i'm hesitent to post this



Actually have been hesitating about posting this in Tumblr for weeks now, but…guess why not. Not translating his Q&A though…=_=

And no need for other members, I presume? =_=“

Sometimes you just need a little nap ~~~

iceddragon! A sleeping Bulbasaur for you :D

*lies down staring at the cover of Fire Emblem: Echoes on amazon as I wonder if I should ignore everything I dislike about it and give it a try or save my money for the next FE game*


One of these days, I should actually ink and colour some kid Vitri…

My two fave things : Virus calling Trip “little lion”, and Trip calling Virus “Oniisan”.

I tend to imagine that Trip calling him “Oniisan” embarrasses Virus a little when they’re kids because Trip is just really cute (and for other reasons/headcanons), but eventually Trip keeps saying it as they grow up, and now it embarrasses Virus because he’s too old to keep using it.

Hey gang on this lesbian day of visibility I’m still angry and a reminder to not police lesbians genders

Gender is complex and every lesbian has a different relationship with womanhood so do t attack ppl if they have a gender that isn’t strictly girl and gnc lesbian doesn’t just mean agender girl

This is okay to reblog btw especially if you’re a gnc lesbian

I was going to write a long rant but honestly all of it can be summarized like this:

stop saying asexual when you mean aromantic stop confusing the two and do some research before you talk about it google is right there it will take you five minutes at most to understand the basic difference

and stop saying ‘well x character is asexual so obviously y pairing can’t happen’ because most of the time you’re using asexuality (and thinking aromanticism) to denigrate a pairing you don’t like and it’s incredibly insulting to have it used like this

neither asexuality or aromanticism should be reduced to being a tool to support your shipping preferences or to attack people who don’t ship the same thing as you

if you prefer a pairing as platonic it’s fine by me but don’t go around misusing words you don’t understand to ‘prove’ it can only be platonic, it won’t make you right, it will just let people know you don’t know what you’re talking about

anonymous asked:

hello! i saw you tag your aesthetics as hskin in addition to hskinaes, and i was wondering if you'd consider tagging it only as hskinaes? sorry if this sounds rude, it just kinda floods the main tag.

Hi! I’m sorry to say that’s sort of the point? Not to explicitly flood the tag, but to get our stuff out where it can be seen by more people. For example, I don’t actually track the hskinaes tag. I track the hskin tag. I go to that tag specifically for all hskin content. And I know a lot of people who do the same thing! We tag it as hskinaes mostly for ease of finding on the blog, but also for people who only want to find hskinaes stuff rather than the plethora of other stuff that goes into the main hskin tag. 

Basically, since I got introduced to the hskin tag as like, the pool where all hskin stuff goes, and individual tags (like hskinstimboard and hskinaes) as tributaries that give me more specific content, I’d prefer to keep it the way it is. That’s not intended to cause any issues! It’s just how I got told to do it by someone else, and how I know people around me prefer it. 

I guess in a way it also gives exposure to the blog. Like I said, a lot of the people I know don’t go to the specific tags, just the hskin tag. So if we posted in just the hskinaes tag, I’m worried posts wouldn’t get seen. 

If this is an issue - and more of a one than I think it is - we could change it? Currently I’d prefer not to - that’s just for sake of preference and also my brain really disliking the idea of changing a system that I put in place - but if it really is an issue, I’ll talk to the other mod about it.

- Mod DoomedDirk