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I'm Home, What Mass Effect Means To Me

I finally finished my first play through of Andromeda, and I thought I should write this. It was amazing to play a mass effect game again.

I’ve been a fan of the mass effect series for a while now. Learned of this game through a forum a good few years back and fell in love with these absolute masterpieces. I was blown away, not only by the character choice or the romances, but the characters in general.

I struggled being open with people my entire life and mass effect was my escape from social anxiety in school, merciless bullying, and this constant feeling of loneliness. Mass Effect offered me a safe haven, a story I immersed myself in to forget the real world, even just for a little while.

One thing in particular I found difficult, was talking to people. Making friends. I was the kind of person who couldn’t even excuse myself from class for the restroom due to my severe anxiety.
The idea of even trying to befriend anyone, putting myself out there, opening up, or even having a chat with people was just too scary.

But you see, something freaking awesome happened to me.

I met a rag tag group of space freaks almost as weird as I thought I was. Some were completely ordinary humans, with the exception of telekinesis or mad karate skills. This sweeter than honey dinosaur bird alien, some asari badasses, a totally chill green dude, an adorable mad singing scientist, this cute quarian mechanic and a pair of krogan too.
We went through some brilliant adventures, daring escapes and blew up a station or two (accidentally on purpose).
We lost some along the way. Said goodbye to old friends and welcomed new members into the fold.

Oh yeah, and we saved a galaxy together.

But you know what the best bit was? This fictional sci-fi game gave me the courage to talk again. Connected me to people across the world who had felt just as alone as I did, and thanks to said rag tag group of space freaks, gave me a place I could always return to through the years. Gave me an extended family. One I cherished. One I desperately needed.

And now, 5 years later, even in a new galaxy with new faces and a new story, a new enemy. Even though it hurt to say goodbye to our old friends, and to begin a new:

I’m beyond proud to say that we fucking made it.
Feels good to be back, right guys?


Random DCMK Things: Coming Back to the Fandom

I just want to send hugs to the DCMK fandom. This fandom has been making me smile everyday for the past few months. I have been away from this family for a long time. Like, the last time I was this active was when I was in the 6th grade or first year of highschool. I’m now a college graduate and can you imagine all those years that have passed? TBH, I never realized that I missed the DCMK fandom so much until I came back. To say that I’m glad to be back is understatement. DCMK will always have a special place in my heart. Huhuhu IDK why I’m being like this but I legit love everyone here. Huhuhu Thank you for making my life complete. This fandom is the best fandom ever. TT_TT *fandom hug*

I’m home. 

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3 movies, 2 meals, 2 snacks and 10 and a half hours later ~ I made it home. Korea to America ✈️