i'm hilarious you don't understand


So “Passion” is such a thrilling, emotional and heartbreaking episode, and yet every single time I watch it and get to this part I have to stop, giggle like an idiot, rewind, watch it again, stop and laugh my ass off for a few minutes before I can continue watching. Just take a look at this scene! It’s so ridiculous! Joyce is getting home with a huge bag of oranges. Like that’s the ONLY thing she bought at the store. What do you need so many oranges for, Joyce? WHAT FOR? I need to know! But that’s just the beginning, really, because I find every single frame in this scene absolutely hilarious. So she’s trying to hurry and get inside because she knows Angel is bad news, that’s all she knows. So he intercepts her and the bag falls to the ground and all the oranges fall all over the place. But suddenly Joyce doesn’t care anymore about the oranges, she’s just searching her purse for her keys. Like who does that? You just spent your entire salary, apparently, on oranges and now you don’t care about them? Pick up those oranges, Joyce! So Angelus comes to the rescue. And you can say what you want about Angelus, but that’s some chivalrous thing right there. He stoops down and starts picking up the oranges for Joyce. But instead of picking them up he starts sort of juggling the oranges? And then Joyce is trying to get her keys and Angelus continues juggling oranges, but then one of the oranges slips away from his grasp and Joyce stares at the orange flying away, like “Oh damn, there goes my orange! I won’t get it back ever again! I needed that orange! I NEEDED THAT ORANGE!” So NOW you care about the oranges? I guess that’s the meaning of “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. See, we were fooled! We thought that was about losing people we love, but no! IT’S ABOUT ORANGES! And Angelus might be a gentleman here but he sucks at picking up oranges, because by the time the scene ends you can see like 4 or 5 oranges scattered on the floor. And Joyce! Joyce, what are you still doing there worrying about the freaking oranges? You should’ve left Angelus right there with his picking-up-oranges obsession and get inside your house, you mad woman! 

So yeah, sorry, these are some of the things that go through my head when I watch an episode for the millionth time.