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Listen…I love Psychonauts and I love Mob, so here’s some crossover doodles and concept ideas for a level inside Mob’s mind that I put way too much thought into.

I could talk about this concept all day.


*robot voice* Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American writer, actor, and singer, most well-known for starring and writing the musical Hamilton. 

The logo for this show is a five-pointed star, just like the one of SATAN.

Or five separate triangle eyes.

And we’re just getting started.

Hamilton is a musical about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, before, during, and after the American Revolution. And you know who King George III was, at one point? That’s right, another Broadway star, Andrew Rannells.

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Andrew was just on Broadway in the show Falsettos

Also in the show is Brandon Uranowitz, who sings, in one line of the show, “Long live the Applebaums.” (1:19 on “Everyone Hates His Parents” in the Falsettos (2016) cast album)

What? Applebaums? Now that sounds familiar.

Ah, yes, because of BENJI APPLEBAUM, a character in the cult classic, Pitch Perfect, played by yet another theatre actor, Ben Platt.

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(^witchcraft) Ben Platt is currently on stage in Dear Evan Hansen. D-E-A-R-E-V-A-N-H-A-N-S-E-N has 14 letters. 

It was written by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek. Now. P-A-S-E-K-A-N-D-P-A-U-L. That has 12 letters. 

Also, BENJI Applebaum and BENJ Pasek. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


That’s right. 12+14 is 26. And 26 divided by 2 is…thirteen. The number of the Illuminati. 


festive dan and phil with some doggos 🎄🐕

I originally made this drawing traditionally, but decided to make it digital today and I’m literally so happy how it turned out, I spent so many hours (about 6-8h) on it but it was fun and I too could watch gamingmas which is great! I’m so thankful for it, thank you @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil for brightening up my december 💖🎄

I hope y'all have a merry christmas 🎅🏼🤶🏻


Dorks in love giving out dorky and cheesy pick up lines- (psst click on them to see them)

Idk it’s supposed to be a reference from during the pacifist ending in Undertale Alphys and Undyne scene where Undyne was trying to cheer up Asgore and like Alphys just kind of flirts with Undyne and idk it’s really cute- Now I really just wanna do Genocide art for this lol-

I’m having too much fun with @classycloudcuckoolanderclasso southtale au-

the signs at parties
  • aries: didn't want to come but ends up having more fun than the friends who dragged them along
  • taurus: they've known you two years?? they love you!! they've known you two minutes?? they love you, too!! so much love!! all completely irrelevant to the amount of alcohol they've ingested
  • gemini: insists they're not going to make out with anyone this time, ends up making out with four different people in the space of an hour
  • cancer: very chill and quiet but having a good time, generally. they may or may not doze off at like 9:30pm
  • leo: the rarest cryptids. they're either there all night but you only glimpse them twice, or they turn up, smoke in the garden for five minutes and then disappear before you have time to greet them properly
  • virgo: generally responsible, but there's still a 40-60% chance the alcohol will bring out some Repressed Rage and they'll get into an argument with someone. they'll regret it sorely in the morning
  • libra: they arrive looking absolutely immaculate and somehow continue to look immaculate all evening. they'll probably either leave early or only socialise with the same Chosen Person all night
  • scorpio: just happy to be here. stays out of any #drama but watches it all like a hawk. ends up with the Longest snapchat story anybody's ever sat through
  • sagittarius: tries to look after all the crying / vomiting / fighting people, is a little too drunk themselves to be as useful as they think they are
  • capricorn: affectionate af. probably a fucking lightweight as well. is the most likely to spill their feelings to or make out with someone they have feelings for & then use the alcohol as an excuse
  • aquarius: asks everyone a lot of questions and makes lots of new friends. you might think they're genuinely interested in you and maybe they are to a certain extent but they're probably just nosy really
  • pisces: alternates between having a really great time and having a really terrible time on a half-hourly basis. will be a drunken mess at midnight and fully recovered come twelve thirty. you just can't keep up


replied to your post

“what’s the fluffy fury clan do?”

AAHHH!! Let me join your Fluffy Furry Clan too, Mini! XD I will draw the fluffies as offering one day to prove how much I love them! <3

I’m IMPRESSED with your good spirit!
(Tap a sword on your shoulders)
Now you are the clan’s CRAFTSMAN. You shall draw fluffies to prove your true love of fluffiness, Celineakayjs….

This is the best item I give to every craftsmen! Deku Kacchan Sparkling Fluffy Pencils! Please use them with care.

Now we got 5 members! Never thought our clan will come this far. (shred my tears happily ;v;) Fluffy Furry clan welcomes everyone! X’D


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There are 2-3 things in this page that are 100% Princess’ doing. She’s a blessing.

Plotting Chapter 9 with Ish
  • I promise you'll all find out what this means soon enough. Ish and I had a bunch of great chats tonight, but this one isn't spoiler-y
  • Camelot: How does that look for a title and subtitle?
  • Ish: Where?
  • Camelot: At the very bottom
  • Ish: Where am i looking? lol
  • Ish: lol
  • Ish: looks good to me!
  • Camelot: lol wait omg i think i have a better one
  • Ish: I LOVE IT
  • Ish: USE IT
  • Camelot: DONE AND DONE
  • Ish: love love love
  • Ish: we're the smartest smarties in all the land
  • Camelot: WOO YEAH WE ARE!!

emigotchi  asked:

Okay, sending in another one that will be easier. xD Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Malfoy, and Gilderoy Lockhart. =P

YOU THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE EASIER?! xD LOLOL, thank you for speaking to my inner wizard~. ^-^

push off a bridge: Lockhart. I mean, the guy doesn’t even know who he is anymore, so why bother? (OMG I SOUND SO MEAN. I’M SORRY! 😅)

abandon in jurassic park: Luna. I mean, she’d probably be intrigued by the dinos and learn how to communicate with and tame them. She’ll be just fine~ (I hope.). 😊


take to prom: Hermione because she’s THE BOMB DOT COM. We’d be muggle-born homies~. :D

Kick: Ron as revenge for not asking Hermione to prom in the first place. *”Mr. Steal Your Girl” plays in the background. :P*

I guess that leaves me doing the sexy love™ with Malfoy… I guess Draco kidnapped me after prom and things got a little ~cray~ at the afterparty? *thinks of the “Mind if I Slytherin” pick-up line ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* (LMAO I’M SO SORRY. 😂)

Haha, thanks for returning with the Harry Potter theme! :D


bea @ravenclawcs tagged me a million years ago (it’s literally taken me forever i am so sorry omg) to post my lockscreen + homescreen + last song played so there we go ^^ 

and then she also tagged me in in these questions !!

lipstick or chapstick: lipstick
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top 3 characters: (i’m just doing marvel otherwise i’ll never be able to pick) claire temple, clint barton, natasha romanoff
top 3 shows: hwarang, game of thrones, daredevil

okayyy and then i’m gonna tag katy @merlypops, amy @foureyedvisual & jori @yellowhalcyon but only if you want to !! (and then ofc if i didn’t tag you but you want to do either/both of these tags you’re more than welcome to ^-^)


Breaking the hiatus with some design sketches for pokémon zombie/infected AU, starring Red’s gas mask + goggles because every post-apocalypse needs one, lol o/ With an example of a scene where they appear feat. Giovanni. Also served as my first practises with a soft brush coloring on sai.

it takes a smile that spreads like butter

actual angel DeMarius R. Copes went on as Crutchie last night (!!!!!!) and anonymous and I are both really excited about it 

Anonymous said: I saw your post about carmilla Pokemon AU and I realized 1. How much I didn’t know I needed that until now and 2. Carmilla would totally have a zorua or zoroark. I think I like the idea of her a zorua that hasn’t evolved into zoroark the same way ash’s pikachu didn’t evolve

who needs evolution when you have this much swag??


Episode 3x5: Death and Hysteria