i'm here to destroy your evening

Ink: Thanks for the ride home Error!
Error: Yeah. No problem Ink.
Ink: You remember where my house is right?
Error: Uhuh. *Drives past Inks house*
Ink: Uh… Error? You drove past my house…
Error: Yup. *Continues driving down the road into a forest*
Ink: Uh… What are we doing here..?
Error: *Pulls out a paint brush and sketchbook* LOOK INK ART SUPPLIES!!!
Ink: *Barks like a dog*
Error: GO GET IT BOY!! *Throws them in to the forest*
Ink: Keeps barking until he gets them. Starts walking back towards the car but Error locks the door.*
Error: Sorry Ink. *Starts driving off while yelling,* BUT YOUR NOT ALLOWED BACK UNTIL I DESTROY ALL OF THE AUS!!!!
((I don’t even know.))

The signs as 'Orphan Black' quotes
  • Aries: If you betray us again, I have enough dirt on you to destroy your career. And I love you, too.
  • Taurus: I could kill for some ice cream.
  • Gemini: I'm so... bored.
  • Cancer: I'm just here for my kids and I'm sorry that I ruined the play with my drinking.
  • Leo: This girl looks nothing like me. Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger, and secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair, she's like a 7 on a good day and I've been told I'm a 10.
  • Virgo: I've been self-aware since I was a child.
  • Libra: I can handle it. Don't be a bitch.
  • Scorpio: You know, my security concerns, they're not jealousy. I'm French. We enjoy lovers.
  • Sagittarius: I just want to make, like, crazy science with you.
  • Capricorn: Whenever somebody talks about the future, I always say 'Show, don't tell.’
  • Aquarius: Da Vinci robbed graves to study anatomy. In a hundred years, they'll call me a pioneer.
  • Pisces: No, I'm not fine. Why do weird things keep happening to me?
Careful McDonald’s....

Ya messing up big time. ONLY 30 PACKETS of szechuan sauce per franchise establishment?? Do you have any idea how many people WATCH this show that are customers of yours? People camped out cosplaying in order to get this and you knew how many you had; could’ve told them to not waste their time. The nicest thing is to give 30 people a packet each; if you even did that

Millennials are destroying the laundry industry, we’re also destroying big cereal brands. You are not too big of a ship to fail. If GM can go bankrupt here, then so can you.


I’d be out of line telling you, “Leave her”
So I lie lonely surrounded by you


“That right there - that’s what I’ve always liked about you…” Thawne started with a wicked smirk curling at his top lip to reveal a set of teeth that suddenly seemed too sharp. “You’re just too smart for you’re own good.”

“Dr. Wells…” You weren’t sure how to get out of this, but playing dumb seemed to be the way to go even though you were currently handcuffed in a room you never knew existed in S.T.A.R. Labs. You still had to try. Quickly forcing a laugh that sounded too nervous for your liking, you asked, “Are you feeling okay? I think you’ve been working too-”

“Stop.” He growled. “You know who I am, don’t you? Say it.” 

You pursed your lips and shook your head chaotically in a last attempt to lie to the man who had the power to reach through your body and stop your heart…

“Go on…” He urged through a rough whisper, his voice menacing and dark. “Say it.”

“Eobard Thawne.” You managed in a jittery tone… “Are you going to kill me?”

“Oh, no.” He said with a dark laugh. “I’ve got bigger plans for you…”

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In Honor of Brian May’s birthday let’s talk about the songs he wrote:
  • ‘39: Country Music
  • All Dead, All Dead: Literally the song with he most feels
  • Brighton Rock: RAD GUITAR SOLO
  • Dancer: Disco Daddy
  • Dead On Time: Really fast rock and roll
  • Dear Friends: OUch
  • Doing All Right: Soft melodic reminder of peace
  • Dragon Attack: Dank bassline
  • Dreamer's Ball: really formal touch to rock
  • Fat Bottomed Girls: HE LUH DIS FAT ASSSS
  • Father to Son: but who really knows what this song is about?
  • Good Company: Master of Ukulele
  • Hammer to Fall: He made Live AID possible
  • I Go Crazy: All he gotta do is think about you!!
  • I Want It All: Heavy Metal Brian
  • Keep Yourself Alive: gives Roger a chance to get his own solo
  • Las Palabras de Amor: A song he wrote not in English
  • Leaving Home Ain't Easy: im guessing it was hard for him to leave home
  • Let Me In Your Heart Again: that one song thats really good but no one talks about
  • Long Away: but holy shit this one is really sweet and chill???
  • Lost Opportunity: its like a song you would hear at an empty bar at 2 in the morning
  • The Night Comes Down: beautiful harmonies
  • No-One But You: Let's not talk about that one
  • Now I'm Here: Now im there
  • Procession: really classy but still intimidating vibes of the guitar
  • The Prophet's Song: Really scary opera music
  • Put Out the Fire: Make him destroy the Second Amendment
  • Sail Away, Sweet Sister: he didnt even have a sister
  • Save Me: "im naked and far from home"
  • Scandal: subtle middle finger to the press/paparazzi
  • See What a Fool I've Been: im gonna fight whoever broke his heart to make him write this song
  • Storm Trooper in Stilettos: Literally if you want to woe a Queen fan sing this song to her
  • Sleeping on the Sidewalk: when he switched to Alternative Music
  • Some Day, One Day: That one song from when Queen visited Japan
  • Son & Daughter: I. WANT. YOUUUUUU
  • Sweet Lady: youd expect the song to be nice and calm but dont underestimate it
  • Tear It Up: the song that lets you know Brian had a wild side
  • Teo Torriatte: Second song not in English because he's so smart
  • Tie Your Mother Down: no respect for your mother
  • Too Much Love Will Kill You: OUch Part 2
  • We Will Rock You: he was optimistic at sports rallies as a kid
  • White Man: i actually forgot about this song
  • White Queen: The really cute song for his first love
  • Who Wants to Live Forever: Don't hurt me like this

anonymous asked:

If you two were stuck in a room together for twenty-four hours with no way out, what would you do?

O: Okay, but are you really that confident we have the muscle to destroy these walls? We’re NEETs! If we can set off a fire alarm or something, we’ll get help more quickly! And plus, if we do get the fire going, I can just put it out by –

C: STOPSTOPSTOP! WE’RE NOT GOING THERE! The smoke would just fill the room – your idea doesn’t even make sense! We’re going to get out of here safely, alright?!

  • Kreia: What to do, what to do...
  • Shoulder Devil: Well, I think you should-
  • Kreia: I have no room for that religious crap. Get that out of here!
  • Shoulder Atom: Good. Now we can discuss this rationally.
  • Kreia: Eh, I'm willing to try anything once. Lay some on me. What do you do?
  • Shoulder Atom: Well, not me, per se, I'm just an atom. I can form a molecule with others-
  • Kreia: Boring. How do you deal with your enemies?
  • Shoulder Atom: Well, I don't really have anything like that. The most I can do is split and hope the energy released would destroy them all.
  • Kreia: Hm, not too crazy about killing myself to kill my enemies, but I'll keep my options open. What do you think?
  • Shoulder Cowboy: What am I even doing here, and how the hell do I get out?!
  • Kreia: I like the cut of your jib. Alright, what do you think?
  • Shoulder Spider: You should eat Attooooonnn.
  • Kreia: For the last time, I am not eating Atton...not while the fool is still of use to me.

your-lovers-and-drifters  asked:

Scooby Doo AU: real!Ciel is Fred, Elizabeth is Daphne, Sieglinde is Velma, our!Ciel is Shaggy, and Sebastian the dog is Scooby. The five of them driving around in a psychedelic 1970s Mystery Machine (you know Lizzy decorated that thing within an inch of its life) solving mysteries because it's the 1970s and everyone was too hopped up on amphetamines and LSD to realize that a bunch of underage kids were interfering with law enforcement 24/7. Groovy. (Idk where this even came from, I'm sorry LOL)

IDK where you’re going with this either, but you had me at real!Ciel is Fred. That is A+ casting and ever since those words, I have been on board with everything you say here LOL.

Lizzie would destroy that van with her decorations, and Our!Ciel is definitely Shaggy. The casting of Sieglinde as Velma is also perfection. Also Sebastian Snacks omg. This is the grooviest AU I’ve ever seen XD

The Signs as Asking Alexandria [SU&S] Lyrics
  • Aries: Cross my heart, I hope you die. Left by the roadside. Karma's a bitch, right? [Alerion]
  • Taurus: Your knife, my back! My gun, your head! [The Final Episode {Let's Change the Channel)]
  • Gemini: What burns the most is that you lied right to my face! And, still, I hold your hand to set you free! [A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta]
  • Cancer: You're drowning in the back room, so this is what it feels to waltz? [Nobody Don't Dance No More]
  • Leo: Oh, the bullet's gone! I take this spade, I slit your throat! You fall into your grave! [Hey There, Mr. Brooks!]
  • Virgo: So now this is over and the world falls upon me. I never expected to be here alone. The shadows are forming as we burst into flames. Why does this end this way? [If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once...Then You Should Get Out Of The Circus]
  • Libra: Spilling every lie you've spilled before, still I'm not forgiving you. [A Single Moment Of Sincerity]
  • Scorpio: Clothes trailing from the backdoor to the bedroom, and I don't even know your name. Give me all you've got. Make this night worth my time. [Not The American Average]
  • Sagittarius: The fall, will destroy at the end of it all, and after it all, the hopes of the sinners will lose hope and break for me! [I Used To Have A Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me An STD)]
  • Capricorn: How stubborn are the scars when they won't fade away? Or just a gentle reminder that now are better days? [A Prophecy]
  • Aquarius: The shell of a boy of the man that I used to be, a monkey in a man suit! I stand here as nothing to you. Wind me up and watch me go. [I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King]
  • Pisces: We'll drink you under the fucking table! Rack 'em up! Put 'em down! [When Everyday's The Weekend]
Volpina summed up (saw someone do this and wanted a go at it)
  • *Gabriel Agreste being a whiny bitch as always*
  • Adrien: shit what's going on in there
  • *Gabriel accidentally reveals his secret giant ass safe*
  • Adrien: My oh my what do we have here
  • Plagg: LET'S OPEN IT
  • Adrien: Nah homie we got school n shit dad would be fukign pissed
  • Plagg: how 'bout I do anyway
  • Adrien: gdi Plagg
  • Adrien: tf
  • Nathalie: Adrien Agreste I s2g if you're l8 m8 I will wreck you
  • Adrien: ohohoh look at me not being suspicious at all hahaha *lowkey steals book* I'm so forgetful! Silly me let's go
  • At school- *everyone gossiping about Lila*
  • Marinette: who tf
  • Alya: Yeah omg Lila the princess the goddess the queen of my heart the famous one you know? Ladybug totally saved her
  • Alya: but she's cool tho and rich n shit
  • Marinette: *watching Lila fukign touch Adrien and flirt him up* oh HAYYLLLLL NAW bitch it's about to get real
  • *Marinette doing some Mission Impossible shit in the library*
  • Tikki: omg Adrien has my sacred book
  • Tikki: Marinette I know I never say this but you gotta steal that shit
  • Lila: oh hey Adrien Agreste the cute boy whom I now love
  • Lila: oH HEY LOOK A BOOK And it has Ladybug in it oh well-
  • Adrien: lADYBUG IS MY LIFE
  • Adrien: Look at how flawless and perfect and amazing and wonderful and gorgeous and-
  • Lila: eyyy lmao forgot to tell u Ladybug's my side hoe
  • Adrien: *all about that shit*
  • Marinette: whyyy the fuk you lyyinnn, why you always lyyinnn, mmmm oh my god, stop fukin lyyinnn
  • Adrien: *is leave for fencing*
  • Lila: mm lemme just sliiide that book on over here
  • Marinette: tHIEVING BITCH
  • *at le park*
  • Tikki: 'ight I'm going dumpster diving for the book that lILA FUKIGN TOSSED IN THE TRASH
  • Marinette: *eavesdropping*
  • Lila: hey guess what I'm actually Volpina this cool superheroine yea Ladybug is totes lame compared to me
  • Adrien: uh huh okay I never heard of this volpina btich
  • Ladybug: hey Lila, my best friend. my homie. my side hoe. oops hmm I don't remember you oh waaaiit maybe because you fukign lied?
  • Lila: fuk this shit im out
  • Adrien: hey Ladybug my love my one and only bae why you pissed off
  • Ladybug: *le stares* u kiddign me u saw that shit hell if i'm taking that bs
  • Hawkmoth: hey Lila I h8 ladybutt too how bout we team up and smash that bitch u can even be volpina n shit
  • Volpina: surprise bitch bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
  • LB: how'd you stop a fukign meteor oh my shit
  • Volpina: yeah i'm like twenty times better than u just sayin
  • Chat: hey look a friend a tomodachi a colleague yay
  • LB: stfu isn't this suspicious
  • Volpina: hey look wowie it's Hawkmoth
  • LB: okay but isn't this suspicious
  • Chat: relax this is normal what's with you ladybug
  • Volpina: hey chat you're kinda hot
  • Chat: bitch ikr
  • LB: tf you flirting with my man? hayylll naw
  • *team splits up*
  • LB: oh look it's Volpina and no Hawkmoth wow boy did I predict this
  • Volpina: hey gimme your miraculous
  • LB: hbu go fuk off
  • Volpina: *destroys building*
  • *pigeon breaks the illusion*
  • LB: whyyy the fuk you lyyinnn, why you always lyyinnn, mmmm oh my god, stop fukin lyyinnn
  • *Chat and LB Skype session*
  • LB: hey so I fuked up here's the address meet me don't be l8 m8
  • Chat: fukign sent me my own address lmao
  • Adrien in his house: hey Lila 1v1 let's talk this out
  • Volpina: see look LB's a lyin hoe I'm the one u looking 4
  • LB: hey guess who's back, back again, yeah I'm Ladybug the real Ladybug all you other heroines are just fakers
  • Adrien: 'ight Plagg ik my plan was shit Transform me
  • Volpina: ooh look im totally original i can clone myself totally hasn't been done b4
  • LB: *destroys illusions* shit where'd she go
  • Volpina: you've been bamboozled bitch and i got Adrien kk baii
  • Chat: literally me tho i'm right here
  • LB: *is gone*
  • Chat: why tf do i even try *follows*
  • Volpina: hey LB gimme your miraculous or Adrien goes free fallin
  • LB: oh no shit he hates that song nOO HERE LEMME HOOK YOU UP
  • Chat: hoe don't do it
  • Volpina: damn u wrecked my shit k imma retreat now
  • LB: *traps Volpina* say bye bye to your fake ass necklace bithc
  • LB: bye bye pretty Papillion
  • LB: hey Lila i'm sorry i was fukign rude let's shake on it
  • Lila: how about fuk u
  • LB: hey w8 where's Adrien the love of my life my precious cinnamon roll gotta go check on him bye chat
  • Chat: she's so stubborn
  • Chat: i love her
  • *runs home*
  • LB: hey Adrien where u at boii
  • Chat: haha yea im all gud just takin a shower like a doofus
  • LB: oH NO HE'S NAKED BETTER RUN K bye luv u
  • *chat and LB do the head rest on the door thingy crushin my stupid heart*
  • Marinette: look Tikki stealing is wrong
  • Tikki: here c'mere lemme introduce you to this master guy
  • Master Fu: yo LB wassup my young padawan we finally meet
  • Marinette: literally who tf
  • *roll credits*
Note(s) to self:
  • Do not think about Thopmson suddenly throwing his dog tags to Sousa and trying to play it cool like “no it’s nothing” but they both know it’s huge.
  • Do not think about Peggy waking up shaking and crying because she had a nightmare about being the cause of Angie’s death (again).
  • Do not think about Sousa curling up around Thompson’s dog tags and using them as an anchor when things get really bad.
  • Do not think about Angie hugging Peggy just a little tighter to assure her that I’m here, we’re safe.
  • Definitely don’t think about stolen kisses at the office.
  • And by all things holy do not think about Peggy and Angie sharing breakfast together in that huge mansion or curling up together on a rainy evening with hot te-
  • And you’re thinking about it. Well have fun on your roller coaster of lie-destroying feels.

My heart would be pulled from my chest
With a tender enough kiss;
A whispered touch across a single rib:
And I’d be split open just for you.

My soul would be rent into a thousand pieces
While your finger skates the curve of my spine
And I would find the sensation divine
As I am destroyed just for you.

My world would be set on fire
With the sleepy tones of your voice in the morning
Awakening in me a gentle yearning
As I exist just for you.

But there is one thing you cannot take from me
With your mouth or hand or  voice;
And that is my ultimate. singular choice
To only love you.

Do you love me?

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(¸.• ♛ →  "Mine? But I thought you already had mine, I mean, is not your family the one that destroyed me?” She would never forget that, how they literally sent her to that hell where the ancestors could destroy her soul, she wasn’t sure how everything was okay now with that because Inadua brought her back and even if she didn’t was a follower, her husband was and she wanted just to help him out, that’s what she needed to do “Don’t underestimate me and besides, I know what I’m doing”

Mortal Kombat {Sentence Starters}
  • "I know who you are! I am ready for you!"
  • "We are many. You are one. We will destroy you."
  • "And I'm taking you down, I'm taking you down, and I'm taking you out and I'm taking you out... for dinner."
  • "You will not see the end of this day!"
  • "So, what should we do besides standing around looking pretty?"
  • "I will give you a warrior's death."
  • "I will have my revenge."
  • "I see you doubt yourself, even after your victories."
  • "Easy there, mate. You've had a rough one."
  • "You are certain this will work?"
  • "I would kill you. But that is not my purpose here."
  • "Sure, let's go ruin someone else's life."
  • "Hey, what are you doing out here?"
  • "I've never done this before. It's not like there's a manual."
  • "It is done. Your time has passed."
  • "You're good. Show me more."
  • "I'm not worried. I bet you can win this thing no problem."
  • "Our triumph was not meant to be achieved this way."
  • "What do you think, friend or foe?"
  • "Need help? I specialize in rescuing damsels in distress."
  • "No problem. Who was that guy, anyway?"
  • "So you know about this threat to the world stuff, right?"
  • "Listen I got serious problems here. I'm in no mood to be hit on."
  • "Oh, I got a knack for survival. You, on the other hand, are gonna die here."

 “When I would go to play at the beach as a child, I saw children building sand castles. I wondered why they even bothered, when an incoming wave would just destroy it. I thought it was foolish. The love that you all built up—I wanted to test just how weak your sand castles were. I wanted to be your wave.” -(temptation teaser x coming 7/14)

  • Aaron: Why are you destroying your shirts?
  • Liv: No, I'm not.
  • Aaron: Oi, that's mine.
  • Liv: Yeah, it's a crop top. Suits you. Oh, and I've cut you some shorts as well.
  • Aaron: What's got into you?
  • Liv: Go on, then.
  • Aaron: What?
  • Liv: Kick me out, see if I care.
  • Aaron: Why would I wanna do that?
  • Liv: Look, I really like it here, with you and Chas. Robert even. Gabby'S like my first real mate. I just thought maybe I found somewhere I actually belonged.
  • Aaron: Oi. You belong here.
  • Liv: That's not what you said this morning. Look, if you're gonna kick me out, do it. Why wait till christmas?
  • Aaron: Oh, Liv, I was joking.
  • Liv: You don't joke about kicking me out my own home. Who else wants me?
  • Aaron: Listen, you're my little sister. I'll always look after you.
  • Liv: Like you look after Charity?
  • Aaron: You're not Charity, are you? Honestly, you're going nowhere.
  • Liv: Even if I misbehave?
  • Aaron: You're pathologically incapable of behaving yourself. I worked that out a long time ago. Be as bad as you like, you're staying here with me.
  • Liv: Really?
  • Aaron: Really. You've made your point. Oh, that's a nice tank top, innit?
  • Liv: It's a jumper.
  • Aaron: Is it? Not any more, it's not.
  • Liv: Don't you dare!
  • Aaron: "Don't you dare!"
How the FT anime should end
  • Natsu: There you are, Zeref! I have been looking all over for you!
  • Zeref: Ah, Natsu. I have long awaited your arrival here to meet me.
  • Natsu: I got a bone to pick with you -
  • Zeref: Yes, I know. It's finally time.... you're finally here to kill me.
  • Natsu: ...?
  • Zeref: Just make it quick; I've waited a long time for this. *closes eyes and spreads arms in anticipation*
  • Natsu: ....?
  • Zeref: Come on. Just do it.
  • ....
  • Zeref: You've gotta be so pissed at me Natsu.
  • ....
  • Zeref: Guild hall is destroyed.
  • ....
  • Zeref: Fiore is in ashes.
  • ....
  • Zeref: I've already hurt or killed everyone you care about, even just a little bit.
  • ....
  • Zeref: I've even got Lucy now. I'm totally going to kill her if you don't stop me right now.
  • ....
  • Zeref: I'll do it!
  • ....
  • Zeref: DAMN IT, Natsu! My whole plan is riding on this don't puss out on me now!
  • ....
  • Zeref: Oh come on, the entire damn anime's been leading up to this moment, I've done everything possible to piss you off, and now I'm just STANDING HERE waiting for you to END me-
  • Natsu: *snickers* I see what you did there
  • Zeref: *also snickers*

anonymous asked:

I need to ask this on anon at the fear of losing literally all my friends. But I really feel uncomfortable around male bodied people? Even on here, all the transwomen I've ever interacted with were all very obnoxious and kind of scary. I'm not sure if it's just those particular people or males in general. I've been thinking about radical feminism but literally everyone I'm friends with is a libfem and they will literally destroy me for being transmisogynistic. I just... Don't know what to do.

i am so angry that youre going through this. women have every fucking right to fear males, to be uncomfortable, to set boundaries around males. this is basic shit. the only transmisogyny that exists is trans’ misogyny towards females, which includes trans men…our oppression and male supremacy IS SEX BASED. i hope you find the strength to further question and be able to leave liberal feminism not just for yourself but for women too…liberal feminism is not feminism. its male supremacy repackaged. same w trans actvism. please read my /tagged/trans-ideology and tagged/liberal-feminism and tagged/sex-based-oppression. dont let male supremacists silence you and your completely valid reservations and fears.