i'm home everyone

My Fire Emblem Heroes Team! ★★★★★
I put Roy as my leader because I’m an asshole to people in Arena



day 8: free day

→ prequels + family

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it


“terra’s way too trusting around obviously evil people i mean who else does that”


okay but do you think lance is jealous that he doesn’t have a double fanny pack belt or is he offended that members of his team own and wear a double fanny pack belt

someone enlighten me on lance’s opinion of fanny packs and the number that one should wear at once

ok well anyway Sebastian Stan showed up to a con even though he was sick and talked about wanting to make people happy and gave away 3 free photo ops to people that couldn’t afford them and stood and did whatever pose anyone asked of him for 2 days in photo ops despite being ill bc he wanted the experience to be good for people like what a gift tbh

anyway, whenever i think about the way that jean and logan’s relationship was portrayed in the movies i get so…… Frustrated bc they completely missed the point of the two of them. their relationship is so much more than a one sided romance or a Burning Attraction™ it’s…… much more complex and deep and meaningful than that and they just completely missed that with the movies and it’s so fffughuifgiufhgduih it’s infuriating Goodbye