i'm highly frustrated

I just saw someone complain about not having enough fandom content for their canon ship, because they believe canon content should have more than a non canon ship

First off, let me just say that the reason why there is content for the rare pair to begin with is because it is n o t canon. Rare pair creators need to literally make their own content and search for every thing that the rare pair does together and explore and that’s because canon content does not cater to them. The canon pairing however literally gets all of the glory, the entire series, and I’m certain that when the series was first released, the entire fandom was covered in content for that sole ship. Entitled is literally the word to use here to describe the person who complained. I’m shaken that someone with a canon pairing is complaining over a non canon one right now.

I’ve had my fair share of canon or close to canon as it gets pairings, and so I’m focusing my attention currently on those who aren’t privileged to have content. It’s disheartening how some people don’t see their own privilege.