i'm hillary

Some facts about Hillary Clinton

- In one of her FOIA’d emails, she refers to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich as “mittens” and “grinch” 

- in another, she asked an aide to remind her to bring more teacups from home

- and also please tell her what time parks and rec is on. 

- She calls some of her most loyal supporters her “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits” 

- She nicknamed her secret service van the Scooby Van 

everyone’s like “oh she’s a robot” no she’s a GIANT DORK please vote for Madame Dork in Chief 2016 

such a huge relief that hillary’s so ahead in the polls and trump has such a small chance of winning, right? WRONG. DO NOT GET APATHETIC OR COMFORTABLE. DO NOT DECIDE YOU DON’T NEED TO VOTE BECAUSE YOU’RE SURE HILLARY WILL WIN. the only way trump can win now is if so many people expected to vote for hillary don’t show up to the polls. because you BETTER believe ALL of his supporters will be at the polls.

brexit passed in the UK because young people grew apathetic because they were sure it wasn’t going to pass. and it did, because old racists and xenophobes showed up in DROVES to vote.


I’d like to take a moment to reflect on one of this countries finest and purest moments.

Trump can spread descrimination and he can even pass anti-LGBTQ legislation but he CANNOT wipe our victory from the slate or void all that we stand for.

History will remember. We will remember. Love will always trump hate. United we stand.

Republicans are now saying that if Hillary wins the election, they will BLOCK her supreme court justice appointees, and pretty much ANY policy she brings forward FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS

This is why this is election is more than just voting for president.

We need to vote ACROSS THE BOARD for Democrats–in the House, the Senate, at state and local levels

If we get 5 Democrats in the Senate, we’ll have a majority, we can overturn and fight the Republicans attempts to overthrow and stop all chances for progressive change

So don’t just get out and vote for Hillary to stop Trump. Get out and vote to stop the Republicans, period.