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I thought I just did the 300 one… but 400???!!!

I’m sorry, but his is just unbelievable for me. Especially since I have less than a year of RPing experience TOTAL; compared to some of you guys who have been RPing for Years– I’m a newbie!

Of course, with every milestone, since I can’t do giveaways for my art since my art pen is broken, A Few  a LOT of honorable mentions (imo) are in order!
I’m dividing them up in Gamma, Beta, and Alpha stages, as usual~ and if you are not listed, don’t feel bad at all! I love you all, and I really want to get to know you all, ic and ooc! Chances are, I forgot since its late at night and I’m just writing this! 

OK, under the cut are some Mutuals!

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this is insane!!!

    I can’t believe there are 1000+ of you who bother with me!                                                                       How is this blog over a year old? How are you all here?                          

    To be very honest, I chose to rp Toph on a whim last March,                                                                   but I never would have expected it to turn out like this.                                                                               Hell, I didn’t even think I’d keep up her character for more than a                                                             few weeks, and yet here we are.     

    I’ve only been roleplaying for a little under 2 years, and have only                                                           been an indie for a few months, but in that time I’ve had the very                                                             great honor to meet some amazing people. I love you all dearly,                                                             and I couldn’t ask for a cooler group of people to rp with.

                                                                               THANK YOU ALL!

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    ok so anyone who has been following me for some time                                                                            would know that I occasionally art. and since this is such a                                                                      huge milestone, I figured I would kick it off with a little giveaway!

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㉤  Bronze (x3) = 50 100x100 icons of their muse or FC (i will look up an FC if you don’t have one)


reblog to enter the running; only one entry per blog. winners will be chosen at random.

winners MUST reblog my art rather than repost

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no unfollowing after this is over please, that’s not nice

winners must be willing to give me some leeway artistically, but also be communicative of what they want. preferred images, color palettes, and the like for starters…

ends on july 5th


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Why the finale of Hannibal was so goddamn good:

This is the closest a show has ever come to perfection, so far as conclusions to a story go. 

That end was the first and only time in the entire show where both Will and Hannibal were truthful in action and motive. Every single high-intensity scene they shared before then was addled by uncertainty, half-truths, insincerity, etc. In short, there was always another shoe waiting to be dropped, always something else to expose that would taint the scene. 

But the air is clear here (or as clear as anything gets on Hannibal). And that clarity was built up over the last few episodes. The show kept us guessing what the outcome of the final battle would be right up until the end; a spectacular feat that most shows never manage. Would Will join the Dragon? Would they team up and kill Hannibal? Or inversely, would Hannibal kill (or attempt to kill) them both before making his escape? Or would the Dragon attack them both before the FBI managed to get involved? On that note, how much did the FBI know about what would happen? Would it turn out that once again, Will played double-agent and would be ready with a team to capture both serial killers, thereby solidifying his spot on the “side of good” (so to speak), defying Hannibal’s attempt to lure him once and for all? 

Any of those felt like possibilities, but that last one would have been the traditional way to go. No chances taken, good-guy stays good and goes home to his wife and child victorious, happily ever after. Moral purity intact. 

But I think Will knew, on some level, that that was not going to be a possibility for him. Maybe he could have walked away from Hannibal successfully like he tried to do before the Dragon re-appeared, but from that moment I think he knew that the him he knew would be lost. That being said, I believe he himself didn’t know how he would react, in a violent confrontation where Hannibal’s life could be taken. I’m tempted to say the same about Hannibal, but somehow I think he way much more realistic about the level his emotions for Will ran at. I truly think he intended to kill Will (to consume him, honor him) up until he realized he couldn’t, voiced in the “my compassion for you is inconvenient” line. At that point I think he understood that no matter how the night played out, he wouldn’t be escaping unaltered either. 

Then we get the entrance of the Dragon at the cliff house. Particularly interesting are Hannibal’s facial expressions at the Dragon’s violence towards Will. On a base level, the severity of his distaste for anyone else injuring Will is notable but more than that I’m fascinated by the clarity of his disgust and anger, spelled out plainly through his facial expressions. Look back through the series, look at all the other moments where Will is being attacked or harassed, or where Hannibal himself is being attacked. He hardly even FLINCHES (Mads’ acting deserves an applause here). In particular, look back to the finale of season 2 when he stabs Will. Not to kill him, as we later find out, but to injure him for his betrayal. Even then, the only regret shown is in his words, but even that seems calculated. Never, until the cliff house, do we see his reactions raw

Also worth mentioning is how Will just sips his wine and watches, while Hannibal is on the ground. Building off of what was mentioned previously, that Will really doesn’t know how he’ll react to Hannibal in danger yet, I think that even at this point Will STILL doesn’t know. Hannibal’s injuries aren’t fatal, so there’s no immediate need for a decision. But when Hannibal and the Dragon are outside, locked in combat that’s assuredly lethal , Will makes his decision. I have to say, I really wasn’t sure which one of them he was going to attack. But MY GOD the second it became clear that Will would team with Hannibal, I was ecstatic (nearly as happy as Hannibal I assume). That wasn’t just simple teamwork to get rid of a common enemy, that was art. That was partners in crime, that was giving in. At that point the Dragon was just a backdrop, I was so focused on their dynamic. So much that when the Dragon was clearly dead, I was still holding my breath because the real culmination still had yet to play out. But the way Will reaches for him, even though he’s very nearly dead. And the way Hannibal goes to him immediately, without a single thought that he could use this to his advantage. And the way Will embraces him. God. It would be criminally incorrect to say that Will “resigned” himself to corruption in that moment, because it became apparent that Will resigned himself to that hours earlier. What Will had in that moment, as he embraced Hannibal and laid his head to his chest, was closer to “divine discovery” than resignation. And speaking of divinity and clarity of emotion, the look on Hannibal’s face when Will falls against him (you know, you’ve seen it in at least 25 gifs by now) is completely foreign to his character up until this point. The only word I can describe it with is bliss. Will said he wanted to watch Hannibal be changed, and in this way he DID. Profoundly and utterly. Fortunately, Hannibal spells it out for us when he tells Will that this is what he’s wanted for him, for them, all along. A Will from an earlier time might have responded negatively to that, maintained a distant sense of denial, or so on. But his emotions and intentions were so pure in that moment, there was no doubt in my mind about his conviction when he says “it’s beautiful”. Hell, I agreed with him. Even them falling over the cliff was beautiful. No resistance from either party, just a simple fall to completion. 

It’s Beautiful” is the perfect concluding line. Because that’s exactly what their story was. Beautiful, and horrifying, and corrupt, and morally-grey at very best. What makes this so unbearably good is that the show was able to pull off what might be the most unexpectedly complex and deep love between two characters ever, without needing to bother with overbearing sexuality to make its case. As twisted as their love is, it was overwhelming. It didn’t need to prove itself with any sort of cheap tricks; it was self-evident. And it didn’t negate from their mutual hatred, Will’s disgust, their mutual desire to see the other suffer, Hannibal’s cruelty, or anything else that made the characters intriguing individually. Too often, love in stories is contrived and gets in the way of the characters’ logical reactions or other emotions. And this is coming from someone who had ZERO prior interest in any sort of pairings in the show before this. But in the context of the last few episodes, suddenly the rest of it makes sense on a deep level. It makes it richer. 

The ending is also amazing because more than any other point in the show, it makes me wonder how the hell I became so emotionally invested and attached to two characters who (for all intents and purposes) are horrible people. Especially Hannibal himself. If anyone has told me at the beginning of the show, that by the end I’d be rooting for the success and emotional evolution of Hannibal Lecter, mass murderer and cannibal, I don’t know WHAT I’d have done. 

In all honesty, I almost hope the show never comes back on air. Because this ending just rang so truly, had such deep clarity, that I don’t know how any sort of follow up could compete. 

so i recently hit 1k followers (how?!) and to celebrate this i decided to do a follow forever to thank all the amazing blogs that graze my dash with their presence every day.

I love you all soooo so much!

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anonymous asked:

I know you kinda wrapped up the AU of 7.06 nicely at the end but pls can you extent it??? I'm just dying for more fics abt AU Caskett!! Longgggg ones ;) pls consider it :)

Thank you, Anon! This isn’t the longest of additions, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Piece By Piece
A follow-up to Pick Me Up At the Lost and Found

She lets herself into his place, marveling at how easily the action comes to her when just a few months ago, even the idea would’ve seemed absurd. For any number of reasons.

Now she has free reign to use her key to let herself into Richard Castle’s home whenever she feels like it. Since he’s usually the one leading her in at the end of their days, typically she only makes use of it if she’s been working late and deems it still acceptable to come over, but she’s been known to slip in early some mornings just to wake him up more pleasantly than his mother might.

Martha Rodgers is… something, that’s for sure.

She still shudders at the memory of letting herself into the loft one particularly late night, only to see far more of Martha than she’d ever, ever wanted to. Thankfully Rick was dead to the world for all of it, and the two women mutually agreed never to speak of it again.

It’s nice, though, even knowing she runs the risk of getting an eyeful. Nicer than she would’ve expected, especially after a mere five months in a relationship with this man.

“Castle, I’m here,” she calls, hanging her coat in the front closet and stepping out of her shoes. Her toes rejoice as they touch the smooth hardwood, reminding her yet again what a bad decision it was to try to break in new pumps on a day she knew she’d be giving presentations at 1PP. Beckett takes a minute to crack her toes and wiggle actual feeling back into them before padding toward his office.

“Please tell me you ordered dinner already, because I am starv- ing?” she trails off as soon as she sees the phone at his ear and the incredulous smile on his face.

He looks like Halloween, Christmas, and his birthday have all come at once and made him the guest of honor at an exclusive party. If he’s talking to his publisher, she’ll be amazed. Castle’s relationship with said publisher is getting back on track thanks to the new book that’s due out in just a couple weeks, but it’s still frosty at times. He doesn’t smile like this when he’s on the phone with Gina.

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OMG GUYS YAY!! We finally did it ahhh!!!! A few days ago I made it to 100 followers!!!! I’m so excited!! I think I’ve improved from when I started this blog! I hope you guys continue to enjoy the art!! I appreciate every single one of you, especially the ones who have been following since the beginning!!! A big thanks to @wingspiral for being the 100th follower!!!! (Omgggggg your art is amazing and I’m so honored to be mutuals with you