i'm having way too much fun with everything

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;___; You guys are my fave rp blogs. You took something awesome and made it the AWESOMEST THING EVER. No matter what happens from now, thank you for this experience, it's totally amazing to watch everything unfold before our eyes in this way. Keep up the great work and always remember to have fun! <3

OP: Don’t cry, anon! We love you too! ❤ Thank you so much for the compliments; we’re doing our best to have fun but SOME PEOPLE (I’m looking at some very specific anons here) have been trying to make it difficult.

Also there’s this AND I QUOTE:

promptodiary mod: there is NOTHING FUN about waking up at 5am to write a post because i didn’t do it the night before, let me tell you.


(the rest is kinda cool though don’t make me out to be a bitch)

(you’re gonna keep that bitch part in there aren’t you)

(i’m going to mail you a box of spiders)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as you see we are very responsible and we all adore each other

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up



Everything is going really well! I just got done checking the scripts so if I’m lucky this game should be available for download within the next couple of days c:

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your harry looks so cuddly and sort of done with everything but in a more grumpy than overly pessimistic way :D i bet he either way sleeps to much or too little, lil harold. Do you consider him an auror?

hmmmmm i actually dislike auror!harry quite a lot. i dislike the idea of him working for the ministry of magic in general. to me him becoming an auror felt much like an obligation and i believe he could have done so much better than that. i love the idea of him working with children at hogwarts as a dada teacher (a full-time one, not an occasional lecturer as jkr states) or a flying instructor/qudditch coach. i love the idea of him working in the qudditch industry, and not necessarily as a player, i bet there is a huge variety of professions that have something to do with it. i love the idea of him setting off to travel the world and study different kinds of magic and then returning a decade after and settling down to open a shop full of peculiar foreign magic. or to become a wandmaker. or to breed thestrals. or to open an orphanage. or to work on ways of integrating muggle technology in magic society. there are so many more interesting career choices he could take rather than fulfill his obligation of fighting The Evil just because it’s everyone (including himself) expected him to do

I kind of really love narutostaph‘s art and this one in particular so hey hey I decided to try and color it 

it takes a smile that spreads like butter

actual angel DeMarius R. Copes went on as Crutchie last night (!!!!!!) and anonymous and I are both really excited about it 

I’m so awful sometimes. I blame my problems on everything else but really it’s just me. I blame my teachers for my bad grades, I blame my bad grades on not having enough time when really it’s just me not knowing how to manage that time. I blame most things on my lack of money. I’m stupid and dumb and give up before I even start things. I have fun way too much when really I should be doing school stuff. I’m ruining my future this way and I hate myself for it but I don’t know how to stop.