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Seblaine The Flash AU
When Sebastian unexpectedly gets struck by lightning, it made him the fastest man alive, turning his world around as he takes on the responsibility of watching over the city as its own new superhero. But it comes with a price when he starts running to save other people’s lives and away from his time with Blaine. That is, until Blaine finds out about his secret identity as The Flash.


I’m fully blaming hernameispersephone​‘s post about bi!Blaine for this post, but my brain won’t shut up because the post made me think of the BEST IDEA EVER.

What if the girl Blaine dates after his break up with Kurt is Kitty?

I’m a little biased because I love Anderwilde and find the idea of a relationship between them intriguing but also, wow, all the possibilities that exists in a story like that.

Their first meeting after Blaine gets back to Lima. Blaine, angry and bitter over the break up and over his life falling apart in front of his eyes. Kitty, angry and bitter over being left behind and abandoned without a second thought. She snips at him and he can’t take it, he can’t take anymore blame and anymore pain so he lashes out too, and it’s explosive but it doesn’t take them a lot of time to work things out. Because Kitty can see the pain that is etched on Blaine’s features and damn it, angry or not, he is one of her own and she can’t take his suffering. And Blaine knows firsthand how much it hurts to be abandoned and he can’t blame Kitty for being furious with him. Guilt makes his throat close up but he can’t think about it now. He is barely keeping it together as it is and maybe it’s unfair to her for him to shove this whole thing aside and not try to absorb her anger. But he needs to be selfish right now. He needs to focus on himself and on himself only.

And strangely, she accepts that and even encourages it. She is a steady presence by his side when he gets diagnosed with depression and as he starts therapy. She is the one who marches into his bedroom and drags him out, telling him that she refuses to see him waste his life away over a boy. Sometimes, he hates her for forcing him to face the world when he still feels ill equipped to face it, but it’s a game of push and pull between them. Sometimes she drags him out and sometimes she just joins him on the bed, curling into him as he tries to make sense of his shattered reality. She pushes him, but she also gives him room to heal on his own in this weird dance that they find themselves in. She cries even harder than he does when she hears him playing the piano again, and her voice joins his scratchy one when he starts singing, and it’s the first time he feels alive in a long time. Neither of them really know when their fondness of each other turn into deep affection but when Blaine feels ready to try and move on with his life, it’s Kitty’s image that refuses to leave his head, and when he asks her out, she agrees happily.

They are good together. He grounds her and gives her a place to turn to when dealing with Sue’s Mckinley becomes too much, and she ignites his fire and his fierceness and cheers him on as he gets steady on his own two feet. They sing together and it’s like coming home for both of them. They snark at each other, and Blaine would never admit it out loud but those are some of his favorite times with her. That beautiful feisty girl who challenges him and who brings out his inner snark master out.

Then Kurt returns and the graduates start to trickle in afterwards and they are both knocked off their feet. Kitty is no where to be found during the bonfire but Blaine searches for her and he is the one who drags her out this time. This is their school too and he’d be damned if he let her retreat. He can feel her body tremble emotionally against his and her hands squeeze his to the point of pain. She spends the night with him, and it’s the first time he sees her break so wholly, body shuddering with sobs as she finally mourns the home that is no longer there and the people who made it such and are now gone. And a storm of anger builds inside of him.

(Well, that escalated quickly)

That’s as far as I got because there are just so many possibilities after this point. Would Kurt still prompt Rachel to recruit Kitty? How would Kitty react to Kurt and Blaine vanishing during the Invitationals? How would Kurt react to being the director of his ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend? And I know for a fact that Kitty wouldn’t take kindly to Sue’s meddling and shenanigans and that she’s be sure to shut this shit down, if not retaliate even. (Oh god, I would LOVE to read a fic about that. Kitty vs Sue would be EPIC)

And of course, Kitty would be hella protective of Blaine and highly suspicious of Kurt and his intentions at first. Kurt and Blaine still rebuild their friendship and Kurt rigs the wheel of musical fortune, and Kitty knows it. It’s a very very awkward rehearsal that day and the poor new newbs have no idea how to behave exactly as they try to not walk into the middle of the staring contest between Kurt and Kitty. Rachel just swears under her breath and ignores them altogether.

Kurt and Blaine don’t kiss after Rachel’s party but Kitty knows that it’s over when she sees them sing together, and she is weirdly fine with it. She is not thrilled that another relationship is over for her but she knew that it was only a matter of time from the very start, and Blaine is her family and she wants to see him happy. She has seen the way Kurt looks at him and she grudgingly admits to herself that she trusts him, hell she might even like the guy. Kitty and Blaine break up that night and it’s the most affectionate break up either of them have ever witnessed, much less were a part of. No one can even tell they broke up when they meet the next day to help Rachel move because they are still leaning against each other and joking together and trading small tender touches. Kitty is there for Blaine when he returns from Mckinley after seeing Kurt and Walter and a part of her is fed up with Kurt and his stupid timing and stubborn nature because honestly, anyone with eyes could see what was happening during their duet, and another is so so proud of Blaine. Because he is standing tall in front of her, with a sad smile on his face and a request for her to sing with him, and she knows he’ll be okay. There is a text message waiting for her a couple of days later from Blaine, a simple ‘I love you’ that gets followed right away with one from Kurt, saying thank you, and she knows they are back together.

And Kitty’s face in A Wedding when she sees Kurt then Blaine walk down the aisle? Yeah, that definitely still happens.