i'm having too much fun with these parallels

I think I'm having too much fun with Atem and Astral giving Ai character advice.
  • Atem: Now, if your series is similar to our's, then there's a chance that it will conclude with you two dueling one another. And that you will lose, but accept the loss before going your separate ways.
  • Astral: There is also the possibility that you two will be painfully separated from one another for some time, but will be brought back together.
  • Ai: Got it. Anything else.
  • Atem: No, I think we covered the main parallels.
  • Ai: Good. I was kind of nervous that me or Yusaku would make a huge mistake and an evil power would come over me, threatening the very bond we formed.
  • Atem: *remembers episodes 157 and 158*
  • Astral: *remembers episodes 97 and 98*
  • Atem & Astral: Uh... no...
  • Ai: Eh? You both hesitated.