

Jin: *instant guilt* My jagi should be sleeping in bed.

Suga: *joins you*

Namjoon: “_______, what are you doing out here? This can’t be good for your back!”

J-Hope: *giggly* Isn’t she just the cutest?

Jimin: *kisses you on the cheek*

V: *wakes you up*

Jungkook: Can’t she just wait in bed like a normal person?!


~ admin ariel

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Can you do a second part to "wait are you drunk" it was so good! I'd love a second part,I'm sure other people would too!your writing is so amazing!! Thank you so much for doing my blurb I loved it! I read it over so many times haha,thank you xx

(You like my writing asdfghjlkjsn you’re so cute(: Thank you darling for reading! This was requested by a few so I hope you guys like it 😘)

Part 1 here!

You slept on the couch while Luke took the bed. Yes you were still frustrated out of your wits at Luke’s behaviour tonight but you weren’t a bitch. You knew he would have a massive hangover in the morning.

So after putting a glass of water and some Advil near the bed stand, you made your way to the couch to hopefully get some shut eye.

Maybe your parents were right. You love Luke that’s an obvious but he knew this dinner was important to you. Your parents never come down to Australia and the one day they actually do, he does this?

Not to mention your parents thought you could have done better. But you didn’t want anyone else. You wanted him.

With all these thoughts running around in your head you somehow managed to fall asleep.

You woke when you heard a thud and an “ouch” in the room. You slowly opened your eyes adjusting to the light as you saw Luke’s disheveled hair with only his sweatpants hung low on his waist rubbing his hip as he manoeuvred his way around the couch.

He looked at you with tired eyes. You sat up but said nothing. It would take a lot for you to forgive him this time.

With regret and sorry in his eyes, Luke made his way over to you and kneeled down putting his hands on your knees.

“I’m so sorry baby.” He whispered, voice still thick with sleep.

You said nothing, instead playing with the loose thread on your blanket.

“Can you please look at me?” He spoke, urging you to make eye contact with him.

You took his hands off your knees and stood, making your way to the washroom to start the day.

But you didn’t get that far, feeling Luke wrap his slender fingers around your wrist. “Y/N.”

You turned around finally staring into his eyes. “Honestly Luke I don’t know what to say to you.”

You pulled away and crossed your arms over your chest. “You fucking know my parents don’t have a soft spot for you and along with being over an hour late, you show up wasted?” You raised your voice slightly, still irritated.

“Why would you even be drinking?” Luke let out a heavy sigh, running his hands through his hair. “I’m sorry. The boys and I were just celebrating since the tour ended and one drink led to another…” He rolled off.

You let out a bitter laugh. “Of course. You know what. Whatever. Do what you want to do. Clearly you have bigger priorities right?”

A fire lighted in his eyes when you said that and he grabbed you by the waist. “Don’t ever say that to me. You know you mean more to me than anything. I will always put you first.” He genuinely said, making you believe the words.

“I know I fucked up.” He continued. “But I will make it up to you. Because I’m in love with you.” He gently ended. “And I know you’re the one.”

You couldn’t help the small grin making its way to your face. You know he loved you. And you loved him too. You always will.

Your parents were wrong about him.

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Hey, sorry if I'm bothering you, but do you write fanfics? I read something from you and wanted to know if there's more because I reeeeaaaly loved it. Also, could you recommend me some Cophine fanfics? Anyway, thank you so much, darling!

Hello, friend!

Thank you for saying such things, but I don’t often write fic because I’m too obsessed with reading it haha. Thank you for the compliment :) I very much appreciate it and hope to be as good as some of the other Cophine writers one day!

As for if I can recommend you some Cophine fanfics…. absolutely! You came to the right place!! Here are some Cophine fic rec lists I’ve put together for the Cophine fan in everyone (this may be… overwhelming):

Happy reading!!

A14 story time: Okay so, at A14, I was on my own when going for my autograph from Jared (I got my Jensen one earlier) I was so nervous, shaking and I felt sick. I was determined to say something to him. So when it got to my turn to have my photo signed, I said “Um, Jared? Can I just say that you’re so inspirational and the Always Keep Fighting campaign hit home. A dear friend of mine (cheekyjared) who I’m meeting later and who I love so much, has and is going through a hard time, so am I, and you’re helping us, my friend especially, through things just by being your awesome self. You’ve helped so many people and we’re so grateful. We love you.” Whilst I was saying this, he was looking at me right in the eyes and smiling. He put up his hand and motioned for me to put up mine. He interlocked his fingers with mine and said “Thank you. Everything is going to be okay, I’m here for you, here for you all, okay? We’re a family. ” I nodded at him, tears in my eyes and he smiled again as he handed me back my photo and we said “bye” to eachother :’) Jared Padalecki is an amazing person who deserves all the happiness in the world. I hope he feels better soon. Always Keep Fighting Jared. We’re all here for you. ♡♡♡

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Could you take a picture with your hair down? I would like to do that too but I'm not sure how it would look

AAA sorry i just got back from camp and it’s faded to a more ashy sea blue rn from the sun and washes so here are some pictures??

the shorter top brown layers over the blue!

and here’s the front! hope this helped!

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Hey!~ I've been reading your posts and I love them so much, you have a new follower here! How would the boys react if: They're doing a live broadcast like on V app and then you come from behind the camera and feed them a sample of what you're cooking and kiss them on the cheek, but like you don't realize everything was broadcasted.. Does that make sense? Haha I hope I'm not causing too much trouble for asking you this ^^

(You’re not causing any trouble at all, and thank you so much! It means a lot to us when people say they like our blog. <3)


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Namjoon would try to play it off coolly, however he wouldn’t be able to hide his embarrassed blush and would settle for hiding his face with his hands. “Ah.. That was… That was supposed to happen, guys! Sneak peek for a music video that’s coming up!” 


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Jin would just happily eat the food, his eyes wide with a child-like sense of happiness. He wouldn’t mind that people saw it, the fans would just think it was another EatJin episode with an affectionate cook.


Originally posted by ohparkjimin

He would be incredibly flustered and embarrassed, and would apologize to the fans a lot. “I’m sorry, please don’t be upset! Keep supporting us!” He would be scared that it would make the fans angry or something of that sort. However, he wouldn’t blame you in the least bit. He’d go to you for comfort, actually.


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Suga on the other hand, he’d be happy. He’d have a smug little smirk on his face, raising his shoulders into a careless shrug as he spoke. “Told ya I get the most girls. What can I say? They love me.”


Originally posted by pokpokchikchik

Taehyung would have a bit of a panicked expression on his face as he mumbled to you that thousands of fans just saw that. However, he wouldn’t be too upset unless one of the managers confronted him about it. Then he’d be pouty and make some lame excuse for the fans, like, “It was a dare!”


Originally posted by sonyeondan

Jimin would be the least affected,seeing as he probably wouldn’t know it was live either. He’d just flash a thankful smile at you before continuing to talk about whatever the video was for. Seeing as he’s a little cinnamon roll, he could probably get away with this, anyway.


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This shy little muffin wouldn’t let it happen. Hell no, he’d get nervous and slowly shuffle further and further away as you approached. He’d be nonchalant about it until he was off-camera, in which he’d probably still be shy, but a little less. 

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Hi Banania ! I wanted to say that your art are amazing, I love them so much (thanks to you I'm became a Bixanna shipper ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛ ) you're such an inspiration ! I have a question : do you have a set color for the skin (i really love the effect that you done for your gajevy art) ? I hope I do not annoying you too much with this : /

Thanks, i shall make this post and then go watching Step up with my friends haha, here are my colors for skin that i saved:

Warning: you may not understand anything but i tried… ;;;;w;;;;; 

  • First, choose a base color, then keep moving the color wheel like the red arrow, choose the shade color like the blue arrow, don’t just move down in a line, your color will look dull. 
  • How i shade: the first color is the base, then i choose a stronger saturation color with that wheel method, using the brush with your blending option >10, slightly stroke it onto the base color. Lastly, use a dull color(gray-ish) to make the darkest shade of it, or using your own choices for the highlight,etc. 
  • This method is for soft shading, and non-environment art, try different skin palettes as well as don’t afraid to use blue/green/etc for shading :) 
  • With cell-shading, just use a multiply layer above the base one and shade it with light pink/red/blue/etc.

Good luck! And thanks for the Bixanna love :D

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Hey, Can you recommend me Khiphop song? I'm relative new and I need some good songs pls

I don’t know which musical direction you like/prefer (east, west, south) so I’m just going to list some of my all time favorite songs in no particular order:

and the list goes on and on haha. i hope you enjoy these songs :)

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Hello there! First order of business, all of your art is like a beautiful galaxy that just amazes me to no end. Secondly, this OFF game just appears everywhere, I was wondering if you know how I could play it? I'm sorry if you get this a lot but it seems really interesting. Hope you have a good day and that this didn't bother you!

(aw man thanks a lot! <3 )

is OFF having a sudden comback lately or? haha I haven’t been seeing much of it in a long while but suddenly people are bringing it up again 8’)

you can download here

download file, extract file, install fonts and click on “RPG_RT” and that’s it uvu

have a nice day too (=


So after thinking about changing my url literally since the first day I created it, I’m finally doing it! Because lets be real “one random kpop” is a stupid name… I never liked it. And since most of you know me because of my vines I wanted to have that name here too! I hope that this doesn’t confuse you guys too much and that you’ll get used to it soon ^^

So I’m now officially changing from onerandomkpop,

to  lets-go-north ! *blows up balloons, pops confetti, cuts cake*